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Disney Movie Marathon #4 – Tarzan (Where There’s More Death Than a Morgue)

Remember back a loooong time ago when I said the next movie in my marathon was going to be one I had never seen before?  And then I skipped it to talk about what a hot mess Dumbo is?  Well, let’s hop in the time machine.  The Disney movie I had never seen before was Tarzan.  I know, right?  When this came out, I thought I was too old for Disney movies or something, and other than the fact that *NSYNC performed a song for the soundtrack, I had no desire at all to see it.  I don’t even know why that was a draw because BSB 4 LIFE~~ but I digress.  Plus, Phil Collins did the soundtrack, and I was not at all pleased that the characters in the movie wouldn’t be singing the songs.  Yeah, I’m an idiot.  But we all know this now.  So, I rented this beast from Netflix and spent one Saturday morning bawling my eyes out.

Now, you all know the spoiler from Bambi, right?  The thing that made millions of children cry their little hearts out?  Dude, Bambi is a drop in the bucket compared to Tarzan.  In the first ten minutes of the movie, I went through a box of Kleenex.  Seriously.  I just….holy crap.  Way to depress people before the main character is even out of diapers.  In case you’re like me and glossed over this movie entirely, I don’t want to ruin it for you….well….I guess I already did in the title.  So whatever.  A goddamned giant jungle cat kills Tarzan’s parents, leaving this abandoned human baby in a tree house for Meow Mix.  Luckily, a mama gorilla picks him up, and then we can move on from there.  NO FOOLIN’ TEN MINUTES IN AND TWO PEOPLE ARE DEAD.  Actually, if you count the mama gorilla’s monkey baby, three people died in the first ten minutes.  That’s bullshit, Disney.

After that, the movie peters out until Tarzan grows up and gets ripped.  His best friends are a monkey named Terk (played by Rosie O’Donnell) and a baby elephant who is scared of everything.  Oh, and his adopted gorilla dad hates him.  But then, he saves Jane from some evil herd of baboons, and it’s like kismet.  Disney fate!  The angels sing!  You know how this goes.  He realizes that Jane is the same as he is, and Tarzan learns to talk and all about humans by Jane playing teacher and by watching filmstrips.  There’s a really cute part where he picks her flowers.  I swoon.  The end.  Meanwhile, all Jane wants to do is go watch some monkeys, but Tarzan refuses to bring her home with him until he realizes she’s going back to England.  Then, he takes her back with him, everyone gets pissed off because he’s fucking up the ecosystem or something, and this evil jungle guide Jane and her dad had with them decides that oops, he’s a a poacher, and is going to capture and kill all the monkeys.  Big giant monkey fight.  Tarzan saves the day.  And the evil poacher ACCIDENTALLY HANGS HIMSELF.  What?!?!?!?!  Disney…for real, now.  I can’t take all this death.  I did not sign up to watch a Quentin Tarantino film.

Anyway, Jane and her dad decide to stay with Tarzan in the jungle, everyone gets half naked and makes clothes out of vines, the end.

The soundtrack that I bitched about when I was little is actually really great.  It’s completely better than the soundtracks from previous movies like Pocahontas (what a waste of a film, but I’ll get to that when it comes up in my queue).  “Strangers Like Me,” ugh, can we talk about it?  It’s probably one of the most perfect songs in existence.  I sing it all the time.  And not even on purpose.  It just comes into my head, and I have to belt out, “I wanna know!  Can you shoooooooow me?” as loud as humanly possible.  It’s the *NSYNC song that’s probably the worst one in the film.  Whoops.

All in all, I’m glad I got to see something new when I rented this off Netflix.  I don’t know why or how I avoided it for so long, because unlike all the direct-to-DVD sequels, I didn’t have a purpose for choosing not to watch this.  Even if I cried for 80 minutes.  So much for a light-hearted movie about some half naked dude.

Next time, hold on tight as I watch a live action…direct-to-DVD sequel.  You’ve been warned.

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Anime Mondays #14

I should probably not listen to Spotify while I’m writing these posts because, let’s be real, I’m sitting here jamming out to “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan like it’s nobody’s business.  You know how they say, “dance like nobody’s watching, sing like nobody’s listening?”  Yup.  That’s what’s happening right now.  Just wait until I bust out “Strangers Like Me” from Tarzan.  Oh yeah.  I went there.

All images are from MAL and there are spoilers below up to the episodes listed!

