Month: January 2014

Anime Mondays #46

Never fear, loyal readers, I am back from my quickie trip to visit family, and have come to accost you with two weeks of extremely random anime viewing commentary.  I mean…really random.  My backlog challenge is forcing me to watch some shows I haven’t in over a year, and while some are blowing my mind, others almost make me want to blow chunks.  I’ll save you that mental picture.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Is This a Zombie? OVAs – Episodes 1-2 (Completed!) Is This a Zombie OVA Cover

I told you I’d finish these OVAs that were held over from the first season.  However, after watching them, I’m more positive than ever that I won’t be sitting through the second season anytime soon.  These were basic, throwaway, fanservice-y episodes, and while the first one was cute, by the time the second one was over, I was more than ready to quit.  I’ve said before that this series has everything in it that I like, but I just didn’t dig it.  And I think it’s because it took itself way too seriously towards the end.  I’m not a big fan of comedies that take a dramatic turn for no apparent reason, and this happens to be one of them.  More power to you if you like that kind of stuff, but I’m just not that girl.  I rated this 4/10 on MAL.

Cardfight Vanguard – Episode 3 Cardfight Vanguard Cover

Remember how I said I’d be more willing to watch this show if it had a dub?  Well, lo and behold, IT HAS A DUB.  Apparently, it’s only available on Hulu, so I checked it out…lord, Jesus, it’s a terrible dub.  Like…I don’t know what’s worse, the actual card game in the show or the English dub.  I tried…I tried.  It’s just not getting any better, and I am committed to finishing it.  Even my Yu-Gi-Oh withdrawals will not make me get into this.


Rosario + Vampire Season 2 – Episode 2 Rosario + Vampire Season 2 Cover

Oh Funimation Channel.  You are always there for me when I need to barely pay attention to some garbage while I’m doing something else.  Rosario + Vampire Season 2 got the one episode treatment.  I’ll liken this to Is This a Zombie? in a way because it has everything I like and I actually enjoy this show.  The difference?  It’s comedic, and even the serious parts aren’t that serious, and mostly contain a lot of fight scenes.  The one downfall is the ridiculous amounts of fanservice (and the stupid opening, but I can fast forward through that), that just don’t stop.  How many Moka boob and panty shots do we need?  Apparently one every minute.

Naruto – Episodes 65-70 Naruto cover

So…Gaara gets hurt by Sasuke and then the stupid Sand Village starts a fight AND WE DON’T GET TO SEE HOW THEIR MATCH ENDS.  Are you shitting me??  All that build up for nothing?  Ugh, I know Sasuke is chasing after him now, but that’s some bullshit.  I understand why people get pissed off over Naruto now.  I can’t seem to get through the next episode, though.  I think I’ve fallen asleep through it at least five times.  Put me back in the battle arena, please.


Ookami-San and Her Seven Companions – Episodes 9-12 (Completed!) Ookami-San Cover

Another one bites the dust!  I think this really should be Anime Mondays: The Week Where I Watched Shows I Should Have Liked in Theory.  Yup, we have one more.  I love, love, love fairy tale re-tellings, so this should have been heaven for me.  Honestly, I just finished this one to get it off my list.  It got less episodic and more of a huge plot towards the end, but the plot didn’t make much sense and…ugh.  Another fail.  I rated this 6/10 on MAL.



Pupa – Episodes 2-3 Pupa Cover

Well…I did something I hardly ever do and read the manga for this anime because I needed to know what I was missing.  And, sure, now I’ve spoiled myself for the entire thing, but with three minute episodes, it’s easier to comprehend everything that’s going on.  Like, why the anime is called Pupa, for example, or how the little sister could be eating her brother’s intestines in a dirty bathroom when he supposedly died the previous episode.  It’s common sense stuff that’s getting shoved under the rug because of the awful, awful pacing.  The anime is definitely much more gory and more incestual than the manga (I really wasn’t picking up on any of that in printed form), but I have this thing where I hate eating noises, and all those zombie movies where they just go to town on somebody…yuck, I have to fast forward.  This is like…cannibalism to the extreme.  I’m just so disappointed in this show.  It could have been so much, and instead it’s so little.  Literally.

