Anime Mondays #10

Time to piss a lot of anime fans off this week with some unpopular opinions!  If you read my previous post, you’ll know why.  I swear, I need to make a list of all the anime I like that nobody else does.  You’d be so surprised…or not, if you stalk my MAL ratings.  Hey Monday!

All images are from MAL and there are TONS of spoilers below!

Chihayafuru 2 – Episodes 3-4 Chihayafuru 2 Cover

Remember last time I watched this and was like, “Where the hell is Arata??”  Hooray!  He’s here now!  Unfortunately, he’s only in a couple minutes of each episode, but if that’s how I have to get my Arata fix, I’ll take it.  The poor kid loses a karuta tournament, too. What a bummer.  However, back on the Chihaya side of things, it’s time for her first tournament of the season!  Thank God.  This show gets so many more brownie points when the kids actually play karuta instead of just talking about it all the time.  Plus, episode 4 is almost entirely focused on Taichi.  Oh, Taichi.  I just want him to move up to Class A.  And then Chihaya launched herself over someone to give him her towel.  Excuse me, I need a second to swoon.  ………..  Thank you.  Was it good for you?  It was great for me.  Hurry up and get here, Friday!  I need to see if the team wins the tournament right now.

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple – Episode 1 kenichi cover

Okay, I had to check to make sure the Funimation Channel was working on my Roku because it has this horrible problem lately of NOT WORKING.  Seriously, like, it takes ten minutes for the channel to boot up if it boots at all.  If I wanted to watch anime on my laptop, I would, but nay, I want to watch it on my television, AND I PAY FOR THIS SO IT SHOULD WORK.  Ahem.  Sorry.  Rant over.  I thought this show was on Netflix, too, but in another Toriko-like scandal, it wasn’t.  What the shit?  Thankfully, the Funimation Channel was working, so I got to watch the first episode of this.  As far as I can tell, Kenichi is about this dude who has no friends and uses self-help books to get him through life.  Something happened (I wasn’t really paying attention, but I’m sure this will be brought up at a later time, so I’m not fretting) and now he thinks he needs to be trained in some sort of martial art.  This girl tells him she knows of a place and when he gets inside, it’s full of freaks.  Like, martial arts masters, but still….freaks.  So Kenichi is sufficiently weirded out and wants to leave until the girl says it’s her grandfather’s training dojo/camp/whatever.  Obviously, he wants to make out with her, so now he’s caught in between hell and a hand basket.  It’s no Ranma 1/2, but it’s long, so clearly I’ll have to continue watching it.

Is This a Zombie? – Episode 3 Is This a Zombie? Cover

Well, now that the Funimation Channel was actually working, I had to exploit this to the best of my abilities.  Apparently, that meant watching another episode of Is This a Zombie? which I had started a couple months ago and stopped because I was zoning out.  Basically, this dude is a zombie (yes, it IS a zombie, problem solved!) and he lives with three girls who have paranormal/magical abilities: a necromancer, a magical girl and a ninja…I think.  It spells it out for you in the opening credits, which I thought was really cool…but I still promptly forgot.  In this episode, the zombie dude goes bowling with his bro-friend, and they make a lot of horrible puns about chicks/sleeping with chicks/hot chicks, etc.  They also go to visit this (human) girl in the hospital who was attacked by the same person who killed the main dude in the first place.  Scandal!  Plot!!!  This show is pretty mindless, so it’s nice to watch when I need a distraction.