Haganai – Episodes 1-4 Haganai Cover

This is what happens when you troll the Funimation Roku Channel, which, I’m happy to report, seems to be working much faster now!  I’m gonna knock on wood so I don’t jinx it, but all weekend it’s been pretty quick for me.  Plus, they took away the load screen with the creepy rice bowl, or whatever the fuck it is.  What is their new logo supposed to be anyway?  But, right.  Haganai.  As far as I can tell, this anime is about our main dude who is part English and came into school one day with a mean face, so nobody likes him.  He’s frumping around the school and runs into this girl who is talking to her imaginary friend inside an empty classroom.  They’re both friendless, so they decide to form a “Neighbors Club” to try and make some buddies.  Hilarity ensues….?  I’m questioning this because sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it’s not.  Like, this blonde girl joins and the dark haired girl hates her immediately just because a string of boys follow her around.  Oh no, they’re not the blonde girl’s friends, though, they just want to bang her.  She wants some female friends.  Unfortunately, the dark haired girl wants to punch her in the throat.  But then it turns out the main dude and the dark haired girl used to be BFFs when they were kids, except the dude thought she was a boy, which I totally called the minute the kids came on screen and one of them was in a baseball cap.  Oh, and then all the girls start falling for the main dude.  Sidenote: why can I never remember character names?  I mean, I can look them up, but you’re still gonna reference them as the main dude and the blonde girl anyway, so why bother?  The club starts to get more members, including some nerdy girl who comes right out and says she wants to sleep with the main dude, and a nun, who is technically their faculty adviser, even though she’s like ten years old.  Um…okay.  There’s pointless fanservice thrown in here, too, and some of it is insanely inappropriate (eg: the main dude has a little sister who thinks she’s a vampire….you can just figure it out from there).  The best part so far was when then blonde girl starts playing these dating sims and gets so into it, like she’s actually going to hop into the video game and start befriending all these pixel girls.  Like most harem shows, it’s better before they started adding a bunch of new characters besides the main threesome who could have carried the show by themselves.  I’ll finish this, but I might hold out until Funimation gets around to dubbing it because their subtitles are tiny and annoying to read.

Mawaru Penguindrum – Episodes 1-4 Penguindrum Cover

I purchased this courtesy of RightStuf’s latest Section 23/Sentai/Maiden Japan/ADV sale (dear lord, pick a company name already) because I’d heard it was like one of my favorite anime of all time, Revolutionary Girl Utena.  Now, I love me some Utena.  It’s all sorts of fucked up and makes you think and just begs to be rewatched 34,000 times.  And I can definitely see the comparisons here.  The plot has nothing to do with it, but just in the art style, etc.  The plot’s pretty tame so far, actually.  This sick girl dies in the middle of an aquarium but when she puts on a magical penguin hat, she pretty much gets possessed by some alien and comes back to life.  Then her two brothers, with the help of some alien penguins, have to find this thing called the penguindrum, even though nobody knows what it is or where to find it, other than that this girl named Ringo might have it.  Oh, and Ringo is stalking the brothers’ homeroom teacher who’s completely older than she is.  And she has this diary that tells the future, so she keeps thinking that the teacher is going to fall in love with her, but, in actuality, the stuff that’s predicted happens in such a roundabout way, or with the brother with purple hair, instead.  It’s…weird.  But nothing completely out of the ordinary has happened yet, other than crazy Ringo pushing some girl down an escalator and possibly murdering her.  Oh yeah.  That happened.  There are crazy Utena references, in the fact that each time the sick girl gets possessed, she has to go through this whole stock footage transformation with a catchy song, and there are rose borders scattered throughout, and in the very first transformation, the alien girl pulls something (a sword maybe? I can’t remember) out of someone’s chest.  I want it to be more screwed up.  I can’t wait to see all of this, even though I only purchased the first volume.  The dub isn’t horrible, either, except for the parts when Monica Rial is talking, but that’s just my bias.  And one of the alien penguins is the biggest pervert ever.  I’m easy to amuse like that, so I laugh every time he gets underwear in his face.  Penguindrum is weird, but that’s how I like my anime.

Case Closed (Detective Conan) – Episodes 100-102 Case Closed Cover

Okay, so remember last week when I was like, “what the hell is this show doing having a four part episode?”  Yeah, they totally cheated.  There was another case right after the magician one.  I honestly wish they would have stretched the magician one out so that I didn’t have to sit through two and a half episodes of Jimmy solving a boring case with his mom.  The only thing that tied the four parts together was that Rachel figured out that Conan is actually Jimmy Kudo, but his mom came up covered for him, making poor Rachel feel like a dumb ass.  I know this show is 500+ episodes long, but is anyone ever going to figure out that Jimmy Kudo is Conan other than his parents?  That poor girl, thinking her boyfriend is just ignoring the shit out of her all this time.  And poor me, because I still have three episodes to go before I can return this disc.  I’m so behind on my rentals, it’s sick.

The World God Only Knows – Episodes 0-6 The World God Only Knows Cover

I will admit to this now: I bought the show because I liked the theme song.  I don’t even care for the whole opening, I just love the song.  I mean, I listen to it in my car, love the song.  It’s almost eight minutes long.  I am obsessed.  I didn’t really have high hopes for the show, though, especially because Luci Christian is really whiny in this dub, and usually, when that happens, I end up disliking the whole thing.  Dub problems aside, it’s actually cute sometimes.  Our main dude is obsessed with dating sims, even though he doesn’t want to touch real girls with a ten foot pole.  He unknowingly makes a contract with a demon to help her catch “loose souls” from girls who just need a little love in their lives.  Well, of course, the main dude doesn’t want anything to do with real girls, but he uses his dating sim prowess to woo them anyway.  The sad part is that once he wins his conquest, the girls don’t even remember that he made out with them.  However, that being said, this saves it from being a creepy harem show and makes the main dude less of an asshole for kissing girls and then moving onto the next one.  The best girl so far has been the blonde one with the pigtails who pretends she’s rich even though she’s not anymore.  The main dude makes it so that all her Cinderella fantasies come true.  I swooned.  I’m so easy.  Towards the back end of this episode block, some idol girl starts chasing the main dude instead of the other way around, and instead of being cute, it’s just really annoying.  I hope her arc finishes ASAP.  The concept of this show is what makes it watchable, though I wonder if the main dude is going to actually fall for one of these girls instead of just thinking of each one like a level up.  I kind of hope that he doesn’t.  I’m terrible.

