Anime Mondays #37

So I’ve been thinking more and more lately about turning these blog posts into youtube videos.  My problem?  I don’t want to edit them.  In fact, I dropped out of film school because I hated editing so much.  This is the issue when you’re a perfectionist, and every single second of film has to be exactly what I want, or I scrap the whole thing.  It would take me two months to post a freaking review.  Anyone want to be my editor?  I have a nice camera.  I have a good microphone.  I even have lighting.  I just…don’t want to clip and piece things together.  Oh well.  Something to think about for next week.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Rose of Versailles – Episodes 21-22 Rose of Versailles Cover

I had the brilliant idea last weekend to try and marathon another series since I had done so well with Kuroko no Basuke, and so I popped my Rose of Versailles DVDs in and hoped for the best.  Apparently, the best only got me two more episodes into the series.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not worse than the first half, which I absolutely adored.  I guess my ADD was just not having subtitles for the moment.  The second half of the series begins with Jeanne being a totally greedy bitch and using some perverted church guy for his money by promising him “audiences” with the queen.  Of course, Marie Antoinette knows nothing about this and already thinks he’s a giant creeper, so you know this isn’t going to go well.  Eventually, Jeanne pretty much steals a baller necklace and blames Marie Antoinette for it, and life starts to turn into a hot mess because the queen already has ostracized herself from the people of France because she had babies and doesn’t want to bother with anyone but her kids anymore.  She’s still a child, even though she has children.  Life really wasn’t that different back in the day, huh?  More historical stuff is being tied in now.  I’m ready for more Oscar and less true facts.

Dragon Ball – Episode 51 Dragon Ball Cover

There’s still no fighting going on.  Bulma and her crew are getting chased by some military guy.  I miss the fighting.  Come back, fighting.  Please?





Naruto – Episodes 26-30 Naruto cover

So, I caved and bought the second box set off Amazon.  And then was treated to a recap episode (choke) and this awesome arc about the second super ninja test.  Except the awesome arc quickly got boring and repetitive when the test really turned out to be this vehicle for a snake-infused bad guy to beat up Sasuke.  Really?  He must be as special as Naruto, but at the same time, JUST LET THE DAMNED NINJAS COMPLETE A GOAL ALREADY.  Also, there are some really disgusting visuals in these episodes.  And Sakura proves how useless she really is, as all she can do is babysit the comatose bodies of Sasuke and Naruto.  Man, if anyone is going to get killed off, she gets my vote.

Outbreak Company – Episode 1 Outbreak Company Cover

I don’t know why I read this description on Crunchyroll and decided to give this show a try.  For some reason, I thought it might be Sword Art Online-esque, but I should have known better after I saw the word “otaku.”  Basically, this loser otaku guy gets shoved into a fantasy world to introduce them to Japanese culture by way of anime and manga, but all he really does is scream over all the people there who are some kind of anime stereotype (ie: maid, elf, little girl empress, etc.).  I don’t know if the episodes will get better or not, and I don’t intend to find out for a long, long while because I just…ugh.  Another dumb show on Japanese television.  Let’s be real, the morning wood gag really turned me off.

Diabolik Lovers – Episode 8 Diabolik Lovers Cover

So, three of the vampires killed their own mother.  I kind of knew that was coming.  I mean, if you didn’t after the last episode…come on.  Instead of being just warped and sexually twisted, they are now murderers, as well.  Super.  Actually, for the first time, I got the weird, creeper vibe watching this show, and it was because the pink haired vampire said something along the lines of, “I want my fangs to enter you always,” and I was like….sufficiently creeped out.  Supposedly people think he is the least offensive of all of them, but…not this girl.  If anyone would make me peace out of the vampire house, it would be the pink haired one.  Let’s be real, guys who appear the “nicest” in a room full of creepers, are actually the biggest crazies of them all.

Golden Time – Episode 7 Golden Time Cover

Okay, so I am officially a member of Camp Koko Is a Nutcase after this episode.  I loved her just a little more when she explained her reasoning for blowing off Tada Banri, but then she immediately introduced him to her father as her boyfriend and then jumped all up in his business acting like they were this perfect Hallmark couple the morning after the love confession.  Seriously?  But Tada’s eating that shit up, so he’s a little kooky, as well…maybe they’re made for each other.  The Paris thing…oh man.  That got me, though.  No wonder she’s so high maintenance.  “Yeah, I’ll totally sleep with you, but we have to be in Paris first!”  No wonder whatshisface hated her guts.  Still hoping for that Banri/Linda thing to happen.  I feel it.  It’s gonna.

Pokemon – Episodes 14-18 Pokemon Cover

Watching that College Humor video with the updated Pokerap made me realize that I didn’t even know there were more than 150 pokemon…let alone 718.  I am a bad, bad fan.  I still want to see every episode before I die, so I thought I’d get cracking.  I made a dent?  I tried.  Most of these episodes center around Ash & Crew ON A BOAT (chasing buoys, motherfucker), and the boat sinks and then they’re trapped on Giant Pokemon island, and James buys a Magikarp…oh my god.  I love Team Rocket.  The hilarity of them was lost on me when I was a kid, but those guys carry the entire show.  Also, the episode where the pokemon speak with awkward English subtitles was in this bunch.  Never do that again.  Dear god.

Clamp School Detectives – Episodes 1-5 Clamp School Detectives Cover

I finally returned a Netflix disc I had sitting on top of my TV for two months, and this was the next one they sent me.  Truthfully, I only put it in my queue because I was watching Cin Wicked’s Year of Clamp and it was a Clamp show I had never heard of….which is nuts, because I thought I’d at least seen part of every Clamp show (yes, even X, the movie and the tv series).  So, I had to skip his retrospective on this, and watched the show instead.  Honestly…I’m not really impressed.  I thought all the main characters were girls at first, and they just seem way too young to be solving mysteries, even if the mysteries are extremely pedestrian.  I’ll give the next group of episodes a shot, but eh…not my favorite.

Ace of Diamond (Diamond no Ace) – Episode 7 Ace of the Diamond Cover

Oh, hooray, another episode where Sawamura acts like a spoiled brat.  Even though he’s moved up to second string, that’s not good enough for him, and the fact that he gets assigned to practice with a catcher who’s not on first string makes him act even more like a baby.  Dude…get a clue.  You used to be charming and passionate, and now you’re just even more the dickbag.  I did laugh out loud with the pudding joke, though.  At least the other characters are saving this show.


Kuroko no Basuke Season 2 – Episode 7 Kuroko no Basket Season 2 Cover

I can’t believe I waited a whole week for a tie game and a flashback episode.  A flashback episode where NOTHING HAPPENED.  I got all excited thinking we’d finally find out how Teppei got his injury (my money is on his creepy rival hurting him somehow), but no, it was just about how the basketball club formed, with the dude in the glasses having ridiculous hair.  Also…a tie?????  Really??  No overtime????  Unheard of.



I forgot to do my round-up last week.  Whoops.

Best of the Week: Golden Time

Love it or Leave it: Naruto, Kuroko no Basuke, Rose of Versailles, Diabolik Lovers

Hope it Gets Better: Pokemon, Ace of Diamond, Clamp School Detectives, Dragon Ball, Outbreak Company

It was a pretty crappy week, but have a free Crunchyroll guest pass anyway:


See you next time!


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