Anime Mondays #4

I am going to attempt to cram not one, but two weeks of anime into this post since I copped out last week and forgot it was Monday.  In fact, I didn’t even realize I missed Monday until like…Wednesday.  Holiday hours at work suck.  Working retail kills all Christmas spirit, I swear.  Anyway, here we go.  The faster I write this, the faster I can go back to watching Soul Eater.

All images are from and there are spoilers below!


Black Butler II – Episodes 1-2 Black Butler II Title

I’ve had this title sitting on my shelf for a long time and haven’t watched it, so why did I decide to pull it out a couple weeks ago, you may ask?  The reason is simple: I FINALLY GOT A BLU-RAY PLAYER.  I know.  I’m the last one in the universe to get one, and the sad part is, I didn’t even buy it; it was given to me.  And since I had to have the limited edition of Black Butler II because I thought it would match my limited edition of Black Butler (it doesn’t), I had to buy the stupid combo pack.  The first season of this show was okay.  Truth be told, I didn’t really understand the ending.  I liked the first half, but the second just seemed slow and confusing and boring.  So anyway, I popped my blu-ray player’s cherry with Black Butler II and imagine my surprise when THE GODDAMNED BLACK BUTLER ISN’T EVEN IN THE FIRST FREAKING EPISODE.  Well…that’s what they want you to think.  Sebastian and Ciel finally pop in towards the end of it, but they set the whole thing up like this whole series is going to be about this whiny blond kid and his sub-par, not as cool as Sebastian, butler.  Plus, the demon mark is on the kid’s tongue.  I had a gross-out moment during the opening credits.  By the time the show kicked into its original gear, I was so mad about the fake out that I didn’t want to watch it anymore.  Sorry, BB2, you’re getting thrown into the “I’ll Finish This Eventually…Maybe” pile until I run out of blu-rays to play with.

K-On! – Episodes 9-11 K-On! Title

K-On! is taking me forever to watch only because I’m renting it as I go, and the damned thing is always out of stock.  I guess that means that a lot of people watch K-On!.  I think you could either really love or really hate this title.  I love it because it’s about a group of friends who start a band.  Sure, the band may not be that great, but they love to be together and they love to play together.  As a girl who has been in many bands, I enjoy this profusely.  However, if you’re not a girl, and you don’t like bands, or you don’t like girls in bands, well, you probably won’t like this too much.  K-On! has one of the most dreaded diseases in all of anime: the disease where NOTHING happens (I will henceforth abbreviate this as NH Disease).  Sure, there are girls in a band, but they never really play.  They don’t do much of anything but go shopping for guitars or go to the blonde girl’s summer house or drink tea or eat cake.  I really hope that something happens.  I mean, it has to…right?  I thought this during the entire first season of Aria the Natural (or whatever the first season was called, I don’t even care enough to look it up) but NOTHING HAPPENED.  I watched a whole season of some girls floating down the river on some goddamned boats.  Nothing. Nada.  I fucking hate Aria.  It’s the only show my OCD allowed me to drop and not complete the whole thing just because it was like torture moving through the episodes.  But see…I hate boats.  I’m not interested at all in girls who pilot boats.  If that’s your thing, then cool.  K-On! is more my thing, and I dig it.  I just hate that Bandai put this in four volumes with like…three episodes on a disc.  What the shit?!  It had better come in so I can finish this bitch.

Say “I Love You” – Episodes 7-10 Say 'I love you' Cover

Note: I am lumping this week’s episode in with the others I watched just so I can save space when I do the next Anime Mondays post.  Remember when I said I loved Say “I Love You”?  Well, I still love it, but I have no idea how they will ever wrap it up in three more episodes.  Mei and Yamato have the weirdest relationship, basically because Mei is too scared to say how she feels and Yamato assumes too much.  If I had to sum this anime up in one sentence, that would be it.  I know they’re supposed to be in high school, but Jesus Christ, how hard is it to say that you want to spend more time with someone, or that, yes, Yamato, when you go on modeling shoots with that skank Megumi, it really bugs me because I know she wants to get in your pants, and you either know and are involuntarily encouraging her or are too stupid to realize it (probably the second one, see my previous dumb boy posts), but I’m going to tell you it’s okay anyway because it seems like you want to get your picture taken and spend all your time with this other girl who’s not me, and OH MY GOD I CAN’T EVEN BREATHE.  By the time Yamato realizes Mei’s acceptance of his modeling career was merely to placate him, it’s already too late.  The damage has been done.  Sure, there’s this really great surprise kiss in the middle of the hallway, but why all the drama  just because both of your communication skills suck?  Anyway, now there’s this new boy with a mohawk who likes Mei because they both used to get bullied and I honestly hope he gets her away from Yamato.  At least Mei and Kai can be honest with each other, and, you know, speak.  Get a clue, Yamato (and Mei, as well).  It’s not rocket science.