Vampire Princess Miyu (TV) – Episodes 1-5 Vampire Princess Miyu Cover

Ah yes, another Sentai sale acquisition.  Unfortunately, this one is from the Maiden Japan part of the label and COMES IN A FREAKING STACK PACK.  Seriously??  They couldn’t have even put the discs in those plastic page things?  Stack packs are worthless.  Anyone know where I can find some kind of case to replace this one?  Anyway…I own the Vampire Princess Miyu OVA, but every time I’ve tried to watch it, I’ve fallen asleep.  I’d heard the tv version was a little more viewer friendly, so I picked it up.  And, yes, it’s much better than what I’ve seen of the OVA.  It’s a lot like Hell Girl, and I devoured every season of that show, even without a dub.  Basically, Miyu is a vampire princess, but instead of sucking the blood of everyone in sight, she kills these evil spirits for good.  She’s like a guardian, I guess…not that she’s entirely good, though.  In the very first episode, she murders the shit out of this nerd who has been following her around just for shits and giggles.  And after she catches her evil spirits, she just leaves their victims (who may or may not be entirely dead) to die slowly and painfully if they still happen to be alive.  In other words, it’s pretty fucked up and right up my alley.  This show is pretty episodic, though, so at times it feels like wash, rinse, repeat.  I’m hoping there will be a more intricate, underlying story, but that has yet to be seen.  For now, I’ll just watch the chaos unfold.

And that’s it for this week.  I know, I didn’t even watch my beloved Chihayafuru 2!  I’m going to wait a couple weeks and then have a mini-marathon.  Now I can’t read any spoilers for the next month or so.  That’s gonna be torture.  Have you watched anything you want to talk about this week?  Let me know in the comments!

Awesome/Not So Much #3

It’s that time of the week again, kids.  I can’t decide what day to put this on.  Just let it be known that it won’t be posted on Mondays because that’s taken up with my giant post of anime goodness.  Speaking of which, that Crunchyroll guest pass is still available, so scroll down and take it!  ETA: it’s gone now.  It pays to be fast!

Five Awesome Things for the Week of March 20, 2013!

1.  The “Veronica Mars” movie is a go!

Have you heard about this?  Marshmallows, rejoice!  The “Veronica Mars” movie is happening because it was funded via kickstarter.  I can’t wait until I get paid so I can give them my money.  I’ve been a donor for one kickstarter project in the past, and it’s a lot of fun.  Basically, any donation you make will be used to fund a specific project.  And, honestly, I’ve been waiting for some kind of “Veronica Mars” continuation since the end of the third and last season (and not that horrible FBI school rumored fourth season, yuck).  VERONICA AND LOGAN FOREVER….even though I love Piz.  Don’t judge me.  Go give them your money.

2.  Justin Timberlake’s song “Mirrors”

So “Suit and Tie” was not my jam.  I’m not down with this whole throwback album Timberlake’s got going on this time around.  But “Mirrors?”  Holy hell, it’s a good song, even if it is incredibly long.  Go listen to it on Spotify.  Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

3.  Penguindrum

I will wait to talk about this in detail so just watch at least the first four episodes and then wait for Monday.  It’s coming.

4.  New spring products over at Fortune Cookie Soap

I can’t wait for my giant box of body butter and bath bombs to arrive at my house.  I actually liked a good number of the spring scents (I’m definitely a spring/summer person more than fall, ugh, everything in the fall smells like food), and their whipped cream body butter is to die for.  Seriously.  The scent lasts ALL DAY.  My favorite scents out of the new bunch are Honeydew Me (watermelon/honeydew), Down to Earth (it says it smells like lavender and basil, but I don’t get either of those…it just smells FANTASTIC) and The Birds and the Bees (Carried Away from Bath and Body Works).  Go try a whipped cream sampler if you haven’t before to see what you like.  The sample tubs are big; I got about a week and a half out of my last one and I used it everyday.  If you have a $75+ purchase, you get free shipping, and normal shipping is $9+ so keep that in mind.

5.  The SeeYaReelSoon youtube channel

I love this channel.  No, really.  I found it searching for Disney World tips, and while Ashley and Joe do share awesome trip planning ideas, the best videos are their “Family Vacation” series, where they actually tape their days at the Disney parks.  Oh my god, when Ashley started crying on the carousel because they were leaving, I cried, too.  The two of them are just so cute, and their love for Disney World is so genuine, it’s refreshing to see.  Also, their videos are shot in great quality, the editing is awesome and the theme music is catchy as hell.  Yes, these things make a difference to me.  Deal with it.  And then go watch everything they have ever put out.

Five Not So Awesome Things for the Week of March 20, 2013 …:(

1. This season of “Celebrity Apprentice”

I don’t want to spoil you, but either the celebrities this season are making the STUPIDEST decisions ever or Donald Trump is being a real dick in who he fires.  My favorites are all gone already.  I miss Meat Loaf and Clay Aiken 😦

2.  McDonald’s

I don’t know what it is, but every time I’ve eaten there in the past month, I’ve gotten ridiculously ill.  It’s so easy to go there.  It’s right across the street from me.  But it’s also now proven deadly.  Stop being so shitty, McDonald’s.  Make me a salad or something that’s not disgusting.

3.  Degrassi two-part episodes

Why is it that part one is almost always incredibly good, and then part two sucks something terrible?  I’m looking at you, every single episode that’s aired thus far in 12C.  The Eli-centric ones have been the best of the season by far, but even the second part of that was kind of a let down.  Except the very end.  You know.  That was boss.

