Month: November 2012

Dumb Things Boys Do at the Bar – Part 2

Let me preface this post by admitting something that will shock most of you who know me personally (and no, I didn’t say that just because I wanted to use the word “preface” as a verb): I have stopped drinking.  I know.  I KNOW.  It’s not for health reasons or to better myself, it’s merely a personal choice I’m attempting to make right now.  And it’s not like I’m going to be all, “No, I can’t have that margarita at TGI Friday’s because I AM NOT DRINKING!!” it’s more like, I’m not going to drink for the sole purpose of getting drunk.  Please keep in mind I am a gigantic party girl.  I didn’t live in dorms at college, so I’ve done most of my partying as a legal adult.  Am I done partying?  No.  Am I done marking shots on my arm with a sharpie?  Yes.  Everyone I’ve spoken to about it really doesn’t know how to take the news because I’m always the one who channeled her inner P!nk and got the party started.  I can’t cook, so my hostess gift at housewarming parties and graduation fiestas and probably baby showers has been three trays of Jell-O shots.  Now I don’t really know what to do with myself.  If nothing else, being the DD at bars will provide me with more fodder for this blog because I’ll actually remember all the stupid shit that boys do while they’re drinking 34 bottles of beer.

On the other hand, going to the bar is not nearly as fun when you’re sober.

If you don’t drink and still party, please, please share your tips with me on what to do other than to pretend I’m wasted while everyone else actually IS wasted.  I don’t want to be one of those adults who goes to wine bars and sips things for flavor while having a scholarly conversation where I discuss Chaucer or something.  I want to go see my damned friends’ bands play and learn how to flirt without having a vodka and Red Bull in my hand.

Now that that’s out of the way, onto the moronic things I witnessed when I went out on Black Wednesday to my usual haunt.


Dumb Thing #3 – Refusing to be of Any Help Whatsoever

Okay, look, boys.  I am at the bar with two other girls who are tall and gorgeous.  We’re not tiny women, so it’s not like you can’t see us.  And I realize the bar is crowded.  You all want your beer buckets while we are trying to have a single person order two vodka and cranberries and a Red Bull on ice.  Why the fuck can’t you move out of the way once you have your drinks so this girl who wears size zero pants can place her fucking order?  Legit.  You now have 24 beers between the four of you.  And you’re all gigantic.  You take up this giant space at the bar.  There are no stools.  You’re not sitting there, enjoying your foam.  You’re standing there, taking up valuable real estate, blocking anybody else from ordering drinks unless we yell over your goddamned heads.  Here’s the kicker: if you all took just three steps to the front, we could get past you in order to scream at the bartender because it’s so fucking loud in here.  Just three.  They don’t have to even be large steps.  Maybe even one.  Take one foot, put it in front of the other while carrying your buckets, and FUCKING MOVE.  It’s not rocket science.  It’s common courtesy.  When we finally are able to get our plastic cups, we will be bolting away from the bar just to get away from clusterfuck central.  Why do you feel like you have to make it another circle of hell for people who may or may not be claustrophobic?  It’s not like we’re asking you for your first born, or even a body shot.  We just want to order our own drinks, goddamn.

Let me add to how worthless you are with this: you see me half dragging, half carrying one of my friends out of the bar to my car because she’s so fucking wasted/exhausted she can barely stand.  She doesn’t even have her eyes open at this point.  She’s not heavy, but attempting to maneuver another person who can’t fend for herself while following another who also wants to leave is next to impossible when you won’t take a jump to the left or a step to the right and clear a path to the exit.  Now I know how Moses felt when he was parting the Red Sea, except he actually had a shot at that one.  No, no, I have to drag this girl wearing spike heels through three different rooms before we can even get outside.  You’d think, if there were any gentlemen, they would see that a gorgeous woman is about to face plant on the floor and would be chivalrous and try to help her, swinging her arm around their shoulders or something, but no.  It’s just me, literally having to shove people out of the way so my girlfriend doesn’t puke on anyone’s shoes, while my other, just as beautiful, just as drunk friend goes through her wristlet in an attempt to find my car keys.  What a mess.  You can’t move AND you can’t help?  Come on.  What is this world coming to?  I’m not asking you to slay a dragon for a damsel in distress, I just need to get my friends to my car in one piece.


