Disney Movie Marathon #1 – Tangled (Where Mandy Moore Continues to Have a Lisp)

Since I’m going to Disney World in October (please see previous posts for more excitement), I thought it would be a good idea to catch up on some of the movies that shaped my childhood, along with the new Disney movies which I haven’t seen yet (think anything with Tinkerbell and most of the Pixar ones).  So I challenged myself to watch at least one Disney movie a week until I leave for Florida.  Let’s be real, I’ll probably cry through every single one for no apparent reason (hey, I cried at Wreck It Ralph, okay, shut up) but a lot of that is the nostalgia talking.  First on my list was the movie I had been waiting for since I was a tiny, tiny little girl…


(image from tumblr)

When I was a kid, I had long, blonde hair.  I refused to cut it.  I mean, it went past my waist, past my butt, down to my thighs.  It was something I had that nobody else did.  And Rapunzel?  Well, that was my favorite fairy tale.  I was convinced that Rapunzel was just like me, with her long beautiful hair…but how she let anyone climb up it, I had no idea because it hurt like hell to brush the tangles out of it.  I didn’t know how she could have a person tugging on her hair all the time.  I waited and waited and waited and waited for Disney to release a Rapunzel movie.  Why the hell did they have to do something no one had ever heard of beforehand like The Lion King?  Come on now, Disney, where was the movie with the princess I could relate to?  It never came, though.

I have since cut my hair (and dyed it every color of the rainbow and then some), but I still waited for my Rapunzel movie.  Finally, after I had become an adult and didn’t have the magic hair anymore, I saw a preview for one.  SUCCESS!  And then I waited and waited and waited some more…where the hell was my movie??  Well, with the flop that was The Princess and the Frog, Disney wanted to take the time to rework parts of it to make it more accessible to little boys as well as little girls who wanted to be princesses.  Well…okay.  I’d just be here.  Sitting.  Waiting with ungodly anticipation….

And then we FINALLY got Tangled.

And it was computer animated.

And I was so disappointed.

I don’t hate computer animation.  Some computer animated films are my favorites of all time.  But I had been waiting for this movie for over a decade and if it wasn’t going to be a classically animated Disney film, I was going to pout a little.  Okay, a lot.  But I sucked it up and got with the times.  Clearly, I would give it a chance.  Tangled was Rapunzel, even if it wasn’t called that.  RAPUNZEL.  She was my princess and I was going to see it, like it or not.

Plus, Mandy Moore was voicing the main character, and I love her even if she’s married to some hipster musician now.

My daddy actually took me to see it in the theater in 3-D.  I know, right?  It was pretty adorable.  And I could tell in the first couple minutes he was crying away because I got the poke in the side and the “Rapunzel will always remind me so much of you!”.  Lord, then I started crying.  I wish 3-D glasses were waterproof.  And despite my pre-hate on the computer animation, it was really well done.  Tangled is such a beautiful movie, especially the lantern scene…oh lord, sobbing.  I’m sure the families that came with small children were all like, “what the hell is wrong with THAT girl?” but it was so gorgeous.  That’s really all I remember from when I saw it the first time, except that the songs weren’t that great.  If I wasn’t singing them when I came out of the the theater then the music got a thumbs down from me.

Well, I was really in the mood to watch it again a couple weeks ago, so I pulled out the blu-ray and popped that sucker in.  I hadn’t seen it since it was first released, so my second impressions were quite different than the first ones.

Firstly, Mandy Moore has a lisp.  I swear, she didn’t have one in the beginning.  I cannot remember her opening for the Backstreet Boys belting out “Candy” with a lisp.  It’s weird.  Like, these singers start out perfectly fine and then gradually their speaking voices turn into lisp central.  I don’t know if it’s on purpose or what, but Kelly Clarkson has one, too.  I only pay so much attention this because I, also, used to have a lisp, but went through all the speech therapy and stuff to correct it.  I mean, I was like…seven.  I got out of gym.  I thought speech was the best thing in the world.  But anyway, it wasn’t until recently that I noticed Mandy Moore has a pronounced lisp and I wondered if it would get corrected through some Disney magic…but it didn’t.  So I kept imagining Rapunzel as Mandy Moore especially towards the end when they rock the same haircut.Rapunzel stole Mandy Moore's haircut  (See photo to the right that I found on google image search.  I remember this fondly because, well…I also had that haircut.)  It got kind of distracting, but I love Mandy Moore.  She could sing in Italian or just stand around making pissed off faces at people and I’d still watch her all day.  Shockingly, when she sings, the lisp disappears.  How does this happen?

I suppose it didn’t really matter because the songs were terrible.  This was not the fault of any of the voice actors.  The singing was fine.  The singing was above average for what I’ve seen of the newest crop of Disney movies.  But the only memorable song was the one with the lanterns (though, I guess it’s not THAT memorable if I can’t even remember the title at the moment) and that was only because…it was in the scene with the lanterns.  My heart swooned, I wanted a prince in a boat ready to kiss me and release paper and fire into the air without my head catching on fire…god.  Future Mr. Glitterbots, please take note.

Remember how I said that Disney re-tooled parts of the movie to make it so more boys want to see it?  Honestly, this was probably the smartest thing they could have done.  Flynn Rider is not the plastic prince of Disney movies past, oh no.  He actually has a (gasp!) personality!  Good on ya, Disney.  I love that character.  Flynn had the best lines in the movie.  He was an asshole but not an asshole.  Rapunzel had the heart that tamed the savage beast.  And really, isn’t that what Disney movies are all about?  Love it.

All in all, I’m glad I made Tangled my first pick on the Disney Movie Marathon.  Did you know they’re actually building (it may be finished by now, I’m not positive) Rapunzel’s tower over in New Fantasyland in Disney World?  Did you also know its main function is to be a bathroom?  Seriously??  It’ll be exciting to see, even if it was made for the sole purpose of changing diapers.  As the little girl who wanted to grow up to be Rapunzel, I was completely entranced with how they made my dream come true.  I guess that’s really what Disney movies are all about.


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