Month: April 2013

Anime Mondays #18

Sorry I was absent last week, kids.  I hadn’t watched much at all, and then I was out of town at a wedding.  Ugh, I love weddings.  I was so proud of myself that I barely cried.  Glitterbots wears her heart on her sleeve, yo.  Let’s keep it on the DL.  Anyway, before I kick this off, I have some super sad news: the new Sailor Moon anime has been delayed, probably until 2014.  My heart.  It breaks. 😦  Hopefully, it could come a little sooner, but it definitely won’t be summer like projected.  At least it gives me a little more time to finish the original series…can I just skip past the Chibi-usa episodes?  Please???

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Btooom! – Episodes 9-12 Btooom! Cover(Finished!)

Since I already did a full review/discussion on this, it’s pretty obvious that I completed this in the same weekend I watched it.  Want to know more of my thoughts?  Check out the post right below this one.  I guess my final thoughts were that I loved the concept, I just wanted more from it.  I know that’s a really cheap thing to say about a twelve episode anime, but whether or not there is going to be a second season, it definitely could have used a more cohesive ending.  It’s for that crap ending alone that I ranked it 7/10.  It could have been a solid 8, but since everyone is still on the goddamned island, it wasn’t going to happen.

Is This a Zombie? – Episode 4 Is This a Zombie? Cover

This episode got watched thanks to another round of playing Random-e.  And let me tell you, I could only sit through the one.  Even if it was about the necromancer’s back story (which usually I love, back stories, not necromancers), I was just…bored.  It provided some nice, mindless entertainment, but that’s about it.  On the plus side, I finally realized that this theme song was the one I couldn’t pick out that is on the CD I play in my car.  Don’t judge me.

Sgt. Frog – Episode 66Sgt. Frog Cover

Time for a little back story of my own now: I started watching this when Funimation started releasing the DVDs, and I devoured the first two seasons.  Holy crap, I thought the dub was hysterical.  I mean, I would post the lines on twitter, even though they were completely out of context because I just could not stop laughing.  But then, they said they weren’t going to dub anymore of it, and I was like…well, fuck it, this series is super long, impossible to track down, and probably not as funny in Japanese.  BUT THEY RELEASED SEASON 3!  And instead of immediately rushing to rent it, I…promptly forgot about it.  Whoops.  Luckily, the newest batch is up on Netflix Instant, so when it popped up Random-e style, I queued up the next episode I had to watch.  I heard rumors that in this new batch of episodes, the quality of the dub script had gone down…and I’m sad to say that those rumors are true.  The single episode I watched was in no way as funny as previous shows.  Now, maybe the episode just wasn’t that funny (it was about the kids getting kidnapped by an alien television station and the ninja girl going shopping with Natsume), but I was just bored.  Needs more Tamama.  That tiny frog can do no wrong.

Gintama – Episodes 21-26 Gintama Cover

No, your eyes are not deceiving you.  I really did watch Gintama.  Not only did I watch it, but I watched the entire disc I had of it.  You know…the one I’ve kept from Rent Anime since October.  (If you were waiting for Disc 2 of Collection 2, I truly apologize…but it should be back in their system in about a week.)  Please pat me on the back.  Somebody.  Because I watched it, destroyed it, AND sat through a recap episode.  Well…sort of.  They were fighting over a goddamned hot pot.  Also, I got to a new opening and a new ending, and I am completely saddened to see one of my favorite anime endings of all time get thrown to the vault.  Let’s watch it again, shall we?

Okay, so that’s not the real ending, but it is the song, which is all that matters anyway.  In this group of episodes, we are introduced to that annoying ninja girl with glasses and my new favorite character, one of Gin’s friends who is constantly drunk and pilots spaceships.  I don’t even know if more collections of this were released on DVD, but I need a break.  It took seven months for me to watch this and I RENTED it, so that’s saying something.  I mean, it’s funny, but I just don’t want to watch more than one episode at a time…which is bad when there are six episodes crammed onto a disc.  Sorry, Gintama, I’ll pick you up again in…another seven months.

