Disney World Trip Report Day #1 – Where We Learn That Being Awesome Means You Get Awesome Things

I guess it’s about time that I talk about Disney World, seeing as it’s been two months since I’ve gone, and if I wait any longer, I’ll probably forget things.  Let’s be real, I’ve already forgotten things, but I’ll blame that on the Backstreet Cruise, which my friend and I partook in directly before heading off to the happiest place on earth.  We started out on a Monday, where I had to get up ridiculously early, was crankier than any human being should be, and had the most massive hangover to end all hangovers.  I’d talk about the cruise before hand, but I’m a big fan of “what happens on the Backstreet Cruise stays on the Backstreet Cruise.”  So, let’s just say I had gotten very little sleep for three days, had to go on a beach (I hate beaches just as much as I hate giant robots, aka A LOT), and pretty much lived inside a constant party, even though we slept in the literal dungeon of the boat in a room the size of a shoebox with no window.  The cruise cost more than my entire Disney vacation, and we were at the bottom of the barrel.  Here are a couple of pictures if you’re so inclined.  (Note: I know this is going to be impossible, but I’m going to attempt to do this whole series without posting any pictures with me in them.  Considering we took almost 800 Photopass pictures, this is going to be a feat.  But whatever.)


That’s the elevator decorations on the boat.  I know, right?


Sail away party.  The captains suits did us in.

trip-003Bachelorette night.  Enough said.

Debarkation day was right after bachelorette night.  Needless to say, when I woke up that morning, you would know why I would not want to get off that boat.  But my friend and I trudged along, took showers, got as presentable as we could manage and had to leave our cabin stupid early…where we proceeded to have to wait around to be almost some of the last people off the ship.  We said goodbye to our other friends, picked up pictures, reveled in the fact that we could get on facebook again…but, really, we were just worried that we were going to miss our flight to the most magical place on earth.  Luckily, customs didn’t take forever, and the cab line wasn’t super bad, so we made it to the airport with time to spare.  Unfortunately, lines there were outrageous, and I may or may not have had words with a TSA agent because she made me throw out my dry shampoo from my carry-on (I will stick by this: IT IS POWDER AND NOT A LIQUID I SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO HAVE IT, NO MATTER HOW BIG THE CONTAINER WAS), but eventually, we made it to our gate.  And then the magic started to happen as we were upgraded to an EXIT ROW.  Actually, we were the first row of seats right by the airplane door, which meant there was no seat in front of me, which meant I could practically lie on the floor of the airplane.  After my most hideous flight ever to get down to Miami, I was so happy to be able to put my damned legs out.  (I’m 5’9.  Airplanes are torture.)  I told the flight attendants I was going to pass out, and I indulged in the best 45 minute hangover nap of my life through the whole plane ride.  I never again want to fly in a row that’s not an exit row.  Best flight ever.

And then….we were in ORLANDO.  The magic continued as we jumped on the fake monorail, and then proceeded to get lost on the way to the Magical Express, but, whatever, we were there, and I just wanted to check in, get in my bed, and power nap before our dinner reservation.  Unfortunately, when we made it over to the certified Disney buses, my magicband was having problems; it thought I was my friend, so she basically had double everything and I had nothing.  The guy checking us in was from my city, and I was like….dude.  Get me on a bus.  I just want to get on a bus.  Please fix my band so I can get on the goddamned bus, and hope to hell all my fastpass + reservations which we had slaved over were still intact.  For all our troubles, we got…stickers.  I believe mine was Cinderella.  I plastered it right on my obnoxiously yellow Backstreet Cruise shirt.  After about 20 minutes of rebooking EVERYTHING, they put us on a bus.  Actually, we were the first people on said bus, so we got to sit in the front seat.  Winning.  Also, we had a bad ass bus driver named Dave who seemed pretty amused that I laughed at all his corny bus driver jokes and that I bawled through the bus video.  Yeah, I’m that girl.


In no time at all, we saw the best road sign in the universe, and after one quick stop, we pulled into our home for the next week: Pop Century Resort.  Now, please keep in mind, I hadn’t been to Disney World since I was six years old, and I have never stayed on property, so this was a big deal for me.  So deal with it, I was crying again.  I tipped Dave the Awesome Bus Driver even though we didn’t have any bags in exchange for his silence about my tears of joy, and we made our way to online check in.  It was at this point where we got stopped by an awesome cast member who saw our cruise gear and was like, “DID YOU JUST GET OFF THE BOAT? OH MY GOD I LOVE THEM!” so, basically, she was the most awesome cast member EVER.  While my friend and I regaled her with shipboard tales, we tried to check in at the same time, where we made friends with yet another most awesome cast member ever who laughed at us because we were like, “Ugh, we were trapped in the dungeon of this boat for three days, and all I want to do is sleep in a bed for twenty minutes and get something to eat because I haven’t had food other than 2am pizza and ship lemonade but OH MY GOD BACKSTREET BOYS OH MY GOD DISNEY WORLD IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT.”  Yup.  Those girls.  This was all happening and awesome cast member checking us in was like, “Wait, none of your requests got honored, we’re not booked, I don’t know why they would put you all the way out practically in Art of Animation,” (Note: we had only made one request, to be close to the bus stop) and he changed our building and room so all we had to do was walk down one flight of stairs and cut through the parking lot to get to the bus stop.  PIXIE DUST!  He also magically procured us birthday and first visit buttons without us even asking him to (hey, when you’re six, it doesn’t count), and explained how the dining plan worked, where we needed to go, etc.  I love hotel cast members.  They are the greatest.

