Anime Mondays #39

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend if you’re in the US!  I didn’t do much, but I did go see Frozen, which was absolutely amazing.  I don’t have a sister, but it made me think of my two baby nieces and then the tears just started flowing.  I am a sap, guys.  This is gonna be a long post.  Settle in and turn on Spotify, that’s what I’m doing.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Diabolik Lovers – Episodes 9-10 Diabolik Lovers Cover

So…nine episodes in, this anime tries to have a plot.  Ugh.  I know, people with taste were just waiting for the plot to kick in, but not me.  Please, give me my  shameless weekly dose of “fanservice” so I can get on with my day.  I mean, there’s still some thrown in there, but it’s not as trashy, especially since some of it is still coming from the pink haired vampire, who always has to cross that creeper line and say something about his fangs.  Yui is going to “awaken,” (sexually? psychically? I don’t know) and turn into Cordelia, who was a mother to half these vampires.  Needless to say, they all tried to kill her.  But, they love the submissive Yui, so will they try to save her?  Or just kill her?  See, the plot sucks.  Over it.

Golden Time – Episode 8 Golden Time Cover

Banri + Linda forever, okay.  This week, Linda tells him that she would have turned him down on the bridge if she had made it on time, and he had, you know, not gotten critically injured and practically killed, but, of course, she’s lying.  You know it, I know it, and she employs the girl tactic of saving face, to let his current relationship with Koko play out.  I know she’s just trying to be the good cop here, and I’ve done it before, too, but man…I wonder how much confusion and heartbreak people would save if we’d just be honest with them instead of trying to do what’s supposedly in their best interests.  A lot?  I’m thinking a lot.  Other stuff happens here, but it’s wholly unimportant because it’s about that tiny girl who the other guy likes.  No one cares.  Make my love triangle happen.

Naruto – Episodes 34-37 Naruto cover

The three stooges get back from part two of their exam, scrolls in hand, and can move on to part three.  There’s all this ninja babble that’s probably supposed to be important, but I’m taking a card from the main character and forgetting the moral lesson while I go eat ramen instead.  Sasuke is cursed, and everybody knows it, but he wants to keep fighting anyway.  Dumbass.  Of course, he gets picked first for the “combat rounds,” which need to take place to weed out the weak people before round 3 can start, and predictably, he’s getting his ass kicked.  I’m sure he’ll win as soon as I put in the next DVD, but you know…tension.  This is really dragging out.  I hope I don’t have to sit through every goddamned battle.

Project A-Ko Movie (Completed!) Project A-Ko Cover

I bought this during the recent Discotek sale on Right Stuf, thinking that I had seen it once before when the Sci-fi Channel (spelled correctly) used to have anime week, but after watching it, I’m not sure if this was it.  All the weird mech shows from the 80s kind of blend together.  It was cute, sure, but I zoned out for a lot of it.  Basically, A-Ko and C-Ko are bffs for life, and they go to the same school together.  While there, B-Ko, an old childhood friend, remembers that her and A-Ko used to be bffs, but as soon as C-Ko came along, A-Ko dropped her.  So, B-Ko thinks the best course of revenge is to become “friends” (and I use that term very, very loosely) with C-Ko, and it will destroy A-Ko.  Meanwhile, she also tries to kick A-Ko’s ass, and would have been successful, except that A-Ko has some kind of freaky strength, which causes some space organization to become interested in her, and it all goes downhill from there.  Cause y’all know I am not a fan of space OR robots, and this has both.  I ranked this 6/10 on MAL, mostly for the parts that took place on the ground.  If you took out the robots, this would have promise, but, well…it was made in the 80s.  Always space.  Always robots.