Bleach – Episodes 25-28 Bleach Title

I have a friend who works at a library, and he calls me up and goes, “Hey, we’re selling a ton of our anime for $1 apiece, what do you want?” and starts reading me off all the titles.  So, I have finally purchased some of Bleach, a good five or six discs of it.  Unfortunately, most of them are from the very beginning, but I did happen to get the volume next in line for me to watch.  Ichigo and company are still on a quest to save Rukia…and it doesn’t look like they’re getting any closer.  Seriously, all four episodes were about fighting the same enemies…how long does it take?  I checked on Netflix just to see how far behind I was and how many DVDs I’d have to buy to complete it, and they are currently on volume 54.  54.  I just finished 7, and that was only because I had been renting them/buying them for $1.  How do people collect Bleach?  I’m being serious.  It’s so expensive, I can’t even.  (On a completely unrelated note, I also got some volumes of Card Captor Sakura and the entire four season series of Maria-Sama Ga Miteru for $4.  Apparently, I need to start going to the library.)

Anohana: The Flower We Saw that Day – Episodes 2-4 Anohana Cover

I’ve been very emotional since I went to go see my family on the opposite side of the country, and when I cry, I binge cry, so, sure, why not turn on Anohana?  I have successfully shed tears in every episode so far, and it’s not even that sad.  It’s a beautiful show and has some very moving imagery, including something that I want to put into a tattoo design very badly.  And for an 11 episode show, it’s something that really sticks with you.  The characters are actually developed (shocking, I know), there’s no fanservice, no bullshit.  Anohana is about a ghost who appears before one of her childhood friends saying she has a wish that needs to be granted for her to be happy, but her whole group of friends has to be together for it to happen.  And, let’s be real, they  don’t really associate with one another since she died in the first place.  But they are slowly but surely getting back together, and it’s just really touching.  Bringing out my girl side, Anohana, one episode at a time.

Bakuman – Episodes 1-4 Bakuman Cover

Yeah, I see you giving me the shifty eyes because I started a new show.  But it came in from a rental service, so I had to start it so I could get another disc, possibly of an old show.  So there.  I had heard good things about Bakuman, so I added this to my queue, and I am glad I did, even if it’s 75 episodes long.  Bakuman is a show about two kids who want to become manga artists, but not only that, they want to draw and serialize a manga, and turn it into an anime before they turn 18 so that one of them can fulfill his dream of a promised marriage to a budding voice actress.  Really??  Really.  This is really happening.  We will see if the plot becomes as outlandish as it’s set up to be, but so far I’m really enjoying it.  Too bad it’ll probably take me all year and then some to get the DVDs sent to me, and since Right Stuf hasn’t had a Media Blasters sale in forever…

I am currently watching 239 anime and have completed 5 shows this year.  Unfortunately, one I finished in one sitting, and then I added a new one, so my list has not gone down at all.  Fail.

Double post is now completed.  I just placed a giant Right Stuf order, though…unboxing video?  Maybe?  Will I make my youtube debut?  We’ll just have to see if I feel pretty the day the box comes.

Disney World Trip Report Day #2 (Part 1) – Where Princesses Are All Up on the Book of Faces

Our first “real” Disney day was a Tuesday, and what a Tuesday it was.  Back to the Magic Kingdom for the first time in 15+ years…I was probably going to cry a lot.  And I did.  It started on the bus.  Yeah…that girl.  And it wasn’t just from waking up at ass o’clock in the morning to get to our 8:15 Cinderella’s Royal Table reservation, either.  That was a rough one.  I’m pretty sure it was still dark outside when we rolled out of Pop Century…which I didn’t take any pictures of.  Oh well.  It had a lot of giant props and served its purpose as a place to sleep.

