Month: January 2013

Anime Mondays #9

Guys.  Guys, listen.  I haven’t even watched Chihayafuru 2 yet this week.  What is happening?  Is the world ending???  The short answer is no.  The long answer is possibly, but I don’t know where my head was at this weekend.  In the Disney clouds, probably.  Uh oh.  This can’t be good.  Right?  Anyway, I sampled a few (as in, three) shows this week, so let’s party.  It’s Monday, after all.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers below!

Blood-C Episode 1 Blood-C Title

Okay, so I really wanted to watch Toriko.  No, I’m not kidding.  Like, I searched high and low on my Funimation Roku channel for it.  I mean, I pay for this shit.  Toriko had just come out, and goddamn it, I wanted to watch it.  Could I find it?  No.  More on this later.  But after my fit of rage, I really didn’t want to watch anything with subtitles so I started this hot mess called Blood-C.  How do you pronounce this?  Blood C?  Blood Dash C?  I have no idea.  So I queued it up and it started out pretty average.  Cute girl with glasses is klutzy and works in a shrine.  Then she started singing some weirdo song to herself…this went on for at least two minutes.  I’m not kidding.  Like…there was no point in spending 120 seconds on this girl singing to herself about what a beautiful day it was while on her way to school.  Blatant filler aside, I like school shows, so I was digging it.  And then instead of going on a date with this boy who was clearly trying to pick her up, she went home and slaughtered some creature.  Blood and guts and everything.  What the shit???  It just came out of nowhere.  I was somewhat disturbed (but not Shadow Star Narutaru caliber disturbed), however, I merely just…didn’t watch another episode.  I don’t get it.  Am I going to get it?  I suppose if I watch enough of it.  Am I going to finish it?  Ask me later on in the week if my level of boredom is high.

Toriko – Episode 1 Toriko cover

So, like I said, I really wanted to watch this show.  I’ll get into why shortly, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Even freaking Yu Yu Hakusho which won’t stream on the Roku Funimation channel has a category where I can watch trailers and shit, but this anime was nowhere to be found.  (I checked again a few days later and found its listing with a couple clips, but fuck, I was mad when I couldn’t watch anything Toriko-related when I wanted to.)  You know where I found this beast?  Freaking Hulu Plus.  That’s right.  I had to suffer through commercials AND subtitles to check this out, but I had to do it.  Now…why did I have to?  Well, I saw an ad for it somewhere and it basically looked like Pokemon, except instead of fighting with the animals, people ate them.  YOU GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL.  That shit STILL hooks me in years and years and years later.  I swear, that’s when my OCD started because if I couldn’t get all 150 Pokemon, I didn’t want any.  Anyway.  So I watched it.  And honestly?  Kind of underwhelmed.  I know I’ll see more of it (especially if I can track down the dub on a stream somewhere), but I couldn’t wrap my head around this Gourmet Hunter bringing down a Garararararararagator (like a giant alligator) that would supposedly take 80+ men to take down.  I just didn’t get it.  AND THEN HE ATE THE WHOLE THING.  IS THIS REAL LIFE?!?!  Obviously not.  And it’s in the One Piece family, which does explain things.  But I want to catch them all 😦  I don’t want to just sit around and watch people eat.

Phoenix (Hi No Tori) – Episodes 6-9 Phoenix cover

You know when a title has a wait on it, so you move it to the top of your Netflix queue, thinking you’ll get it sometime this century, and then it pops up in your mailbox before anything else?  Bingo.  Phoenix is an anthology-type show and these are really hit or miss.  Well…obviously because the stories are different, but you know.  The first episode on this disc concluded an earlier plot line that took place in the future where this dude had a robotic brain or something but kept his human memories…I don’t know.  He fell in love with a robot he thought was human.  There was some bad guy stupid subplot and then he ended up dying but being reincarnated as a legit robot.  The thing tying all the Phoenix stories together is obviously the phoenix (duh) and the fact that certain people are just never going to die…along with this random dude with a giant nose.  Luckily, we don’t have to sit through ALL their lives, just a couple.  The next story was really interesting, though, and I wish we got more than one episode about this girl who killed a healer who was going to cure her father, who, if well, would make her life miserable.  But oh!  TIME LOOP!  She really got caught in a circle of fuck.  And I don’t want to spoil it too much because you should all take 20 minutes out of your lives and just watch episode 7, but I would definitely not want to be in her shoes.  The last story was one about some guy named (I shit you not) Dog Face and some werewolf-like gods and someone trying to convert people to Buddhism….yeah.  Dog Face.  I laughed out loud EVERY TIME.  It continues in the next volume, so clearly I’ll watch it just to have this old lady keep yelling “DOG FACE!!” over and over.  I’m so easily amused.