Yu Yu Hakusho – Episodes 23-28 Yu Yu Hakusho Title

Finally, the horrible ‘let’s rescue the Ice Guy’s kidnapped sister’ arc is over…and guess what?  He doesn’t even tell her he’s her brother!  The fuck?  That was such a waste of episodes.  However, it does set up something that I will be looking forward to: TOURNAMENT FIGHTING!  Yeah, I am a sucker for long, drawn out, melodramatic battles, what can I say?  It’s why I like the original Dragon Ball.  Anyway, the gang has to fight in some kind of “Dark Tournament” and right now the ginger dude is going up against some little kid with yo-yos.  I’m sure there will be no plot and they will win, but I don’t care because it’s TOURNAMENT FIGHTING!  Most of it will take place on the season 2 set.  You’re welcome.

Chihayafuru 2 – Episodes 11-15 Chihayafuru 2 Cover

This has to be like the WTF? post of the year, right?  Yes, I have officially caught up with Chihayafuru 2 (minus the recap episode from this week, ugh I HATE recap episodes).  It definitely benefited me to watch a huge chunk of episodes.  It prevented the episodes from going too slowly, which, honestly, is what’s starting to happen.  This tournament is just going on FOREVER.  I don’t even know if they are going to have time to finish the individual tournament during this season, and while that might be good because it could mean we might get a third season full of Chihaya goodness, it also might mean that the anime will end unfinished because I’m not sure if it’s doing so well ratings-wise in Japan.  Anyway, we are at the final round now.  The team is about to play the best in Japan, and they put a filler episode right before a recap episode.  It’s like they are just trying to kill me on the inside.  Especially since ARATA IS THERE AND CAN’T GO WATCH HIS FRIENDS PLAY, UGH.  I really sound like I skipped a bunch of episodes, but I didn’t, since most of them fleshed out back stories of the team’s competitors…who cares.  Seriously, who. cares.  It’s a nice touch and all, but I want to see some karuta and I want to see Taichi eat cake off Chihaya’s fork, okay, bye.  I’ll be back with more of this in a month or so because watching this in marathon form is completely the way to go.

Cowboy Bebop – Episodes 1-2 Cowboy Bebop Cover

That’s right.  I’m doing it.  I’m watching the most over-hyped anime of all time.  Now, though I’ve only seen the first two episodes, I can make some assumptions on why tons of people love this show.  #1: it’s very violent.  When push comes to shove, dudes like their anime full of blood and guns, and Cowboy Bebop has plenty of them.  #2: it’s episodic…so far.  That’s not really my cup of tea, but you can watch any episode in any order, which makes it great for the Toonami crowd.  #3: it takes place in space…sort of.  I hate space.  But I’ll continue to watch this.  I already know this show is not going to be my cup of tea, but I want to see if it can buck the bias I have for its genre and if I’ll end up enjoying it.  PS: Bebop is the name of the spaceship…and there are no cowboys, yet.  At least it’s not a western.  That’s the only thing I hate more than sci-fi.

And that’s a wrap for this week!  I’m at a stalemate with anime I want to watch lately, so if you know of something that I should pick up, please let me know!  My box set of Rose of Versailles won’t come until Princess Knight comes out, so I will really have nothing new until then unless Right Stuf is having an awesome sale, which I can never turn down.  It’ll give me a chance to go through some of my massive backlog but like…nothing looks interesting.  First world problems.

Btooom!: Less Hunger Games, More Battle Royale

Note:  the following post contains spoilers for the Btooom! anime and the movies Battle Royale and The Hunger Games.  If you don’t want any of these ruined for you, I suggest you read this post after you watch them.  I’ll put a “read more” tag before I get into them, though.

Oh, Btoom!.  You could have been so great.  I don’t know what happened.  Well…actually I do, but let me preface this before I go there.

