Anime I’ve never seen (but I should probably watch)

Yes, I did look at the calendar today, and I’m aware that it’s Monday.  However, I didn’t really watch a whole lot of anime this week (ie: I only had time to watch about four episodes total), so I’ll make a double post next Monday.  I didn’t want to go without one, though, so I present to you this wonderful list of anime that I should probably watch in order to call myself a super fan of the genre.  Please keep in mind, I don’t like robots.  In fact, anime with robots (or mecha or whatever the hell they’re called) is something I’ve just never been into.  I’ve seen a couple shows with robots thrown in there at the end for no apparent reason (here’s looking at you, Magic Knights Rayearth), but I have never and will never sit down to watch a show with giant metal things shooting the crap out of each other.  There might be one title or so on this list with robots in it, but I’m trying to include shows that have massive followings or are considered classics that are ones I could actually enjoy…maybe.  Anyway, wordpress is acting really funky today, so let me get into this before it conks out on me for good.

Pictures below are all from MAL, squidoo and tumblr.

1.  Cowboy Bebop Cowboy Bebop title

I know.  I’m ready to get crucified for this one, which is why I’m putting it out there first.  I’ve never had the desire to watch Cowboy Bebop.  I never saw it when it was on tv.  I have absolutely no idea what it’s about.  I don’t even think there are cowboys in it.  But everyone (no, legit, absolutely everyone) seems to think that this is the quintessential anime.  This is the show that will bring non-fans into the genre.  The dub is supposedly fantastic.  The story is great.  The animation is wonderful.  I just…haven’t seen it.  Consequently, I’ve avoided all reviews for it because if I do ever decide to watch it, I don’t want to get spoiled, and seeing as everyone and their mother thinks the entire universe has seen it, nobody cares and just goes through the whole plot without fail.  Ugh.  I’ve actually tried to track this down to buy it, but since Bandai’s gone under, it’s ungodly expensive.  I put it in my Netflix queue, but with the rate I’ve been watching shows lately, who knows when it will show up at my door.  Is there anyone who can let me know what this is about without ruining the whole show for me?  I just want an idea to know if I’m going to watch this and enjoy it or just watch this to mark it off that I’ve seen it.

2.  Neon Genesis Evangelion Evangelion title

To be fair, I’ve actually seen a few episodes of this years ago when it was available on demand.  But I was completely turned off by it, and not just because there were robots.  The dub is atrocious.  I didn’t have the option of subtitles, and maybe that will make a huge difference, but I could not listen to these characters speak.  I lived for the moments they were in the robots just so I could mute the tv because nothing important ever gets said while someone is piloting a death machine.  It’s also one of the very few anime I have dropped entirely.  Does it get better past the first three episodes?  I know this is hugely popular, but, for the life of me, I can’t understand why.  From what I saw, it was just some whiny dude jumping into a giant robot.  This franchise is so intense, and I guess the movie would be right up my alley because it’s a fantastic mind fuck, but I won’t watch that either unless I can see the stuff leading up to it.  Let me know if I should track down the Japanese audio on this one or if I should just leave well enough alone and not bother.

3.  Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Sailor Stars title

This is not a case of not wanting to watch this.  Trust me.  I’ve been wanting to see this anime since the advent of dial up internet.  I actually downloaded the final episode of the series and watched it in this tiny avi file OFF MY DIAL UP, entirely in Japanese, no subtitles.  It took about 12 hours.  It was worth every second of waiting.  I had no idea what was going on, but I cried through the entire 20 minutes of it.  I have this series (subtitled, thanks internet) and it’s sitting here, mocking me, waiting for me to watch it.  However, my OCD is not letting me skip Super S, and I’m currently on the Chibi-usa episodes from S in my Sailor Moon re-watch of doom, so I don’t know when I will ever finish it to get to there.  But one of the Starlights has my birthday.  I need to see this.  I need to see Eternal Sailor Moon in all her angel wings glory and all the new attacks and I want to see the finale make sense before the new Sailor Moon show comes out this summer.  I NEED TO FINISH SAILOR MOON.   It’s been out for ten plus years, and I am a total fangirl, so you’d think I would have done it by now.  This is on my must watch list for this year, for sure.

4.  The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya haruhi

SO MUCH HYPE.  I purchased this very recently and I attempted to watch one episode, but I must have gotten interrupted by something and I never finished it.  Is this a good title, or is this just all hype?  Because honestly, once I found out it was about aliens (along with robots, I’m so not down with outer space creatures, either) I kind of checked out.  I own it, so it means I’ll get to it eventually when I start to clear out the giant pile of unwatched DVDs I have, but…I don’t know.  What are your thoughts?  Should I make time and marathon this immediately or should I just wait until the mood hits me?  I guess there’s a dance or something?  Maybe I should learn it before I go to my con this summer…

5.  Naruto Naruto cover

Despite it being one of the longest anime I could ever challenge myself to watch, I haven’t ever had the desire to rent this/start this/anything this.  I’ve heard both that it’s boring as hell and that it’s the best thing to ever grace television screens.  It would be a huge undertaking to even begin this and I’d have to finish it along with all the sequels/prequels/etc., so what’s the verdict?  Try it out?  Lord help us all if I do.



There are many more shows that I’ve never checked out that I’ve had recommended to me over and over again, so tell me, what am I missing out on?  Leave a comment, email me, at reply me on twitter, send me a message on MAL, etc. (all info is in the “About” tab at the top of the page) and let me know.  If I watch your recs, I’ll link you in the review!


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