Anime Mondays #15

I should really call this post “Random-e Mondays” this week.  Why?  Pretty much everything I sat down to watch came from closing my eyes and scrolling through the Netflix Instant anime section or using a random number generator to go through my MAL to pick a show for me.  I couldn’t make a decision to save my life this week.  Case in point: I needed to buy a dress to wear to a wedding coming up, and instead of getting one, I bought three.  Maybe next week I’ll be able to think for myself again, but until that happens, here’s what the random anime gods chose for me to watch.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Case Closed (Detective Conan) – Episodes 103-105 Case Closed Cover

Okay, so this show wasn’t that random.  The DVD was still sitting in the player in my bedroom, so I fell asleep watching this almost every night this week.  Ergo, it took me seven days to watch three episodes.  Ugh.  This must have been the start of a new season when it aired in Japan because the horribly converted-to-English opening theme was gone and was replaced by an even worse one in Japanese.  Seriously, what am I going to do when I finish the last dubbed season on Netflix?  This will probably get dropped until I can find a good place to watch the remaining 400 episodes.  Anyway, the first case was a one-off about some rich dude getting offed by his kids, except the kids didn’t really do it.  Saw that one coming a mile away.  The next two episodes were parts one and two about some famous potter (no, not Harry) whose wife/assistant/business manager apparently commits suicide.  Except she doesn’t.  This was pretty much all filler except that the fat police chief said something like, “Why do I always have to chalk it up to coincidence that Conan is always present when there’s a corpse around?”  FINALLY.  ONLY AFTER 105 EPISODES AND TWO MOVIES.  Now I can finally send this back to Netflix where it belongs.

Dragon Drive – Episode 5 Dragon Drive Cover

This show has now gone from awesome video game/Pokemon-like adventure to show that takes place in an alternate universe.  Go back to being a video game.  If I wanted to watch a fantasy, I’d watch El Hazard.  I have it all.  I can do that, you know.  I hate it when shows take a turn for the worse less than ten episodes in.




Darker Than Black – Episode 1 Darker Than Black Cover

This is what closing my eyes and holding down the scroll button on Netflix decided I should watch.  Actually, I’ve had it in my queue for awhile but never bothered to start it.  It’s kind of complicated, honestly.  The world has been taken over by these guys with paranormal powers, but cities have erected giant gates to keep them out.  However, they somehow get in anyway and start causing trouble.  The most interesting part of the premiere episode is when this new guy moves into an apartment complex and meets this girl…love at first sight, don’tcha know.  She’s being chased by this evil dude who killed one of the paranormal guys that I guess she was dating?  But the new guy saves her multiple times.  He even grabs her and they make out so that she’s not seen in this chase scene.  He’s interesting.  Everything else is pretty confusing.  But this was a two part episode and I only watched the first part because I got bored.  Next time the random button sticks, I’ll give it another shot.

Trinity Blood – Episodes 1-2 Trinity Blood Cover

Another random pick, Trinity Blood captured my attention for two whole episodes!  It would have been three, but I fell asleep…whoops.  However, continuing my odd fascination with ending themes, this show has a really great one.  It helps that it’s in English.  But it has a really great lyric: “My broken wings, still strong enough to cross the ocean with.”  Ugh.  Bravo.  It gets stuck in your head.  In fact, it’s stuck in mine right now.  Just that line.  Cause I can’t remember anything else.  Anyway, so this is a show about vampires.  Not JUST vampires, though, there are also vampires who SUCK THE BLOOD OF OTHER VAMPIRES.  Finally, something different.  Then there’s a whole church aspect thrown in there, which I’m not really getting, but I’m sure it’ll be explained later.  The first episode has a really bad ass girl in it who flies a plane when this vampire kills all the other pilots…but I have no idea what happened to her at the end of the episode.  Shit, I swear, I look away for 20 seconds and I get the ending theme.  In episode 2, there’s a completely different story with this little kid witch who everyone keeps trying to kill.  But what happened to the pilot girl???  Somebody tell me cause it’s driving me nuts and I don’t want to rewatch the episode.  Re-watching shit on Netflix Instant is such a hassle.  I’m digging this, though, even if it’s kind of violent.  Hooray for a random pick I actually like!

Getbackers – Episodes 6-8 GetBackers Cover

Seriously?  The random number generator gave me this show first pick from my list.  I guess even random number generators want me to send this back to my rental service.  Thankfully, these three episodes were all connected and actually interesting.  Plus, the dub voices were much less annoying, which meant I could turn the subtitles off.  The Getbackers have to retrieve a stolen violin for a blind musical prodigy.  However, one of Ginji’s old gang members is the one keeping the instrument hostage.  Uh oh.  I love these side characters.  This dude can control animals by whistling, and he ends up controlling the blind girl’s dog and they fall for each other.  Odd….but it works.  He also forgives Ginji for leaving his gang and doesn’t want to murder Ban anymore, so that’s a plus.  And we were introduced to another gang member who has this string that slices people to ribbons.  Awesome.  I can’t wait to finish this disc.  I know, I never thought I would say that, either.

That’s it for this week.  I really didn’t have a whole lot of time to crank anything out, but I’ll try to be more focused for the next installment.  And hey, the new season is starting!  Right now, my picks are looking to be: Karneval and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kaku, which I know isn’t a show, but I can’t find anything else that looks interesting at first glance.  I thought there was supposed to be some Lucky Star spin-off, but I couldn’t find it in the chart.  I’m probably mistaken.  If that exists, I’ll watch that, as well.  What are you looking forward to in the new season?  Send me your picks!


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