I first heard of this show while listening to a Podtaku episode.  Btooom! was supposedly just like The Hunger Games.  And, trust me, I am an avid Hunger Games fan.  I read all three books pretty much in a weekend.  After that, I tracked down the horrifically subtitled old release of Battle Royale off Netflix because I just had to see the movie that the books pretty much ripped off.  (I know there are two camps in this debate, but the material is so similar, it’s ridiculous.)  I even watched the terrible sequel.  I saw the first movie at the midnight show in freaking Imax, and then I saw it three more times in the theaters.  It’s safe to say…I really love The Hunger Games.  I liked Battle Royale to a certain extent, as well.  I’m not going to say I liked it, though, it was more along the lines of it really disturbed me.  I got it.  But even though I own the re-release on Blu-Ray, I still haven’t taken it out of the packaging because I don’t know if I can sit through all the exploitative violence again.  I have the book, too, and it’s just sitting on my shelf unread.

There’s a huge difference between Battle Royale and The Hunger Games, even though the premises are so much alike: The Hunger Games is less about violence and more about relationships between the characters and their environments, while Battle Royale focuses on action and gratuitous violence.

And this is the difference between Btooom! and The Hunger Games, as well.  While watching and reading The Hunger Games, I was focused less on the plot elements and more on my feelings towards the characters and their feelings towards each otherI felt no compassion towards any of the Btooom! characters.

The anime is completely driven by its plot, much like Battle Royale.  Even though the anime attempts to make Sakamoto and Himiko sympathetic characters (Oh no!  Why did this complete slacker get dropped into a video game?  All of Himiko’s friends hate her and she has nothing to live for on this island trapped with bombs strapped to her waist!  Wah, wah), I felt nothing for either one of them.  This is another case of where the side characters are more interesting than the main ones, but I couldn’t relate or bother to care about most of them, either.  The show clips along at such a ridiculous pace that its “character development” is only shown through rushed flashback scenes that you’re not even sure are real because, now, let’s be real, Ryouta has some kind of brain damage/amnesia to start off with, and Himiko is all sorts of screwed up in the head because she’s convinced every person with a penis wants to molest her.  We don’t get enough time to learn anything about the characters, and the anime suffers because of this.  Sure, if you’re like, “Who gives a fuck about the plot?  I just want to see The Hunger Games with bombs!” then this is for you.  Myself, I found Btooom! somewhat lacking.

I also found it completely ripping off Battle Royale, and here’s where the spoilers check in.


Anime Mondays #17

Hello friends, neighbors and followers, it’s Monday, so you know what time it is.  It’s also that time of the month (no, not like THAT, ugh) where the post comes with a surprise inside, so you know what to do.  If you don’t…just read the post, get down to the bottom, and it will suddenly come to you.  There’s that lightbulb above your head.  I see it now!

All images are from MALand there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch – Episode 24 Mermaid Melody Cover

Last week I mentioned that I ran out of episodes on my external for this, so in order to watch any more of them, I have to sift through a bunch of clips with terrible quality on veoh.  It’s not the most pleasant of experiences, so I only ended up watching one episode this week.  Fortunately, I found a different magical girl show to fill in for this one to give me time to find the rest of the series.  No plot was to be had in episode 24.  It’s still ungodly filler.  I’m about halfway through, and there were still only three episodes with plot.  Sometimes, the filler…it is just too much for my heart to take.  Sob, sob.  Whine, whine.  Next show.


Mawaru Penguindrum – Episodes 13-24 (Completed!) Penguindrum Cover

I’ve already told you about my love affair with this show.  Hell, I’ve even written a review/discussion for it (just scroll down to the previous post if you missed it, but beware, it’s full of spoilers).  I watched 12 episodes in one day.  That’s like…unheard of for me because my attention span is non-existant.  It’s been a week, and I already want to spend the rest of my day re-watching the whole thing.  And, and…did you hear there’s a new project by the creators in the works?  It’s called Penguinbear.  I have no idea what it is, but if it’s a second series of Penguindrum, I will be over the moon.  Everyone, please go watch this show.  It’s a little fucked up, but you won’t be disappointed.  I mean, if you can sit through 100+ episodes of Bleach or something, you can watch 24 episodes of one of the most amazing anime to ever exist.  Clearly, I ranked it 10/10.  Were you expecting anything different?


