Anime Mondays #7

So by now we’ve all established that I’m way behind, right?  I’ll try and get through as much of this as I can this update and save the rest for the next one because with my new job, I’ve barely had time to breathe, let alone watch anything.

As always, all images are from MAL and there are spoilers below!

Say ‘I Love You’ – Episodes 11-13 Say 'I love you' Cover

I hate shows that end unresolved.  I know, I know, there is going to be an OVA, but that doesn’t mean that I wanted the tv show to end the way it did.  Let me sum up the last three episodes: Mei and Yamato get set up to sleep together and they don’t.  Summer festival that should have been the season finale where I would have felt extremely happy with the ending.  Pointless filler episode that made me hate everyone and wonder why the fuck it was added in the first place.  Seriously, they just should have ended it with episode 12 where Mei realizes she cares about Yamato so much that she’ll dress up in a yukata for him (I don’t really get the reasoning behind this, but I’ll liken it to women dressing up for their men in highly uncomfortable lingerie, so I’ll buy it).  They have a kiss that makes my stomach drop.  The end.  But no.  They had to add on this ridiculous extra thing where Yamato is sick and his sister is being a wench and not letting Mei come over, and everyone gets their signals mixed and it’s extremely contrived like a stupid episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond.”  DUMB.  Even if they switched the last two episodes around, it would have been better.  Shitty ending aside, I really did like this show.  I still haven’t finished Sword Art Online, so I can’t say if it’s my favorite of the season or not, but it’s definitely #2 if it isn’t.  I ranked Say ‘I Love You’ 8/10.  It would have rated  a nine if not for…well…you get it.

My Little Monster – Episodes 11-13 My Little Monster Cover

Another promising show ruined by an unresolved ending.  I guess it was semi-resolved.  But I’m still gonna root for Shizuku and Yamaken.  Towards the end, Haru got ridiculous.  Their relationship just got so unbelievable that I gave up.  Not to mention, I can’t see why all these dudes are falling in love with someone who has pushed everyone away because she “needs to study.”  Someone give this show to a shrink to analyze because I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to come up with a diagnosis for Shizuku.  I completely wanted to love this show.  It sucked me in entirely at the beginning, but even with the addition of a rival, it didn’t help things along.  And they fucking never went on that picnic.  What a lie.  I rated this 7/10 with hope the OVA can bring me some closure.

Sword Art Online – Episodes 19-22 Sword Art Online Cover

I honestly had every intention of finishing this in the past couple weeks, but during my marathon, I ran out of time and had to go to work.  Of course, now I really have no time, and it’s sad to say I got completely thrown off by the scene where Asuna is caught in that computer lab and starts to get tortured by those things with tentacles.  Um…ew.  I don’t think anyone wanted to go there, let alone myself.  Kirito is facing a near impossible task trying to get to the top of the tower, and now that his sister (who’s not really his sister but is still in love with him and that’s STILL creepy) knows it’s him playing the game (which I thought she had always known?  stupid confusing.) and refuses to speak to him because he broke her heart, he’s really up shit creek.  What’s with all the incest?  Actually, what’s with the entire second half of this show?  I bought the fact that Asuna has a creepy fiance in the real world who wants to molest her in a hospital bed, but what I’m not buying is all this consciousness research and, oh, THE FACT THAT KIRITO’S SISTER IS NOT REALLY HIS SISTER BUT ACTS LIKE HIS SISTER AND STILL WANTS TO MAKE OUT WITH HIM.  Ew.  I’m done.

Hidamari Sketch – Episodes 1-2 Hidamari Sketch Cover

So I was going to purchase all the seasons from RightStuf when they had their big Christmas sale because A: it reminded me of Lucky Star, and B: it’s by the same people who did Madoka Magica so I thought I’d like it.  Um…I’m really glad I only bought the first season.  I don’t think Hidamari Sketch compares to Lucky Star at all.  Firstly, Lucky Star is actually funny.  Secondly, I can’t find anything about any of these characters that I like.  And finally, it’s weird.  It’s got that oddball ef – a tale of memories art style that I can’t get used to, and quite frankly, dislike a lot.  It’s DEFINITELY no Madoka Magica.  I’ll end up finishing the first season just because I paid money for it, but unless it gets leagues better, it will go into the category of Aria the Natural, which is the only show my OCD has allowed me to drop without feeling guilty that I didn’t finish all the sequels.  Oh, and for anyone who’s wondering, it’s about some girls who live in an apartment complex who go to art school.  Could’ve been great but not so much.

Soul Eater – Episodes 27-29 Soul Eater Title

I hate to say it, but I don’t remember anything at all about these episodes.  I’m going to have a bitch of a time getting back into this show if it’s going the way of Bleach, etc.  What happened, Soul Eater?  You used to own my heart!!  Sigh.




Lucky Star – Episodes 1-4 Lucky Star Cover

This is my second rewatch of Lucky Star, and if I’ve seen it this many times, you know it’s gotta be good.  Actually, the first time I watched the first episode, I didn’t get it at all.  I didn’t know why this was supposed to be funny.  But I kept with it.  And then I started catching some of the jokes and references.  And at the end, I was so enthralled I watched it all over again just to get some of the stuff I didn’t the first time.  I bought the deluxe version of Volumes 1-5 off amazon for like six bucks apiece (god, volume 6, why can’t I find you for under 100 bucks? :() so now I’m watching it one more time.  Shockingly, the dub isn’t too horrible, even though it’s Bandai, though my favorite character has the most annoying voice.  Sad.  (For those of you playing the home game, my favorite is Kagami.)  Thankfully, they kept the ending songs in Japanese because Konata belting the shit out of anything is possibly the greatest thing in the universe.

Sailor Moon S – Episode 14 Sailor Moon S Cover

This episode marks the entrance of Sailor Chibi Moon.  That alone was enough for me to not watch any more of this for the time being.  Seriously, worst. animated character. EVER.





Chihayafuru 2 – Episode 1 Chihayafuru 2 Cover

SPOILER ALERT!  Soon, you will all know about my undying love for the first season of this show.  Even with its unresolved ending, I still wanted to marry it and have its babies.  It was the reason I purchased a crunchyroll account in the first place.  I literally could not stop watching this show.  Want to know why?  The characters.  Good lord, I love them all.  So go watch the first season and then come back and watch the second one with me.  It’s what I do as soon as I get home from work on Friday afternoons.  It’s like, YAY IT’S THE WEEKEND!  CHIHAYA TIME!!!  And this season is shaping up to be a good one.  I’ll talk about this more soon with hearts in my eyes.


Love Live! School Idol Project – Episode 1 Love Live! School Idol Project Cover

Despite the weirdo computer animation of the characters’ bodies but not their heads, Love Live! is shaping up to be a really cute show.  Basically, a school is closing because of low enrollment, and these girls want to save it by becoming school idols because this bomb ass school has some and its enrollment is super high.  The music is so adorable and even though the situation is dire, the girls are so jazzed about this idol thing…ugh, I want them to save it.  It’s dumb shows like this that make me love anime, let me tell you.


Congratulations!  You’ve made it to the end!  And do you know what I have for one lucky person?


First come first serve.  Here you go!


And now I’m off to…take a nap probably.  Happy Monday, kids.


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