Dumb Thing #4 – Being “Too Cool” to Participate

The band at the bar on Black Wednesday was the shit.  They played cover after cover after cover without a break, and with the exception of one Dave Matthews song (I hate DMB, you will never change my mind about this), every song they performed was great.  I mean fuck, they busted out “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid and it was like they had opened their mouths and sang a calypso version of “Gangnam Style.”  EVERYONE was dancing.  Well…almost everyone.  You’ll always have that group of guys who refuses to get into the samba and just stands there, drinking beers and rolling their eyes while everyone else is having a great time.  You know that song from Beetlejuice?  I know you do.  It’s this one.  It is meant for a conga line.  Even in a crowded past capacity bar, there is going to be a conga line, and if you know what’s good for you, you’re going to jump in.  Everybody else jumped in and people were making their merry ways from one end of the stage to the other, snaking through the room.  But oh, no.  Not you guys.  You were just standing there LOL-ing at how “lame” all the other people were, kicking your legs out to try to trip the line as it went by you.  Stop being an asshole.  You can roll your eyes at the crazy shit drunk people do all you want to, but when you’re drunk and you think you’re too cool to do something like jump in a freaking conga line, get a clue.  We’re all here to have a good time.  Are you here to just rip on people having fun?  If so, go up in VIP where no one can see your sorry asses and you don’t have to interact with anyone but yourselves.  Just be warned, if you only hang out with the people you came with, your chances of hooking up with anyone at the bar (because we girls know that’s why you came in the first place) are zero to none.  No one likes a buzz kill, especially when you’re trying to actually kill someone by tripping them and seeing if people will start a stampede.  Just have a good time with everyone else.  No one is going to remember you sang along to “Call Me Maybe” anyway in the morning, but we will remember that you acted like an elitist shit while everyone else was pretending to be on “Dancing with the Stars” while ballrooming it up to “I’ve Had the Time of My Life.”


That’s all for this time.  Don’t forget to leave me comments with your sober party tips.  Lord knows, I need them.

Coming soon…and a really horrible Anime Mondays #3

So here’s the deal: I was super busy this week, and the only episode (yes, singular) of anime I watched was episode 20 of Gintama.  Honestly, nothing to write home about…so I won’t.

However, I do have a lot of beauty posts coming up as soon as the sun comes out so I can take pictures.  I’ve got an Ulta haul, a Fortune Cookie Soap haul, a Sephora haul, some great polishes I found cheap as HELL from TJ Maxx…it’s all coming.  It’s my goddaughter’s birthday party this weekend as well, so I may break my one post a day rule just to get it all in before my family comes to town.  I’ve gotta get my annual ‘I Hate Black Friday’ rant in there.  You’ve been warned.  And I’ll be back.

November 2012 Ipsy (MyGlam) Bag

I love beauty products.  Okay, I’ll be real, I am a makeup junkie.  Although my normal drug of choice is MAC, I also love trying out new stuff…some of which exceeds even my beloved brand.  Each month I receive a Birchbox (for now, anyway, more on that later) and an Ipsy (formerly MyGlam) bag.  Most of the products that replace my MAC staples come from these Ipsy bags.  For $10 a month, you get an actual makeup bag or purse, 4/5 beauty products (some of them full sized!) and exclusive discounts for select makeup brands.  Last month, I discovered my new favorite eyeliner from Be a Bombshell and this month came with something just as awesome: a full size nail polish!  Oh yes.  What a win.  Let’s check out November’s Party Perfect! Ipsy bag.  Be sure to click on the pictures if you want to see them bigger!

You always know when your Ipsy bag shows up because it comes in this cute metallic pink mailer.  Love, love, love.

This is the bag that all your items arrive in.  It usually follows some sort of theme.  For November it was Party Perfect!  I don’t know what an ugly brown makeup pouch has to do with a party, but the items inside of it make up for the ugly purse.  Sometimes there are wristlets AKA a free purse that you can spill vodka on at the bar and not feel bad.  More wristlets, please, Ipsy!

You also always receive a card that lists the theme for the month and all the products that are in your bag.  On the back are the discount offers for the month.  There was a card for $20 off your first purchase at JustFab, as well.  I went to go check it out, and it seems to be mostly for shoes.  I wear a size 12, so this was pretty much worthless because no one makes cute shoes in a size 12.

Here are this month’s items, packaged and unpackaged: a full size nail polish from Nailtini in Millionaire, a full size brown eyeliner pencil from Starlet, a sample theBalm eyeshadow in Matt Batali (purple), a full size bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lip gloss in Daredevil, and a full size (I think) clear eyebrow gel from Chella.  WIN.

