Anime Mondays #13

Once a month I have these posts with a surprise inside.  It’s kind of like getting a brand new box of cereal and then shaking it all out to get to the toy on the bottom…well, don’t shake out my post!  Read it first!  I spend good time on these!  Do what I say!!  …..dudes, I’m just messing with you.  Scroll to the bottom if you want, I don’t care.  It’s Monday.  Does anyone care about Mondays??

(All images are from MAL and there are spoilers below up to the episodes listed!)

Chihayafuru 2 – Episodes 9-10 Chihayafuru 2 Cover

Let’s take this moment to talk about the ending theme of this show, shall we?  Normally, I skip them all.  I don’t care how great the ending is, I will immediately skip past the song to get to the next episode/preview.  On Crunchyroll, Chihayafuru 2 doesn’t have previews, so once the episode is over, it’s time to hit the back button on my Roku and go to the next episode, right?  Wrong.  I will sit there like a hypnotized little child watching “Teletubbies” or something and listen to the whole freaking ending theme song every time.  I think it’s because I’m a huge music nerd and noticed that it’s written in 6/8 time (which is pretty unusual) and I have to sit there and sway to it until it’s over like I’m on a boat, motherfuckers.  The ending animation is pretty dull, but man do I like the song.  Side note: anyone want to start a band that just plays anime song covers?  I can sing in Japanese.  Hit me up!  Anyway, back to the show.  Arata has gotten himself in a jam.  He came to surprise Chihaya and Taichi to watch them play in the team tournament before the individual ones the next day, and he gets literally pulled in to sub for a team for a school he doesn’t even attend (say it with me in your best Mean Girls voice now, “SHE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE!!!”).  He takes off his glasses and plays pretty poorly, but when one of the guys on his team loses his match, they can’t win the round anyway, and he just goes all for it.  Of course he gets caught.  Of course.  So (gasp!) he may not be able to play in the individual tournament as a punishment.  However, Shinobu (the queen, I always forget her name) came early, too, and it turns out that Arata is her rival.  She forces him to apologize to the guys in charge and says she’ll withdraw if Arata can’t play.  Um…obsessive much?  Meanwhile, Chihaya and her team win another match against some quiz bowl nerds and advance onto the playoffs.  Whoo!  I hate to say it, but even with most of episode 10 based around Chihaya playing a match (which I usually love) it was kind of boring.  It was nice to see Arata play in episode 9, but I got the same feeling there, as well.  I have a feeling this whole season is going to drag out tournament play as long as possible.  And while, normally, I love this, it’s all too much.  I need some episodes to breathe and watch Taichi moon over his woman, okay.  Either that or I need to stop watching this every week and marathon a chunk of episodes in a row because it’s torture to span these two days of in-show time out over two months of anime watching.

Girls Bravo – Episodes 1-2 (ish) Girls Bravo Cover

I received a couple DVDs of this in a blind box — not the first volume, naturally — and started this on the Funimation Roku Channel (yes, it’s still fucking slow, but this was at 12pm so it wasn’t AS slow).  The first episode was okay.  I mean, I could get past all the fan service.  The main dude is allergic to girls and after one beats him up, he falls into the bathtub and gets transported to this other planet where there are basically NO dudes.  But he’s not allergic to alien girls.  O….kay.  So one girl finds him in HER bathtub and basically claims him and says he’s her soul mate, but every other woman, girl, etc. on this planet chases him around and wants to marry him.  And by marry him, I mean get in his pants.  That was funny.  I could avoid the boobs.  Whatever.  Then I started episode 2.  I could not finish it.  The girl from the other planet goes back to earth with the main dude and she’s obsessed with earth food.  So, she basically goes on this quest to find the main dude’s school so she can eat bread.  But on the way, she stops at a fruit stand, and this creeper gives her a banana.  And her eating it for the first time…………………YEAH NO.  After that, I was done.  I shut that shit off.  It’s not like all the implied imagery happened for a few seconds, this went on for like four minutes.  It really skeeved me out.  I do not think I’ll be completing Girls Bravo anytime soon…hopefully ever.

Shiki – Episode 1 Shiki Cover

Once again, another Funimation Roku Channel pick.  I almost bought this on DVD because I liked the box art.  Yes, I’m one of those people.  I’m glad I didn’t, though, because I don’t know how much I can get into a series where you follow a character around for a whole episode, fall in love with them, and then immediately kill them off.  Like, really?  The shit?  I liked this pink haired main girl who wore cute dresses just to go to the grocery store and couldn’t wait to get out of her town because everyone was stuck in the 19th century.  She gets obsessed with these people who moved into this giant estate…and then she dies.  What????  Really??  I can’t even.  I know it’s only the first episode and they need to hook people in, but come on.  She was a really great character and now this is gonna turn into a cop drama or something.  I’ll go back to this eventually, but I need to get the nasty taste out of my mouth now.