Julie and I had a tear-filled bus ride over to Magic Kingdom (I think the toddlers were looking at me funny, but sit down, kiddies, I paid for this shit, I can cry if I want to), and when we got there, we found our Magic Bands were in working order.  Thank god the only snafu we had was at the Magical Express.  Once we were inside the park, we started taking pictures of ourselves, which would pretty much be the theme of the entire vacation.  Hellooooo 800 Photopass pictures.  We hadn’t gotten to pick up our plus card yet, so a nice cast member took about ten photos of us with both our cameras and his camera in front of the train station.  We got those added to our Magic Bands, and off we went to experience the park pre-opening…where we took another 40 pictures.  We made it our mission to stop every time we saw a Photopass photographer.  I do not regret this decision.

I think we were slightly late when we went to check in for our breakfast, but it didn’t matter, as we had to wait in a line anyway to take our picture with Cinderella.  It was here that I learned the importance of the “princess pose” and that we would have to do variations of it each time we took shots with a girl in a dress.  Good thing I learned this four seconds into the trip.  While we waited to go upstairs for breakfast, I decided it would be a fantastic idea to take pictures of random castle things, a skill which I have perfected thanks to years of training at Ren Faires and Medieval Times.




We finally took our picture with the woman of the hour, and then we were escorted upstairs where I proceeded to take pictures of the ceiling.


It’s really pretty inside the castle, but let me tell you, the food is subpar.  I don’t eat eggs, and Disney is like…egg-a-palooza at breakfast, so there was pretty much nothing to eat that didn’t have eggs somewhere.  I ended up getting the steak (and eggs), and, while it was okay, it certainly wasn’t worth the $60 per person price, as this was the one meal we paid out of pocket.  However, the staff was great.  Our server was so nice, seeing as we were two adults having breakfast with a bunch of princesses, she didn’t think we were ridiculous or anything.  In fact, she saw my first visit button and gave me an autograph book because it was the first day of our trip and I didn’t have one.  She even tracked down Snow White (who had come to our table first when I didn’t have the book) to get her to sign it.  SO nice.  I love Disney cast members.  We had one of the best character interactions here right off the bat with Princess Aurora.  I think she gets the shaft a lot, honestly.  Maleficent clearly steals the show in Sleeping Beauty, and I can’t remember anything about Aurora in the movie that really makes her stand out.  But this girl was a riot.  I think she talked to us for at least five minutes about princes and how far we traveled on horseback, and then when we were taking pictures, she asked, “Are you going to post these on the book of faces?”  I about LOST it, I was laughing so hard.  Then we had a conversation about this magical, magical book.  Every other Princess Aurora paled in comparison to this one.

tripreport-014Book of Faces Aurora, we love you.

It took about an hour to get through breakfast, and once we were done, the park was already open to the public.  We had a Space Mountain fast pass + to use before 10am (mistake, do not book your fast pass pluses until afternoon, as there is NOBODY there in the morning), but we decided to screw around for a bit first.  We headed off to Tomorrow Land, though, and my very first Disney World ride became…Buzz Lightyear.  I’m a big fan of rides that are games, and we rode it twice in a row with no wait, stopping to get our photo numbers each time so we could add them to the plus card.  Thankfully, Julie knew where the camera was.  We’re so pimp like that.  After our trip into space, we decided to cash in our fast passes, but I believe we found a random Stitch out meeting people first.  There was barely a line, and let me tell you, Stitch is TINY and NUTS.  I was practically sitting on the ground to take a picture with him, and he stuck his fingers in our ears, it was just ridiculous…ridiculously awesome.

My first ride on Space Mountain was…well.  I was terrified.  I have no idea why, as the ride isn’t really that scary, but by the time I got off, I felt like I needed a cigarette.  It didn’t help that my shoe got stuck in the damned car, so I was praying my leg didn’t separate from my body as I tried to get the hell out of there.  We picked up our photos, and then I needed like…a break.  I know, it was 10am, and I was practically dead.  So, we made our way to pick up our Photopass+ card, and headed towards (New) Fantasyland where I teared up at pretty much everything.  I believe we went on Winnie the Pooh (which was the longest ten minute wait of my life because that ride smells like children…I have no other way to describe it), and the Teacups, where I missed my first opportunity to eat that cupcake that comes in a cup that’s mostly frosting.  Spoiler: I talked about it the entire trip, and then I never got one.  I still mourn the loss of my cupcake cup.  Eventually, we made our way over to use our Enchanted Tales with Belle fast pass pluses, and I was pretty upset that we missed half the cottage, which was a huge selling point for me.  Seriously, when I was a kid and at Disney, the thing I remember the most was walking through Mickey Mouse’s house and looking at all the little details, and now that we couldn’t walk through Belle’s I was like…the hell?  However, getting into the experience with no wait was pretty fantastic, and Maurice’s work room…holy crap, the magic.  If I didn’t have a goal in mind, I would have cried through the whole thing.  But, being the attention whore I am, I had to get in the show.  Let’s be real, it took all of three seconds for the cast member to pick me to be the wardrobe.  YES.  My music degree had finally paid off.