Here’s a close up of the Starlet eyeliner pencil.  I’m not a fan of eyeliners in pencil form, especially now that I’m spoiled with the Be a Bombshell marker, and I’ve never used a brown eyeliner in my life, but this might be fun to play around with when I have job interviews to give my normal black liner a rest.

Next up is the polish.  I love, love, love, love when I get nail polish in these bags.  Millionaire by Nailtini has a ton of bar glitter (not really my glitter of choice, but it’s my mom’s favorite…I know, I gave my mom cool nails.  I am awesome.) and has a pretty gold color.  Perfect for parties!

Here’s Matt Batali by theBalm.  It’s a matte purple eyeshadow.  This will be fun to play with because almost every eyeshadow I own has shimmer in it.  Even the black ones.  See, this is how I get obsessed with new shit, these bags.  Ugh.  Good ugh.

Next up is the bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lip gloss.  This is completely my color.  I can’t wait to put this sucker on my face.

Finally, we have the Chella brow gel.  It’s clear (thank god) and I’ve never really used one of these before, but I might as well give it a shot.  It’s certainly better than the ones with a tint (looking at you, Birchbox), and if I can’t run to go get my eyebrows threaded before I go out, this might help a little, right?

So that’s November’s Ipsy bag.  It’s definitely the best subscription sample service I use, and I highly recommend it.  Look at all those full sized products you get for ten bucks!  The nail polish alone is like…$13 by itself.  Ipsy wins at life.

(I pay for this with my own cash.  I’m not a paid sponsor for Ipsy or any of their product brands.  I just want to share the beauty product love, okay?)

Random Tuesday Night Ramblings

So I just watched this video on about how if gay marriage doesn’t get approved, all the gay guys are going to marry your girlfriends.

To this I say, please.  PLEASE DO.  PLEASE SAY, “I DO!”

It’s not rocket science.  Everything in this video is the god’s honest truth.  Why would a woman ever want a straight man who is messy, uncultured, threatening, and hates everything we like?  Yes, I would love to go to see Les Miserables.  Onstage.  No, not with Anne Hathaway.  But if I ever got to attend any theater production with a straight man, I’d think the sky was falling.  Don’t get me started on the straight man way of “dancing.”  Just scroll down, Channing Tatum, I already posted about this.  I have more in common with gay men than anyone else in the universe.  They share my love for rainbow jewelry and Adam Lambert.  They will listen when I call them up drunk at 3am and will console me by saying, “Don’t worry, honey, everything will be okay.  No, she’s not prettier than you, she’s a straight up skank!”  Gay men would be the absolute most perfect things on this earth if only they would want to make out with me.  Legit.  If I could find one who’d marry me, I’d do it in a heartbeat.  Take one for the goddamned team.


In other news, I really need to bleach my hair.  My roots are no longer roots.  It’s like a fucking ombre mess.  Unfortunately, every time I go to get my hair done, it’s like $100+ and since I’m back in Retail Land, that $100 is needed for more important things, such as my phone bill, because if I can’t check Facebook 67 times a day, I’ll go through withdrawals.  Okay, not really.  But I honestly do need to pay my phone bill.  I also need Draco Malfoy White hair.  That’s what I said when I went in to get this new color: I want Draco Malfoy White.  They should put that shit on the box.  I bet everyone would buy it and instantly know what they were getting.  Anyway, hopefully I can rectify this situation soon because my bangs have also grown out, and they are in that awkward stage where they’re not part of my real hair yet, which means an onslaught of headbands, and they won’t look cute like the ones Blair Waldorf wears.  Don’t spoil me on Gossip Girl.  I’m still on season three.  Shut up.


Lastly, I wanted to take this time to say that I don’t understand why the new Punk Goes Pop album (volume 5) is full of screaming.  Okay, that shit’s like…fake ass metal.  Or screamo.  I mean, it’s not even good screaming like My Chemical Romance.  It’s a hot fucking mess.  When I hear a cover of “Call Me Maybe” I want it to be full of guitars and a distortion pedal, not this shit that makes my throat hurt just by listening to it.  What happened?  The other albums are really great.  This one is just…really terrible.  Are these bands even popular?  I’ve only heard of Breathe Carolina (and the screaming on their cd doesn’t make any sense either).  Am I getting that old that I can’t listen to “punk” anymore?  Nah.  I think it’s more that these bands just blow.