4.  The fact that nail polish racks cost $60+

Okay, I really need a new one.  Actually, I need about four of them.  They’re too fucking expensive.  It’s just plastic.  It’s not like I want a designer rack, I just want one that spins and holds a lot of polish.  BE CHEAPER.

5.  Katy Perry is still on the radio.

Can someone shut her up already?  Now she’s on it even more because she broke up with John Mayer.  NO ONE CARES.

What’s something awesome that happened to you this week?  Do you want to punch Donald Trump in the face, too?  Let me know in the comments, and we’ll chat!

Anime Mondays #13

Once a month I have these posts with a surprise inside.  It’s kind of like getting a brand new box of cereal and then shaking it all out to get to the toy on the bottom…well, don’t shake out my post!  Read it first!  I spend good time on these!  Do what I say!!  …..dudes, I’m just messing with you.  Scroll to the bottom if you want, I don’t care.  It’s Monday.  Does anyone care about Mondays??

(All images are from MAL and there are spoilers below up to the episodes listed!)

Chihayafuru 2 – Episodes 9-10 Chihayafuru 2 Cover

Let’s take this moment to talk about the ending theme of this show, shall we?  Normally, I skip them all.  I don’t care how great the ending is, I will immediately skip past the song to get to the next episode/preview.  On Crunchyroll, Chihayafuru 2 doesn’t have previews, so once the episode is over, it’s time to hit the back button on my Roku and go to the next episode, right?  Wrong.  I will sit there like a hypnotized little child watching “Teletubbies” or something and listen to the whole freaking ending theme song every time.  I think it’s because I’m a huge music nerd and noticed that it’s written in 6/8 time (which is pretty unusual) and I have to sit there and sway to it until it’s over like I’m on a boat, motherfuckers.  The ending animation is pretty dull, but man do I like the song.  Side note: anyone want to start a band that just plays anime song covers?  I can sing in Japanese.  Hit me up!  Anyway, back to the show.  Arata has gotten himself in a jam.  He came to surprise Chihaya and Taichi to watch them play in the team tournament before the individual ones the next day, and he gets literally pulled in to sub for a team for a school he doesn’t even attend (say it with me in your best Mean Girls voice now, “SHE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE!!!”).  He takes off his glasses and plays pretty poorly, but when one of the guys on his team loses his match, they can’t win the round anyway, and he just goes all for it.  Of course he gets caught.  Of course.  So (gasp!) he may not be able to play in the individual tournament as a punishment.  However, Shinobu (the queen, I always forget her name) came early, too, and it turns out that Arata is her rival.  She forces him to apologize to the guys in charge and says she’ll withdraw if Arata can’t play.  Um…obsessive much?  Meanwhile, Chihaya and her team win another match against some quiz bowl nerds and advance onto the playoffs.  Whoo!  I hate to say it, but even with most of episode 10 based around Chihaya playing a match (which I usually love) it was kind of boring.  It was nice to see Arata play in episode 9, but I got the same feeling there, as well.  I have a feeling this whole season is going to drag out tournament play as long as possible.  And while, normally, I love this, it’s all too much.  I need some episodes to breathe and watch Taichi moon over his woman, okay.  Either that or I need to stop watching this every week and marathon a chunk of episodes in a row because it’s torture to span these two days of in-show time out over two months of anime watching.

Girls Bravo – Episodes 1-2 (ish) Girls Bravo Cover

I received a couple DVDs of this in a blind box — not the first volume, naturally — and started this on the Funimation Roku Channel (yes, it’s still fucking slow, but this was at 12pm so it wasn’t AS slow).  The first episode was okay.  I mean, I could get past all the fan service.  The main dude is allergic to girls and after one beats him up, he falls into the bathtub and gets transported to this other planet where there are basically NO dudes.  But he’s not allergic to alien girls.  O….kay.  So one girl finds him in HER bathtub and basically claims him and says he’s her soul mate, but every other woman, girl, etc. on this planet chases him around and wants to marry him.  And by marry him, I mean get in his pants.  That was funny.  I could avoid the boobs.  Whatever.  Then I started episode 2.  I could not finish it.  The girl from the other planet goes back to earth with the main dude and she’s obsessed with earth food.  So, she basically goes on this quest to find the main dude’s school so she can eat bread.  But on the way, she stops at a fruit stand, and this creeper gives her a banana.  And her eating it for the first time…………………YEAH NO.  After that, I was done.  I shut that shit off.  It’s not like all the implied imagery happened for a few seconds, this went on for like four minutes.  It really skeeved me out.  I do not think I’ll be completing Girls Bravo anytime soon…hopefully ever.

Shiki – Episode 1 Shiki Cover

Once again, another Funimation Roku Channel pick.  I almost bought this on DVD because I liked the box art.  Yes, I’m one of those people.  I’m glad I didn’t, though, because I don’t know how much I can get into a series where you follow a character around for a whole episode, fall in love with them, and then immediately kill them off.  Like, really?  The shit?  I liked this pink haired main girl who wore cute dresses just to go to the grocery store and couldn’t wait to get out of her town because everyone was stuck in the 19th century.  She gets obsessed with these people who moved into this giant estate…and then she dies.  What????  Really??  I can’t even.  I know it’s only the first episode and they need to hook people in, but come on.  She was a really great character and now this is gonna turn into a cop drama or something.  I’ll go back to this eventually, but I need to get the nasty taste out of my mouth now.

