Anime Mondays #6

It’s almost 2013.  Aren’t you excited?  Do you have those resolutions ready?  One of mine is to blog more.  We’ll see if I keep it along with the 26,000 other things I need to do this upcoming year.  I’m usually really good about it until about March…and then shit seems to go downhill.  But if you’re reading this post, you probably want to read about what I watched in the last two weeks (since last Monday was Christmas Eve, and I was making sure Santa came for my niece, ho, ho, ho!).  I won’t bore you with life talk any longer.

All images come from MAL and there are spoilers below!

Magic User’s Club OVA – Episodes 1-6Magic User's Club OVA Cover

I swear, I think RightStuf has had this as a bargain bundle with the TV series for as long as I could remember but I refused to pay full price for it.  Thank you, 12 Days of Anime sale for marking it down even further and putting it into my hot little hands.  I found this show really odd, but charming at the same time.  Even though it has nothing to do with it, I kept thinking that it reminded me of Shadow Star Narutaru, which, honestly, is one of the most ridiculously confusing shows I’ve ever seen that left me with a bad taste in my mouth and a lump in the pit of my stomach.  Magic User’s Club wasn’t nearly as dark and twisted and had extremely distracting fanservice.  Like, distracting to the point where after the first volume, I wasn’t sure whether the creators were just playing these perverted tricks on the viewers or if they were trying to be innocently cute.  Besides that, though, I wasn’t even sure I was watching the right anime at first since the first two minutes take place in space with no sound effects or anything.  I was sufficiently creeped out.  So here’s the deal: these weirdo aliens have made their presence known on earth, studying everyone and everything around, but what they don’t want you to know is that they are probably going to destroy it.  Duh.  There’s a school-sanctioned club where all the members are witches/magicians/whatever and they go up against the aliens once they start fucking with all the people who use magic.  If they would have taken the aliens out, I think this would have been so much better, but this is just a personal preference from the girl who hates anything to do with space over here (aka: me).  The ending is pretty cliche, too, but it works.  I was charmed.  And then I bawled.  Junichi Sato worked on this, Sailor Moon and freaking Kaleido Star, which all make me cry for days, and this was no exception.  He can tug, tug, tug at your heartstrings like nobody else.  I rated this show 8/10 and it just may be making an appearance on a top list in the near future, so I’ll continue talking about this at a later date.

Garden of Sinners – Movie 1 Garden of Sinners Movie 1 Cover

Yes, I am one of the assholes who bought the supremely overpriced Aniplex DVD set of the Garden of Sinners movies.  Please, please, please listen to me when I say, unless you are filthy rich, wait until the price drops or they release a different version to buy this.  It’s not that the movie was bad, it’s just ridiculous to pay $150 for a bunch of OVAs where the subtitles are incorrect.  There’s a huge, glaring error in the subtitles for the first movie where the first few lines are translated as the lines from the warning before the movie that tells people to turn their cell phones off.  Plus, the packaging isn’t anything special.  I have yet to look through the book because of spoilers, but eh.  Let’s talk about the movie.  It’s confusing as fuck.  They don’t go in chronological order (which drives my OCD insane), and this first one doesn’t really give you a whole lot of exposition to go on.  Basically, this girl with a doll’s arm goes all ninja on these ghosts/astral projections that are forcing all these girls to commit suicide by jumping off a building.  Normally, something like this might be right up my Higurashi-loving alley, but I’m not into this as much as I was that series.  Of course, I did marathon the entire thing in like, two days, and I only watched the first movie of this series.  It’s probably one of those things where you need to watch the whole thing first, then go back and re-watch it to catch everything you didn’t get the first time.  I rated it 8/10 for the fucked up factor alone.