Aren’t you glad you stayed awake to read this?

Anime Mondays #2

It’s Monday!  And no, I didn’t forget that I owe a post.  Don’t worry.  I’ve got this.  It’s almost holiday time over in retail-land, which means soon most of my time will not be my own.  I’m sure I’ll be posting about all the idiots, though, you can count on that.  For now, though, let’s do this.

(Once again, all images come from MAL and there are spoilers below up to the episodes listed!)

Nana 7 of 7 – Episode 6

Welcome to yet another series I purchased because it was cheap.  This is a cute show, though, and as a bonus, the main character’s best friend is the voice of Misty from Pokemon.  Yes, it took me about three episodes to figure it out, but it was driving me insane, so I knew I would.  Nana 7 of 7 is about this girl whose personality shatters into seven parts, and each one turns into its own little Nana.  It’s kind of like the seven dwarfs, only these Nanas only care about this one dude and who can go to school to see him.  Honestly, I don’t even remember much about the single episode I watched.  I think it had something to do with a late night radio show?  I’m not sure where exactly this series is going, but it would be nice if this poor girl didn’t end up in pieces for the rest of her life and got to be put back together again.  It’ll take me awhile to find out, though, so don’t hold your breath.

One Piece – Episodes 62-66

Remember last week when I was excited to get out of that stupid Dragon Island arc?  Well, now I’m totally confused.  I thought these guys were on the freaking Grand Line, but then there’s this whole subplot about a self-mutilating whale and this whole new slew of bad guys who aren’t really bad guys…I don’t even know.  It’s like I jumped into Degrassi, One Piece style.  I kept expecting Ellie Nash to hop out with her compass and start showing the whale how to slit its wrists.  Fins?  Whatever.  There is a really cool evil princess named Miss Wednesday.  I hope that bitch sticks around.  I feel like I have so much of this anime to get through, and although I wanted to plow through the long ones on purpose, I just feel like One Piece keeps getting so far off track.  Like for 20+ episodes at a time.  I’ll keep going, but I think I’m sticking this on the back burner for awhile.

Save Me! Lollipop  – Episodes 5-6

I went back to this one on the Funimation Channel to kill some time, and it is getting a little better.  These episodes went into the backstory of the annoying girl with purple hair whose name escapes me.  Forte (Fo, how do you get that from Forrrrrrrte, but it’s Japanese, so, eh) is her cousin and her only friend because her entire family has shunned her.  It’s sad, but not sad enough that she can be so annoying.  I love those stupid episodes that try to establish why the bad guys turn bad, but this didn’t have anything to do with that.  I guess they were trying to show why her and Forte were friends, but…like I said.  It doesn’t move me enough to establish why she’s so goddamned annoying.  Go buy your own cake, kid.

Sword Art Online – Episodes 13-18

Once my beloved Accel World ended, I needed something to fill the void of a stupid anime about video games, so I started SAO.  Dear Jesus.  This is not just a stupid anime about video games.  I got sucked into this so quickly, and before you know it, I was sobbing through most of the episodes.  The one where Kirito almost gets killed and then tells Asuna, “My life is yours…” forget about it.  I was curled into a ball making incoherent noises.  I never expected the romance in this, and maybe that’s why it’s so great.  Like I just want to shove the two of them together in their little house in the forest and keep them there forever.  They deserve to have that happiness all the time.  But then, the game ends…in the middle of the goddamned series.  What the shit?  Like, he beat it, but he didn’t.  Most of the people who were trapped in their Nerve Gear got out, including Kirito, but Asuna is still stuck in a game…only it’s not SAO anymore, it’s some stupid elf game.  It turns out that this dude who’s supposed to marry her works for the company that took over the old one, stole SAO’s servers and made up a “new” world that’s all about kids with pointy ears.  Um…what?  So now with only a couple episodes left, Kirito has to save Asuna out of this bird cage in a game so the creepy dude can’t marry her comatose body in the hospital.  It’s pretty fucking twisted, but I’m one of those people who actually liked School Days, so, for me, it works.  Did I mention the elf girl helping him is really his sister (who’s not really his sister, but still his cousin) and probably in love with him?  Bingo.  I have no idea how they are going to wrap this up in the few remaining episodes and no sign of a second season, but I’m going to wait until more shows are out before I pick this up again.  SAO is best seen in marathon form because now that I watched all those episodes in a row, I’m pissed that I’ll have to wait until Christmas to get an ending.