Pokemon – Episodes 1-9 Pokemon Cover

Don’t freaking judge me.  Lately, I’ve been watching all these series that are like Pokemon but…  As in, “oh, this show is like Pokemon, but instead of trying to catch ’em all, you only get to have one!”  I will use almost this exact sentence in another review blurb that’s coming up in this post.  So, I thought, hell, I might as well just watch Pokemon instead of all these imitators.  Yeah, well, do you know how impossible that is?  I have yet to find this in Japanese, except for the seizure episode, and if you want to collect the series in English, most of it is really hard to find (read: EXPENSIVE) or comes in single volumes instead of season sets (read: WORTHLESS).  Guys, I’m trying to catch ’em all.  It’s so hard.  However, Amazon recently had this baller sale where the three sets that make up the first season were $15 apiece.  Snatched those up so, so fast.  The first set took forever to ship, though.  Ugh, and let me just say, the transfer on the first season set is terrible.  It looks like when I taped them on VHS when they were airing on TV.  Plus, there is only one Pokerap, and it comes at the end of the disc.  You literally have to watch all the episodes to see the stupid song.  I really wish Viz would redo these if they have the rights to them and make them uncut collector’s editions or something.  I’d plunk down the cash.  Anyway, in the first 9 episodes of Pokemon, you get to see what a douche bag Ash is while he tries to collect badges so he can play in a tournament.  Seriously, he’s such a dick to poor Misty, and she keeps following him because he stole her bike, but really, it’s because she’s lonely.  Who wants to go catch pokemon all by themselves??  Plus, we are introduced to Brock (who is awesome) and Team Rocket (who is even more awesome).  And Pikachu is ADORABLE.  I can’t even.  I’m actually making a Pikachu dress to wear to a con this summer.  Who’s a nerd?  This girl.

Case Closed (Detective Conan) – Episode 99 Case Closed Cover

This came from Netflix, and I’m getting close to the point where Funimation stopped dubbing the series.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when I run out of English episodes.  It’s hard enough to understand sometimes when I speak the language, but when I have to read subtitles on top of subtitles, too?  Forget it.  I do like Case Closed, but goddamn, people die a lot.  Seriously, at least one person dies every episode.  And while being a teenaged detective is great and all, I don’t know how Conan/Jimmy doesn’t get some kind of PTSD or something with all the bodies he sees.  I would.  Episode 99 is the first in a four part episode (good, god, that’s so long), and it’s about magicians.  To be honest with you, I keep falling asleep through this DVD.  It’s not that it’s boring, it’s just that I’m watching it before I go to bed, and then I end up having really screwed up dreams because I’ll wake up somewhere in the middle of a random episode to turn it off and someone is dismembered or something.  I’m way behind on my rentals, though, so I hope I can finish the disc for next week’s post and find out why the hell it took them four episodes to tell this one story.

Dragon Drive – Episodes 1-4 Dragon Drive Cover

So, wow!  This show is just like Pokemon, but…  See, I told you.  Honestly, though, this show is pretty cute.  I ended up getting disc 3 in the mail, but, of course, neither Netflix nor Rent Anime had discs 1 or 2, so I had to order them.  I got them from of all places since Amazon didn’t have it and Ebay prices were ridiculous.  I seriously can’t believe Amazon didn’t have something.  Outrageous.  Our main dude is a slacker and doesn’t care about much of anything.  His childhood female friend realizes that his life is amounting to nothing and takes him with her to go play this virtual reality game where you fight with dragons based on aspects of your personality.  And because our main dude is a total loaf, his dragon is this tiny, cute, sleeping thing that looks like food for all the other dragons.  Uh oh.  However, Chibi (main dude names his dragon that because he’s little) surprises everyone and lets the main dude control him right out of the gate, and he can fly, and he can attack sometimes, and he can grow bigger, and, and, and….yeah, so it’s one of those.  He ends up fighting this creeper who is in love with his girlfriend and beats him right off.  Then main dude becomes a cocky douche bag and everyone wants to punch him in the face.  PS: for this being an old dub, it’s really fantastic.  Take that, Geneon!  Someone could dub shit right besides Funimation in the early 2000s!

You made it to the end!  You are a winner.  And here’s your prize: a free Crunchyroll guest pass!


Have fun with it and watch some Chihaya for me, okay?

PS: I am a beta tester at this new site called and I can’t quite figure out what exactly I’m supposed to do there besides log my anime and post reviews.  Apparently, I’m supposed to get recommendations?  But it gave me like, Parappa the Rapper, and while, yes, I really would like to watch it, where the hell am I supposed to find it?  I wish it would recommend me something from the current season or something so I don’t have to wade through the crap on crunchyroll.  Are you signed up there?  Let’s be friends!  Hell, be my friend on MAL, too and we’ll have anime parties…or something.  See you next week!

Awesome/Not So Much #2

So…I’m a little late with this.  I have a fantastic reason, though, which will be outlined below.  PS: there was no Anime Monday post this week because I watched a whole episode of Chihayafuru 2 and that was it.  I’m gonna have to make up for this big time.  What are you guys loving this week?

Three Awesome Things for the Week of March 14, 2013!

1.  NEW JOB!!!

Yes, your good buddy Glitterbots has left the world of retail, hopefully for the rest of her life.  And there was much rejoicing, like you wouldn’t believe.  Ah, it’s nice to be a grown up making grown up money.

2.  Orange Mountain Dew Kickstart

I’m happy to inform you that it was just as good as the red kind.  Now, my friend has said it doesn’t work for shit, but it’s not an energy drink.  It’s a coffee replacement.  I’m not trying to get a Red Bull buzz, I just want to stay awake through breakfast.

