Disney World Pre-Trip Report #1

To be perfectly honest with you, the one thing I’ve been looking forward to for over a year now is going on this vacation my friends and I have been planning.  We’re starting it off with a spin on a giant boat hosted by the Backstreet Boys that goes to the Bahamas, and then we’re ending it up with a trip to Disney World!  We booked the cruise first, and then I was like, well, if we’re gonna be in Florida, maybe we can take a bus and go to Disney for a day just because I have a little niece and I want to take her there in the next couple years, and, let’s be real, I haven’t been since I was six years old.  To this suggestion I was told there was no way we could just spend one day there…we would need at least a week.

And thus, the most epic vacation I have ever taken was spawned.  Awesome.

Now, if you know anything about Disney (and I didn’t, I had to research all this crap up), it’s like…the most pre-planned thing ever.  You have to book your room super far in advance, buy tickets before you even get there, hell, even going to eat in a restaurant means you need to book it six months to the day before your trip.  That’s freaking insane.  But, we jumped in head first, and most of our trip is ready to go.  Shockingly, I’ve had really great vacation mojo (maybe this is making up for my serious lack of concert commando’ing lately), and we have everything booked that we wanted to do.  So are you ready for the best reservation line up of all time?  Of course you are.

We’re staying for a week at Pop Century Resort, and our reasoning was this: we’re not going to spend a lot of time in our room, and we don’t want to have to share a bus with any other hotel.  No way in hell are we driving anywhere (I have had horrid experiences with rental cars in the past), so Disney is just going to have to take us everywhere we want to go.  Luckily, it’s free if you stay on property.  So, while it’s not the bottom of the barrel of their Value Resorts, it’s not the four star experience, but we’re okay with that.  I’m kind of a hotel snob, but once I stayed in this incredibly awful casino and didn’t die in the middle of the night, so we should be fine.

We’re also going during the week of Halloween, which means we are going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!  I know what my costume is going to be, I just haven’t procured it yet…but don’t worry, I will.  Here’s a hint: I have a reservation at the Pirates League to get some makeup done.  Now you know it can only be one of two things. 😉

This past week, I received a very special email that gave us free dining!  That means that we get two meals a day, plus a snack FREE for every night we spend there.  Yes, you heard right.  FREE FOOD.  For two of us, we saved $440.  And, we upgraded our plan, which means we get to eat one meal per day at an actual restaurant, not just a glorified McDonald’s.  So we had to make some dining reservations.  Are you ready for these?  Prepare to have your mind blown.  We have ADRs at…

  • T-Rex Restaurant because I am obsessed with dinosaurs and I’ll probably spend more time looking around in there and buying stuff than we will eating
  • Cinderella’s Royal Table at breakfast BEFORE THE PARK OPENS.  Like…way before.  So we get to go down Main Street USA with nobody there and take a zillion pictures before the place gets ridiculous
  • Fantasmic Dinner Package at Mama Melrose because I’m not giving up a Toy Story Mania fast pass or fast pass plus to see the show when we can just eat for free and get better seats and not have to die in line
  • Le Cellier which I canceled, so if anyone wants a lunch reservation on Halloween, you can probably snap that up right now
  • Via Napoli because I heard the pizza was fantastic
  • 1900 Park Faire Cinderella Dinner because there will be boys there.  In prince form.  That’s all you need to know.
  • Crystal Palace breakfast before the park opens so we can take even MORE pictures with nobody else in them.  And finally….
  • Be Our Guest for dinner.  On a Saturday night.  BE SO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW.   I even had to call and change it to add extra people and I still got a great time on a Saturday night.

So BAM!  Disney trip planned.  And we have enough wiggle room to change parks on a couple days but still hit them all.  So now when I ask repeatedly, “Is it October yet?” you know why.


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