Anime Mondays #21

I probably should have held this post over for a week, seeing as it’s going to be extremely abbreviated.  How do you like those $2 words?  No, but seriously, May is always a ridiculously busy month for me because everyone and their mother has a birthday (including me! I’m thinking I might host a giveaway…) and then there are graduations, work things, plus I’ve been sick…insanity.  Instead of this post, I should have done just a random one or something, but the inspiration isn’t striking at the moment, so…here you go!

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Honey and Clover – Episodes 9-12 and First Special Honey and Clover Cover

So, I started renting this off Netflix around the same time Viz licensed NANA because I saw the trailer and I was like, “oh…I went to art school!  Maybe I’ll like this.”  Well, this anime is about visual arts school, not performing arts, which is what I attended.  It started off pretty well, though, like a not-very-dramatic soap opera about a group of kids in college.  However, just a warning, it has one of the most DISTURBING openings ever.  It will make you never want to play with your food again.  Anyway, it kept going, and I was semi-interested, and it just popped up into my queue the other day…and I’ve officially grown unimpressed.  For once, I was actually hoping the special was a recap episode because I had completely forgotten almost everything that happened prior to episode 9, but it wasn’t.  It’s a side story.  And I just had absolutely no interest in anything that was going on…and it wasn’t much, to be honest with you.  Honey and Clover is one of those slice-of-life shows where absolutely nothing happens…if you like those, then go for it, but I’m still waiting for a confession or a kiss or…ANYTHING.  It’s definitely not like NANA.  But at least it’s not as boring as Aria the Natural.  PS – yeah, I still hate that anime and the hours it subtracted from my life.

Dragon Drive – Episode 8 Dragon Drive Cover

I’m gonna be honest with you; I can’t remember anything about this episode other than I know I finished it because I took the DVD out of the player.  Man, it sucks when a show is so uninteresting I can’t remember a single thing about it.  Ridiculous.




Fate/Stay Night – Episode 1 Fate Stay Night Cover

This is another Netflix pick because I heard everyone raving about Fate/Zero and my OCD forces me to watch everything in order, so here we go.  I attempted to watch more than one episode of this, but I promptly fell asleep through episode 2…twice.  This does not bode well.  As far as I can tell, Fate/Stay Night is about this tournament fighter (yes!) where seven people gets a random magical assistant by picking a card and then they enter this tournament to…I don’t know.  Win?  There’s this really popular girl who has this hot as hell assistant but is, for some reason, disappointed by this.  Um…why?  Let me reiterate, HOT AS HELL.  And then there’s this dude who fixes equipment, but I don’t know what his deal is yet.  Also, the blonde person on the cover is a girl….which I completely didn’t know.  Thanks, opening, for showing me the light.  I hope this gets at least a little better, to where I’m not bored to unconsciousness by watching it, but if everyone loves the sequel,  I guess the masses can’t be wrong…right?

Rose of Versailles – Episodes 6-10 Rose of Versailles Cover

This show is not losing any of its steam whatsoever.  If nothing, the petty drama is morphing into REAL drama, which makes the melodramatic aspects of this anime even better.  Goddamn, I love this show.  I’m so happy I bought this, and when I’m done with the first set, I don’t know how I’m going to survive the wait until the second comes out.  On this week’s RoV, we have Marie Antoinette meeting the gorgeous Fersen, and it’s love at first sight, except, oops, she’s married!  Then she wants to go horseback riding but doesn’t listen to gorgeous stable boy Andre and almost dies because she’s an idiot and almost kills him because he couldn’t stop the horse, and apparently, back in the day, that was grounds for execution.  Bitch better watch her back.  Luckily, she gets him out of trouble, so snaps in her direction.  And finally, and most importantly, the king dies of smallpox, kicks out bitchy Madame du Barry because he can’t have a whore by his side and go to heaven, and Marie Antoinette becomes queen!  The emotion in this show is unreal.  It’s sad that I cheered for someone to get a fatal disease and die just so Madame du Barry could be exiled because she’s such a wench.  And the ever-so-informative narrator lets us know that slut got executed later.  BAM!  Karma is a bitch.  Please go buy this.  If I weren’t trying to ration myself so that I’ll have less of a gap between sets, I probably would have finished this already.

And that’s it.  Yes, seriously.   I’m gonna start ranking the weekly shows I watch at the end of the posts in case you are avoiding spoilers and don’t want to read the blurbs.

Best of the Week: Rose of Versailles

Love it or Leave it: Honey and Clover, Fate/Stay Night

Hope it Gets Better: Dragon Drive

Do you guys have any suggestions for a giveaway?  I have a bunch of anime that I bought doubles of that needs to go to a good home.  I could do Crunchyroll memberships, Funimation memberships, beauty stuff…I don’t know.  What do you want?  Because, clearly, when it’s my birthday, I give the presents.


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