3.  That “Thrift Shop” song

Catchiest hook ever.  And the bridge is awesome, too.  The verses are shit, but whatever, just listening to the singing parts.

Three Not So Awesome Things for the Week of March 14, 2013 …:(

1.  Survivor

This is the worst season of “Survivor” I have seen in a long, long time.  And I freaking love this show.  Just saying.  It’s bad.  First of all, the “favorites” aren’t anything special.  I only remembered one girl because it looks like she’s permanently wearing eyeliner, and all the boys besides Malcolm are either forgettable or unlikeable.  Brandon Hantz is just…ugh.  I liked him the first time he played.  Russell is one of my favorite contestants EVER.  But did you see the show last night?  What in the hell, people, what in the hell.

2.  Family Issues 😦

I don’t want to go into detail, but drama is not great.  It’s not even drama, it’s just…bad things.  So think good thoughts for us please.

3.  Katy Perry is still on the radio.

Enough said.

Yeah, I copped out and only did three because I couldn’t think of anything else bad that I wanted to share.  I must have some good karma coming my way.

Awesome/Not So Much #1

In attempt to write more crap than your a-ver-age bear, I present to you my new weekly column (cause, oops, this is my very own magazine) where I talk about stuff I think is awesome and stuff that I think is not so much.  You know.  With the awesome.  Like I don’t shove enough of my opinions down people’s throats via the internet.  If you try something new and like it, let me know!  If you think I’m an asshole, well, you’re probably right.

Five Awesome Things for the Week of March 5, 2013!

1.  Mountain Dew Kickstart

Sidenote: when did they start abbreviating the word “mountain?”  It’s like…Mtn Dew now.  Seriously?  Is “mountain” that hard of a word to spell?  Anyway, this stuff is the shit.  I hate coffee, and I feel like a real tool for drinking Sugar Free Rockstar in the morning.  This is at least marketed as a coffee replacement (even though it’ll never work), rather than an energy drink.  Plus, the red one tastes like red Amp, so I also won’t have to feel like a tool for drinking Amp in the morning, either.  And it works.  No foolin’.  If this stuff mixes with vodka, this could be one awesome party drink.  I haven’t tried the orange one yet, but don’t worry, I will.

2.  The fact that I remembered to cancel my Spotify Premium subscription.

Seriously.  I’ve been trying to do it for the past three months.  It’s not like it’s a bad service, I just don’t really use it all that much anymore.  My phone won’t connect to the ipod cord in my car, and it’s like, well…I guess I’ll just plug my regular ipod in.  It’s not like I don’t have the songs on there already.  I just had a couple great Spotify playlists (because I am too lazy to make Itunes ones) and wanted to listen to them but then I just had to stream them through my phone’s speakers in my car and….ugh.  Not worth it.

3.  Wreck-It Ralph Blu-Ray

Yeah, as soon as the UPS man comes today in this snowstorm, I’m watching this movie at least twice in a row, or until “Face Off” comes on.  I have no shame.  This movie is the greatest thing in existence right now and/or ever.

4.  That “Call Me Maybe/Head Like a Hole” Mash-Up

Pretty much what I want my musical career to be like.  Haven’t heard it?  You will thank me.

5.  Friday Night

Going to see my favorite bar band!  And probably getting some more fodder for my “Dumb Things…” series.  Because, you know, boys are never smart when there’s alcohol involved.

Five Not So Awesome Things for the Week of March 5, 2013!  …:(

1.  Tweetdeck is no more.

Yeah, did you heard this noise?  They’re taking away my precious Tweetdeck because of some API shenanigans.  Um…I never use the website.  I pretty much only use apps and Tweetdeck.  So much less tweeting going on now.  This sucks.

2.  Facebook has noises.

Speaking of hearing things….last night when I was innocently updating my status on an event, I heard this bleep bloop ping noise.  Now, I had no music on.  The tv wasn’t on.  What the shit?  Facebook makes a noise now when you get a notification.  How freaking annoying.  Luckily, it’s pretty easy to turn them off, but if I wanted to hear things, I’d have Itunes going or something.  Don’t make noise just to scare the shit out of me, Facebook.

3.  The Harlem Shake

Have you listened to this piece of crap?  Who decided it should be popular?  Who decided there should be a million stupid viral videos concerning it?  I heard about a minute of it for the first time this morning…never again.

4.  My OCD is forcing me to watch season one of “Full House.”

I just want to watch the Disney World episode where the Tanners go to the Grand Floridian and DJ sees Steve everywhere and Uncle Jesse sings to Becky from the lobby and Michelle acts like a brat (wait, that’s every episode…) and it’s in season six.  So I have to sit here and watch six seasons of the damned show before I can watch the two episodes I want.  I have to go in order.  If I don’t, I’ll feel all off.  Don’t judge.  Just accept it.  PS: season one of anything is almost always the worst season.  This definitely applies here.

5.  Katy Perry is still on the radio.

This will be my #5 until all her songs disappear from the two pop stations I listen to on my pre-sets.  All her “songs” sound exactly the same.  They also all sound like Ke$ha songs.  I can’t get behind that, guys, I just can’t.  Please make it stop.  Please???  Anyone?  Bueller??

What’s awesome or not so much for you this week?  Click on the little cartoon balloon and let me know!