tripreport-015She told me I sang better than the real wardrobe.  Damn straight.

The experience was adorable, although more for little kids and their parents than adults.  Julie got to play Fifi the feather duster, aka Lumiere’s Girlfriend.  Ooh la la.  We all got our pictures with Belle and then special photopass cards and a bookmark.  Treasured.  Then we tried to ride the Little Mermaid and got denied, as it was down.  I guess that was okay, because I spied my boyfriend off in the distance, and had to get close to him.  Oh yeah.  You know who I’m talking about, don’t you?  You should if you have read any of my Dumb Things Boys Do at the Bar posts.

tripreport-016Oh yeah.  You know how I like ’em cocky.

Gaston, despite his shoulder pads, was GREAT.  He was spot the fuck on, drawn eyebrows and all.  I mean, we threw semi-dirty pickup lines at him like it was nothing and he shot back immediately.  I wish our date could have lasted a little longer, but, I mean, he’s a popular man.  I had to have a threeway with him and Julie and there were throngs of women all around him just waiting to have a go.  We’d meet up again later, though, don’t worry, and I got to sit in his giant chair when I had withdrawals, so it was all good.  Sidenote: Lefou’s Brew…not all that great.  I’m glad I got my souvenir plastic fake beer stein, but I definitely don’t have to drink that crap again, though it got better the more you drank it.  Maybe it was real beer after all.  Hmm…

And I will leave it here for now.  Don’t be sad, more New Fantasyland adventures await, along with a Pirates League makeover and that time karma hit me in the face for scaring little children when something else scared the living crap out of me.  Buahahaha.

Anime Mondays #45

I didn’t have a chance to watch an awful lot this week because busy is as busy does.  I seriously think I need to be a travel agent on the side because I’ve planned three trips this week, including one for my birthday to hop onboard a Disney cruise!  I know.  I’m going to run into divorced/married men with three kids at the bar, instead of my usual heap of losers, but, oddly, I’m okay with that.  Anyway, no post next week, as I’m going out of town, so look for a double the week after.  I’m thinking of doing something special for Anime Mondays #50…get those rafflecopter accounts ready to go, kids.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Naruto – Episodes 61-64 Naruto cover

Shit’s about to get real, y’all.  Naruto won his match (without his new jutsu, which…what was the point?) and has moved on.  His lazy friend forfeited because he’s an idiot savant.  And now Sasuke has finally gotten his butt to the arena to fight Gaara, who is completely blood thirsty.  I don’t know who I want to win more…whatever, I like the bad guys.  On a side note, I just googled how to spell Gaara and one of the hits came up “Gaara x Sakura fanfiction.”  Um…no.


Kanon (2002) – Episode 3 Kanon 2002 Cover

I was looking for something to watch on youtube and came across a Kanon 2006 review, and it made me really happy because the reviewer said he liked it the most out of the Key trinity.  I have the same opinion.  All this Clannad love…I will never understand it when Kanon 2006 is a better show BY FAR.  Anyway, it made me want to finish the first series, which I have never gotten the whole way through.  Well…I saw one episode.  That was enough.  It’s something that has to be taken in small doses.  The character design is just so ugly that it’s hard to watch, even though I know the story is good.  Also, how they compacted it into 13 episodes, as opposed to a full season…I don’t know how they are gonna pull that one off.  I will cross this off my list this year, but it might take me a few months.

