Anime Mondays #46

Never fear, loyal readers, I am back from my quickie trip to visit family, and have come to accost you with two weeks of extremely random anime viewing commentary.  I mean…really random.  My backlog challenge is forcing me to watch some shows I haven’t in over a year, and while some are blowing my mind, others almost make me want to blow chunks.  I’ll save you that mental picture.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Is This a Zombie? OVAs – Episodes 1-2 (Completed!) Is This a Zombie OVA Cover

I told you I’d finish these OVAs that were held over from the first season.  However, after watching them, I’m more positive than ever that I won’t be sitting through the second season anytime soon.  These were basic, throwaway, fanservice-y episodes, and while the first one was cute, by the time the second one was over, I was more than ready to quit.  I’ve said before that this series has everything in it that I like, but I just didn’t dig it.  And I think it’s because it took itself way too seriously towards the end.  I’m not a big fan of comedies that take a dramatic turn for no apparent reason, and this happens to be one of them.  More power to you if you like that kind of stuff, but I’m just not that girl.  I rated this 4/10 on MAL.

Cardfight Vanguard – Episode 3 Cardfight Vanguard Cover

Remember how I said I’d be more willing to watch this show if it had a dub?  Well, lo and behold, IT HAS A DUB.  Apparently, it’s only available on Hulu, so I checked it out…lord, Jesus, it’s a terrible dub.  Like…I don’t know what’s worse, the actual card game in the show or the English dub.  I tried…I tried.  It’s just not getting any better, and I am committed to finishing it.  Even my Yu-Gi-Oh withdrawals will not make me get into this.


Rosario + Vampire Season 2 – Episode 2 Rosario + Vampire Season 2 Cover

Oh Funimation Channel.  You are always there for me when I need to barely pay attention to some garbage while I’m doing something else.  Rosario + Vampire Season 2 got the one episode treatment.  I’ll liken this to Is This a Zombie? in a way because it has everything I like and I actually enjoy this show.  The difference?  It’s comedic, and even the serious parts aren’t that serious, and mostly contain a lot of fight scenes.  The one downfall is the ridiculous amounts of fanservice (and the stupid opening, but I can fast forward through that), that just don’t stop.  How many Moka boob and panty shots do we need?  Apparently one every minute.

Naruto – Episodes 65-70 Naruto cover

So…Gaara gets hurt by Sasuke and then the stupid Sand Village starts a fight AND WE DON’T GET TO SEE HOW THEIR MATCH ENDS.  Are you shitting me??  All that build up for nothing?  Ugh, I know Sasuke is chasing after him now, but that’s some bullshit.  I understand why people get pissed off over Naruto now.  I can’t seem to get through the next episode, though.  I think I’ve fallen asleep through it at least five times.  Put me back in the battle arena, please.


Ookami-San and Her Seven Companions – Episodes 9-12 (Completed!) Ookami-San Cover

Another one bites the dust!  I think this really should be Anime Mondays: The Week Where I Watched Shows I Should Have Liked in Theory.  Yup, we have one more.  I love, love, love fairy tale re-tellings, so this should have been heaven for me.  Honestly, I just finished this one to get it off my list.  It got less episodic and more of a huge plot towards the end, but the plot didn’t make much sense and…ugh.  Another fail.  I rated this 6/10 on MAL.



Pupa – Episodes 2-3 Pupa Cover

Well…I did something I hardly ever do and read the manga for this anime because I needed to know what I was missing.  And, sure, now I’ve spoiled myself for the entire thing, but with three minute episodes, it’s easier to comprehend everything that’s going on.  Like, why the anime is called Pupa, for example, or how the little sister could be eating her brother’s intestines in a dirty bathroom when he supposedly died the previous episode.  It’s common sense stuff that’s getting shoved under the rug because of the awful, awful pacing.  The anime is definitely much more gory and more incestual than the manga (I really wasn’t picking up on any of that in printed form), but I have this thing where I hate eating noises, and all those zombie movies where they just go to town on somebody…yuck, I have to fast forward.  This is like…cannibalism to the extreme.  I’m just so disappointed in this show.  It could have been so much, and instead it’s so little.  Literally.

Bleach – Episodes 25-28 Bleach Title

I have a friend who works at a library, and he calls me up and goes, “Hey, we’re selling a ton of our anime for $1 apiece, what do you want?” and starts reading me off all the titles.  So, I have finally purchased some of Bleach, a good five or six discs of it.  Unfortunately, most of them are from the very beginning, but I did happen to get the volume next in line for me to watch.  Ichigo and company are still on a quest to save Rukia…and it doesn’t look like they’re getting any closer.  Seriously, all four episodes were about fighting the same enemies…how long does it take?  I checked on Netflix just to see how far behind I was and how many DVDs I’d have to buy to complete it, and they are currently on volume 54.  54.  I just finished 7, and that was only because I had been renting them/buying them for $1.  How do people collect Bleach?  I’m being serious.  It’s so expensive, I can’t even.  (On a completely unrelated note, I also got some volumes of Card Captor Sakura and the entire four season series of Maria-Sama Ga Miteru for $4.  Apparently, I need to start going to the library.)

Anohana: The Flower We Saw that Day – Episodes 2-4 Anohana Cover

I’ve been very emotional since I went to go see my family on the opposite side of the country, and when I cry, I binge cry, so, sure, why not turn on Anohana?  I have successfully shed tears in every episode so far, and it’s not even that sad.  It’s a beautiful show and has some very moving imagery, including something that I want to put into a tattoo design very badly.  And for an 11 episode show, it’s something that really sticks with you.  The characters are actually developed (shocking, I know), there’s no fanservice, no bullshit.  Anohana is about a ghost who appears before one of her childhood friends saying she has a wish that needs to be granted for her to be happy, but her whole group of friends has to be together for it to happen.  And, let’s be real, they  don’t really associate with one another since she died in the first place.  But they are slowly but surely getting back together, and it’s just really touching.  Bringing out my girl side, Anohana, one episode at a time.

Bakuman – Episodes 1-4 Bakuman Cover

Yeah, I see you giving me the shifty eyes because I started a new show.  But it came in from a rental service, so I had to start it so I could get another disc, possibly of an old show.  So there.  I had heard good things about Bakuman, so I added this to my queue, and I am glad I did, even if it’s 75 episodes long.  Bakuman is a show about two kids who want to become manga artists, but not only that, they want to draw and serialize a manga, and turn it into an anime before they turn 18 so that one of them can fulfill his dream of a promised marriage to a budding voice actress.  Really??  Really.  This is really happening.  We will see if the plot becomes as outlandish as it’s set up to be, but so far I’m really enjoying it.  Too bad it’ll probably take me all year and then some to get the DVDs sent to me, and since Right Stuf hasn’t had a Media Blasters sale in forever…

I am currently watching 239 anime and have completed 5 shows this year.  Unfortunately, one I finished in one sitting, and then I added a new one, so my list has not gone down at all.  Fail.

Double post is now completed.  I just placed a giant Right Stuf order, though…unboxing video?  Maybe?  Will I make my youtube debut?  We’ll just have to see if I feel pretty the day the box comes.


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