Short, sweet and to the point, kids.  I’ll be back next week with more half-assed summaries/reviews, but for now, please tell me not to drop $50+ in the Funi sale over at RightStuf.  Do I need Baka and Test Season 2?  Don’t answer that.

Disney Movie Marathon #2 – Toy Story (Where 2013 Feels Light Years Away)

Last week I tackled the Disney/Pixar “classic” Toy Story as part of my Disney movie marathon.  Please excuse the alien photo.  Well, actually, don’t.  Because even though all the Toy Story photos I could find (even from tumblr!) were from the second or third movies, clearly the aliens are the coolest characters ever, so we’ll leave them be.  Thank you Yahoo! image search for not filtering out the sequels like I told it to, but okay.

Anyway, after the precious gem that was Tangled, I was ready to go full force into some Pixar.  See, I told you I didn’t hate computer animation.  So I found this sucker in my basement on blu-ray and popped it in.  I can’t even remember the last time I watched the original movie.  I mean, I saw it in the theaters with my god parents, I believe on a Thanksgiving weekend, but that’s it.  I know I’ve had to have seen this some other times, right?

Apparently not.  I couldn’t remember a goddamned thing about the original movie.  I kept thinking something awesome was coming up and then I was like, “Oh wait.  That’s Toy Story 2.”  So, I guess it’s not only image searches that forget the first movie in the trilogy.  It’s people, too.  Whoop.

My horrible memory aside, here’s what happens in Toy Story: a bunch of toys come to life after children leave the room, and these particular toys belong to Andy, who is having a birthday party before his family moves.  Now, a birthday party obviously means NEW TOYS! so the old toys are reasonably upset, worrying about whether or not the kid will forget about them.  However, Andy has some really lame friends, and they only buy him one new toy worth mentioning: a Buzz Lightyear action figure who doesn’t know he’s a toy and thinks he’s a real space ranger.  Of course, this makes Woody, the leader of the toy brigade, freak the fuck out because he’s being replaced as Andy’s favorite toy.  Woody basically acts like an asshole the entire movie, gets Buzz thrown out a window, and gets them both caught at the neighbor’s house who likes to blow up and mangle shit, but, eventually, everyone comes back to Andy, Buzz and Woody become bffs, and hooray, happy ending.

First off, I do not remember Woody being such a dick.  I mean, HE TRIES TO PUSH BUZZ OUT A WINDOW.  Okay, technically, he tries to shove him behind the bed or something, but he ends up on the goddamned front yard.  Seriously?  For some reason I had it in my head that Buzz was an asshole, but no, he’s just an idiot because he can’t figure out that he’s a toy.  Jerky characters aside, if you look at the quality of animation and compare it to Toy Story 3, or really, anything that’s come out in the past few years, and it’s really…dated.  I know that having a completely computer animated film in 1995 was pretty unreal and that it was Pixar’s first full-length movie, but man, it was like watching test footage by today’s animation standards.  It was like you can see the polygons that made up Woody’s head, whereas computer animation now is much more smooth.  In 1995, it was the shit.  Then I realize that 1995 was almost 20 years ago, and, fuck, I feel old.

It was good to revisit this, though.  It made me realize that the sequels surpass the original by far…at least from what I can recall…which may not be much since I shoved pieces of the second movie into the first one in my brain.  Plus, almost 20 years later, the franchise is STILL popular.  Toy Story Mania is one of the rides with the longest lines at the Disney’s Hollywood Studios (RIP MGM) theme park.  Everybody’s still nuts about a pull-string cowboy and his astronaut friend.  And those cute little aliens, too.  You should hear me do the alien voice.  I could have been in this movie.  For real.


The next movie in the marathon is one I had never seen the whole way through that has cel animation.  Hard to believe, but it’s true.  Want to guess?  Feel free in the comments for this post.  Now go listen to some Randy Newman and enjoy yourself having his songs stuck in your heads all day.  You’re welcome.

Anime Mondays #8

No matter what the time stamp on this post says (does anyone know how I can change it to a normal time zone?), I’m actually getting this out on time.  Four for you, Glen Coco!  Unfortunately, my anime time this week has been highly decreased, but check out what I had the chance to watch, okay?

All images are from MAL and there are spoilers below!