Good Luck Girl – Episodes 11-13 (Completed!) Good Luck Girl Cover

Hooray, I finished something!  I’m so proud of myself that I checked something off my “currently watching” list on one hand, but sad that it had to be Good Luck Girl on another because the show was so damned good, I didn’t want to finish watching it.  Even though the last couple episodes actually tried to have a plot, it was still hysterical, and I loved every moment of it.  I’m really hoping that the rumored second season will become a reality because this is a shining example of a really good comedy anime…and those are hard to come by.  Most of them have pointless fanservice, and, let’s be real, this show has its share, but it makes fun of itself for having the requisite hot springs episodes (in song!), and it just made me love it more.  As soon as it goes on sale, it’s a total buy for me, and I recommend just about everyone to check this show out.  I rated Good Luck Girl 8/10 on MAL.  Go watch the dub.  Now, now, now.

Is This a Zombie? – Episodes 5-12 (Completed!) Is This a Zombie? Cover

Look, I finished another show!  I’m on a roll, kids.  I’m taking my backlog challenge seriously.  That or…I just didn’t want to go to another channel on my Roku.  In theory, this show has everything that I like: zombies, magical girls, necromancers, vampires…however, I just really didn’t like it at all.  The best episode was actually the last one that seemed like a throwaway after the real ending, where they all went to the pool and then had an Idol showdown.  Yeah, there was a plot, and stuff, and I’ve apparently become a fangirl of voice actors to the point where I recognized Brittany Karbowski playing the vampire ninja who “gets married” to the zombie dude without reading the credits (by far the best character), but other than that…meh.  It did nothing.  And it really makes me sad because I love the box art for this series, and if I didn’t have to buy the anime with it, I’d get it just to put that beautiful, pink, skulled monstrosity on my shelves…but this show sucked.  I’ll watch the OVAs, but I have no desire to start the second season this year.  I rated Is This a Zombie? 6/10 on MAL.

Pupa – Episode 1 Pupa Cover

This is why I went on a completion roll with my shows, so I could start this gore fest and not feel guilty…and as soon as episode one was over, I literally said out loud, to a room of no one but myself, “What the fuck was that?”  Seriously.  Firstly, I went into this only seeing the PV, and had no idea the show was only going to be four minutes long.  The opening song (which will not leave my head) was about ten seconds, and I was all, “well, this is new,” and before I knew it the fucking episode was over…and I had no idea what happened.  None.  I had to watch it for a second time just to realize that it sort of had a plot, and that it was completely censored, so you couldn’t make out anything anyway.  Ugh, I’m so annoyed.  If I would have known this entire series was going to take about 20 minutes to watch, I would have waited until it was over and marathoned it, but, no, now I’ll be stuck each week getting a tiny, bite-sized morsel of junk that I’ll have to watch more than once to make any sense of it.  But here’s what I got.  A: the girl’s brother (I think he’s her brother?) is creepy as hell.  B: little girls should really listen to strangers and not be such dumbasses.  C: I hate butterflies.  See you next week.

I am currently watching 239 anime, and have completed 3 shows so far this year.  I’ve picked up one new one, unfortunately.

The crunchyroll guest pass from last week is still valid, so someone take it, please!  NJC8LFN9LMS

I’ll be back in a couple weeks to talk more shit about the butterfly show.  Until then, try to stay sane if you’re watching it.

Anime Mondays #44

First Anime Mondays post of the new year and we are snowed in.  Not snowed in enough to have a snow day, but, man…it’s brutal outside.  Perfect to stay in, drink some hot chocolate and boot up Crunchyroll.  That’s exactly what I’m going to do after I finish this post.  Also, scroll down for a surprise…

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Blue Exorcist – Episode 1 Blue Exorcist Cover

Before my backlog challenge began, I tried to start as many series as possible so I wouldn’t get bored just finishing things off this year, and Blue Exorcist was one of them.  I had heard a lot of good things about it, and it was on a lot of unboxing videos, so I decided to check it out.  Of course, now that I like it, it means I’m going to have to shell out top dollar to buy it with the dub since it’s an Aniplex release.  Ugh.  Anyway, this anime starts off with our bad-rep protagonist, who most people think is a stupid bully…but really, he just has a big heart and is completely misunderstood.  I love him already.  But, wouldn’t you know it?  His dad is a priest and he just might be the real son of….spoilers!  I will definitely continue to check this out as soon as I rob a bank or something because I want to watch the rest of it dubbed.  Aniplex limited edition releases…god, my wallet.

