Anime Mondays #32

Hello ladies and gents, I come to you this week sick as hell.  The weather changed here so freaking quickly that my head feels like a bunch of horses are trampling through it every single second.  Today’s post might be slightly less witty, but at least it exists.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed below!

Magic Knight Rayearth – Episodes 7-10 Magic Knight Rayearth Cover

Ah, a rewatch.  I love it when I love a show so much I have to not only watch it twice, but to purchase it, as well.  Although, truth be told, if I didn’t buy this show, there would be something wrong with me.  This was one of the shows I’d use to glue pictures from on my folders for school, even though I’d never seen it.  I listened to the theme song so much that I could sing the Japanese from memory when I’d never seen an episode.  And then, when I saw the whole series, I fell in love and wasn’t disappointed with the hype…well…sort of.  But when I get to the end, I’ll discuss it there.  MKR is a magical girl show from the 90’s made by Clamp, so you know it’s going to be gorgeous.  Hikaru, Umi and Fuu are three strangers thrown together into the magical world of Cephiro, and that’s where the fun begins.  Umi has always been my favorite…probably because I had hair like hers until I was a senior in high school…just not blue.  The episodes I got through this week were definitely some great ones: Fuu’s crush, Hikaru’s love for her dog, Umi’s strength and love for her new friends…ugh.  Seriously, if you haven’t seen this show, just do yourself a favor and get on that shit right now.  It’s remastered from Media Blasters.

The Future Diary – Episodes 11-16 Future Diary Cover

How excited was I when Funimation magically listened to my plea and put the whole dubbed series up for streaming???  Marry me Justin Rojas.  I don’t really care for the new opening and ending as much as the first ones, but the series has not stopped being fucked up yet.  Thankfully, Yuki and his friends got out of Yuno’s death trap alive, but now there’s another power couple and all this talk about Yuki using Yuno and feeding her lines about how much he loves her just to stay alive…I mean, I know the girl is batshit crazy and clearly desperate, but come the fuck on.  Why can’t he get along with just his own diary?  It tells him everything, and the only thing Yuno is is a crazy bitch enforcer.  Yuki had some balls for one episode, and now it’s back to being a little bitch again.  I still love this show, though.  Just because one character is a pussy doesn’t mean I’m ready to forsake it yet.

Naruto – Episodes 2-3 Naruto cover

See how I am slowly making progress on this show?  A few episodes every four months.  At this pace, I’ll have it finished before I croak.  So…why do people like this show again?  I mean, I was getting kind of into it until one episode evolved into a bunch of shots of Naruto going to the bathroom and I was like, well now I have found the epitome of toilet humor.  Literally.  It’s just not good.  Does it get better?  Please, someone tell me it gets better…the first box set has 25 episodes in it.  I don’t know if I can take much more without forcing myself.


Attack on Titan – Episodes 22-23 Attack on Titan Cover

I have absolutely nothing to say except that I called it.  And I have written, blog proof.  I’m pretty much over this show now that I know nothing is going to get resolved before it’s over and I’m either forced to wait for another season or read the manga, both of which I hate doing.





Watamote – Episodes 5-10 Watamote Cover

I caught up with not only one, but two shows that are currently airing!  Wow, I am clearly just awesome.  Yet, I could not tell you why I chose to catch up on this one.  Watamote has finally crossed into the territory where it literally hurts my chest to watch it.  This girl has so many opportunities to make friends, and she just throws them all away.  It legitly HURTS me.  I’ll finish it off, but very reluctantly.  I hope to hell there’s not another season of this just because cringing for 22 minutes an episode hurts my life to no end.



Pastel Yumi – Episode 1 Pastel Yumi Cover

Right now, this show is up for crowd funding at Anime Sols.  I’ve already plunked down the money to get Creamy Mami its first box set, and I wanted to check this out to see if I like it enough to get my name in the DVD credits.  The short answer is: yes.  Pastel Yumi is another magical girl show (shocker) where our heroine gets a magic paintbrush, and everything she draws turns to life.  It’s pretty awesome.  She draws a horse and gets a Pegasus.  She draws a dress full of flowers to help her dad win a prize at a festival.  I’m not expecting this to turn dark like Sailor Moon or anything, but I love stupid, light hearted anime like this one.  When I get paid, anime sols is getting some cash from me.

Danganronpa: The Animation – Episode 11 Danganronpa Cover

Something’s not right with this show now.  Kirigiri is some genius detective?  It seems to me like Naegi has been solving all the cases so far.  And then bitch frames him???  I don’t know.  I wasn’t really into this episode, but I’m sticking by my theory that everybody else is still alive.  They have two more shows to prove me right.  I know a lot of people give this show crap, but I like it.  I need some more anime friends so we can all cosplay as this group and take a real life class picture like in the end credits.  I call the fashionista girl.



Best of the Week: The Future Diary, Magic Knight Rayearth, Pastel Yumi

Love it or Leave it: Danganronpa, Attack on Titan

Hope it Gets Better: Watamote, Naruto

Totally going to go take some Advil and a nap right now.  See you next week!


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