Anime Mondays #22

Man, today is the best Monday ever.  Not only because it’s Celebration Week, but because it’s a freaking holiday!  So before you all go off to your barbeques, check out all the anime I marathoned my way through last week.  This one is gonna be a doozy, folks, so strap in.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed below!

Fate/Stay Night – Episodes 2-4 Fate Stay Night Cover

I gave the rest of the disc a shot shortly after I wrote last week’s post.  And man…this anime has a lot of talking.  I think there was one entire episode in this bunch that consisted entirely of some priest dude explaining the overall back story for this tournament.  But it was just him talking…no awesome visuals or anything.  The main dude is gonna join up in this tournament, fight to the death style.  It sucks because he’s gonna have to fight against the girl who is helping him, but nothing is really brought up about this point, other than she says once, “You know we’re enemies,” or something equally as noncommittal.  The dude dies, the girl brings him back to life, there’s some more uninteresting fighting…why is this franchise so popular?  Someone please tell me it gets better, or, at the very least, tolerable…

Attack on Titan – Episodes 1-7 Attack on Titan Cover

I’ll completely admit that I avoided this show like the plague.  I read the reviews, saw the youtubes, and I was like, there’s no way this show could be that great that everybody and their dog likes it, right?  Something has to be wrong with it, and then I’ll get sucked into the hype and watch it even if it sucks and hate myself for it later.  Plus, I thought this was about giant robots for some reason (I guess I was getting it confused with that Gargantia show, but don’t quote me on if that has robots or not, I’m just taking a shot in the dark).  So let me just say right now: I was wrong.  This show is completely worth the hype.  WATCH ATTACK ON TITAN.  Instead of giant robots, the show is about this city that’s surrounded by giant walls that people built to keep from going extinct because the world became invaded by these giant people.  Well…they’re not really people…they’re just naked giants with no sex organs who eat people.  Gross.  So they barricaded themselves inside these walls and have been living peacefully for a long time…until this super giant climbs the wall and busts a hole in it and the shit hits the fan.  This one kid named Eren wants to be a part of the militia that goes outside the walls to kill the giants, and once they get inside and eat his freaking mother, now he’s got revenge on the brain.  There are a lot of time skips in this ala Sword Art Online, but they’re not as jarring as the latter.  And let me tell you, once episode 5 hits…it’s like a fucking gut punch.  This is a 25 episode show, so I have no idea if it’s going to peter out or what (and honestly, after 5, it has for me, slightly, but there are just a lot of questions that haven’t been answered) but I’ll be there for the ride…along with everybody else.  The fangirl flag is flying….goddamn it.

Dragon Drive – Episodes 9-12 Dragon Drive Cover

I’m honestly sitting here trying to remember what happened in this string of episodes.  I know there were a couple of little, rich, spoiled brat kids and some battles….and I’m getting it confused with the last few episodes I watched of Yu Yu Hakusho where I know they started the tournament fighting…and this, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you watch too many tournament fighters at one time.  I just can’t do it.  There’s nothing even remotely memorable about this anime.  The OCD is the only thing compelling me to finish it, and I don’t hate it or find it annoying like I did with Evangelion…it’s just…it just exists.  That’s it, Dragon Drive.


The World God Only Knows – Episodes 8-12 The World God Only Knows Cover(Finished!)

I’m going to do a full review on this (spoiler alert), so I won’t say a whole lot about the show here, other than I’m glad I didn’t buy season 2.  I’ll still watch it, or possibly pick it up if it’s part of a really great sale, but the anime left me completely unfulfilled.  It was amusing, but it didn’t live up to its potential.  PLUS IT ENDED ON FILLER.  AND IT DIDN’T EVEN REALLY END, IT JUST SAID, “SEE YOU NEXT SEASON!”  I fucking hate that noise.  I ranked The World God Only Knows 6/1o on MAL.



InuYasha – Episodes 11-13 InuYasha Cover

So I have all seven seasons of this show sitting on my shelf, just waiting for me to watch.  I never watched it on Toonami or anything, but I picked them up for a really great price — read: cheap — and I started to watch it…and put it on the back burner.  It didn’t help that when I wanted to continue that I accidentally put the wrong disc in and ended up watching 3/4 of an episode I had already completed.  Yeah, I guess the first season or so isn’t that memorable.  Or maybe it is and I’m just distracted.  Anyway, InuYasha is about this dog/demon guy and this girl from the future who falls down a well or something into his time period, and she’s really the reincarnation of…someone from his life (I want to say his family, but I don’t want to put out the creepy incest vibe if that’s not true), so it’s a shonen love story…ish.  The true reason I put off watching it for this long was because I heard the ending sucked, but now that InuYasha The Final Act is completed, I think I can watch it, as long as I start from the beginning.  It’s okay.  It’s not as entertaining as One Piece, and doesn’t have the fighting like Bleach, but I’ll keep on keeping on.