My Little Monster – Episodes 7-10My Little Monster Cover

Same note as above.  Recognize.  So I’m beginning to pick a favorite between the two winter romance simulcasts, and it’s My Little Monster for the win.  Even though Shizuku and Haru fight every single week, and it’s like they go back to square one, at least they FIGHT.  At least they SPEAK.  And now there’s a new blond boy who likes Shizuku (sound familiar?).  But you know what?  This anime is funnier than the other one.  And I know, Say “I Love You” is supposed to be more soap-y and dramatic, but this is just personal preference.  I actually want the main couple to get and stay together.  They’ve both said they loved each other, now they just have to show it.  I have a feeling they will…they’d better.  Or, let’s be real, I’ll punch that girl with glasses in the face.

ef – a tale of memories – Episode 2 ef - a tale of memories. Title

When I began this anime, it was a single episode on Anime Network On Demand, and when I watched it, I honestly thought that it was unfinished or I had a bad connection or something.  But no, this was just the style…at least I think it’s the style.  I watched the second episode because I was surfing random crap on Crunchyroll, and I’m kind of sorry I ended up here.  Firstly, I couldn’t remember a goddamned thing about the first episode except that I thought it was weird.  Secondly, this episode wasn’t any less strange.  Thirdly, I kept getting confused because all the characters sort of look the same (I think two of them are twins?  Is that a good excuse?).  And finally, well…I just didn’t fucking get it.  I suppose the real issue here is that I’m not supposed to get it because the main character only has a memory for 13 hours or some shit and then she completely resets.  What?  What???  I’m over it.  If this is gonna be another mindfuck like Clannad, I’m not even gonna bother.  PS – I hate Clannad as much as I hate Aria, but that deserves a whole post of its own.

Chi’s New Address – Episodes 1-2Chi's New Address Title

I have nothing to say about this except I was bored at work, didn’t have access to wifi, and needed to  stream something short on my phone that could kill about ten minutes.  Chi’s New Address served its purpose.  Thank you for making my work day less maddening.




Legend of the Mystical Ninja (Ganbare Goemon) Episodes 1-3Legend of the Mystical Ninja Title

I bought this really cheaply from the RightStuf Black Friday sale (for all your anime needs…seriously.  This store owns.) and I just…I don’t know.  It’s not what I thought it would be?  I remember playing the game on Super Nintendo back when I was a kid, and I liked it, but not enough to buy it, just enough to rent it about ten times.  I thought the show would be the same as the game and I would be transported into some ninja dojo and have some kind of rom-com like Ranma 1/2.  Alas, that awesomeness was not to be.  Instead, the characters from the video game transport themselves into the human world, and the whole thing is just…odd.  And it reeks of Wedding Peach.  Were they made by the same people?  I have absolutely no idea, but after a few episodes, I wanted to turn this crap off and attempt to finish Wedding Peach, which has been sitting on my shelves for god only knows how long.  I didn’t.  But at least this show is a good motivator to go watch something else.

Nyan-Koi! – Episodes 7-12 Nyan Koi Cover

Yay!  I finally got to finish Nyan-Koi!!  Was it everything I wanted and more?  Not exactly.  Actually…not at all.  The last half of the show turned into this horrible fan service mess.  It was like they had to insert the mail lady into every episode just to show her boobs bouncing around.  And oh, can I mention that there was NO ROMANTIC CLOSURE??  Ugh, harems, I hate you.  I’ll keep watching you, but I hate you.  I will give it props because the dude and the best friend (Kanako) actually left the series as friends and not lovers.  Also, they tried to end the cat curse…and then teased a second season that never actually got made.  What a buzzkill.  It was still a cute show, though, and I rated it 7/10.  I’d be down for a season two, but it’s probably not going to happen.

Sugar Sugar Rune – Episode 15 Sugar Sugar Rune Title

Oh, Sugar Sugar Rune, you once again find your way onto my watched list for a random reason, mainly, because I found a veoh app for my Kindle Fire, and this was the first show I could think of to search for.  Sugar Sugar Rune is a kids’ anime where these two witches come to the human world to collect hearts by making other people fall in love with them/love them/be friends with them/whatever.  It’s stupidly cute, and actually interesting for a show in which the main goal is extremely repetitive.  Plus, the witches’ names are Chocolat and Vanilla.  SO CUTE I CAN’T STAND IT.  This episode was a Freaky Friday rip off where Chocolat and Vanilla switched bodies.  But, oh, just because Vanilla is so cute, it doesn’t mean that Chocolat-as-Vanilla can snatch as many hearts as she does.  And just because Chocolat is so bad ass and awesome, it doesn’t mean that Vanilla-as-Chocolat will feel any better about herself.  I love this show.  God, I’m lame.