Phoenix (Hi no Tori) Episodes 10-13 (Completed!) Phoenix cover

Well, I’d had this DVD sitting here from Netflix since January, and I really wanted to send it back, so I made this my bedtime show.  (Yes, my Gintama rental is still by my Blu-Ray player since October.  Don’t judge me.  That is now my bedtime show.)  I literally kept falling asleep through this show.  I couldn’t help it.  When I finally stayed awake through the last couple episodes, I understood why; there is almost no dialogue and a ton of classical music.  That shit puts me right to sleep.  I’m sorry to say that I really disliked Phoenix.  The arcs that were the most interesting were the shortest and really needed more episodes, while they dragged out that Dog Face arc for two freaking discs.  The last one took place in the future, where the world was ending, except this dude got saved by a scientist (aka guy with the big nose) and the phoenix.  He finds a coffin that is set to open in 5000 years with a woman inside of it, so he literally spends 5000 years using the scientist’s research to try and create life for her to see when the coffin opens…but when the timer goes off, she’s clearly still dead and a mummy.  The entire last episode is filled with the end of the world and then the beginning of the world, and the dude realizes that the only reason he stayed alive for billions of years was to be able to start the new world after the end of the old one, so he could see creation and re-birth.  Basically, it’s a bunch of symbolic bullshit where the minutes would have been better used giving us another episode of that girl who was stuck in the time loop.  I ranked this 4/10, though I’m sure lots of people will disagree with me.  I’m a big girl.  I can take it.

Karneval – Episode 1 Karneval Title

I told you I was going to watch this show!  Unfortunately, it’s on the Funimation Roku Channel with its tiny, white subtitles.  I muscled through it, though, and I’m…well, I don’t know how I feel.  I thought it was going to be about a carnival, or even a circus, but it’s not.  The Circus is a code name for this defense organization.  Lame.  However, the characters are really pretty.  Yeah, I’m one of those suckers for beautifully drawn people.  Plus, it’s kind of fucked up.  I mean, in the first ten minutes, this woman tries to steal the innocence away from this boy and then turns into some spider-creature who goes on a rampage.  To contradict this entirely, the ending theme is extremely cute and bouncy and there are bright colors everywhere.  Oh, Karneval.  I don’t know quite how I feel about you, yet, but I’ll stick with it.

Toriko – Episodes 2-3 Toriko cover

It’s been awhile, my good friend, hasn’t it?  I’m still in love with your theme song.  And, even though, I had the random number generator choose you, I did enjoy the two episodes I got to see before I moved on to something else.  Toriko goes on the hunt for some rainbow fruit and a comes-out-once-every-ten-years whale in this selection.  Actually, the third episode continues into the fourth, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.  We are introduced to more characters, including an incredibly annoying news reporter who follows Toriko around every chance she gets and one of the other kings who comes with to help him find this whale.  I’m not as addicted to this as I am to One Piece, but then again, I haven’t watched that in awhile, either.  These shonen shows…apparently I can only take them in small doses.  Go figure.

Pretty Cure (Futari Wa Precure) – Episodes 15-18 Pretty Cure Cover

See, I told you I found another magical girl show to fulfill my filler quotient for the week.  And really, I watched as many episodes as I did because I found a youtube channel that has all the English dubbed episodes that never made their way over to the US.  Huzzah!  No more shitty subtitles where the timing is off!  I will take that they renamed the main characters Natalie and Hannah instead of Nagisa and Honoka.  After all, I did watch 60+ episodes of Sailor Moon where Usagi was named Serena, okay.  I’ll even take that they renamed the love interest Fergie…how…fergalicious.  Anyway, for those of you not in the crappy magical girl show know, Pretty Cure has about six million sequels and movies, it’s so popular.  This first series is about these two girls who have absolutely nothing in common other than they go to the same school and both got these little Tamagotchi pets dropped on them that come to life and allow them to turn into magical girls who fight The Dark Zone.  They have to swipe cards through the readers to feed these pets and transform, which sounds like a horrible merchandise ploy to me, but, hey, whatever works.  The Dark Zone is after these things called Prism Stones, which I think are trapped in the little Tamagotchi cases, but don’t quote me on that.  So, they basically just cause trouble, turning people into monsters to try and lure Pretty Cure out so they can steal them.  The downfall of these magical girls is that they have to do everything together: transform, fight, you name it.  Shit, their only worthwhile attack has to be performed with them holding hands.  I know it’s all about the power of friendship, but what happens if Honoka is in cram school or something and Nagisa gets bitched slapped by a Zakenna and gets her stone swiped?  Everyone is fucked.  This show also has a lot of filler, but it’s so much easier to take in dub form.  Canada gets everything cool.  First Degrassi and now this.