K-On! – Episodes 12-13 and OVA K-On! Title

When this came in the mail, I was more than a little happy.  I mean…I was confused as hell because the main story seemed to end in episode 12, and then there were two more that were just tacked on there for no reason, but at least I got to finish it.  Why does this always happen in anime?  I’ll give another example down the line in an upcoming post, but the story wrapped up pretty nicely in an episode that wasn’t the last one, with the band playing at the school festival, and then there was a dumb show about their winter break.  I think I liked the OVA more than the series because oh, they actually played a real concert.  It was cute to go behind the scenes and see the band members interacting with these bad ass other bands.  It goes to show that just because you wear ripped fishnets and have a nose ring, you don’t have to act like an asshole.  I took down the rating a whole number because of the stupid last episode and gave the series 7/10, but I gave the Live House OVA 8/10.  Season 2 is now in my queue and I can’t wait to continue this…I am just hoping against hope that it’s less tea time and more band time.

Yawara! – Episodes 3-7 Yawara Title

More than likely, I’ll never finish this series.  There are more than 100 episodes of this, but only 40 were released because Animego wasn’t selling this to its full potential.  Shit, I wouldn’t have purchased it if I had to pay full price.  I think I paid $20 for the set, so now, I’m going to curse them for not finishing it.  Are there subs of this anywhere?  Please point me in the right direction.  For now, I’ll enjoy what I have, watching Yawara, a girl trained in judo by her grandfather since birth, try and fail to balance her sport with her love life.  All she wants to go do is go shopping and fall in love, and, unfortunately, her grandpa is attempting to frame her “judo debut” where she’ll win the National Merit award and an Olympic gold medal.  It’s got that retro charm that I loved about Ranma 1/2 and Maison Ikkoku and I can’t wait to see where it goes.  It’s got a counter after every episode counting down the days to the Barcelona Olympics (wow, that makes me feel old and dated), so at least it has a goal, unlike many of the long running series of the time period.  Help me track this down, guys, once I’m done with the 40 episodes, I’ll need to catch the rest of this for sure.

El-Hazard: The Wanderers – Episodes 1-3 El-Hazard the Wanderers Title

As a completest, I had to purchase this because I bought and watched the first OVA series.  And this just seems like a retelling of it.  This dude makes this space/time machine and when this other asshole messes with it, it transports the two of them, some girl, and a teacher into this fantasy world called El-Hazard.  From then on, chaos ensues.  The villain in this show has the most. annoying. laugh. ever.  I mean, EVER.  And I can’t tell if I should watch the dub or the subtitles because there are annoying voices in both languages, even if the main character sounds like Tenchi…pretty sure it’s not him, though.  I watch this to fall asleep.  Maybe I’ll get more into it once the plot picks up, but for now it just feels like something I’ve seen before.

Yu Yu Hakusho – Episodes 15-22 Yu Yu Hakusho Title

Oh, look, it’s another incredibly long series I’m watching for shits and giggles.  This dude dies, comes back to life, is a ghost, isn’t a ghost, hunts ghosts, is a ghost detective…I have no idea.  It’s been awhile since I watched the first episodes of this series where they explained everything.  Luckily for me, the episodes I watched this week were ones where there’s a long, drawn out battle that literally took the whole disc to watch.  That’s like…almost two months in real time.  I don’t know how people watched these long ass series from week to week.  Anyway, the main dude, his red-haired human friend, and these two other magicians had to beat these demons in order to save this race of bugs from invading earth.  I don’t know why I like the fighting shit so much, but it gives the characters a goal to accomplish rather than just watching them drink tea (hi, K-On!).  More is coming soon, and then maybe I can at least learn some names.  I’ll try.  I promise.

I did watch more anime this week but it’s getting late and it’s new year’s eve, guys.  All the new shows will go into a post later in the week.  Besides, I want to finish Sword Art Online before I write anything else.  You guys all have my best new year wishes.  And if you’re going out and getting hammered tonight, please don’t drive home.  You don’t want 2013 to start out with a crash, even if the year ends in an unlucky number.  Turn your luck around, and I’ll talk to you next year!


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