Anime Mondays #43

It’s almost the end of the year!  How did your 2013 treat you?  Mine was pretty awesome, let me tell you, and not in the usual ways.  I feel like I’ve grown up so much in the past year, it’s not even funny.  I mean, let’s be real, not grown up enough to stop watching anime, but in a bunch of other ways.  Life is what you make of it, my friends.  Let’s get cracking on the last Anime Mondays post of the year!

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters – Episodes 41-49 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Cover

I’ve officially finished the first Yu-Gi-Oh! box set, which means I’m out of episodes to watch until amazon does a price drop for the second one to make it under $25.  It’ll happen.  I just have to wait for it.  Fortunately, I hated this last crop of episodes where this kid named Rebecca comes in and is just annoying (Chibi-usa, friends), Kaiba gets sucked into a Duel Monsters RPG that he makes which has more plot holes than anything I’ve ever seen and Yugi has to go rescue him, and then this dude named Duke Devlin (LOVE HIM) opens up a new game shop across from Yugi’s grandpa’s and invents this new game with dice where it takes four whole episodes for Yugi to kick his ass, even though he’s never played it before.  Everything was really stupid.  I need a new tournament that I care about.  Even though Duke was the shit, it doesn’t mean his arc had to have been shit, so I hope he comes back…just without the stupid dice.  Lord, that game was boring.

Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle – Episodes 17-25 (Completed!) Phi Brain Season 1 Cover

Told you I was going to finish Phi Brain this week.  And what did we end up with?  A power of friendship ending.  Really???  Really.  Unless these endings come in the form of Sailor Moon or some characters I’m actually attached to, I will always hate them.  It seems like such a cop out.  It turns out that the leader of the bad guys was actually dead and Rook had been taking his place…but his whole vendetta against Kaito was because he was jealous of all the time they spent apart and he wanted to keep Kaito eternal in his heart by killing him or vice versa.  Dumbass.  Seriously, for someone who is supposed to be this uber-genius, what a dumbass.  Just go hang out some more.  BE FRIENDS.  You don’t have to stage a series of survival game puzzles just to be close to someone…but whatever.  It’s over.  And has two more seasons, hopefully without power of friendship endings.  I rated Phi Brain 8/10 on MAL just because I hated that ending.

Phi Brain Season 2: Orpheus Order-hen – Episode 1 Phi Brain Season 2 Cover

Apparently, I didn’t hate this show enough to not start the second season…which has nothing to do with Rook.  Yay!  Season 2 is all about this Order who wants to punish Kaito because he destroyed his Orpheus band last season.  The members have a whole shit ton of them and worship them or something, but they can also use them to control the minds of other people.  First puzzle in is more complicated than anything I have ever seen and uses way too much geometry for my liking, but you know…it’s a survival game.  I’m not too concerned with marathoning my way through season 2, seeing as I only watched one episode this week, but it’s not off my radar completely.

Detective Conan/Case Closed – Episodes 106-111 Case Closed Cover

I only really watched this because it came from Netflix…and I was doing sixteen other things while I was watching it, so I couldn’t even tell you what happened.  I know Detective Conan has this complicated plot, but I tend to put it on in the background when I’m doing something else.  Also, I’m at the start of the last season Funimation dubbed, and I know it’s going to be a bitch to watch it in Japanese because sometimes I can barely understand it in English.  I’m really in no hurry to finish this…and I guess that’s a good thing since it’s still airing and has hundreds of episodes I haven’t even touched yet.  Ugh.  Can I take back my year of the backlog promise?

Princess Princess – Episodes 1-4 Princess Princess Cover

This is one of the titles I picked up from my second Christmas Right Stuf order because it was cheap.  I know, I’m a sucker for the random cheap shows.  And this one is just…weird.  It’s basically a show about how pathetic men are, which I can get behind.  New pretty boy transfers to an all boys school where he is recruited to become one of the “princesses,” where he has to cross dress with two other dudes because the rest of the students need some “inspiration,” and will take girls however they can get them, even if they know that they are really just boys dressed in drag.  Sadly…I can sort of buy this premise, because men are real pigs sometimes.  Plus, I know a lot of drag queens, and if you drag your straight male friend to the wrong bar and he thinks a queen is a real woman, well…hilarity ensues.  The guys go along with throwing away their male pride to dress up in women’s clothing because the school supports this and pays them a shit ton of money to do so.  Yeah…this show is weird.  I don’t regret spending the $9 for the whole series, but I wish it had a dub to make it easier to multitask while watching.  But, eh, it’s still passable.  It’s not terrible…it’s no Girls Bravo or anything.  Thank Jesus.