RDG: Red Data Girl – Episode 1 Red Data Girl Cover

Ah, yes, here comes the part of the week where I was trolling around the Funimation Roku Channel looking for something to watch, even if it had tiny subtitles.  This was new, so I went for it.  Honestly, I never would have picked this show out to watch on my own, and it’s looking to be another surprise favorite like my beloved Chihayafuru (which, yes, I will catch up with before the end of the month…just not this week coming up because I’ll be out of town).  It starts off with this weird girl cutting her hair to give herself bangs.  Pretty random, right?  Like, who gives a shit?  Well, it turns out everybody gives a shit because this girl is a shrine maiden or something, and her hair is a source of her power.  And apparently, cutting herself some bangs throws everything out of whack.  See, she’s not just a shrine maiden, she is powerful enough to have people actually born to serve her, only she doesn’t know it.  She just thinks she’s a freak with only two friends who fucks up every computer she touches.  Okay then.  But after she cuts her bangs, she turns into this computer pro who can get her dad on Skype, tell him she’s not going to a high school in Tokyo like he wants her to, and then crashes every single computer in the computer lab.  What the hell, dude…add to this that her guardian is her dad’s best friend and his son is being forced to transfer into her school to become her servant (and I’m pretty sure his dad beats that into him, holy christ), and it’s all sorts of fucked up.  And you all know how much I like my fucked up anime.  I can’t wait to continue this.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer (Hataraku Maou-Sama!) – Episode 1 The Devil is a Part Timer Cover

I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into when I started this anime.  It was another new thing from the Funimation Channel, so I just clicked on it.  At first, it started off like some random shonen fantasy show that I am prone to hating.  There was a gigantic fight between demons and humans and the demons escaped to Earth to save themselves.  Then, it took an entirely different turn.  Satan and Alciel had to learn how to adapt to an entirely new environment…and it turned into a comedy.  Not that it’s a bad thing, but you’d think that the ruler of the freaking underworld would not be so excited by getting a job at McDonald’s and trying to take over Earth by literally starting from the lowest rung of a customer service job and working his way up.  He thinks that selling the largest amount of black pepper french fries will somehow boost his social status.  Um…okay.  It kind of reminds me of Working!, which I started out liking — not enough to finish it, of course — that turned into a hot mess by the end.  Sadly, Hataraku Maou-Sama! turned into a hot mess by the end of the first episode.  I’ll give it another shot when I’m bored, but it’s not something I’m chomping at the bit to see every week.

The World God Only Knows – Episode 7 The World God Only Knows Cover

There’s not really much to say about this episode except that it ends the Kanon arc (FINALLY!), and that the next episode is filler.  I watched half of it and fell asleep.  Whoops.  Oh, and I’m still in love with the theme song.  So much that I have the tv version memorized…..I am a loser.  But I still want to start that anime music band.



Btooom! – Episodes 1-8 Btooom! Cover

Uh oh.  Looks like I found another anime I liked enough to marathon the shit out of.  In fact, I finished it in the middle of writing this post, so look for a complete review/discussion coming tomorrow.  They say Btooom! is like The Hunger Games.  And well, it is, but it isn’t.  It’s got a lot of bombs.  It’s got a lot more fanservice.  And it’s got a female protagonist that I really want to punch in the face.  I’d say it’s more like Sword Art Online mixed with Battle Royale, if you want to know the truth.  At least it’s not like Pokemon…except it is.  Because instead of trying to catch ’em all, you only need eight.  Btooom! is about this group of people who get kidnapped and thrown onto an island with tracking chips implanted in their hands and a fanny pack full of bombs who need to collect seven other chips by killing each other.  It’s based on a video game of the same name, and shocker, our male protagonist is the highest ranked Japanese player.  I really wanted to love this, and yes, I watched the shit out of it until I literally passed out, but…but…you will just have to wait and see.  Please note, I love everything it ripped off, Survivor included.  In theory, it should be one of my favorite anime.  But, in theory communism works, and we all know how that turned out.

