Welcome to Celebration Week!

I know that sometimes my blog posts are sporadic.  Okay, more than sporadic.  Like, once a week if I’m lucky.  It’s not that I don’t want to post, it’s just that I’m a busy girl with a life full of glitter.  But the last week of May brings many awesome things, including my birthday!  So, let’s party Glitterbots-style.  No, not with a bunch of robots and rope and covering up ice floors, but with a bunch of awesome blog posts and presents…for you!

There will be a new post everyday this week, including a giveaway, just to say thanks to all my readers.  You guys are the shit, honestly.  Whether you stumbled upon this blog because I posted about a sale on nail polish, or you saw a picture of Mandy Moore’s Tangled-esque haircut, or you like how I ramble about all the anime I watch, I appreciate the stumbling.  You can tumble on into my arms if you want to and I’ll give you all a great big hug.

I’m gonna feel like a giant Disneyfied tool, but what are you celebrating?  Parties for you, too!  Parties for everyone!

Now, just enjoy this Ke$ha gif I found on tumblr.  See you tomorrow!



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