Awesome/Not So Much #2

So…I’m a little late with this.  I have a fantastic reason, though, which will be outlined below.  PS: there was no Anime Monday post this week because I watched a whole episode of Chihayafuru 2 and that was it.  I’m gonna have to make up for this big time.  What are you guys loving this week?

Three Awesome Things for the Week of March 14, 2013!

1.  NEW JOB!!!

Yes, your good buddy Glitterbots has left the world of retail, hopefully for the rest of her life.  And there was much rejoicing, like you wouldn’t believe.  Ah, it’s nice to be a grown up making grown up money.

2.  Orange Mountain Dew Kickstart

I’m happy to inform you that it was just as good as the red kind.  Now, my friend has said it doesn’t work for shit, but it’s not an energy drink.  It’s a coffee replacement.  I’m not trying to get a Red Bull buzz, I just want to stay awake through breakfast.

3.  That “Thrift Shop” song

Catchiest hook ever.  And the bridge is awesome, too.  The verses are shit, but whatever, just listening to the singing parts.

Three Not So Awesome Things for the Week of March 14, 2013 …:(

1.  Survivor

This is the worst season of “Survivor” I have seen in a long, long time.  And I freaking love this show.  Just saying.  It’s bad.  First of all, the “favorites” aren’t anything special.  I only remembered one girl because it looks like she’s permanently wearing eyeliner, and all the boys besides Malcolm are either forgettable or unlikeable.  Brandon Hantz is just…ugh.  I liked him the first time he played.  Russell is one of my favorite contestants EVER.  But did you see the show last night?  What in the hell, people, what in the hell.

2.  Family Issues 😦

I don’t want to go into detail, but drama is not great.  It’s not even drama, it’s just…bad things.  So think good thoughts for us please.

3.  Katy Perry is still on the radio.

Enough said.

Yeah, I copped out and only did three because I couldn’t think of anything else bad that I wanted to share.  I must have some good karma coming my way.


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