Toriko – Episodes 4-13 Toriko cover

I picked this back up because I had the urge to watch Pokemon again, but then I really didn’t want to sit through it…this was the shounen (shonen? help me out here, spell check isn’t doing it) title that was closest to it.  The English dub for this show is phenomenal.  Ian Sinclair is a beast.  But the animation…this is one of the most poorly animated shows I have ever seen.  I mean, it’s almost as bad as Shadow Star Narutaru, which is just an abomination towards the end.  It’s like…really bad flash animation in some points, and in others, it’s like the character is attached to a popsicle stick and someone is just bouncing it along a background.  Seriously.  It’s really bad.  As for plot, it’s still Pokemon with food.  Nothing interesting really happens, except Toriko gets a dog.  This is definitely going back on hold for awhile.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters – Episodes 1-16 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Cover

Yeah…this happened.  I never watched the series on tv, but, hello, the long-running curse strikes again, and Amazon had this on sale, so I had myself a little mini-marathon.  And honestly, it’s not so bad, even if the dub is atrocious.  I mean, why does Joey sound like a Soprano?  Dub aside, this show is all tournament fighter, no filler.  I LOVE TOURNAMENT FIGHTERS.  I mean, it’s literally got hit points on there while guys play this card game.  It’s got logic and teaches kids how to play this game (merch tie in!) which doesn’t really bother me, but you know what does?  How Yugi doesn’t lose.  Ever.  At least so far.  Like…he keeps pulling just the right cards out of his deck, and I know, the power of heart, or whatever, is psychically making him pull the right cards, but come on.  No matter how much I love pikachu, I’m sure if I played Pokemon, I wouldn’t pull him every time.  This is a decent show, though, and I understand why so many people like it.

Haganai – Episodes 10-12 (Completed!) and OVA 13 Haganai Cover

I caved and plowed through this show just to finish it, and I’m so glad I’m done.  Please remind me this when Funimation comes out with the sequel so I do not buy it.  God, the last half of this series was all fanservice crap.  Like, embarrassing fanservice crap, where I wanted to watch this by myself and mute it just to make sure no one ever would catch me with it.  Most of it is Rika’s fault (and I can only remember her name because she refers to herself in third person).  Ugh, what a hot mess she is.  The gang goes to the beach, and then at some summer festival, the dark haired chick’s hair catches on fire and she has to cut it…and finally the dude realizes that she is his only childhood friend from years ago.  And that’s it.  No, seriously, that’s how it ends.  I thought there was one more episode because the conclusion was absolutely non-existent, but it turns out the last episode is a worthless OVA about them going into a video game or a “round-robin story” again.  If this hadn’t turned into a harem fanservice piece of crap, the show actually had promise, but that’s asking too much.  I still liked the dub, though, haters be damned.  I ranked both the series and the OVA 6/10 on MAL, but that’s being generous.  Really generous.

Yu Yu Hakusho – Episodes 51-56 Yu Yu Hakusho Title

Watching one tournament fighter made me want to pop in another, so Yu Yu Hakusho it is!  The gang is finally in the finals, but before they even started, the giant enemy asshole went and killed Genkai.  Really?  Really???  I know it was all a plot device for character motivation, but come the fuck on.  Why do you have to go and kill the grandma?  Then the red haired dude almost dies in battle, I cry, the end.  STOP TUGGING AT MY HEART, TOURNAMENT FIGHTER, THAT IS NOT WHAT I AM WATCHING YOU FOR.  I now only have two more box sets plus the OVAs to get through, so I am making a ton of progress, and am, therefore, awesome.

Lovely Complex – Episodes 1-24 (Completed!) Lovely Complex Cover

I think I’m going to do a full post on this show, so, for now, let me just tell you that I loved this so much I watched every single episode in a day, and I have now found a new anime that tells the complete story of my goddamned life (take a backseat, Nana), and I laughed, I cried (A LOT), I related.  Y’all know I love my shoujo, but this is like….one of the best.  I ranked LoveCom 9/10 on MAL, and everyone should check it out.  Seriously.


Best of the Week: Lovely Complex, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Yu Yu Hakusho

Love it or Leave it: Golden Time, Diabolik Lovers, Project A-Ko

Hope it Gets Better:

I need a new shoujo in my life, otherwise I’m just going to re-watch Kimi Ni Todoke and cry a lot.  Any suggestions?


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