My Little Monster – Episodes 1-6

I’m a sucker for these romance anime.  A complete and utter sucker.  But what I hate the most is when it takes an entire season for a couple to hold hands or kiss.  Like, what the shit?  The real world does not work that way, kids.  Which is why I was so happy that in the first episode, Haru grabs Shizuku by the shirt and plants one on her.  AWESOME.  Of course, the anime seems to move backwards from there, with nobody knowing how they really feel and the poor girl having to wait for this clueless dude to “fall in love” with her, when it’s obvious he’s been in love with her the entire time.  And now there’s this new girl with glasses who wants his ass, too, and it’s like…knock it off.  Leave Haru and Shizuku alone.  Let him try to put his hand under her skirt while she sits and studies at the library or something.  It’s so good.  I’m just so sad it’s only going to be 13 episodes.

Say “I Love You” – Episodes 1-6

See, I told you I love romance anime.  And this one reminds me of my precious Kimi Ni Todoke, which I refuse to watch the second season of because if it messes with my perfect couple, I’m going to rage, but ANYWAY.  Mei and Yamato.  Why he likes her, other than the fact that she kicked him in the face while everyone else loves him, I don’t know.  But he LIKES her.  And it’s so cute to see her accept this.  He saves her from some creeper by kissing her and then shows her the different ways he kisses people and I die, the end.  All these other skanks want to get with him.  There’s a model who’s all up on his jock.  Stay strong, Yamato!  Don’t dump your adorable girlfriend because you feel badly for all the girls you’re rejecting!  Don’t give her a pity lay like that other chick!  Nuts that I’m so into it.  I don’t even care anymore, I gave up all sense of personal pride and street cred when I started this blog.

Gintama – Episodes 14-19

Hey look!  Another ridiculously long anime I started just to prove I could finish it!  This one is actually pretty hysterical, even though it doesn’t have much of a plot.  My favorite character is the dude from the army shinsen…something who likes to shoot things constantly.  Lord, I laugh every goddamned time.  These episodes had an alien pet show and a trip to the beach and a bunch of other random things that I can’t be bothered to remember because I was forced to plow through this to send it back in the mail to my fabulous rental service.  However, I am now privy to one of the greatest ending songs of all time…which you can see here.   I really am the queen of random crap.  I have another disc of this at my house.  Hopefully you will see another of these entries next week.

For sticking through this whole post, here’s a reward!  Please take these crunchyroll day passes off my hands.  I have an anime subscription, but so do the other people I talk shop with and they are going to waste.  First come, first serve.  Enjoy!




Anime Mondays #1

It’s been awhile.  Like Kurt Cobain wails, “all apologies.”  That’s what happens when Halloween comes around (aka the best holiday of the year) and life gets busy.  I’ll get better at this blogging thing.  Promise.

Anyway, I thought I’d take time out every Monday to talk about something that helps me pass time while I wait for Glee to come off hiatus: anime.  Yeah, yeah.  Sometimes, it’s lame, but most of the time it’s awesome.  Or at least amusing enough to watch before the onslaught of English subtitles from those high pitched Japanese voices puts me to sleep.  I know.  The word “makenai” is like a goddamned lullaby.  Thanks to this lovely website called, you can track everything you watch.  This is ungodly helpful because it’s telling me at present time that I’m in the middle of 170 shows.  Hey, I have Netflix and get bored easily, don’t judge me.  It also will tell you what episodes you’ve watched in a week, so here is my Monday round-up of all the crap that I’ve turned on when regular tv sucks.  You’re welcome.

(All images in this post come from MAL.  There are obviously spoilers below if you haven’t seen up to the episode(s) listed.  And I take liberties with everything because I’m only paying attention at certain points.  Oops.)

Hellsing – Episode 3

I started watching this after a review I read on (pretty much the best anime site, in case you were wondering) and was like, what the hell, it’s horror, I haven’t seen it yet, and it streams on the Funimation Channel, which, yes, I subscribe to because my Roku is the greatest invention I will ever own.  It’s basically about some vampire killing agency where the main killer is (shocker) a vampire himself.  He turns this Police Girl into one because she got caught in the line of duty, and now she’s going nuts trying to retain her humanity, even though she’s not a human.  Everyone talks in a funny accent.  Honestly, it’s pretty ace, at least so far.  This episode had something to do with two vampires who were lovers, and I guess one of them died, and the other one was getting experimented on and went crazy.  Then some batshit priest came in and started killing everything.  Cliffhangers abound.  Next week I’ll see what the deal is.  Don’t worry, I’ll let you know.