Naruto – Episodes 53-60 Naruto cover

Guess who got the next Naruto box set in with her Right Stuf Christmas order??  This girl.  The episodes I watched all focused on training and the very beginning of the last round of the Chunin exams, along with what a bad ass Gara (Sand Village Guy!) is.  I love him.  I don’t care.  He’s particularly evil, and that makes him awesome.  He just doesn’t give a shit.  I don’t want to see him destroy Sasuke, but that’s if Sasuke actually shows up for his fighting round…so conflicted.  Also, Naruto learned the summoning jutsu and he can make giant toads magically appear out of thin air because of his blood contract.  How does he not pass out biting his thumb all the time?  People don’t bleed that easily….

Amnesia – Episodes 1-12 (Completed!) Amnesia Cover

First anime I marathoned and finished for the new year is Amnesia!  And it…wasn’t that great.  I mean, it was no Girls Bravo where I turned it off in disgust, but it wasn’t Ouran or anything.  This show is a reverse harem…but not really.  It’s based off a game, which you can tell right away, especially since the main girl’s name is…well…she doesn’t have one.  Technically, it’s “Heroine,” but everyone just says, “Ne, kimi!” a lot (which means, “hey, you!” according to the subtitles), so I’m just gonna call her Hey You, just You for short.  Anyway, she has amnesia (shocker), and has this little fairy who stalks her because he bumped into her and gave her amnesia, so he feels compelled to help her get her memories back.  However, You is caught in a giant Groundhog Day time loop where she can exist for a certain number of days until she gets killed…and then wakes up on August 1.  The reverse harem comes into play because there are these four dudes she works with, and in each restart, she dates a new one.  This is by far the best part of the show, and if the underlying plot weren’t prevalent, I probably could have enjoyed Amnesia more than I did.  The male character designs are wonderful and based off pseudo-gothic/S&M playing cards, and each guy has his own fucked up personality.  Why they love Hey You I have no idea, because she has about as much personality as a box of rocks…or Yui from Diabolik Lovers or the girl with no pupils from Uta no Prince Sama.  Read: she has absolutely NONE, and has horrible fashion sense.  Unfortunately, the stupid Groundhog Day plot attempts to be explained in the final two episodes, and it’s dumb and just doesn’t work.  I’d rather be stuck in the reverse harem time loop forever than get my memories back.  Um, hello, four hot dudes that love you for no reason?  Where do I sign up??  My favorite guy was the diamond dude from the beginning, but by the time I got to his arc…well, it’s a thing memes are made of.  I rated this 5/10 on MAL, but that’s being generous.  I guess, just like regular harems, reverse harems are just not meant to have plots.

Yu Yu Hakuso – Episodes 57-64 Yu Yu Hakusho Title

FINALLY THIS TOURNAMENT IS OVER…I THINK.  Oh man, you know how I love my tournament fighters, but, Jesus, this went on forever.  And it’s all sorts of fucked up.  The red haired guy…is he dead?  Yusuke murdered the gigantic 100% power dude???  I can’t.  Too much has happened, too many things have been destroyed, and I am just…in shock.  I need a refresher course, or possibly a recap episode.  I know, I’m begging for a recap episode.  I don’t know what I’ll do if the red haired dude is really dead, though…I’ll cry rivers.