Chihayafuru 2 – Episode 2Chihayafuru 2 Cover

I swear, I think this is the only show I will watch every week.  There’s usually one a season, but nothing will compare to my beloved Chihaya.  Lord, this girl loves her some karuta.  I’ve never seen anyone (real or character) with as much passion as she has for this game.  She not only wants to succeed for herself, she wants others to love the game as much as she does.  She wants the freaking cards to have friends, okay.  SHE WANTS THE CARDS TO HAVE FRIENDS.  I feel so bad for her that almost all the first years dropped out of the club, and though she’s trying so hard to get Sumire to love the game, rather than just Taichi…I hope Chihaya’s not fighting a losing battle here.  Yes, Sumire made some strides to actually play instead of staring at her crush for so long, but what’s gonna happen when it gets so hot in that karuta room that her makeup runs?  I don’t trust the new girl.  And as much as I want Chihaya to wise up and see that Taichi is the love of her life, I don’t think she’s going to.  She loves karuta more than any boy.  I can’t wait for next week.  But where the hell is Arata??  He needs to reappear in this anime ASAP.

Fairy Tale – Episodes 19-24Fairy Tale Title

I’ve had a disc of Gintama sitting next to my television since October from my anime rental service, but I can’t bring myself to watch it.  Instead, I quickly watch-and-return the other two discs on my plan and spend weeks pining over whether or not I want to read subtitles.  I’m lazy.  So sue me.  But, I did marathon these several episodes of Fairy Tale so I could send the DVD back.  Herein, we have the infamous Freaky Friday episode where everyone switches bodies.  Didn’t I just watch this?  So now, every anime has to have: 1) a hot spring vacation/beach episode, 2) a storyline where the power of friendship destroys an evil force, and 3) an episode where the characters all switch bodies.  I’ll take a bunch of 2’s and 3’s over 1’s any day.  Let’s be real, I’m not a fan of towels that like to slip off.  The rest of the disc was about Lucy’s dad trying to get her back into the family or something…very mafia-esque.  There was a lot of fighting.  It didn’t really hold my attention too much (obviously, because I can’t remember anything else that happened, except for an introduction/back story for a character I can’t recall ever seeing before…but he was probably there).  I moved the next volume up in my queue, but I’m hoping something else comes in before more of this show.

Burn Up Scramble – Episodes 5-8 Burn-Up Scramble Title

Ah, yet another watch-and-return, continuing something I got from my 30 random DVD box I bought from crunchyroll.  And…I wasn’t paying too much attention to this, either.  I was talking to my friend I’m going to Disney with about our trip and this was really just on for the background noise.  When the last volume comes, I’ll be sure to watch it properly so I can talk about it, but really…it’s girl cops who whine a lot and do stupid things.  I’m sure it’s not going to be Utena quality or anything.


And that’s it.  I know.  Welcome to my world of working two jobs.  In fact, I watched this on my only day off last week.  Glitterbots works hard for the money, so you’d better treat her right.

Disney Movie Marathon #1 – Tangled (Where Mandy Moore Continues to Have a Lisp)

Since I’m going to Disney World in October (please see previous posts for more excitement), I thought it would be a good idea to catch up on some of the movies that shaped my childhood, along with the new Disney movies which I haven’t seen yet (think anything with Tinkerbell and most of the Pixar ones).  So I challenged myself to watch at least one Disney movie a week until I leave for Florida.  Let’s be real, I’ll probably cry through every single one for no apparent reason (hey, I cried at Wreck It Ralph, okay, shut up) but a lot of that is the nostalgia talking.  First on my list was the movie I had been waiting for since I was a tiny, tiny little girl…


(image from tumblr)

When I was a kid, I had long, blonde hair.  I refused to cut it.  I mean, it went past my waist, past my butt, down to my thighs.  It was something I had that nobody else did.  And Rapunzel?  Well, that was my favorite fairy tale.  I was convinced that Rapunzel was just like me, with her long beautiful hair…but how she let anyone climb up it, I had no idea because it hurt like hell to brush the tangles out of it.  I didn’t know how she could have a person tugging on her hair all the time.  I waited and waited and waited and waited for Disney to release a Rapunzel movie.  Why the hell did they have to do something no one had ever heard of beforehand like The Lion King?  Come on now, Disney, where was the movie with the princess I could relate to?  It never came, though.

I have since cut my hair (and dyed it every color of the rainbow and then some), but I still waited for my Rapunzel movie.  Finally, after I had become an adult and didn’t have the magic hair anymore, I saw a preview for one.  SUCCESS!  And then I waited and waited and waited some more…where the hell was my movie??  Well, with the flop that was The Princess and the Frog, Disney wanted to take the time to rework parts of it to make it more accessible to little boys as well as little girls who wanted to be princesses.  Well…okay.  I’d just be here.  Sitting.  Waiting with ungodly anticipation….

And then we FINALLY got Tangled.

And it was computer animated.

And I was so disappointed.