Anime Mondays #12

Welcome to this week’s double post of doom!  Okay, so it’s not really doom-like at all, I have a couple new shows in here, a conclusion, some regulars…it’s been a busy week in Glitterbots Grove.  Yes, I just made my screen name into a fictional place.  Alliteration for the win.  Hey Monday!


All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers below up to the episode numbers listed!

Chihayafuru 2 – Episodes 7-8 Chihayafuru 2 Cover

How does this show keep getting better and better?  Honestly.  Somebody answer me.  This is the only show of the new anime season I’ve constantly kept up with, and for good reason: it’s fantastic.  Chihaya and friends go from the Tokyo regional karuta tournament immediately to the national tournament.  Look, mom, no filler!  Thankfully, everything seems to be coming up roses for the team as they win their first round match against a group of “foreigners.”  How cute was it when Chihaya was writing on the board in English???  Ugh, she loves karuta.  She loves when other people love the game just as much as she does.  CHIHAYA JUST LOVES EVERYTHING.  Oh, and can we talk about Arata coming to surprise her and Taichi to watch the team matches?  But that Queen…something is brewing here, and I don’t know what it is.  Bitch needs to leave the three amigos alone so they can get some BFF time in.  I don’t really like where some of this is going…you know…this Chihaya/Arata relationship that might be slipping through the cracks (Chihaya/Taichi forever!~), but I’m interested to see where this goes.  Watching this one week at a time is TORTURE for me, especially since I marathoned most of season one in a couple days, but I’m sticking it out.  Friday afternoons when I get off work are my favorite times.

GetBackers – Episodes 1-5 GetBackers Cover

So, this is what came from my anime rental service lately (that I actually chose to watch, hello, Gintama DVD that’s been sitting here since October, ugh).  Firstly, this dub is atrocious.  I don’t know if it’s my crappy television, or if my DVD player is on the fritz, or what, but the audio mix on the English version is absolutely horrible.  Most of the first episode sounded like the characters were either underwater, trapped in a tunnel, or echoing their faces off.  Add to this that one of the main guys is voiced by the dude who did Kenshin (and I watched all 90+ episodes of that hot mess) and that the lead female is worse than Monica Rial on the screech scale, and I turned the subtitles on immediately.  It’s not that much better in Japanese, but the first four seconds of the theme song are extremely catchy (I love songs that start off with just a drum beat and then add a vocal).  Of course, it goes downhill from there, but whatever.  GetBackers is one of those episodic, we-do-anything-for-money, long-running shonen shows, wow, just like Gintama that I keep putting off!  These two guys “get back” things people have lost or have gotten stolen.  The first two episodes are terrible, but, luckily, the next three are all connected in a series and the villains are pretty bad ass.  It’s sad that the girl who uses poisoned perfume as a weapon and Dr. Jackal, who has weapons INSIDE HIS BODY, are relegated to being a transport team instead of causing general debauchery, but I hope their tasks get more evil as the show progresses.  This show is like 50+ episodes long.  They have time.  As a sidenote, ADV really tried to give some good extras with their release, including voice actor interviews and commentaries, but they’ve got to be the most BORING interviews and commentaries I have ever heard.  The actors try too hard to be funny, or they’re just so wooden no one cares, and it just doesn’t work.  This show is going to be a chore to plow through, I can feel it already.

Lunar Legend Tsukihime – Episodes 1-4 Lunar Legend Tsukihime Cover

I don’t remember why I moved this anime up so high in my Netflix queue.  I think it was a prequel to something (post note: it’s by the same people who did Garden of Sinners, and now it all makes sense), but I can’t quite put my finger on it.  Anyway, this show has a premise to either be really fucked up (win!) or really boring (lose!).  The main dude can see strings of death, so he knows exactly where to chop the bad guys up into tiny, bloody pieces, even if they are monsters.  He has a pair of glasses that someone gave him when he was a child that effectively block his death-vision, and he, smartly, wears them all the time.  However, when he has to move in with his sister, weird shit starts happening.  He keeps having these weirdo flashbacks/visions of slicing some girl into ribbons, and then she magically appears right in front of him.  Turns out this girl is a vampire, and she needs him for….something.  Either I forgot, or it’s not exactly clear.  She tells him how his death-vision works and then he kills some monster for her.  Then, for some reason, she shows up like, in his bed and tries to chomp the shit out of him.  I love these mind fuck anime, but goddamn, I wish I could keep a plot straight.  Is it me, or is it the show?  I guess I’ll pay more attention to the next volume whenever it decides to show up at my house.

I My Me! Strawberry Eggs – Episodes 1-4 Strawberry Eggs Cover

Before I even talk about this show in particular, I’m going to pose a question: is it just me, or did Geneon license a bunch of anime that look exactly the same?  This show reminds me so much of about six shows I’ve gotten from those old RightStuf sales where you could get 25 DVDs for $100.  They all have similar art styles, similar harem plots and were all licensed by Geneon.  Ai Yori Ayoshi and some horrible show about maids come to mind immediately (I can’t remember the title, but it really wasn’t something to write home about), but I know there have been more.  Maybe ALL the anime made around this time period just reeks of plagiarism, but I digress.  Sidenote: what the shit with all these shows with the word “strawberry” in the title?  There are so many and I get them all confused, and there are NO STRAWBERRIES anywhere in the shows!  Seriously.  Where were the strawberries in Strawberry Panic?  Yeah, I sat through that one, too.  Okay, now onto the egg show.  This dude needs a gym teacher job and money so he can pay his rent.  However, the only school in the area that seems to be hiring gym teachers is one where they only hire female teachers.  So, instead of, I don’t know, commuting, this dude thinks it’s a smart idea to go all Rupaul on us and dress in drag so he can teach these kids how to vault over a horse in long, pleated skirts.  Um…now, I love me some “Drag Race,” but I don’t know about this anime.  To add insult to injury, he starts to fall in love with one of his students.  And now I am checked out for good.  I’ll still finish it because I’m pretty positive nothing will actually happen, but Jesus Christ, get a girlfriend your own age, already.  And throw some strawberries into this show so I can feel validated, thank you.

