Anime Mondays #45

I didn’t have a chance to watch an awful lot this week because busy is as busy does.  I seriously think I need to be a travel agent on the side because I’ve planned three trips this week, including one for my birthday to hop onboard a Disney cruise!  I know.  I’m going to run into divorced/married men with three kids at the bar, instead of my usual heap of losers, but, oddly, I’m okay with that.  Anyway, no post next week, as I’m going out of town, so look for a double the week after.  I’m thinking of doing something special for Anime Mondays #50…get those rafflecopter accounts ready to go, kids.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Naruto – Episodes 61-64 Naruto cover

Shit’s about to get real, y’all.  Naruto won his match (without his new jutsu, which…what was the point?) and has moved on.  His lazy friend forfeited because he’s an idiot savant.  And now Sasuke has finally gotten his butt to the arena to fight Gaara, who is completely blood thirsty.  I don’t know who I want to win more…whatever, I like the bad guys.  On a side note, I just googled how to spell Gaara and one of the hits came up “Gaara x Sakura fanfiction.”  Um…no.


Kanon (2002) – Episode 3 Kanon 2002 Cover

I was looking for something to watch on youtube and came across a Kanon 2006 review, and it made me really happy because the reviewer said he liked it the most out of the Key trinity.  I have the same opinion.  All this Clannad love…I will never understand it when Kanon 2006 is a better show BY FAR.  Anyway, it made me want to finish the first series, which I have never gotten the whole way through.  Well…I saw one episode.  That was enough.  It’s something that has to be taken in small doses.  The character design is just so ugly that it’s hard to watch, even though I know the story is good.  Also, how they compacted it into 13 episodes, as opposed to a full season…I don’t know how they are gonna pull that one off.  I will cross this off my list this year, but it might take me a few months.

Good Luck Girl – Episodes 11-13 (Completed!) Good Luck Girl Cover

Hooray, I finished something!  I’m so proud of myself that I checked something off my “currently watching” list on one hand, but sad that it had to be Good Luck Girl on another because the show was so damned good, I didn’t want to finish watching it.  Even though the last couple episodes actually tried to have a plot, it was still hysterical, and I loved every moment of it.  I’m really hoping that the rumored second season will become a reality because this is a shining example of a really good comedy anime…and those are hard to come by.  Most of them have pointless fanservice, and, let’s be real, this show has its share, but it makes fun of itself for having the requisite hot springs episodes (in song!), and it just made me love it more.  As soon as it goes on sale, it’s a total buy for me, and I recommend just about everyone to check this show out.  I rated Good Luck Girl 8/10 on MAL.  Go watch the dub.  Now, now, now.

Is This a Zombie? – Episodes 5-12 (Completed!) Is This a Zombie? Cover

Look, I finished another show!  I’m on a roll, kids.  I’m taking my backlog challenge seriously.  That or…I just didn’t want to go to another channel on my Roku.  In theory, this show has everything that I like: zombies, magical girls, necromancers, vampires…however, I just really didn’t like it at all.  The best episode was actually the last one that seemed like a throwaway after the real ending, where they all went to the pool and then had an Idol showdown.  Yeah, there was a plot, and stuff, and I’ve apparently become a fangirl of voice actors to the point where I recognized Brittany Karbowski playing the vampire ninja who “gets married” to the zombie dude without reading the credits (by far the best character), but other than that…meh.  It did nothing.  And it really makes me sad because I love the box art for this series, and if I didn’t have to buy the anime with it, I’d get it just to put that beautiful, pink, skulled monstrosity on my shelves…but this show sucked.  I’ll watch the OVAs, but I have no desire to start the second season this year.  I rated Is This a Zombie? 6/10 on MAL.

Pupa – Episode 1 Pupa Cover

This is why I went on a completion roll with my shows, so I could start this gore fest and not feel guilty…and as soon as episode one was over, I literally said out loud, to a room of no one but myself, “What the fuck was that?”  Seriously.  Firstly, I went into this only seeing the PV, and had no idea the show was only going to be four minutes long.  The opening song (which will not leave my head) was about ten seconds, and I was all, “well, this is new,” and before I knew it the fucking episode was over…and I had no idea what happened.  None.  I had to watch it for a second time just to realize that it sort of had a plot, and that it was completely censored, so you couldn’t make out anything anyway.  Ugh, I’m so annoyed.  If I would have known this entire series was going to take about 20 minutes to watch, I would have waited until it was over and marathoned it, but, no, now I’ll be stuck each week getting a tiny, bite-sized morsel of junk that I’ll have to watch more than once to make any sense of it.  But here’s what I got.  A: the girl’s brother (I think he’s her brother?) is creepy as hell.  B: little girls should really listen to strangers and not be such dumbasses.  C: I hate butterflies.  See you next week.

I am currently watching 239 anime, and have completed 3 shows so far this year.  I’ve picked up one new one, unfortunately.

The crunchyroll guest pass from last week is still valid, so someone take it, please!  NJC8LFN9LMS

I’ll be back in a couple weeks to talk more shit about the butterfly show.  Until then, try to stay sane if you’re watching it.


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