I don’t hate computer animation.  Some computer animated films are my favorites of all time.  But I had been waiting for this movie for over a decade and if it wasn’t going to be a classically animated Disney film, I was going to pout a little.  Okay, a lot.  But I sucked it up and got with the times.  Clearly, I would give it a chance.  Tangled was Rapunzel, even if it wasn’t called that.  RAPUNZEL.  She was my princess and I was going to see it, like it or not.

Plus, Mandy Moore was voicing the main character, and I love her even if she’s married to some hipster musician now.

My daddy actually took me to see it in the theater in 3-D.  I know, right?  It was pretty adorable.  And I could tell in the first couple minutes he was crying away because I got the poke in the side and the “Rapunzel will always remind me so much of you!”.  Lord, then I started crying.  I wish 3-D glasses were waterproof.  And despite my pre-hate on the computer animation, it was really well done.  Tangled is such a beautiful movie, especially the lantern scene…oh lord, sobbing.  I’m sure the families that came with small children were all like, “what the hell is wrong with THAT girl?” but it was so gorgeous.  That’s really all I remember from when I saw it the first time, except that the songs weren’t that great.  If I wasn’t singing them when I came out of the the theater then the music got a thumbs down from me.

Well, I was really in the mood to watch it again a couple weeks ago, so I pulled out the blu-ray and popped that sucker in.  I hadn’t seen it since it was first released, so my second impressions were quite different than the first ones.

Firstly, Mandy Moore has a lisp.  I swear, she didn’t have one in the beginning.  I cannot remember her opening for the Backstreet Boys belting out “Candy” with a lisp.  It’s weird.  Like, these singers start out perfectly fine and then gradually their speaking voices turn into lisp central.  I don’t know if it’s on purpose or what, but Kelly Clarkson has one, too.  I only pay so much attention this because I, also, used to have a lisp, but went through all the speech therapy and stuff to correct it.  I mean, I was like…seven.  I got out of gym.  I thought speech was the best thing in the world.  But anyway, it wasn’t until recently that I noticed Mandy Moore has a pronounced lisp and I wondered if it would get corrected through some Disney magic…but it didn’t.  So I kept imagining Rapunzel as Mandy Moore especially towards the end when they rock the same haircut.Rapunzel stole Mandy Moore's haircut  (See photo to the right that I found on google image search.  I remember this fondly because, well…I also had that haircut.)  It got kind of distracting, but I love Mandy Moore.  She could sing in Italian or just stand around making pissed off faces at people and I’d still watch her all day.  Shockingly, when she sings, the lisp disappears.  How does this happen?

I suppose it didn’t really matter because the songs were terrible.  This was not the fault of any of the voice actors.  The singing was fine.  The singing was above average for what I’ve seen of the newest crop of Disney movies.  But the only memorable song was the one with the lanterns (though, I guess it’s not THAT memorable if I can’t even remember the title at the moment) and that was only because…it was in the scene with the lanterns.  My heart swooned, I wanted a prince in a boat ready to kiss me and release paper and fire into the air without my head catching on fire…god.  Future Mr. Glitterbots, please take note.

Remember how I said that Disney re-tooled parts of the movie to make it so more boys want to see it?  Honestly, this was probably the smartest thing they could have done.  Flynn Rider is not the plastic prince of Disney movies past, oh no.  He actually has a (gasp!) personality!  Good on ya, Disney.  I love that character.  Flynn had the best lines in the movie.  He was an asshole but not an asshole.  Rapunzel had the heart that tamed the savage beast.  And really, isn’t that what Disney movies are all about?  Love it.

All in all, I’m glad I made Tangled my first pick on the Disney Movie Marathon.  Did you know they’re actually building (it may be finished by now, I’m not positive) Rapunzel’s tower over in New Fantasyland in Disney World?  Did you also know its main function is to be a bathroom?  Seriously??  It’ll be exciting to see, even if it was made for the sole purpose of changing diapers.  As the little girl who wanted to grow up to be Rapunzel, I was completely entranced with how they made my dream come true.  I guess that’s really what Disney movies are all about.

Anime Mondays #7

So by now we’ve all established that I’m way behind, right?  I’ll try and get through as much of this as I can this update and save the rest for the next one because with my new job, I’ve barely had time to breathe, let alone watch anything.

As always, all images are from MAL and there are spoilers below!