Piano – Episodes 8-10 (Finished!)

I’ve been trying to finish this anime for forever, it seems.  No, literally.  According to my history I started it on July 30, 2009.  FOREVER.  I bought it from one of those RightStuf sales where you’d get the 25 DVDs for $100.  Best sales ever.  Except when I realized I’d have to watch this stuff.  I popped this in because I was in a different part of my house, and all these old, unwatched things were all I had to sift through at 5:00 a.m.  Thanks, time change, you’re a pal.  But another reason why this took so long to finish was that it was SO GODDAMNED BORING.  Nothing really happens.  I couldn’t even tell you what goes on at the beginning of the series except there’s some girl who plays the piano.  Then she likes some boy.  Then she doesn’t want to play the piano.  Then she does again.  I think she has a sister who gets drunk all the time and used to bang her piano teacher.  Clearly, she’s the most interesting part of the show, but after an episode, she hops on a plane and leaves.  These slice of life shows are so hit or miss.  And I’m so sick of them ending where nothing gets resolved.  This one ends while the girl is at a piano recital.  She finally decides to play.  Yes, she loves the boy and she loves the piano so much that she’s going to play the piano forever!!1  But then it ends.  We don’t get to hear her play at the recital.  We don’t even get to hear the song she composed for it.  Cop. Out.  To add insult to injury, I kept falling asleep through these DVDs and waking up during some “internal diary monologue” feature where a live action girl walks around parks and attempts to look pensive.  I thought I had changed the DVD in my sleep or something.  Nightmares all the way from a stupid show about some girl who plays the piano.  I rated it a 4/10 because, trust me, I’ve seen worse.  But it’s making me pause when I go to watch another slice of life show in the future.


Save Me! Lollipop (Mamotte! Lollipop) – Episodes 1-4

I have no excuse for this except it was Saturday morning and I wanted to watch something mindless that had a dub so I could do other things while it was on.  I love these stupid girl anime.  Anime(s)?  Anime.  I have no idea how or why this got licensed, but it was on the Funimation Channel and it didn’t have robots in it or take place in space, so I felt compelled to start it.  Some dumb chick is eating cake with her friends and a piece of candy falls from the sky onto her plate.  Of course, it’s not really a piece of candy, but the dumb bitch swallows it anyway.  It turns out to be some magic pearl that all these sorcerers from another planet are after because whichever pair (they are separated into teams of two) brings it back first gets to graduate from magic school and become  full-fledged magicians.  See, now I think just going to the magic school would be a pretty cool premise.  But no, you have all these weirdo alien characters flying around earth chasing this dumb girl.  The two guys who realize she swallowed the pearl first are going to “protect” her from everyone else, who apparently just want to cut her stomach open Saw style to get the stupid pearl out of her.  But if she can be kept safe until Christmas, the head magician in charge can come up with some medicine to make her puke up the pearl and she’ll be okay.  So, this girl thinks these two dudes are her princes, and it’s pretty much a guarantee that she’ll make out with at least one of them by series end.  There’s cross-dressing and some girl who’s really five years old who looks like an adult and creepy flying fish.  It’s mindless, but it’s entertaining and better than Horseland or whatever the fuck else is on regular Saturday morning cartoons nowadays.  What happened to The Real Ghostbusters and Muppet Babies and Flintstone Kids?  Now those were some bad ass cartoons.


Sailormoon S – Episodes 11-13 (Re-watch)

