Anime Mondays #5

Can I just tell you that holiday hours suck?  There’s no way that all these people are going to magically come shop just because it’s December.  They don’t make anyone happy.  They won’t increase profits by any sizable margin.  They’ll just make me insane because I worked six days last week and the only reason I got a day off at all was because I had to go to the hospital (not as a patient).  Anyway.  I just had to get that out.  Most of the time when I get off work at an ungodly hour, I just sit and stare at the television.  Here’s what I stared at this week.  (And I’m glad you guys took those crunchyroll passes off my hands!  Enjoy!  As soon as I get some more, I’ll leave them in an Anime Monday post for you.)

All images come from MAL and there are spoilers below.


Soul Eater – Episodes 14-26 Soul Eater Title

I told you I was marathoning the shit out of this series.  I actually finished the entire first arc and began the second.  Oh my god.  Oh my god.  The first part of this anime was completely amazing.  The villain was bad ass.  All the characters were fleshed out.  But the best part?  The good guys didn’t win.  Black Star went and let the demon to end all demons out of his bag and now everything is shot to shit.  I hate it when things seem to wrap up so nicely.  It’s like, where do you go from here, you know?  Oh no, Soul Eater‘s got its shit together and I will now have another x amount of episodes to power through just to see what happens.  And I’ll admit it; even though it was cheesy as hell and I’ve seen it done so many times before, I may have shed a whole shit ton of tears when Maka broke Crona out of his shell and “cured” him just by wanting to be his friend.  That shit gets me every. time.  Now, I did start on arc #2, where all the Death Scythes come back, and I have to be honest, I’m not as interested as I was when Soul Eater got the black blood in him and when Death the Kid had his first few symmetry meltdowns.  In fact, I can’t even remember what happened in the last episode I watched.  I took a pause on this show for the moment, just so I don’t burn out on it and end up missing all the good parts.  Don’t worry, Soul Eater, I’ll see you again, sooner rather than later.

ex-Driver OVA – Episodes 1-3 Ex-Driver the Movie Cover

Remember when I half-assedly watched the movie and said I’d probably go back and see the actual series?  Well, it came up on Netflix, so I watched the first three episodes.  Honestly, it isn’t half bad.  It makes me want to go back and watch the movie again when I’m finished and pay attention this time.  In the world full of cars that drive themselves, the ex-Drivers are the only ones who can drive a vehicle manually and stop the ones that get out of control.  It starts off with Lorna and Lisa who mainly keep everything in check…until a new ex-Driver comes onto the scene.  Lisa is convinced he’s her ideal man because he can drive better than she does…but oops, he’s like 12 years old, and there’s no way she wants to even go there.  The rivalry between Lisa and Soichi is what makes this enjoyable, much more so than the movie.  Or maybe it’s because it’s actually explained….but anyway, I’ll give the rest of this a chance.

Fairy Tail – Episodes 13-18 Fairy Tale Title

Oh look, it’s yet ANOTHER anime that’s 46,000 episodes long that I’ve decided to tackle just for the hell of it.  I know I could be a lot farther along with this, but I’ve been bitten by the lazy bug and don’t want to watch anything with subtitles unless I absolutely have to for the time being.  Therefore, I’m renting this series one disc at a time and suffering through the dub.  It’s not a horrible dub.  In fact, there are only two characters whose voices grate on my nerves.  Unfortunately, it’s two of the main ones, Natsu and Happy the Cat.  Todd Habercorn is usually so good in just about everything he does, but I just don’t buy his voice as this character who eats freaking fire.  The cat is just goddamned annoying, aye.  (Get it?  I cave.)  Thankfully, the episodes I watched this week centered more around Gray, Lucy and a gigantic fight with some frozen dude who, oops, was pretty much already dead before this one jackass decided to unfreeze him.  Of course, I had absolutely no recollection of the 12 episodes I watched before this so I was thrown straight into the middle of something where I had no clue what was going on.  Sadly, this seems to be an ongoing trend.  At least Fairy Tail has more interesting characters than Bleach does about the same amount of episodes in.  I’ll keep chugging along.


Shockingly, those are the only shows I watched this week.  I told you work was eating my soul (and not in the Soul Eater way, wonk, wonk).  Next week, get ready for some Magic User’s Club which feeds my Junichi Satou obsession.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m pulling a split and have to be up ungodly early for all the last minute Christmas shoppers.  Pro-tip: go on amazon.


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