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki (OVA) Episodes 6-7 Tenchi Muyo! Cover

Man, I have so much to say about this series, but almost all of it is nostalgic.  Tenchi Muyo! was one of the very first anime series I ever owned that was in Japanese with English subtitles.  I had this on VHS tape.  You know the ones that had one ova episode on a cassette and was still $30 apiece?  I have all of them.  I still have the posters and comment cards that came with them.  I remember the gigantic yellow subtitles all in caps.  I remember I made up my own words to the theme song.  I begged for new volumes from my parents for every birthday and Christmas until I had them all.  Anime is NOT a cheap hobby, friends.  I got a stuffed Ryo-Ohki for Christmas one year and I carried that thing around like a badge of honor.  I gladly explained to everyone what the hell a “cabbit” was and got funny looks when I imitated the meow, but I didn’t care.  I love, love, loved this show.  And honestly, I didn’t really get parts of it?  I just played it off that everyone ran around naked during the hot springs episode, and I wanted to be Ryoko because she was so bad ass, and I wanted to punch Ayeka in the face because she was a whiny, princess bitch.  I got my initiation into RightStuf by purchasing this show.  I went to my local comic shop to beg the dude to carry new volumes of this so I could buy it.  I’m sure he was like, what the fuck is a little girl doing watching this show about a lame dude surrounded by women, but I did not care.  Shit, I have a TV that only hooks up to a VCR in my basement that I watch when I’m on the treadmill, and I watch these tapes to time my workouts.  So, when I heard Funimation was re-releasing them in Blu-Ray, I had to have it.  I don’t care that the show’s not that great.  I don’t care that the plot is strung together at best.  I don’t care that Washu is a pervert and sticks her hand down Tenchi’s pants, and I don’t care that the longest OVA episode is filler.  I now own the entire Tenchi series (except for Tenchi Muyo GXP, which I watched and HATED) on DVD, including the Pretty Sammy stuff and the Sasami Magical Girls Club spin offs.  Like, Sailor Moon, however, I’m still in the process of watching it all.  Oh, but I’ll finish it, no matter if I still want to punch Ayeka in the face all these years later.  I just had to start with a massive re-watch back at the beginning, where the magic begins.  Sorry, I’m not sorry.

Baka and Test Summon the Beasts Season 2 – Episode 1 Baka and Test Season 2 Cover

Okay, I love the first season of this show.  I watched it in Japanese, laughed my ass off through every episode, and bought it when it came out on DVD, to which I laughed my ass off through every episode with the English dub.  I know that a lot of people pan this show, but I think it’s hysterical.  My favorite character is Hideyoshi, and goddamn, I don’t care how old the gag is, I crack up every time someone thinks he’s a girl.  However, when season 2 started the simulcast, I couldn’t get into it.  I literally fell asleep through the first episode each time I started it.  I just don’t like beach things, so sue me.  But, I bought this from the last Funimation RightStuf sale and have successfully stayed awake through episode 1.  Yahoo for school!  Yahoo for me!  The avatar fights are my favorite part, so they need to hurry and get back into the classroom.  When I want to watch something mindless, I can always turn to Baka and Test.  It’s golden.

Bleach – Episodes 21-24 Bleach Title

Netflix decided to send this my way and I devoured it as soon as it came in the mail.  I don’t know what it is, but I can get through a volume of Bleach faster than almost anything.  In this set of episodes, the gang jumped through that dimension door or whatever to go save Rukia.  Ichigo fights this giant and then a dude who rides a warthog…that’s about it.  Seriously, about nothing happens, and then the disc is OVER.  I don’t know how people watched this weekly.  I feel like I’m going to need about four more DVDs just to finish this boss battle.


White Album – Episodes 1-3 White Album Cover

This is what happened to me yesterday when I was surfing through the Seinen section on my Crunchyroll Roku Channel.  I was like, oh, White Album, maybe it’s a Beatles reference and is about music!  So, I turned it on.  And it is about music…sort of.  Basically this dude has a girlfriend he never sees because she’s trying to become an idol.  However, all these chicks are practically throwing themselves at him for no apparent reason (honestly, he’s like…super wooden).  It reminds me a lot of School Days (and I’m the only person in the universe who actually liked that anime, so shut up, it’s not a bad thing), and then I saw on MAL that it’s based on a game…great.  So this creeper really IS going to hook up with every girl with a pulse, fantastic.  I was only being slightly sarcastic with that statement.  One day, I will explain why I liked the most hated anime to ever exist, but today is not that day.  I will say that the characters in White Album are all sorts of fucked up, and I haven’t even begin to crack the surface on it, yet.  I just wish the male protagonist would be more interesting.  Maybe he is.  Maybe it’s coming.  Maybe there’s a nice boat.  We shall see….

And we have come to the end of another Anime Monday.  Next week, the post comes with a surprise inside…totally better than cereal, right?