Pokemon – Episodes 1-9 Pokemon Cover

Don’t freaking judge me.  Lately, I’ve been watching all these series that are like Pokemon but…  As in, “oh, this show is like Pokemon, but instead of trying to catch ’em all, you only get to have one!”  I will use almost this exact sentence in another review blurb that’s coming up in this post.  So, I thought, hell, I might as well just watch Pokemon instead of all these imitators.  Yeah, well, do you know how impossible that is?  I have yet to find this in Japanese, except for the seizure episode, and if you want to collect the series in English, most of it is really hard to find (read: EXPENSIVE) or comes in single volumes instead of season sets (read: WORTHLESS).  Guys, I’m trying to catch ’em all.  It’s so hard.  However, Amazon recently had this baller sale where the three sets that make up the first season were $15 apiece.  Snatched those up so, so fast.  The first set took forever to ship, though.  Ugh, and let me just say, the transfer on the first season set is terrible.  It looks like when I taped them on VHS when they were airing on TV.  Plus, there is only one Pokerap, and it comes at the end of the disc.  You literally have to watch all the episodes to see the stupid song.  I really wish Viz would redo these if they have the rights to them and make them uncut collector’s editions or something.  I’d plunk down the cash.  Anyway, in the first 9 episodes of Pokemon, you get to see what a douche bag Ash is while he tries to collect badges so he can play in a tournament.  Seriously, he’s such a dick to poor Misty, and she keeps following him because he stole her bike, but really, it’s because she’s lonely.  Who wants to go catch pokemon all by themselves??  Plus, we are introduced to Brock (who is awesome) and Team Rocket (who is even more awesome).  And Pikachu is ADORABLE.  I can’t even.  I’m actually making a Pikachu dress to wear to a con this summer.  Who’s a nerd?  This girl.

Case Closed (Detective Conan) – Episode 99 Case Closed Cover

This came from Netflix, and I’m getting close to the point where Funimation stopped dubbing the series.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when I run out of English episodes.  It’s hard enough to understand sometimes when I speak the language, but when I have to read subtitles on top of subtitles, too?  Forget it.  I do like Case Closed, but goddamn, people die a lot.  Seriously, at least one person dies every episode.  And while being a teenaged detective is great and all, I don’t know how Conan/Jimmy doesn’t get some kind of PTSD or something with all the bodies he sees.  I would.  Episode 99 is the first in a four part episode (good, god, that’s so long), and it’s about magicians.  To be honest with you, I keep falling asleep through this DVD.  It’s not that it’s boring, it’s just that I’m watching it before I go to bed, and then I end up having really screwed up dreams because I’ll wake up somewhere in the middle of a random episode to turn it off and someone is dismembered or something.  I’m way behind on my rentals, though, so I hope I can finish the disc for next week’s post and find out why the hell it took them four episodes to tell this one story.

Dragon Drive – Episodes 1-4 Dragon Drive Cover

So, wow!  This show is just like Pokemon, but…  See, I told you.  Honestly, though, this show is pretty cute.  I ended up getting disc 3 in the mail, but, of course, neither Netflix nor Rent Anime had discs 1 or 2, so I had to order them.  I got them from of all places since Amazon didn’t have it and Ebay prices were ridiculous.  I seriously can’t believe Amazon didn’t have something.  Outrageous.  Our main dude is a slacker and doesn’t care about much of anything.  His childhood female friend realizes that his life is amounting to nothing and takes him with her to go play this virtual reality game where you fight with dragons based on aspects of your personality.  And because our main dude is a total loaf, his dragon is this tiny, cute, sleeping thing that looks like food for all the other dragons.  Uh oh.  However, Chibi (main dude names his dragon that because he’s little) surprises everyone and lets the main dude control him right out of the gate, and he can fly, and he can attack sometimes, and he can grow bigger, and, and, and….yeah, so it’s one of those.  He ends up fighting this creeper who is in love with his girlfriend and beats him right off.  Then main dude becomes a cocky douche bag and everyone wants to punch him in the face.  PS: for this being an old dub, it’s really fantastic.  Take that, Geneon!  Someone could dub shit right besides Funimation in the early 2000s!

You made it to the end!  You are a winner.  And here’s your prize: a free Crunchyroll guest pass!


Have fun with it and watch some Chihaya for me, okay?

PS: I am a beta tester at this new site called and I can’t quite figure out what exactly I’m supposed to do there besides log my anime and post reviews.  Apparently, I’m supposed to get recommendations?  But it gave me like, Parappa the Rapper, and while, yes, I really would like to watch it, where the hell am I supposed to find it?  I wish it would recommend me something from the current season or something so I don’t have to wade through the crap on crunchyroll.  Are you signed up there?  Let’s be friends!  Hell, be my friend on MAL, too and we’ll have anime parties…or something.  See you next week!


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