Sword Art Online – Episodes 23-25 Sword Art Online Cover

Please scroll down or click here to read my overall thoughts on the series.  But, yes, I liked it.  In fact, I rated it 9/10.  It’s not a masterpiece by any means, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching it…except for the tentacle parts and when Kirito’s sister/not-so-sister started going all Koi Kaze on his ass.  Let’s talk about the ending, though.  In a nutshell…fucking PERFECT.  If it weren’t for this ending, I would not have given it such a high rating, because you know how pissed off I get if something doesn’t end the way I want it to.  Sword Art Online had the perfect final episode.  Kirito didn’t become a murderer in real life by slitting Sugo’s throat (although for more than a few hot seconds, I thought he was completely going to go there).  Asuna woke up and was still madly in love with him.  And best of all, ALL THE LOOSE ENDS WERE TIED UP.  NOTHING WAS LEFT UNRESOLVED!!!  Oh my god, you don’t even know.  It made my LIFE to have this perfect ending, where I felt completely fulfilled with the 25 episodes.  The last episode left the plot open just enough in case there is ever going to be a sequel, but everything I cared about was resolved, so sequel away!  They had just better show Kirito and Asuna getting married or something and having little virtual reality babies.  Adorable.  Just adorable.

Blood-C – Episodes 2-3 Blood-C Title

Thank you previews for the next episodes that showed me how to pronounce the name of this anime (the dash is silent, for those of you who were wondering).  But I do not thank you for having the main girl sing that GOD AWFUL BEAUTIFUL DAY SONG again.  Seriously.  They animated that AGAIN.  And she sang it AGAIN.  With new, even more stupid, lyrics.  About doing laundry.  Or some-what-the-fuck-ever.  WHY?  Why is this happening??  Is it because I like anime nobody else does?  Who do I have to pay to keep her from singing anymore?  I mean, a character calls her on it and she gets all embarrassed, so at least it wasn’t all in my head, but Christ.  These two episodes are more of the same.  School, school, school, school, MONSTER, credits.  Does this get more interesting?  I’m not a fan of all these tentacles.

Love Live! School Idol Project – Episodes 2-3 Love Live! School Idol Project Cover

Yes, I went from a show about blood and guts to a show about a girl group.  This is my life.  Goddamn, this show is cute.  It reminds me a little of K-On!, except there’s actually some music involved.  The red-haired girl who can sing and play the piano is by far my favorite.  She’s all, “I want nothing to do with this stupid Idol group!” and then she writes them a song in secret.  Love her.  And I feel for these girls, I really do.  They have such a good-hearted goal, and nobody comes to hear them sing.  They promoted and everything!  They just picked the wrong day.  When people are signing up for clubs and stuff, they wouldn’t have time to go watch a concert, would they?  Anyway, this show makes me happy.  It’s the perfect amount of fluff.

ex-Driver – Episodes 4-6 Ex-Driver the Movie Cover

You know how I said I was going to pay attention the next time I watched this?  Yeah…I didn’t really.  I mean, I got the gist of it, but I was booking my trip to Disney World at the same time, and background noise it is!  Even though I wasn’t that interested in the show, I could have done with a couple more episodes.  I have NO idea how this went straight from an OVA series to a movie, however.  Is it that popular in Japan?  I’m just not getting it.  Even with one of the girls in the hospital to cause some tension, it wasn’t that great.  Due to apathy alone, I rated it 5/10.  Sorry, ex-Driver, I’m just not that into you.


That’s all, folks.  I want to start some [C] Control before I crash out for the night.  I also want to decide if I want to move some of these reviews over to youtube because that seems to be where the action is.  I absolutely despise editing videos, though.  It’s why I dropped out of film school.  For real.  Someone do it for me?  I’d say I’d pay you, but that would be a lie.  Maybe in anime dvds.  How’s that for a trade-off?



  1. arata’s request. do you think it’s about going back to tokyo and enrolling in chihaya and taichi’s school? to reunite with them? oh…. i really wish it’d be that.

    and i was so touched. chihaya was also watching taichi. 🙂

    1. I really hope it is for him to go back to Tokyo, but I’m not sure. I’m still questioning why they had that whole thing with Arata and the queen in episode 3…I have a feeling it might have to do with that. I love Chihaya and Taichi and at this point, I’ll take any cute moment between them I can get.

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