Holy hell, I watched a lot of anime this week.  I guess that’s what happens when all you can do for a whole week is sit around waiting on phone calls, which is basically…what I did.  Not good phone calls, either, but this is not a post about my life.  It’s a post about distractions from it.  And here’s my present to you: a free crunchyroll guest pass!


Enjoy it!  Next week I may not have a post up because I’ll be out of town, but I’ll try my best if I watch anything besides the end of Btooom!….which I already saw.  Spoiler?

How Mawaru Penguindrum Literally Blew My Mind

Note: There is absolutely no way I can talk about this anime without spoiling something, so please don’t read the following post until after you’ve completed Penguindrum.  There are so many spoilers after the cut that I can’t even count them.  Also, I talk about the end of Revolutionary Girl Utena, so if you don’t want to know about the conclusion of that, you’d better skip the last couple paragraphs.  You’ve been warned, but trust me, you’ll want to watch this anyway.


Anime Mondays #16

You guys.  I think I’ve fallen in love.  No, seriously.  Legit.  Like head over heels.  I’ve been in love before but this is a different kind of love.  Like a love I should not have.  A love that’s all sorts of fucked up.  A love that’s….well…

All images are from MAL and there are spoilers below up to the episodes listed!

Mawaru Penguindrum – Episodes 5-12 Penguindrum Cover

Yeah, I’ve fallen in love with Penguindrum.  Sadly, it is not a Mr. Glitterbots, but a show that’s so messed up it hurts my heart.  Last Sunday, I clipped through 8 episodes of this and then immediately went on Right Stuf to pay a non-sale, non-discounted price for the next set.  Shit, you know if that happens, it must be fate.  And speaking of fate…this show is all about it.  I don’t want to spoil what happens in the back 12 (which I have already started watching, just wait until I finish this beast of a show), but fate, destiny, it plays a huge part in the underlying plot.  It’s like…a character I don’t even like dies and I am sitting here sobbing like a giant freak show.  I have no feelings for this character, but when they died, it was like I got shot in the chest.  It’s like you have to know what’s going on.  You have to watch and watch and watch until you solve the mystery, and each time you get a clue, it’s shrouded in so much fucked-up-ness — I can’t even think of a word to describe it other than that — that you’re happy you know what’s going on, but you’re just staring at the television going, “What the shit…this is NOT going to end well.”  I’m devouring it like a lion attacking a zebra in the jungle.  I don’t want it to end, but I want it to end so I know what the hell is happening.  It’s very surreal.  It’s hard to figure out sometimes.  But they are doing so much to explain the plot after they show you what happens so that you have to go back, watch it again, and check out the details and clues in hindsight.  They’re all there.  You just have to realize it.  I don’t want to divulge anything else until I’m done with this show, but if you like shows like Revolutionary Girl Utena, the ones that make you think and groan and want to cover your eyes but peek through your fingers, then please, WATCH MAWARU PENGUINDRUM.  It’s not just a stupid show about penguins and aliens as the descriptions may lead you to believe.  And when you’re done watching it, and I’m done watching it, come talk to me because I need to gush to someone all about my brand new love affair and all the chaos it causes.

GetBackers – Episodes 9-10 GetBackers Cover

You know how I said last time that the show was getting good?  I lied.  It’s back to being a piece of shit, even with the poison girl coming back for these two episodes.  This plot is just so boring, the only thing I can tell you about it is that it has to do with an art thief.  There are a bunch of commentaries for this disc, and they are still the most inane DVD commentaries known to mankind.  ADV really tried to make GetBackers happen, much like Gretchen Wieners tried to make “fetch” happen, and I just think the show is never going to happen.  I won’t give up, though.  I’ll never give up…unless you’re Girls Bravo.