Say ‘I Love You’ – Episodes 11-13 Say 'I love you' Cover

I hate shows that end unresolved.  I know, I know, there is going to be an OVA, but that doesn’t mean that I wanted the tv show to end the way it did.  Let me sum up the last three episodes: Mei and Yamato get set up to sleep together and they don’t.  Summer festival that should have been the season finale where I would have felt extremely happy with the ending.  Pointless filler episode that made me hate everyone and wonder why the fuck it was added in the first place.  Seriously, they just should have ended it with episode 12 where Mei realizes she cares about Yamato so much that she’ll dress up in a yukata for him (I don’t really get the reasoning behind this, but I’ll liken it to women dressing up for their men in highly uncomfortable lingerie, so I’ll buy it).  They have a kiss that makes my stomach drop.  The end.  But no.  They had to add on this ridiculous extra thing where Yamato is sick and his sister is being a wench and not letting Mei come over, and everyone gets their signals mixed and it’s extremely contrived like a stupid episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond.”  DUMB.  Even if they switched the last two episodes around, it would have been better.  Shitty ending aside, I really did like this show.  I still haven’t finished Sword Art Online, so I can’t say if it’s my favorite of the season or not, but it’s definitely #2 if it isn’t.  I ranked Say ‘I Love You’ 8/10.  It would have rated  a nine if not for…well…you get it.

My Little Monster – Episodes 11-13 My Little Monster Cover

Another promising show ruined by an unresolved ending.  I guess it was semi-resolved.  But I’m still gonna root for Shizuku and Yamaken.  Towards the end, Haru got ridiculous.  Their relationship just got so unbelievable that I gave up.  Not to mention, I can’t see why all these dudes are falling in love with someone who has pushed everyone away because she “needs to study.”  Someone give this show to a shrink to analyze because I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to come up with a diagnosis for Shizuku.  I completely wanted to love this show.  It sucked me in entirely at the beginning, but even with the addition of a rival, it didn’t help things along.  And they fucking never went on that picnic.  What a lie.  I rated this 7/10 with hope the OVA can bring me some closure.

Sword Art Online – Episodes 19-22 Sword Art Online Cover

I honestly had every intention of finishing this in the past couple weeks, but during my marathon, I ran out of time and had to go to work.  Of course, now I really have no time, and it’s sad to say I got completely thrown off by the scene where Asuna is caught in that computer lab and starts to get tortured by those things with tentacles.  Um…ew.  I don’t think anyone wanted to go there, let alone myself.  Kirito is facing a near impossible task trying to get to the top of the tower, and now that his sister (who’s not really his sister but is still in love with him and that’s STILL creepy) knows it’s him playing the game (which I thought she had always known?  stupid confusing.) and refuses to speak to him because he broke her heart, he’s really up shit creek.  What’s with all the incest?  Actually, what’s with the entire second half of this show?  I bought the fact that Asuna has a creepy fiance in the real world who wants to molest her in a hospital bed, but what I’m not buying is all this consciousness research and, oh, THE FACT THAT KIRITO’S SISTER IS NOT REALLY HIS SISTER BUT ACTS LIKE HIS SISTER AND STILL WANTS TO MAKE OUT WITH HIM.  Ew.  I’m done.

Hidamari Sketch – Episodes 1-2 Hidamari Sketch Cover

So I was going to purchase all the seasons from RightStuf when they had their big Christmas sale because A: it reminded me of Lucky Star, and B: it’s by the same people who did Madoka Magica so I thought I’d like it.  Um…I’m really glad I only bought the first season.  I don’t think Hidamari Sketch compares to Lucky Star at all.  Firstly, Lucky Star is actually funny.  Secondly, I can’t find anything about any of these characters that I like.  And finally, it’s weird.  It’s got that oddball ef – a tale of memories art style that I can’t get used to, and quite frankly, dislike a lot.  It’s DEFINITELY no Madoka Magica.  I’ll end up finishing the first season just because I paid money for it, but unless it gets leagues better, it will go into the category of Aria the Natural, which is the only show my OCD has allowed me to drop without feeling guilty that I didn’t finish all the sequels.  Oh, and for anyone who’s wondering, it’s about some girls who live in an apartment complex who go to art school.  Could’ve been great but not so much.

Soul Eater – Episodes 27-29 Soul Eater Title

I hate to say it, but I don’t remember anything at all about these episodes.  I’m going to have a bitch of a time getting back into this show if it’s going the way of Bleach, etc.  What happened, Soul Eater?  You used to own my heart!!  Sigh.




Lucky Star – Episodes 1-4 Lucky Star Cover

This is my second rewatch of Lucky Star, and if I’ve seen it this many times, you know it’s gotta be good.  Actually, the first time I watched the first episode, I didn’t get it at all.  I didn’t know why this was supposed to be funny.  But I kept with it.  And then I started catching some of the jokes and references.  And at the end, I was so enthralled I watched it all over again just to get some of the stuff I didn’t the first time.  I bought the deluxe version of Volumes 1-5 off amazon for like six bucks apiece (god, volume 6, why can’t I find you for under 100 bucks? :() so now I’m watching it one more time.  Shockingly, the dub isn’t too horrible, even though it’s Bandai, though my favorite character has the most annoying voice.  Sad.  (For those of you playing the home game, my favorite is Kagami.)  Thankfully, they kept the ending songs in Japanese because Konata belting the shit out of anything is possibly the greatest thing in the universe.