Shakugan no Shana – Episodes 4-5 Shakugan no Shana Cover

So we’re getting more into the plot now, which is helping to clear up my lingering confusion greatly.  It turns out our main torch dude can actually make his torch brighter for some reason (probably because of the treasure inside of him), and he can save people.  So while Shana is busy saving the world, he can save individual people, which is nice.  There’s a new flame haze in town, and she’s going after some completely different bad guy while the first one just wants to bring his creepy doll to life.  Gross.  I’m getting the gist of it now, but let me tell you, the funniest part was when Shana gets all wigged out because main dude accidentally sees her changing.  She’s not a human, so she doesn’t really know how to be one, so I think that wigs her out the most that she actually has feelings…along with a crush.  I’m betting on it.

AKB0048 First Stage – Episode 1 AKB0048 Cover

When I saw Hulu Plus had this up, I had to watch the first episode.  I was randomly surfing through youtube a couple weeks ago, and this one girl put AKB0048 as her top anime of the year, and I had never heard of it, so I wanted to check it out.  I mean, idols, how can you go wrong?  Well…they are in space…that’s how you can go wrong.  Though, honestly, it’s not bothering me as much as I thought it might.  Certain planets have banned entertainment, and this ninja-like idol group still performs guerrilla-style concerts, even though people are freaking shooting at them.  It’s pretty bad ass.  This group of friends sneaks into one of their performances, and they immediately know when they get older they want to be in this group.  Flash forward, they audition and all make it to the next round.  But then one has to dump her boyfriend, and another has to lie to her father, and…man.  I don’t know if this was my PMS going haywire, but I cried through most of the first episode.  If this has a power of friendship ending, it’s going to be one I won’t hate.  However, other than my rampant tears, there wasn’t anything about the show that compelled me to watch more of it.  I will, but it’s not a priority at this point.

Code Geass – Episodes 6-9 Code Geass Cover

This was another one where I plowed through the episodes while I was doing something else (this time, it was pricing through Disney Cruise options…yay!).  Though, I thought it would have more robots in it…every time I stopped to pay attention, they were just doing something in the school.  Which was great!  Cause I hate robots!  But I’m just confused now.  Also, I think I’ve fallen in love with both Suzaku and Lelouch, and I know it’s not going to end well for either one or both of them, which means I’ll be a mess by the end of this series.  Lucky me.

Garden of Sinners (Kara no Kyoukai) – Movies 2-4 Garden of Sinners 2 Cover

I recently re-did all my anime shelves and put my Garden of Sinners box set in the front because it was really freaking expensive…and then this weekend, I forgot I had never watched any of it minus the first movie, so I had to rectify it.  Honestly, I should have re-watched the first movie before I jumped into the second because I couldn’t remember anything that had happened.  I don’t know how people in Japan waited months (years?) for each installment to come out.  But once I saw the second movie, I immediately watched two more until I succumbed to exhaustion.  Garden of Sinners is fucked up, and that’s just the way I like it.  I could do without all the time skipping, because my OCD hurts from it, but other than that, these movies are great.  They look into the psyche of this girl who has multiple personalities (one of which may or may not be a murderer), and then show as she grows to be able to use these “death eyes” to stop others from massacring all of Japan.  It’s really great.  And holy spoiler at the end of movie 4…I can’t wait to watch the last three movies, let’s just say that.  I ranked movie 2 7/10 on MAL and movies 3 and 4 8/10.  They are good.  I’m glad I spent this money…sort of.  Stupid Aniplex.

Happy new year, guys!  You may get one more wrap-up post from me before 2013 is over…but if not, look for something after the first of the year.  Here’s to 2014!


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