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch – Episodes 18-23 Mermaid Melody Cover

Playing the Random-e game with my MAL landed me on this show, and then I kind of got into it so I watched all the episodes I had on my external hard drive.  Sometimes, you just need to turn your brain off and watch something with bright, pretty colors.  Normally, I’d go on a Sailor Moon bender, but I only have the first two series subbed on DVD and the later two dubs are terrible and I will only watch them with subtitles.  I picked up Mermaid Melody awhile back because I’d heard it was pretty much a carbon copy of Sailor Moon but takes place in the ocean and has less of a plot.  Well…that’s pretty accurate.  I think there’s plot in about three whole episodes that were before the ones I watched this week.  I vaguely remember it, but those episodes were great.  The ones in the middle are filler central, but with all the personal drama I had this week, it was adorable filler that needed to come into my life.  The basic premise is this: three girls who are mermaid princesses…..well…….okay, the plot is so bad that I forgot it.  But you only need to know that they can’t tell anyone they are mermaids or they will turn into bubbles, and when they touch water, they will transform.  However, they can transform AGAIN into this idol group and that’s how they fight monsters: with their voices.  Honestly, the singing is pretty terrible, so I can buy it.  The best parts of the show are with Luchia (or possibly Lucia, the subs I have spell it both ways) and Kaito because they’re both too chicken shit to tell each other they’re in love with the other person.  UGH GIVE IT UP AND MAKE OUT ALREADY.  The sad part is that they do, but they still won’t go out together.  One day.  I have faith.  I’d also like to inform future Mr. Glitterbots that if we ever have a daughter, my top name choice is Lucia (pronounced Lu-SHA, not Lu-SEE-ah), so just keep that in the back of your mind.  Thanks, anime, you’re better than a baby names book.

Dirty Pair – Episode 1 Dirty Pair Cover

During Right Stuf’s latest Nozomi sale, I picked up this entire franchise.  I love classic anime, and I vaguely remember watching something Dirty Pair-related on the Sci-Fi Channel back in the day when they used to show anime at night for one week a year or something.  However, I did remember a dub…this does not have a dub.  It’ll take me longer to watch it, but that’s okay.  It’s also reminiscent of a cop show….even longer.  I kid, but I need to watch another couple episodes when I’m not distracted as hell to make a judgement call.  Right now, all I can tell you is that it’s about two girls who call themselves Lovely Angels, while everyone else calls them the Dirty Pair.  Hmm…clearly there’s some mistaken identity.  Don’t worry.  I’m a freaking detective.  I’ll solve it.

And that’s all folks.  Now if you’ll excuse me, halfway through this post, I saved a draft and finished Mawaru Penguindrum, and I’m still crying like a jerkface while listening to “Ash-Gray Wednesday.”  Check out the blog tomorrow for my spoiler filled jumble of thoughts I have about this outstanding anime.

Anime Mondays #15

I should really call this post “Random-e Mondays” this week.  Why?  Pretty much everything I sat down to watch came from closing my eyes and scrolling through the Netflix Instant anime section or using a random number generator to go through my MAL to pick a show for me.  I couldn’t make a decision to save my life this week.  Case in point: I needed to buy a dress to wear to a wedding coming up, and instead of getting one, I bought three.  Maybe next week I’ll be able to think for myself again, but until that happens, here’s what the random anime gods chose for me to watch.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Case Closed (Detective Conan) – Episodes 103-105 Case Closed Cover

Okay, so this show wasn’t that random.  The DVD was still sitting in the player in my bedroom, so I fell asleep watching this almost every night this week.  Ergo, it took me seven days to watch three episodes.  Ugh.  This must have been the start of a new season when it aired in Japan because the horribly converted-to-English opening theme was gone and was replaced by an even worse one in Japanese.  Seriously, what am I going to do when I finish the last dubbed season on Netflix?  This will probably get dropped until I can find a good place to watch the remaining 400 episodes.  Anyway, the first case was a one-off about some rich dude getting offed by his kids, except the kids didn’t really do it.  Saw that one coming a mile away.  The next two episodes were parts one and two about some famous potter (no, not Harry) whose wife/assistant/business manager apparently commits suicide.  Except she doesn’t.  This was pretty much all filler except that the fat police chief said something like, “Why do I always have to chalk it up to coincidence that Conan is always present when there’s a corpse around?”  FINALLY.  ONLY AFTER 105 EPISODES AND TWO MOVIES.  Now I can finally send this back to Netflix where it belongs.