Kamisama Kiss – Episodes 1-2 Kamisama Kiss Cover

Okay, I’ve already shelled out the money to pre-order the ridiculous limited edition of this from Funimation, but when the dub got put up on the channel, I had to cheat and see what I was getting myself into.  I mean, let’s be real, if a pretty limited edition of anything is put out, I pretty much have to get it, so I went into this blind.  The dub is hysterical.  I laughed out loud at parts, even if the show reminds me of Fruits Basket, which I didn’t really like…in fact, I think Tia Ballard might be the poor man’s Laura Bailey.  There were times in this show where I heard Laura Bailey’s voice in my head coming out of the main character’s mouth…which was really odd.  Tia Ballard does a fine job, but it was just like something was missing.  Anyway, Kamisama Kiss looks like a fine show right up my alley, so I’m glad I plunked down the cash.  Basically, this girl is homeless and some creeper kisses her on the forehead, and, by this gesture, he turns her into a god and gives her his shrine.  Then she meets this animal dude who has to protect her and bam.  Show.  I love the character designs, I won’t lie.  Except for the main girl.  She’s too Fruits Basket.  I’ll wait until I have that tote bag in my hot little hands before I watch the rest of this.

Mysterious Girlfriend X – Episode 7 Mysterious Girlfriend X Cover

Well, I watched the PV for Pupa, immediately wanted to watch it, and then realized I can’t watch it until I finished a show…hence, I just started going through crap in my Crunchyroll queue.  Mysterious Girlfriend X was the first thing I came upon.  I used to watch this weekly, and then I got turned off by it so I just stopped.  This is a really odd show.  But it’s not odd in a good way, it’s just…strange.  This episode was about the weird alien girl being able to run fast and the sports festival, where her nerdy girlfriend showed her swimsuit to her boyfriend to make him feel better…it’s just STRANGE.  Plus, alien girl carries scissors in her underwear.  Needless to say, I remembered why I kept it unwatched in my queue for so long and switched to a different show.

Pretty Cure – Episode 19 Pretty Cure Cover

I wanted to cleanse my pallet a little, so I turned on an episode of Pretty Cure.  I think we might be coming up to a point where the plot is going to start kicking in…at least, I hope, as they just sort of destroyed a really big villain.  I’m watching this English dubbed, and, it’s not unwatchable, like many have claimed.  It’s easier for me to plow through magical girl shows with a dub, especially since the subtitles on Crunchyroll have a weird audio delay and don’t match up correctly…it is the poor man’s Sailor Moon, but I don’t hate it.


Good Luck Girl – Episodes 8-10 Good Luck Girl Cover

Okay, next Funimation sale, I am totally buying this.  Good Luck Girl is HYSTERICAL.  I don’t know if it’s the dub performances or the writing which I like better, but I cracked the fuck up through these episodes, especially the one with the tennis match…holy shit, I haven’t laughed that hard at an anime in a long time.  I don’t know if it’s as funny in Japanese, but in English, it’s perfect.  If you watch nothing else, go watch episode 9, which is the one with the tennis game and the cook-off…you will not be disappointed.


Fantasista Doll – Episodes 2-3 Fantasista Doll Cover

I will cop to this: I watched this show because I had a couple bars of the theme song stuck in my head.  It’s just as terrible as I remember it.  It’s like Card Captor Sakura on very bad crack.  I’m totally not feeling it, but I have to finish it.  I hope it gets better?  God, please, for my sanity.



I am still in the middle of 240 shows, though I did complete 1 before the challenge started.

Here’s a free Crunchyroll guest pass for making you look at the title card for Fantasista Doll.  I apologize.


Time to bust out a snowbound marathon…so I can watch Pupa.  Yup, I’m regretting this challenge already.

2013 Anime Wrap Up and 2014 Backlog Goal

Happy new year!  What are you looking forward to in 2014?  Personally, I’ve got another Disney vacation in the planning stages and a move.  Ooh, scary.  Also, I want to spend as much time with my baby nieces as possible…unfortunately, they live in a different time zone, but I’ll figure something out.  I’ve got my anime backlog project to keep me busy, and here is the starting number:

animelistThat’s right.  240 anime currently being watched.  (It would have been 241, but I finished something this morning.  Whoops.)  I will not go over this number.  I’d like to cut it down to 200 by the end of the year, but I have no idea if that’s even possible.

As for 2013, I finished more than I thought.  After a few calculations (aka: I scrolled through all my Anime Mondays post and counted off all the shows I marked as completed), I figured out my magic number of shows I finished: 32.  Of course, that includes 7 short OVA series and movies, but that’s still pretty good.  As you can see, I never finish anything.  I have to beat last year by 8 titles to hit my goal, and I’m pretty sure I only have a couple OVA series in my list, which means I have to watch entire series.  The countdown is on.