Sailor Moon S – Episode 14 Sailor Moon S Cover

This episode marks the entrance of Sailor Chibi Moon.  That alone was enough for me to not watch any more of this for the time being.  Seriously, worst. animated character. EVER.





Chihayafuru 2 – Episode 1 Chihayafuru 2 Cover

SPOILER ALERT!  Soon, you will all know about my undying love for the first season of this show.  Even with its unresolved ending, I still wanted to marry it and have its babies.  It was the reason I purchased a crunchyroll account in the first place.  I literally could not stop watching this show.  Want to know why?  The characters.  Good lord, I love them all.  So go watch the first season and then come back and watch the second one with me.  It’s what I do as soon as I get home from work on Friday afternoons.  It’s like, YAY IT’S THE WEEKEND!  CHIHAYA TIME!!!  And this season is shaping up to be a good one.  I’ll talk about this more soon with hearts in my eyes.


Love Live! School Idol Project – Episode 1 Love Live! School Idol Project Cover

Despite the weirdo computer animation of the characters’ bodies but not their heads, Love Live! is shaping up to be a really cute show.  Basically, a school is closing because of low enrollment, and these girls want to save it by becoming school idols because this bomb ass school has some and its enrollment is super high.  The music is so adorable and even though the situation is dire, the girls are so jazzed about this idol thing…ugh, I want them to save it.  It’s dumb shows like this that make me love anime, let me tell you.


Congratulations!  You’ve made it to the end!  And do you know what I have for one lucky person?


First come first serve.  Here you go!


And now I’m off to…take a nap probably.  Happy Monday, kids.

Bits and Pieces (AKA I used the word “try” in this post about six million times)

So much for that “more blogging” thing, huh?  Luckily, I’ve been doing better with other aspects of my life, including finding the old wordpress dashboard page (ugh the new one — especially the post page — is fucking terrible) and planning out my year.  Normally I’m not one to schedule stuff that happens so far in advance unless there’s a concert, but I have so many things to look forward to over the course of the next 11 months, it’s insane.  I’ll get to that in a minute, but I’ve also switched jobs for awhile (RETAIL ONLY ONCE A WEEK!) to work a “grown-up” job temporarily and I’m on a never-ending diet.  I want to look super cute by the end of October because…


Now, this is exciting for many reasons.  Even though I’ve spent the last several years traveling around the country, mostly, it’s been for concerts.  My friends and I didn’t stick around to look at where exactly we were, we’d just hop in the car once a show was over and drive to another show.  Well, it’s time to begin (stop singing Imagine Dragons in your heads, now) to take some time to stop, smell the roses, and not be rushing everywhere all the time.  So instead of taking 40 road trips this year, I’m taking one real vacation.  It’s long, too, I’ll be gone for over a week, and I’m actually going out of the country.  Sort of.  I’ve got a cabin booked on the Backstreet cruise to the Bahamas (I guess there is one concert involved, so sue me) and as soon as the boat docks, my friend and I are going to DISNEY WORLD.  I know.  I KNOW.  I haven’t been since I was six years old, and needless to say, it was time to go again.  I just wanted to go for a day to preview it for when I take my niece in a few years when she’s old enough to remember some of it, and my friend was like, “Oh, no, you can’t just go for one day!”  So, we’re making a full out vacation of it.  Disney on a budget.  It’s not gonna stop me from getting a pirate makeover or having dinner at the dinosaur restaurant, but she priced out something that’s actually affordable, especially since you can pay in installments.  Did you know that?  If you book through Disney you can.  Lord knows, I’ll never have $700 at one time, but now that I can pay over months, that shit is so getting booked.  Plus, we’ll be there through Halloween, which means I am going to get some magic back into my favorite holiday.  Needless to say, many future posts will be about planning this trip to end all trips.  I’ll put it in the subject, so that if it’s not your schtick, you can skip them.

Some other friends and I are also planning a trip to our local Comic-Con (where we’re dressing up and staying the whole time, whoop!) and in February I’m going to this The Walking Dead panel thingy…I bought VIP tickets because my friend wanted to go…but I had never seen the show.  Oops.  I’m currently in the middle of season two, and it’s pissing me off hardcore so I had to stop.  Without spoilers, let’s just say, I have never hated characters on television like I hate some of these.  I’m just praying for the fucking zombies to eat them.  Seriously.  Anyway, apparently these tickets were extremely hard to get, especially the VIP ones, so I’d better hurry up and catch up in between everything else that’s going on right now.