Dragon Drive – Episode 5 Dragon Drive Cover

This show has now gone from awesome video game/Pokemon-like adventure to show that takes place in an alternate universe.  Go back to being a video game.  If I wanted to watch a fantasy, I’d watch El Hazard.  I have it all.  I can do that, you know.  I hate it when shows take a turn for the worse less than ten episodes in.




Darker Than Black – Episode 1 Darker Than Black Cover

This is what closing my eyes and holding down the scroll button on Netflix decided I should watch.  Actually, I’ve had it in my queue for awhile but never bothered to start it.  It’s kind of complicated, honestly.  The world has been taken over by these guys with paranormal powers, but cities have erected giant gates to keep them out.  However, they somehow get in anyway and start causing trouble.  The most interesting part of the premiere episode is when this new guy moves into an apartment complex and meets this girl…love at first sight, don’tcha know.  She’s being chased by this evil dude who killed one of the paranormal guys that I guess she was dating?  But the new guy saves her multiple times.  He even grabs her and they make out so that she’s not seen in this chase scene.  He’s interesting.  Everything else is pretty confusing.  But this was a two part episode and I only watched the first part because I got bored.  Next time the random button sticks, I’ll give it another shot.

Trinity Blood – Episodes 1-2 Trinity Blood Cover

Another random pick, Trinity Blood captured my attention for two whole episodes!  It would have been three, but I fell asleep…whoops.  However, continuing my odd fascination with ending themes, this show has a really great one.  It helps that it’s in English.  But it has a really great lyric: “My broken wings, still strong enough to cross the ocean with.”  Ugh.  Bravo.  It gets stuck in your head.  In fact, it’s stuck in mine right now.  Just that line.  Cause I can’t remember anything else.  Anyway, so this is a show about vampires.  Not JUST vampires, though, there are also vampires who SUCK THE BLOOD OF OTHER VAMPIRES.  Finally, something different.  Then there’s a whole church aspect thrown in there, which I’m not really getting, but I’m sure it’ll be explained later.  The first episode has a really bad ass girl in it who flies a plane when this vampire kills all the other pilots…but I have no idea what happened to her at the end of the episode.  Shit, I swear, I look away for 20 seconds and I get the ending theme.  In episode 2, there’s a completely different story with this little kid witch who everyone keeps trying to kill.  But what happened to the pilot girl???  Somebody tell me cause it’s driving me nuts and I don’t want to rewatch the episode.  Re-watching shit on Netflix Instant is such a hassle.  I’m digging this, though, even if it’s kind of violent.  Hooray for a random pick I actually like!

Getbackers – Episodes 6-8 GetBackers Cover

Seriously?  The random number generator gave me this show first pick from my list.  I guess even random number generators want me to send this back to my rental service.  Thankfully, these three episodes were all connected and actually interesting.  Plus, the dub voices were much less annoying, which meant I could turn the subtitles off.  The Getbackers have to retrieve a stolen violin for a blind musical prodigy.  However, one of Ginji’s old gang members is the one keeping the instrument hostage.  Uh oh.  I love these side characters.  This dude can control animals by whistling, and he ends up controlling the blind girl’s dog and they fall for each other.  Odd….but it works.  He also forgives Ginji for leaving his gang and doesn’t want to murder Ban anymore, so that’s a plus.  And we were introduced to another gang member who has this string that slices people to ribbons.  Awesome.  I can’t wait to finish this disc.  I know, I never thought I would say that, either.

That’s it for this week.  I really didn’t have a whole lot of time to crank anything out, but I’ll try to be more focused for the next installment.  And hey, the new season is starting!  Right now, my picks are looking to be: Karneval and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kaku, which I know isn’t a show, but I can’t find anything else that looks interesting at first glance.  I thought there was supposed to be some Lucky Star spin-off, but I couldn’t find it in the chart.  I’m probably mistaken.  If that exists, I’ll watch that, as well.  What are you looking forward to in the new season?  Send me your picks!