Speaking of countdowns, here is a list of my favorite anime of 2013.  Please keep in mind that these may not have been made in 2013, but they are ones I finished.  Feat in itself.  How about…seven of them.  Does that sound good?  Anything to put in a Nana reference.

7.  Btooom! Btooom! Cover

I almost put Diabolik Lovers here, but I cared about this show so much that I made an actual review on it, so Btooom! wins.  My love for the survival game premise knows no bounds, and even with an unfinished ending, this deserved a place on my top list.  Sure, it was OVER said top on multiple occasions, but where else can you watch a bunch of people chuck bombs at each other and get a love story out of it?  …Don’t say Future Diary.  That got left off the list for its shitty ending.  I guess unfinished trumps shitty.


6.  Danganronpa: The Animation Danganronpa Cover

What did I tell you?  It’s like survival game-a-palooza up in here.  I watched this show weekly, and it was the only one of the season where I screamed at my tv wanting more immediately.  I really hope the game sequel gets an anime because I need more Junko in my life ASAP.  Also, this has one of the best ending sequences I’ve seen in a long time.  It was decidedly simple, but I loved that moment when the camera panned out and you got to see who had gotten killed and what they were like before the shit hit the fan.  And the song…THE SONG.  I loved it.


5.  Say ‘I Love You’ Say 'I love you' Cover

It was between this or My Little Monster to put in the #5 spot, and although they are both pretty similar, Say ‘I Love You’ made the cut.  I loved the premise of this show, and it reminded me of one of my favorites, Kimi ni Tokdoke, but with a less annoying female protagonist.  And I love Yamato.  I have no shame.  He has absolutely everything, but he loves Mei, and that’s all that matters.  It did start to fall apart some towards the end, but if you like the shoujo romance shows, you should not skip this one.


4.  Lovely Complex Lovely Complex Cover

Speaking of shoujo romances…ugh.  I LOVE Lovely Complex.  It’s right up there with Nana as one of my favorites of all time.  I’ve said it before, but Risa is pretty much me in anime form.  So if anyone wants a really tall girl who doesn’t give up, please, take my number.  I don’t have a thing for bunnies, though.  Anyway, this show made me cry more times than I am willing to admit, so you know it’s got to be a lot.  It also has one of the best anime kisses ever and it gives me the feels.  You know.  Lord.  All the underground hype for this show is completely worth it.


3.  Interstella 555 Interstella 5555 Cover

Yup, this is a movie, but what a fantastic movie.  Firstly, it’s entirely scored in Daft Punk music.  Secondly, it takes place mostly in space, and I DON’T HATE IT.  And, lastly, it’s about a band, which I always love.  If you watch one anime movie in the next few months, this should be it.  Find it while you can, because, sadly, it’s going out of print.  I could watch this every week and not get bored.  My love for Interstella knows no bounds.


2.  Soul Eater Soul Eater Title

This was the longest series I completed in 2013, and it only got finished because it was SO GOOD.  I could not stop watching this.  Death the Kid has one of my favorite character designs of any anime ever, and even if the ending is kind of bogus, I still loved this show.  And there is a spin-off coming!  Here’s to hoping it has a few cameos from the original cast.  And I think I’m the only person who didn’t think Black Star was annoying.  I should get a medal.


1.  Mawaru Penguindrum Penguindrum Cover

Best show of my 2013 hands down.  No contest.  Penguindrum had absolutely everything I could have ever asked for in an anime wrapped up into two awesome box sets.  It’s got the sense of fucked up that I like, has beautiful characters, a psychological storyline, and PENGUINS.  YEAH, PENGUINS.  Seriously, though, it won’t be for a lot of people, but it was my most favorite thing.  I encourage everyone to watch this, but only if you’re prepared to get your mind fucked for hours upon hours.  If that’s your cup of tea, you won’t be sorry.

And I have definitely posted way too often this week.  I’ll be back on Monday with my first completed show of the year.  Spoiler: it wasn’t a very good one.