Anime Mondays #2

It’s Monday!  And no, I didn’t forget that I owe a post.  Don’t worry.  I’ve got this.  It’s almost holiday time over in retail-land, which means soon most of my time will not be my own.  I’m sure I’ll be posting about all the idiots, though, you can count on that.  For now, though, let’s do this.

(Once again, all images come from MAL and there are spoilers below up to the episodes listed!)

Nana 7 of 7 – Episode 6

Welcome to yet another series I purchased because it was cheap.  This is a cute show, though, and as a bonus, the main character’s best friend is the voice of Misty from Pokemon.  Yes, it took me about three episodes to figure it out, but it was driving me insane, so I knew I would.  Nana 7 of 7 is about this girl whose personality shatters into seven parts, and each one turns into its own little Nana.  It’s kind of like the seven dwarfs, only these Nanas only care about this one dude and who can go to school to see him.  Honestly, I don’t even remember much about the single episode I watched.  I think it had something to do with a late night radio show?  I’m not sure where exactly this series is going, but it would be nice if this poor girl didn’t end up in pieces for the rest of her life and got to be put back together again.  It’ll take me awhile to find out, though, so don’t hold your breath.

One Piece – Episodes 62-66

Remember last week when I was excited to get out of that stupid Dragon Island arc?  Well, now I’m totally confused.  I thought these guys were on the freaking Grand Line, but then there’s this whole subplot about a self-mutilating whale and this whole new slew of bad guys who aren’t really bad guys…I don’t even know.  It’s like I jumped into Degrassi, One Piece style.  I kept expecting Ellie Nash to hop out with her compass and start showing the whale how to slit its wrists.  Fins?  Whatever.  There is a really cool evil princess named Miss Wednesday.  I hope that bitch sticks around.  I feel like I have so much of this anime to get through, and although I wanted to plow through the long ones on purpose, I just feel like One Piece keeps getting so far off track.  Like for 20+ episodes at a time.  I’ll keep going, but I think I’m sticking this on the back burner for awhile.

Save Me! Lollipop  – Episodes 5-6

I went back to this one on the Funimation Channel to kill some time, and it is getting a little better.  These episodes went into the backstory of the annoying girl with purple hair whose name escapes me.  Forte (Fo, how do you get that from Forrrrrrrte, but it’s Japanese, so, eh) is her cousin and her only friend because her entire family has shunned her.  It’s sad, but not sad enough that she can be so annoying.  I love those stupid episodes that try to establish why the bad guys turn bad, but this didn’t have anything to do with that.  I guess they were trying to show why her and Forte were friends, but…like I said.  It doesn’t move me enough to establish why she’s so goddamned annoying.  Go buy your own cake, kid.

Sword Art Online – Episodes 13-18

Once my beloved Accel World ended, I needed something to fill the void of a stupid anime about video games, so I started SAO.  Dear Jesus.  This is not just a stupid anime about video games.  I got sucked into this so quickly, and before you know it, I was sobbing through most of the episodes.  The one where Kirito almost gets killed and then tells Asuna, “My life is yours…” forget about it.  I was curled into a ball making incoherent noises.  I never expected the romance in this, and maybe that’s why it’s so great.  Like I just want to shove the two of them together in their little house in the forest and keep them there forever.  They deserve to have that happiness all the time.  But then, the game ends…in the middle of the goddamned series.  What the shit?  Like, he beat it, but he didn’t.  Most of the people who were trapped in their Nerve Gear got out, including Kirito, but Asuna is still stuck in a game…only it’s not SAO anymore, it’s some stupid elf game.  It turns out that this dude who’s supposed to marry her works for the company that took over the old one, stole SAO’s servers and made up a “new” world that’s all about kids with pointy ears.  Um…what?  So now with only a couple episodes left, Kirito has to save Asuna out of this bird cage in a game so the creepy dude can’t marry her comatose body in the hospital.  It’s pretty fucking twisted, but I’m one of those people who actually liked School Days, so, for me, it works.  Did I mention the elf girl helping him is really his sister (who’s not really his sister, but still his cousin) and probably in love with him?  Bingo.  I have no idea how they are going to wrap this up in the few remaining episodes and no sign of a second season, but I’m going to wait until more shows are out before I pick this up again.  SAO is best seen in marathon form because now that I watched all those episodes in a row, I’m pissed that I’ll have to wait until Christmas to get an ending.

My Little Monster – Episodes 1-6

I’m a sucker for these romance anime.  A complete and utter sucker.  But what I hate the most is when it takes an entire season for a couple to hold hands or kiss.  Like, what the shit?  The real world does not work that way, kids.  Which is why I was so happy that in the first episode, Haru grabs Shizuku by the shirt and plants one on her.  AWESOME.  Of course, the anime seems to move backwards from there, with nobody knowing how they really feel and the poor girl having to wait for this clueless dude to “fall in love” with her, when it’s obvious he’s been in love with her the entire time.  And now there’s this new girl with glasses who wants his ass, too, and it’s like…knock it off.  Leave Haru and Shizuku alone.  Let him try to put his hand under her skirt while she sits and studies at the library or something.  It’s so good.  I’m just so sad it’s only going to be 13 episodes.

Say “I Love You” – Episodes 1-6

See, I told you I love romance anime.  And this one reminds me of my precious Kimi Ni Todoke, which I refuse to watch the second season of because if it messes with my perfect couple, I’m going to rage, but ANYWAY.  Mei and Yamato.  Why he likes her, other than the fact that she kicked him in the face while everyone else loves him, I don’t know.  But he LIKES her.  And it’s so cute to see her accept this.  He saves her from some creeper by kissing her and then shows her the different ways he kisses people and I die, the end.  All these other skanks want to get with him.  There’s a model who’s all up on his jock.  Stay strong, Yamato!  Don’t dump your adorable girlfriend because you feel badly for all the girls you’re rejecting!  Don’t give her a pity lay like that other chick!  Nuts that I’m so into it.  I don’t even care anymore, I gave up all sense of personal pride and street cred when I started this blog.

Gintama – Episodes 14-19

Hey look!  Another ridiculously long anime I started just to prove I could finish it!  This one is actually pretty hysterical, even though it doesn’t have much of a plot.  My favorite character is the dude from the army shinsen…something who likes to shoot things constantly.  Lord, I laugh every goddamned time.  These episodes had an alien pet show and a trip to the beach and a bunch of other random things that I can’t be bothered to remember because I was forced to plow through this to send it back in the mail to my fabulous rental service.  However, I am now privy to one of the greatest ending songs of all time…which you can see here.   I really am the queen of random crap.  I have another disc of this at my house.  Hopefully you will see another of these entries next week.

For sticking through this whole post, here’s a reward!  Please take these crunchyroll day passes off my hands.  I have an anime subscription, but so do the other people I talk shop with and they are going to waste.  First come, first serve.  Enjoy!





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