Bleach – Episodes 17-20 Bleach Title

Okay, it’s Bleach.  I don’t know what I can really say about this.  It falls into the category of “Insanely Long Anime I Watch to Torture Myself.”  It’s been so long since this came up in my Netflix queue that I forgot what had happened beforehand.  So all I know is that Rukia is sentenced to death, Ichigo had to undergo some training to go to the other realm to try and save her, and his orange haired girlfriend and his giant friend Chad now apparently have powers, too, and are going to go with him to kick some ass.  That is what I learned in four episodes of Bleach.  Christ, and I thought One Piece moved slowly…



Destiny of the Shrine Maiden – Episodes 1-4 Destiny of the Shrine Maiden Title

Here lies another title I picked up super cheap from RightStuf.  I started watching this on Hulu once and fell asleep through the first episode.  I think if I had finished it, I would have convinced myself I didn’t need to see the rest of it, or at least, spend money on it.  There are fucking robots in it.  I HATE anime with fucking robots.  Then, it’s by the same crew who did Shattered Angels, which I put in my rental queue because it looked really pretty………..what a mistake that was.  It was confusing as hell, more boring than all get out, AND it had robots.  Ugh, I know I’m going to feel the same way about Destiny of the Shrine Maiden, even though I think this comes before the other one.  The kicker is that I didn’t even realize it was part of some kind of massive cameo project until four episodes in when I thought I recognized the little cat nurse and her big giant brother guy.  You’re going in the pile with Black Butler II, girls, sorry.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Episodes 9-12 Madoka Magica Title

Words cannot express my love for this anime.  Well…they can, but I want to take the time to do it properly.  I’d need like…a four part series or something to do it.  So, I’ll leave it at this.  This is in my top five series of all time.  This was the second time I had watched it and the first time on blu-ray.  I was having a shitty day and needed to cry it out.  That is what the last few minutes of episode 11 and the entire episode 12 were for.  Oh my god, the tears.  The tears.  After I forced myself to turn my television off, I spent a good couple hours on the Madoka Magica wiki just reading theories about the epilogue.  It’s that good.  Honest to God.  If you ever take a recommendation from me, watch this show.  And if you hate it…well, then you probably like shit like Aria the Natural, and there is no hope for you. :p

Burn-Up Scramble – Episodes 1-4 Burn-Up Scramble Title

So I bit the bullet and purchased one of those random boxes of anime from Crunchyroll.  I was excited because I only owned two of the thirty dvds already, and most of the ones I received were shows I wanted to check out but just never got around to it.  This was the first Volume 1 I pulled out of the box.  It killed some time.  Burn-Up Scramble is about some girls who are cops, but like…very physical cops.  They like to beat people up.  The funniest part is when the asshole chief hits on them.  I’ll probably rent the rest, but it was nothing to write home about unless you’re really into fan service.  Here’s a hint: I’m not.


Yurumates 3D – Episodes 8-13 Yurumates 3D Title

I promised myself I would not start another new show until I finished something I had sitting dormant on my list.  So what did I do?  Cranked out a bunch of episodes of a three minute show, that’s what.  Actually, though, Yurumates 3D amused the shit out of me.  The theme song sounds like a Japanese chipmunk reject, and the opening has robots, BUT THERE ARE NO ROBOTS IN THE SHOW.  HALLELUJAH!  It’s just a cute little show about a girl who moves away from home for the first time and lives in an apartment building with three other weirdos.  It has all the little seasons and Japanese holidays represented, and anything that has cultural significance like that makes me happy.  I rated it 6/10 and will definitely watch the second season…after I clear out at least one more show, that is.

Soul Eater – Episodes 3-13 Soul Eater Title

Let’s save the best for last, shall we?  I watched the first two episodes of this on Netflix Instant a long, long time ago, and while I thought it was interesting, I have super ADD when it comes to watching anime where it’s not easy to fast forward past the credits and I pushed it aside.  Well, then RightStuf, good ole RightStuf, decided to put the four sets on sale for $8.99 apiece.  Do you think I could turn that down?  With my remote in hand to skip past the credits, I started this up again at episode 3.  Oh. My. God.  I love Soul Eater.  I am kicking myself for not finishing this immediately after I started it.  In fact, I’ve been marathoning the hell out of this any chance I get and am already on episode 26.  It takes shit like Madoka to get me to sit through more than like, four episodes at a time.  But, you see, episode 3 introduced Death the Kid.  That My Chemical Romance wannabe motherfucker.  I am in love.  I get it.  I get his thing about symmetry.  It drives me bananas when things are off-kilter.  It’s like all the weirdo things about myself got shoved into an anime character.  And this show…is so great.  The Funimation dub is fantastic, mainly because it doesn’t have the same freaking actors doing the main roles, and anything with Laura Bailey reminds me of Kodocha (why, why did they not finish dubbing this????), which is always amazing.  It’s got fights, it’s got magic, it’s got romance (sort of), and it’s got a lot of skulls.  I fucking love skulls.  I love you, Soul Eater.  I love you so hard.


If you made it through this hot mess of a post, let me reward you!  Here are some crunchyroll guest passes for you to abuse.  Let’s compare and contrast Say “I Love You” and My Little Monster together!




And hey, guess what?  Next Monday, I’m gonna talk about Soul Eater some more.  Be afraid.


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