I’m trying to be more active on my twitter account (you can find links to it just about everywhere on this page) where I’m archiving my nail polish.  I’m attempting to try all of the ones I have in a year, which means every time I change my polish, I have to use multiple colors.  I’m cataloging them all right now, and I’m currently at 23 pages in this Word document…and I haven’t even started on my salon polish.  No more nail polish for me this year.  I need cash to buy a ton of Disney cupcakes.  Priorities, people.  So you can find that over there.  I’d post pictures but by the time my self-manicures look halfway decent cuticle wise, I have chips and stuff.  When I get more time to make my nails picture ready, I’ll have that stuff over there.  I’m also really into tweeting/live tweeting whatever tv show I’m watching at the moment (most recently it was The Lying Game) and I’ll be writing about those more on the blog.

I know I’ve been slacking on my Anime Mondays posts, but the next one will be up sometime on Monday (I know because I’m writing it right after this post, haha) and will have a crunchyroll guest pass up for grabs.  This new season is amazing already, especially since my beloved Chihayafuru is back.  I’ve already checked out a couple other new shows, as well, and it’s not going to be crap like seasons past.  I haven’t forgotten about my best of 2012 posts, either, and I want to talk more about music when I get a chance.  My new work schedule is completely different from what I’m used to, so I’m still getting adjusted to it, aka: my spare time is spent sleeping or doing something work-related.  It’s getting there, though!

So that’s what’s been happening in my 2013 so far.  What have you guys been up to?  Comment and let me know!  I’ve rambled enough, so now it’s time to put some posts in the queue so I don’t look like such a slacker.  I mean, I’ll always be a slacker, but it’s nice to at least try 😉

Anime Mondays #6

It’s almost 2013.  Aren’t you excited?  Do you have those resolutions ready?  One of mine is to blog more.  We’ll see if I keep it along with the 26,000 other things I need to do this upcoming year.  I’m usually really good about it until about March…and then shit seems to go downhill.  But if you’re reading this post, you probably want to read about what I watched in the last two weeks (since last Monday was Christmas Eve, and I was making sure Santa came for my niece, ho, ho, ho!).  I won’t bore you with life talk any longer.

All images come from MAL and there are spoilers below!

Magic User’s Club OVA – Episodes 1-6Magic User's Club OVA Cover

I swear, I think RightStuf has had this as a bargain bundle with the TV series for as long as I could remember but I refused to pay full price for it.  Thank you, 12 Days of Anime sale for marking it down even further and putting it into my hot little hands.  I found this show really odd, but charming at the same time.  Even though it has nothing to do with it, I kept thinking that it reminded me of Shadow Star Narutaru, which, honestly, is one of the most ridiculously confusing shows I’ve ever seen that left me with a bad taste in my mouth and a lump in the pit of my stomach.  Magic User’s Club wasn’t nearly as dark and twisted and had extremely distracting fanservice.  Like, distracting to the point where after the first volume, I wasn’t sure whether the creators were just playing these perverted tricks on the viewers or if they were trying to be innocently cute.  Besides that, though, I wasn’t even sure I was watching the right anime at first since the first two minutes take place in space with no sound effects or anything.  I was sufficiently creeped out.  So here’s the deal: these weirdo aliens have made their presence known on earth, studying everyone and everything around, but what they don’t want you to know is that they are probably going to destroy it.  Duh.  There’s a school-sanctioned club where all the members are witches/magicians/whatever and they go up against the aliens once they start fucking with all the people who use magic.  If they would have taken the aliens out, I think this would have been so much better, but this is just a personal preference from the girl who hates anything to do with space over here (aka: me).  The ending is pretty cliche, too, but it works.  I was charmed.  And then I bawled.  Junichi Sato worked on this, Sailor Moon and freaking Kaleido Star, which all make me cry for days, and this was no exception.  He can tug, tug, tug at your heartstrings like nobody else.  I rated this show 8/10 and it just may be making an appearance on a top list in the near future, so I’ll continue talking about this at a later date.

Garden of Sinners – Movie 1 Garden of Sinners Movie 1 Cover

Yes, I am one of the assholes who bought the supremely overpriced Aniplex DVD set of the Garden of Sinners movies.  Please, please, please listen to me when I say, unless you are filthy rich, wait until the price drops or they release a different version to buy this.  It’s not that the movie was bad, it’s just ridiculous to pay $150 for a bunch of OVAs where the subtitles are incorrect.  There’s a huge, glaring error in the subtitles for the first movie where the first few lines are translated as the lines from the warning before the movie that tells people to turn their cell phones off.  Plus, the packaging isn’t anything special.  I have yet to look through the book because of spoilers, but eh.  Let’s talk about the movie.  It’s confusing as fuck.  They don’t go in chronological order (which drives my OCD insane), and this first one doesn’t really give you a whole lot of exposition to go on.  Basically, this girl with a doll’s arm goes all ninja on these ghosts/astral projections that are forcing all these girls to commit suicide by jumping off a building.  Normally, something like this might be right up my Higurashi-loving alley, but I’m not into this as much as I was that series.  Of course, I did marathon the entire thing in like, two days, and I only watched the first movie of this series.  It’s probably one of those things where you need to watch the whole thing first, then go back and re-watch it to catch everything you didn’t get the first time.  I rated it 8/10 for the fucked up factor alone.