GetBackers – Episodes 16-17 GetBackers Cover

The Makubex arc is STILL going on.  Oh my god.  PLEASE BE OVER SOON.  This is all my anime rental service is fucking sending me.  I have three discs of it sitting here, and I can’t get anything new until I send some back, and this NEVER-ENDING ARC IS STILL HAPPENING AND I JUST DON’T CARE ANYMORE.  I WANT TO WATCH PERSONA 4, UGH, PLEASE JUST SEND IT TO ME I PUT IT AT THE TOP OF MY QUEUE, GOD.  Ahem.  Sorry.  I’m just really sick of this arc.  I need something new to happen.  Please, oh please, god.



Uta no Prince Sama 1000% (Season 1) – Episodes 1-13 (Finished!) Uta no Prince Sama Cover

A full, non-spoiler review of this show will be up tomorrow, so until then, let’s put the spoilers here where they belong.  If you want to watch this show and not be spoiled at all, scroll down until you see the next picture.  Okay?  Okay.


Seriously?  Seriously.  This seriously happened.  I can’t get over it.  Like, were six hot guys not enough?  They had to add in this ridiculous cat/god/muse who has been following her around the entire series, leading Haruka towards Ichinose…why?  If he loves her, why would he lead her towards another fucking dude?  And other than the fact that she didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, why didn’t she choose Ichinose to be her partner?  I don’t know about you, but if my biggest dream was to write music for HAYATO, and HAYATO was right in front of me asking me to write his songs, I WOULD HAVE WRITTEN HIS GODDAMNED SONGS.  I know it’s a freaking reverse harem, so I’m cutting it some slack because I’m hard pressed to find a harem where the protagonist picks a partner (except for Shuffle! and that was fucking terrible), but come on.  HER LIFE GOAL.  HER DREAM.  RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER FACE SAYING LIVE ME!  LIVE YOUR DREAM!  And no.  I mean, clearly I enjoyed myself watching this way more than any sane person should because I ranked it 8/10 on MAL, and I’m more than likely going to start marathoning season 2 as soon as I’m done with this post, but…come on.  Also I really want to play this game, if only so I can choose bi-polar Natsuki and watch the Degrassi-esque drama unfold…but I bet that doesn’t happen either.  I don’t know, I’ve never played a visual novel or a dating sim other than some interactive DVD I rented by accident and the girl died at the end.  Annnnnd… Syo reminds me of a non-rehab AJ McLean, and that makes me really happy.  I talk about Uta Pri way too much, and I’m fairly certain that no one cares.  Oh well.

Baka and Test OVA Series – Episodes 1-2 + Specials (Finished!) Baka and Test OVA Cover

I’m debating on whether or not I’m going to give this a full review (I know, I don’t have something written in advance of posting it?? Gasp.), so I’ll just say here that I really enjoyed these OVAs.  I started watching them right after they had aired in Japan the first time and couldn’t get through them for the life of me…I have no idea why that happened, because the two episodes are pretty freaking hysterical.  They basically took the best parts of season 1 and squished them into two episodes, and, thankfully, made one of them an avatar battle.  I think those battles are the best part of the series, and when there were only a couple in the first season, I wasn’t that impressed.  However, the OVA series has a perfect filler/battle ratio.  I wouldn’t watch the OVA before I had watched season 1, because you’re going to be totally lost as to what’s happening, but it’s a nice companion to the series before season 2 starts.  Plus, the specials spoof dating sims, and I don’t care, it’s still hysterical every time someone thinks Hideyoshi is actually a girl, especially when it’s his best freaking friend.  I ranked the OVA series 9/10 on MAL.

And now for the Cliff Notes version of this post:

Best of the Week: Uta no Prince Sama, Attack on Titan, Baka and Test OVA

Love it or Leave it: InuYasha, The World God Only Knows

Hope it Gets Better: Fate/Stay Night, GetBackers, Dragon Drive

Come back tomorrow for an Uta Pri review, and keep checking for my birthday giveaway!  If you come to these posts for the Crunchyroll guest passes, I guarantee you will like the prize.


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