Anime Mondays #16

You guys.  I think I’ve fallen in love.  No, seriously.  Legit.  Like head over heels.  I’ve been in love before but this is a different kind of love.  Like a love I should not have.  A love that’s all sorts of fucked up.  A love that’s….well…

All images are from MAL and there are spoilers below up to the episodes listed!

Mawaru Penguindrum – Episodes 5-12 Penguindrum Cover

Yeah, I’ve fallen in love with Penguindrum.  Sadly, it is not a Mr. Glitterbots, but a show that’s so messed up it hurts my heart.  Last Sunday, I clipped through 8 episodes of this and then immediately went on Right Stuf to pay a non-sale, non-discounted price for the next set.  Shit, you know if that happens, it must be fate.  And speaking of fate…this show is all about it.  I don’t want to spoil what happens in the back 12 (which I have already started watching, just wait until I finish this beast of a show), but fate, destiny, it plays a huge part in the underlying plot.  It’s like…a character I don’t even like dies and I am sitting here sobbing like a giant freak show.  I have no feelings for this character, but when they died, it was like I got shot in the chest.  It’s like you have to know what’s going on.  You have to watch and watch and watch until you solve the mystery, and each time you get a clue, it’s shrouded in so much fucked-up-ness — I can’t even think of a word to describe it other than that — that you’re happy you know what’s going on, but you’re just staring at the television going, “What the shit…this is NOT going to end well.”  I’m devouring it like a lion attacking a zebra in the jungle.  I don’t want it to end, but I want it to end so I know what the hell is happening.  It’s very surreal.  It’s hard to figure out sometimes.  But they are doing so much to explain the plot after they show you what happens so that you have to go back, watch it again, and check out the details and clues in hindsight.  They’re all there.  You just have to realize it.  I don’t want to divulge anything else until I’m done with this show, but if you like shows like Revolutionary Girl Utena, the ones that make you think and groan and want to cover your eyes but peek through your fingers, then please, WATCH MAWARU PENGUINDRUM.  It’s not just a stupid show about penguins and aliens as the descriptions may lead you to believe.  And when you’re done watching it, and I’m done watching it, come talk to me because I need to gush to someone all about my brand new love affair and all the chaos it causes.

GetBackers – Episodes 9-10 GetBackers Cover

You know how I said last time that the show was getting good?  I lied.  It’s back to being a piece of shit, even with the poison girl coming back for these two episodes.  This plot is just so boring, the only thing I can tell you about it is that it has to do with an art thief.  There are a bunch of commentaries for this disc, and they are still the most inane DVD commentaries known to mankind.  ADV really tried to make GetBackers happen, much like Gretchen Wieners tried to make “fetch” happen, and I just think the show is never going to happen.  I won’t give up, though.  I’ll never give up…unless you’re Girls Bravo.

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch – Episodes 18-23 Mermaid Melody Cover

Playing the Random-e game with my MAL landed me on this show, and then I kind of got into it so I watched all the episodes I had on my external hard drive.  Sometimes, you just need to turn your brain off and watch something with bright, pretty colors.  Normally, I’d go on a Sailor Moon bender, but I only have the first two series subbed on DVD and the later two dubs are terrible and I will only watch them with subtitles.  I picked up Mermaid Melody awhile back because I’d heard it was pretty much a carbon copy of Sailor Moon but takes place in the ocean and has less of a plot.  Well…that’s pretty accurate.  I think there’s plot in about three whole episodes that were before the ones I watched this week.  I vaguely remember it, but those episodes were great.  The ones in the middle are filler central, but with all the personal drama I had this week, it was adorable filler that needed to come into my life.  The basic premise is this: three girls who are mermaid princesses…..well…….okay, the plot is so bad that I forgot it.  But you only need to know that they can’t tell anyone they are mermaids or they will turn into bubbles, and when they touch water, they will transform.  However, they can transform AGAIN into this idol group and that’s how they fight monsters: with their voices.  Honestly, the singing is pretty terrible, so I can buy it.  The best parts of the show are with Luchia (or possibly Lucia, the subs I have spell it both ways) and Kaito because they’re both too chicken shit to tell each other they’re in love with the other person.  UGH GIVE IT UP AND MAKE OUT ALREADY.  The sad part is that they do, but they still won’t go out together.  One day.  I have faith.  I’d also like to inform future Mr. Glitterbots that if we ever have a daughter, my top name choice is Lucia (pronounced Lu-SHA, not Lu-SEE-ah), so just keep that in the back of your mind.  Thanks, anime, you’re better than a baby names book.

Dirty Pair – Episode 1 Dirty Pair Cover

During Right Stuf’s latest Nozomi sale, I picked up this entire franchise.  I love classic anime, and I vaguely remember watching something Dirty Pair-related on the Sci-Fi Channel back in the day when they used to show anime at night for one week a year or something.  However, I did remember a dub…this does not have a dub.  It’ll take me longer to watch it, but that’s okay.  It’s also reminiscent of a cop show….even longer.  I kid, but I need to watch another couple episodes when I’m not distracted as hell to make a judgement call.  Right now, all I can tell you is that it’s about two girls who call themselves Lovely Angels, while everyone else calls them the Dirty Pair.  Hmm…clearly there’s some mistaken identity.  Don’t worry.  I’m a freaking detective.  I’ll solve it.

And that’s all folks.  Now if you’ll excuse me, halfway through this post, I saved a draft and finished Mawaru Penguindrum, and I’m still crying like a jerkface while listening to “Ash-Gray Wednesday.”  Check out the blog tomorrow for my spoiler filled jumble of thoughts I have about this outstanding anime.



  1. i am terribly afriad when an anime like Mawaru Penguindrum has the genre “tragedy” in it. Yes i understand how you feel when everything just gets so sad and desperate you cant help it .Have you watched Clannad? You’d cry your heart out probably, and just slowly imerse yourself into the story and you’d cry because its sad, beautiful, funny, painful, full of joy. this one has everything to offer. Clannad, and Clannad Afterstory,( its the continuation ). Recommended (:

    1. I have seen Clannad and Afterstory, and I think I’m the only person who didn’t like them. I thought Clannad focused on too many side stories, and I liked Afterstory because it didn’t for the most part, but I just wasn’t a fan. I cried way more during Kanon 2006.

      1. ah, Kanon 06. Yes i’ve watched it too.
        both real sad animes, but i somehow got real immersed into the Clannad story. And probably i can relate to the story in some sense. Sometimes it could be due to the situation you are in or the things you are going through at that point of time maybe? haha.

      2. I know a lot of people love Clannad! I was just really bored with it. And you’re right, I couldn’t relate at all…not that I turned into a fox like the girl in Kanon that made me cry, but you know, lol.

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