After our check in, instead of making our way to our fabulous beds which we were intently craving, we made the mistake of walking through the gift shop first, where I plunked down some Disney gift card cash to buy a Nightmare Before Christmas lanyard and keycard holder.  Even though it broke, it was the smartest purchase I made during the entire trip.  I never needed to pull out my wallet because my life was around my neck.  Genius.  We finally made it to our room (Building 10 in the 70s, in case you were wondering where this golden location was), and realized we didn’t really have enough time to take a nap, but we were dead starving, so we went to the food court to have pre-dinner, instead.  We had to get the new RFID mugs for the dining plan, and all they had were orange ones, but more magic happened when some cast members appeared out of nowhere with boxes filled with other colors.  Free mugs in hand, we paid out of pocket for some food (dumb idea, ALWAYS use your quick service credits on the regular dining plan because you will end up with more than you need…I think we had like three extra ones apiece), and practically laid down in a booth to eat it, sucking down free Diet Coke like there was no tomorrow because our dining plan was FREE FREE FREE!  My friend was like a boss with her food pictures, but I don’t think I took any.  I had some chicken parmesean, if you were wondering, and it was amazing because there was like…no sauce on it.  I’m not a big fan.  Anyway, on our way back to the room after our much needed pre-dinner, we ran into the guy who had our luggage.  Yay!  So I could change my black bra into something that didn’t show through my tshirt before we left to go meet one of my other friends for dinner.

After putting on some eyeliner and mourning the power nap I didn’t get to take, I grabbed some gift cards, and we headed out to catch a bus for Downtown Disney.  Our dinner that night was at T-Rex because I love dinosaurs.  No…I really love dinosaurs.  Like, I have even written songs about them, for college credit.  I know, I’m just that awesome.  We practically ran to make our reservation, and we met my other friend who lives in Florida who I hadn’t seen in like…five years or something.  This became the trip of meeting up with people who I hadn’t seen in x amount of years.  I swear, I think we found new people every day.  Anyway, so we checked in for our reservation, and I mentioned to please not seat us in the room with the fish tank, that we’d be willing to wait longer if that was all they had available (because I like fish just as much as I like giant robots, read: NOT AT ALL), and, of course, when they went to take us back, the guy was like…oh wait, they put you in the room with the giant fish tank.  HOLD UP.  So, he went back and got us another table that was right by this guy:


Whom I immediately proclaimed my boyfriend.  He squawked a lot, but his table manners were impeccable, compared to most of the guys I’ve dated.  T-Rex is awesome if you like dinosaurs (obviously) and loud noises (not so obviously).  Where we were seated, there was a meteor shower every fifteen minutes.  It was so cool.  Along with being “that girl,” I am also five years old.  Since we had pre-dinner, I wasn’t very hungry, but I did manage to eat about half of the gigantic fried shrimp dinner that I ordered and this dessert that was like…ice cream upon ice cream upon ice cream.  God, I love the dining plan.

When we were done eating, I proceeded to walk around the entire restaurant taking pictures of dinosaurs.  You’re welcome.




That’s my other boyfriend.  Be really jealous.

Then, we went in the gift shop, where I really wanted to buy one of those Build-a-Bear dinos…for myself.  I was talked out of this purchase with a promise we’d be back later (sidenote: we never came back), and went out to do some more shopping where we took awesome pictures of ourselves wearing funny hats and Minnie ears (which will not be seen in this trip report), began my ridiculous obsession with this Alice in Wonderland teapot I waffled the whole trip about purchasing, spent way too much money at Basin (hello, obsession with bath bombs, let’s talk about it), and tried to find a Very Bradley for my friend that nobody had.  I also bought a really cute Belle shirt in Tren-D which I was sure would not fit, but, shockingly, it did, and we didn’t even make a dent in all the stores.  Cramming Downtown Disney into a couple of hours was definitely not the smartest thing I had ever planned to do, plus, I wanted to spend time with my local friend and there were just not enough hours in the day.  She very nicely agreed to drive us back to our hotel (and to a CVS where I had to re-purchase my dry shampoo because of the bitchy TSA agent), and we said our goodbyes because we had to be up at ass o’clock in the morning on Tuesday for our first park day.  Can you say, “pre-opening ADR?”  I can!

And I finally met my bed.  And it was GLORIOUS.

To be continued…obviously.

What’s your favorite store in Downtown Disney?  Restaurant?  I am making a point to spend more time there next trip…which I have already started planning for 2014.  Still that girl, people, still that girl.


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