K-On! – Episodes 12-13 and OVA K-On! Title

When this came in the mail, I was more than a little happy.  I mean…I was confused as hell because the main story seemed to end in episode 12, and then there were two more that were just tacked on there for no reason, but at least I got to finish it.  Why does this always happen in anime?  I’ll give another example down the line in an upcoming post, but the story wrapped up pretty nicely in an episode that wasn’t the last one, with the band playing at the school festival, and then there was a dumb show about their winter break.  I think I liked the OVA more than the series because oh, they actually played a real concert.  It was cute to go behind the scenes and see the band members interacting with these bad ass other bands.  It goes to show that just because you wear ripped fishnets and have a nose ring, you don’t have to act like an asshole.  I took down the rating a whole number because of the stupid last episode and gave the series 7/10, but I gave the Live House OVA 8/10.  Season 2 is now in my queue and I can’t wait to continue this…I am just hoping against hope that it’s less tea time and more band time.

Yawara! – Episodes 3-7 Yawara Title

More than likely, I’ll never finish this series.  There are more than 100 episodes of this, but only 40 were released because Animego wasn’t selling this to its full potential.  Shit, I wouldn’t have purchased it if I had to pay full price.  I think I paid $20 for the set, so now, I’m going to curse them for not finishing it.  Are there subs of this anywhere?  Please point me in the right direction.  For now, I’ll enjoy what I have, watching Yawara, a girl trained in judo by her grandfather since birth, try and fail to balance her sport with her love life.  All she wants to go do is go shopping and fall in love, and, unfortunately, her grandpa is attempting to frame her “judo debut” where she’ll win the National Merit award and an Olympic gold medal.  It’s got that retro charm that I loved about Ranma 1/2 and Maison Ikkoku and I can’t wait to see where it goes.  It’s got a counter after every episode counting down the days to the Barcelona Olympics (wow, that makes me feel old and dated), so at least it has a goal, unlike many of the long running series of the time period.  Help me track this down, guys, once I’m done with the 40 episodes, I’ll need to catch the rest of this for sure.

El-Hazard: The Wanderers – Episodes 1-3 El-Hazard the Wanderers Title

As a completest, I had to purchase this because I bought and watched the first OVA series.  And this just seems like a retelling of it.  This dude makes this space/time machine and when this other asshole messes with it, it transports the two of them, some girl, and a teacher into this fantasy world called El-Hazard.  From then on, chaos ensues.  The villain in this show has the most. annoying. laugh. ever.  I mean, EVER.  And I can’t tell if I should watch the dub or the subtitles because there are annoying voices in both languages, even if the main character sounds like Tenchi…pretty sure it’s not him, though.  I watch this to fall asleep.  Maybe I’ll get more into it once the plot picks up, but for now it just feels like something I’ve seen before.

Yu Yu Hakusho – Episodes 15-22 Yu Yu Hakusho Title

Oh, look, it’s another incredibly long series I’m watching for shits and giggles.  This dude dies, comes back to life, is a ghost, isn’t a ghost, hunts ghosts, is a ghost detective…I have no idea.  It’s been awhile since I watched the first episodes of this series where they explained everything.  Luckily for me, the episodes I watched this week were ones where there’s a long, drawn out battle that literally took the whole disc to watch.  That’s like…almost two months in real time.  I don’t know how people watched these long ass series from week to week.  Anyway, the main dude, his red-haired human friend, and these two other magicians had to beat these demons in order to save this race of bugs from invading earth.  I don’t know why I like the fighting shit so much, but it gives the characters a goal to accomplish rather than just watching them drink tea (hi, K-On!).  More is coming soon, and then maybe I can at least learn some names.  I’ll try.  I promise.

I did watch more anime this week but it’s getting late and it’s new year’s eve, guys.  All the new shows will go into a post later in the week.  Besides, I want to finish Sword Art Online before I write anything else.  You guys all have my best new year wishes.  And if you’re going out and getting hammered tonight, please don’t drive home.  You don’t want 2013 to start out with a crash, even if the year ends in an unlucky number.  Turn your luck around, and I’ll talk to you next year!