I wouldn’t love anime so much if it weren’t for this show.  I grew up watching this on USA in the mornings before I went to school and then have tracked down every single episode and movie to own now that I’m an adult.  And once I found out there were Japanese episodes that were banned?  That were hidden?  That would never find their way across the ocean?  Forget about it.  I had a mission.  Before I even watched this series, Sailor Uranus was my favorite character, and once I tracked down those Pioneer DVDs, you’d better believe I watched some of them so many times that I broke them and had to get replacements.  Not kidding.  However, I haven’t seen the complete series yet.  I know.  It’s been like…what, twenty years?  There’s a new, re-vamped Sailor Moon anime coming out next summer to celebrate the anniversary, and I have yet to see all of Stars.  So, I started a re-watch, including all of R (which I had never seen, even though I’ve had those ADV box sets for years) and buying the movies on DVD (which were the only things I was missing, and shit, were they hard to track down for a non-bootleg cheap price), and here’s where I am.  These are actually three of my favorite episodes of the season, where Minako thinks about quitting the Sailor Senshi to be normal and play volleyball and the ones with Usagi’s birthday where Haruka hits on her and Usagi gets SO uncomfortable and runs away.  I laugh every time.  Unless Stars blows my mind, this will forever be the greatest season, and I hope I get a chance to plow through it sooner rather than later.


Nyan Koi – Episodes 3-6

I started watching this on The Anime Network on Demand before my cable system decided to pull it (lame), and it’s been in my Rent Anime queue for forever, and it finally made its way to my house.  I have no idea why I think this show is hysterical, but if I had the second part of it, I’d marathon that shit right now.  This dude gets cursed from breaking some sort of cat statue and in order to avoid becoming a cat himself, he has to help out a shit ton of cats before his time limit runs out.  And did I mention he’s allergic to cats?  And that he can understand cats when they talk?  But, of course, he can’t talk in meows, so it looks like he’s going nuts and talking to himself all the time.  If the dude can’t break the curse, he’s practically dead because he’d be allergic…to himself.  HYSTERIA.  Of course, there’s all this harem stuff thrown in there, and the romance between the main guy and the girl he likes is really sweet and innocent…while this other loud girl keeps trying to come between them, along with this track and field chick that everyone thinks is a boy and these two blond twins that are weirder than I can ever explain.  It’s a damned good show.  I’d better start plowing through my discs of Gintama that are just sitting here unwatched from RA so I can get the rest of this.


Ex-Driver the Movie

Ex-Driver: Nina and Rei Danger Zone

Ex-Driver the Movie Specials (Finished!)

This was a blind box bargain from Right Stuf that came with the OST CD, as well.  I’ve never seen the OVAs that precede this, so I just jumped right in.  I needed to move this out of the “to be watched” pile, basically.  In the future, cars are all automated and drive themselves.  But when the cars go rogue, watch out!  Here come the ex-drivers who can manually drive cars to stop the ones that are freaking out.  The movie takes place in America.  The ex-drivers are having some sort of race…I think.  And then there’s a kidnapping plot.  And a fake gambling sub-plot.  The whole thing is basically an excuse to have shoddy computer graphics animated into a huge car chase at the end.  I really couldn’t even tell you what happened.  I was half asleep and on cold meds when I watched this.  The OVA that came with it takes place prior to the main characters in the movie becoming ex-drivers and has two different characters chasing blocky cars and trying to stop this little toy car from blowing up crap.  The specials were like those Care Bears storybook adventures that came with the real cartoons on VHS tapes back in the day that you fast forwarded through.  I should have fast forwarded through these, but I’m a glutton for punishment and a completest.  I ranked the movie and the OVA 5/10, because, like I said, I’ve seen worse.  But for five bucks, it was worth the watch.


One Piece – Episode 61

Let me make a confession: I have this thing where I want to finish really long shows, even if they end up going absolutely nowhere (unless they are all about robots or take place in space, then I could really give a shit).  One Piece seemed like the one to tackle.  I got really into it last year before Christmas when I had it on in the background while I was decorating my house and wrapping gifts and shit.  Now I’m on Collection 3, and I’ve been stuck there for awhile.  Why?  Let me tell you why.  This dumbass Dragon Island arc that seemed to be going on FOREVER.  Usually, I love Brittany Karbowski and absolutely everything she does, but her voice for Apis just GRATES.  I couldn’t take it.  I barely watched/slept through most of this stupid Dragon Island arc.  I don’t even know what it’s really called.  I don’t even care.  The main point is that it’s OVER.  FINALLY.  And these stupid “pirates” are finally at the Grand Line.  It’s only taken them 61 goddamned episodes.  Dear Jesus.  Now I can get back to giving heart hands to Sanji while Luffy (who is seemingly indestructible) tries to become King of the Pirates.  I know there’s like…over 300 more episodes to go, but at least I feel like the gang is getting somewhere now.


That took way too long.  Thank god Glee comes back this week so this post will be completely shorter next Monday.  And…..scene.