Anime Mondays #14

I should probably not listen to Spotify while I’m writing these posts because, let’s be real, I’m sitting here jamming out to “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan like it’s nobody’s business.  You know how they say, “dance like nobody’s watching, sing like nobody’s listening?”  Yup.  That’s what’s happening right now.  Just wait until I bust out “Strangers Like Me” from Tarzan.  Oh yeah.  I went there.

All images are from MAL and there are spoilers below up to the episodes listed!

Haganai – Episodes 1-4 Haganai Cover

This is what happens when you troll the Funimation Roku Channel, which, I’m happy to report, seems to be working much faster now!  I’m gonna knock on wood so I don’t jinx it, but all weekend it’s been pretty quick for me.  Plus, they took away the load screen with the creepy rice bowl, or whatever the fuck it is.  What is their new logo supposed to be anyway?  But, right.  Haganai.  As far as I can tell, this anime is about our main dude who is part English and came into school one day with a mean face, so nobody likes him.  He’s frumping around the school and runs into this girl who is talking to her imaginary friend inside an empty classroom.  They’re both friendless, so they decide to form a “Neighbors Club” to try and make some buddies.  Hilarity ensues….?  I’m questioning this because sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it’s not.  Like, this blonde girl joins and the dark haired girl hates her immediately just because a string of boys follow her around.  Oh no, they’re not the blonde girl’s friends, though, they just want to bang her.  She wants some female friends.  Unfortunately, the dark haired girl wants to punch her in the throat.  But then it turns out the main dude and the dark haired girl used to be BFFs when they were kids, except the dude thought she was a boy, which I totally called the minute the kids came on screen and one of them was in a baseball cap.  Oh, and then all the girls start falling for the main dude.  Sidenote: why can I never remember character names?  I mean, I can look them up, but you’re still gonna reference them as the main dude and the blonde girl anyway, so why bother?  The club starts to get more members, including some nerdy girl who comes right out and says she wants to sleep with the main dude, and a nun, who is technically their faculty adviser, even though she’s like ten years old.  Um…okay.  There’s pointless fanservice thrown in here, too, and some of it is insanely inappropriate (eg: the main dude has a little sister who thinks she’s a vampire….you can just figure it out from there).  The best part so far was when then blonde girl starts playing these dating sims and gets so into it, like she’s actually going to hop into the video game and start befriending all these pixel girls.  Like most harem shows, it’s better before they started adding a bunch of new characters besides the main threesome who could have carried the show by themselves.  I’ll finish this, but I might hold out until Funimation gets around to dubbing it because their subtitles are tiny and annoying to read.

Mawaru Penguindrum – Episodes 1-4 Penguindrum Cover

I purchased this courtesy of RightStuf’s latest Section 23/Sentai/Maiden Japan/ADV sale (dear lord, pick a company name already) because I’d heard it was like one of my favorite anime of all time, Revolutionary Girl Utena.  Now, I love me some Utena.  It’s all sorts of fucked up and makes you think and just begs to be rewatched 34,000 times.  And I can definitely see the comparisons here.  The plot has nothing to do with it, but just in the art style, etc.  The plot’s pretty tame so far, actually.  This sick girl dies in the middle of an aquarium but when she puts on a magical penguin hat, she pretty much gets possessed by some alien and comes back to life.  Then her two brothers, with the help of some alien penguins, have to find this thing called the penguindrum, even though nobody knows what it is or where to find it, other than that this girl named Ringo might have it.  Oh, and Ringo is stalking the brothers’ homeroom teacher who’s completely older than she is.  And she has this diary that tells the future, so she keeps thinking that the teacher is going to fall in love with her, but, in actuality, the stuff that’s predicted happens in such a roundabout way, or with the brother with purple hair, instead.  It’s…weird.  But nothing completely out of the ordinary has happened yet, other than crazy Ringo pushing some girl down an escalator and possibly murdering her.  Oh yeah.  That happened.  There are crazy Utena references, in the fact that each time the sick girl gets possessed, she has to go through this whole stock footage transformation with a catchy song, and there are rose borders scattered throughout, and in the very first transformation, the alien girl pulls something (a sword maybe? I can’t remember) out of someone’s chest.  I want it to be more screwed up.  I can’t wait to see all of this, even though I only purchased the first volume.  The dub isn’t horrible, either, except for the parts when Monica Rial is talking, but that’s just my bias.  And one of the alien penguins is the biggest pervert ever.  I’m easy to amuse like that, so I laugh every time he gets underwear in his face.  Penguindrum is weird, but that’s how I like my anime.

