Month: August 2013

Anime Mondays #29

Let’s not talk about the time we didn’t have, let’s just talk about the time we have, shall we?  Life has been pretty crazy.  Two weeks ago, I was having one of the greatest concert experiences I have ever had, and last weekend I was at Comicon where I discovered the joys of wearing a Pikachu costume.  Lots of Ash, even a Team Rocket, but Pokemon?  There weren’t a whole lot, if any.  It was stupid fun, but I only went for Saturday and Sunday, and I feel like I could have used the other two days to get the full experience.  Anyway, we’re here to talk about anime, and it’s not a lot, but I tried.  Also, this post has a surprise inside, so you know what to do!

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers listed up to the episodes below!

Hellsing Ultimate – Episode 1 Hellsing Ultimate Cover

I really wanted to watch all of the original Hellsing before I watched the OVAs, but I got this on a really great deal from amazon and got the urge to crack it open a couple of weeks ago.  (Now, however, I have lost my Blu-ray remote and can’t watch jack shit, but I digress…)  Luckily, the first episode of the OVA covered exactly what I had watched in the original series!  Baller.  The animation quality in this far surpasses the tv series, but the plot moves so quickly, it’s like at warp speed.  I thought the original Hellsing series was pretty confusing, but I’m not even trying to make sense out of Hellsing Ultimate.  It clips along at a ridiculous pace, and while it’s great to have a better quality anime, I just wish the plot wouldn’t have suffered.  Also, the annoying dub voices are back (minus Alucard, whoever plays him is just awesome), and I pretty much want to punch every character in the face.  Hopefully, this gets better as the episodes go on.

K-On!! – Episodes 5-7 K-on!! Cover

This show is not getting any better.  I can tell you that episode 7 was at least a bright spot, though.  I thought it was going to be a recap episode because the whole thing was about the Mio fanclub, but it turned out to be a pretty cute 22 minutes, where the band threw a tea party for the Mio fanclub, and the poor girl just didn’t know how to react to all these people stalking her.  I get the Moe/adorable quotient of the show now, but I still wish they played more music.  A girl can dream…



Danganronpa: The Animation – Episodes 5-7 Danganronpa Cover

Well, absolutely ALL my favorite characters are dead now, but this show is still fantastic, even if I guessed the murderer right away in the third arc.  This show is really clipping along at a frantic pace, and I wish it went for 24 episodes rather than the 13 it’s getting, because I feel it could completely be fleshed out into more.  I don’t really care who lives and who dies from now on (although it’s painfully obvious the main, normal dude is going to win), but I’d like to know the motivations behind the school, Monokuma and the mole who was revealed in episode 7.  Ugh, what a great episode.  I swear, every week, I make time for this and sit and yell at my television.  Fun for everyone involved, even the people in my house who aren’t watching.

GetBackers – Episodes 36-40 GetBackers Cover

This anime has felt like the neverending journey, and, truth be told, I can’t decide if I’ve liked it or not.  There are so many sub-characters and back stories that have been delved into, but there are just as many that haven’t, in favor of stupid fighting and/or filler episodes, but here’s the kicker: the comedic filler episodes have been the best ones.  There was one where Ginji was in the hospital that’s been the funniest and best episode of the whole series for me, and then they jumped to a Shido back story, which, while it should have been riveting, just wasn’t.  I believe episode 40 was a really great episode, too, though for the life of me, I can’t remember why, I just recall that I really wanted the next disc to come soon because I wanted to see what happened.  Let me Wiki it, hold on.  OH.  It was about a monkey.  So, see, it was stupid, but the stupid ones are saving this series.  It’s not like I’m dreading it so much that I am praying for it to be over, but I really want to see if it was worth all the time I’ve invested in it so far.

Haganai – Episodes 1-5 Haganai Cover

Alright, I know I’ve watched 1-4 of this show already, but the Funimation Channel put the dub up early, so I re-watched the first four, plus a new one.  I don’t want to get too far into this, though, because I bought the DVDs, and as soon as my The Future Diary pre-order comes in, it will be in my hot little hands.  Guys, the dub isn’t as bad as everyone says it is.  Yeah, I didn’t get the voice for the dark-haired girl for the first episode, but she gets a lot better.  The blonde girl is fantastic.  And the dude….well it’s Jerry Jewell, so it’s completely deadpan.  I still like this show, despite the fanservice.  It’s not on the level of High School DxD (yet), and it’s a really sweet show about a group of people trying to make friends…though I could have done without the robot porn.  I just want my boxset to come.  Usually Right Stuf is so good about splitting up orders, come on now.

The Future Diary – Episode 1 Future Diary Cover

Because I love series like The Hunger Games, I feel like The Future Diary has been recommended to me more times than I could count.  I was between buying this or Guilty Crown, and even though the latter seems to be an Utena ripoff, I chose to go with the death game anime.  I cheated and watched this episode with the dub early instead of waiting for my set, and from what I can gather so far, a small group of people have diaries on their cell phones that can tell the future, but they’re all after one another and only one can survive.  I’m sure this will get more convoluted as the show goes on, but for a first episode, it really caught my attention.  Like I said previously, I don’t want to watch a whole lot more until my set comes in (although, with the damned DVD remote missing, I’m fighting a losing battle here), but as soon as it does, I’ll be marathoning that shit.  Count on it.

Best of the Week: Danganronpa, The Future Diary, Haganai

Love it or Leave it: GetBackers, Hellsing Ultimate

Hope it Gets Better: K-On!!

And since it’s a special week, here is a free Crunchyroll guest pass!


There wasn’t a lot, but I did manage to watch some quality shit.  THANK GOD.  See you next time!