Case Closed (Detective Conan) – Episodes 100-102 Case Closed Cover

Okay, so remember last week when I was like, “what the hell is this show doing having a four part episode?”  Yeah, they totally cheated.  There was another case right after the magician one.  I honestly wish they would have stretched the magician one out so that I didn’t have to sit through two and a half episodes of Jimmy solving a boring case with his mom.  The only thing that tied the four parts together was that Rachel figured out that Conan is actually Jimmy Kudo, but his mom came up covered for him, making poor Rachel feel like a dumb ass.  I know this show is 500+ episodes long, but is anyone ever going to figure out that Jimmy Kudo is Conan other than his parents?  That poor girl, thinking her boyfriend is just ignoring the shit out of her all this time.  And poor me, because I still have three episodes to go before I can return this disc.  I’m so behind on my rentals, it’s sick.

The World God Only Knows – Episodes 0-6 The World God Only Knows Cover

I will admit to this now: I bought the show because I liked the theme song.  I don’t even care for the whole opening, I just love the song.  I mean, I listen to it in my car, love the song.  It’s almost eight minutes long.  I am obsessed.  I didn’t really have high hopes for the show, though, especially because Luci Christian is really whiny in this dub, and usually, when that happens, I end up disliking the whole thing.  Dub problems aside, it’s actually cute sometimes.  Our main dude is obsessed with dating sims, even though he doesn’t want to touch real girls with a ten foot pole.  He unknowingly makes a contract with a demon to help her catch “loose souls” from girls who just need a little love in their lives.  Well, of course, the main dude doesn’t want anything to do with real girls, but he uses his dating sim prowess to woo them anyway.  The sad part is that once he wins his conquest, the girls don’t even remember that he made out with them.  However, that being said, this saves it from being a creepy harem show and makes the main dude less of an asshole for kissing girls and then moving onto the next one.  The best girl so far has been the blonde one with the pigtails who pretends she’s rich even though she’s not anymore.  The main dude makes it so that all her Cinderella fantasies come true.  I swooned.  I’m so easy.  Towards the back end of this episode block, some idol girl starts chasing the main dude instead of the other way around, and instead of being cute, it’s just really annoying.  I hope her arc finishes ASAP.  The concept of this show is what makes it watchable, though I wonder if the main dude is going to actually fall for one of these girls instead of just thinking of each one like a level up.  I kind of hope that he doesn’t.  I’m terrible.

Vampire Princess Miyu (TV) – Episodes 1-5 Vampire Princess Miyu Cover

Ah yes, another Sentai sale acquisition.  Unfortunately, this one is from the Maiden Japan part of the label and COMES IN A FREAKING STACK PACK.  Seriously??  They couldn’t have even put the discs in those plastic page things?  Stack packs are worthless.  Anyone know where I can find some kind of case to replace this one?  Anyway…I own the Vampire Princess Miyu OVA, but every time I’ve tried to watch it, I’ve fallen asleep.  I’d heard the tv version was a little more viewer friendly, so I picked it up.  And, yes, it’s much better than what I’ve seen of the OVA.  It’s a lot like Hell Girl, and I devoured every season of that show, even without a dub.  Basically, Miyu is a vampire princess, but instead of sucking the blood of everyone in sight, she kills these evil spirits for good.  She’s like a guardian, I guess…not that she’s entirely good, though.  In the very first episode, she murders the shit out of this nerd who has been following her around just for shits and giggles.  And after she catches her evil spirits, she just leaves their victims (who may or may not be entirely dead) to die slowly and painfully if they still happen to be alive.  In other words, it’s pretty fucked up and right up my alley.  This show is pretty episodic, though, so at times it feels like wash, rinse, repeat.  I’m hoping there will be a more intricate, underlying story, but that has yet to be seen.  For now, I’ll just watch the chaos unfold.

And that’s it for this week.  I know, I didn’t even watch my beloved Chihayafuru 2!  I’m going to wait a couple weeks and then have a mini-marathon.  Now I can’t read any spoilers for the next month or so.  That’s gonna be torture.  Have you watched anything you want to talk about this week?  Let me know in the comments!


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