Month: February 2014

Anime Mondays #50

I can’t believe this will be the 50th post I’ve written where I basically laundry list out all the anime I’ve consumed during a week.  I know this blog has been around longer than a year, but, in case you can’t tell by my series that I have abandoned or put off for lack of time, I’m not really good at continuing things until they’re finished.  But 50 posts.  My OCD likes that number.  Sadly, I don’t have any awesome milestones to speak of here.  Instead of watching anime, I checked out Star Crossed because I read on twitter that Brina Palencia was in it, and I wanted to see if she’s a better real actress or voice actress.  Jury’s still out on that one, but all the high schoolers in the show look about as old as the parents.  Also Aimee Teegarden is unrecognizable.  What happened to the adorable girl from Friday Night Lights?  Anyway, this isn’t what you came here for.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

The Twelve Kingdoms – Episodes 1-2 (re-watch) The Twelve Kingdoms Cover

I purchased this show because it was on sale from the Right Stuf Christmas sale, but the only thing I could remember about it was that I fell asleep through it the first time I watched the disc I rented off Netflix.  Sadly, this continued to be the case, as I could not get through episode 3, and off to Dreamland I went.  I’m sure it’s not THAT boring of a show…I mean, it’s long, so it had to be popular.  Maybe I was just tired?  I’ll try again.  Anyway, The Twelve Kingdoms is one of those fantasy anime where a modern girl gets transported to this magical world.  I think I really just wanted to re-watch Fushigi Yuugi, but since I’m doing that backlog challenge, I felt like I shouldn’t start anything new.  This show is pretty violent, even though our main girl is a pacifist.  She’s transported to this fantasyland with a girl and a boy, who I think are dating, and then they basically get captured right away.  And the dude that brings them there is actually a unicorn.  Yeah.  It’s pretty fucked up.  I should have just popped in what I wanted to watch to hear Miaka scream, “TAMAHOMEEEEEE!” over and over again.

Code Geass – Episodes 14-17 Code Geass Cover

I actually paid attention to these episodes!  I know, the world must be ending.  But when I realized what was going on, it was just the main characters figuring out what the viewer had known in the first episode: Lelouch now knows that he is fighting against his BFF Suzaku.  I am happy that I have been continuing this show now because shit just got real.  Unfortunately, my rental service has decided it doesn’t want to send me discs anymore or something, since I put two in the mail at the end of January, and they still haven’t marked them as returned…that’s some bullshit.

Yu Gi Oh Duel Monsters – Episode 65 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Cover

Yep, one, pathetic little episode of Yu Gi Oh! this week.  Couldn’t tell you what it was about, as I believe I was half paying attention to it while I was on lunch or something.  Clearly, it wasn’t anything to write home about.




Steins;Gate – Episode 1 Steins;Gate Cover

See, now I really should have watched Fushigi Yuugi, as I ended up starting a new show anyway.  Old habits.  They die hard.  But everyone and their dog has raved about what an amazing show Steins;Gate is, and how you’re stupid if you don’t watch it and blah blah blah….well…I turned on the first episode and was incredibly bored.  I didn’t really understand a lot of it; it all sounded like psycho babble to me.  I suppose the gist is that this one dude (who is voiced by J. Michael Tatum in the worst performance I have ever heard from him) can time travel, and he sees the murder of this girl, but then he doesn’t know if he really did because everyone tells him they saw him somewhere else, and…it’s complicated.  Maybe I need to watch it in Japanese, not because it would make more sense, but just because the almost-British accent the main dude has is completely off-putting.  Tatum was FANTASTIC in Black Butler, but this is just not working for me.  Does it get better past the first episode?

Pupa – Episode 7 Pupa Cover

I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again; I’m really glad I decided to read this manga, or I’d have no clue what the hell is happening in this show.  Maria (the freaky witch girl) has now decided it would be a great idea to impregnate herself with the incestual child of Yume and her brother.  That’s it.  That’s everything that happened in this episode.  Note to self: never let a doctor put you under anesthesia again because you never know if they will be secretly harvesting your eggs.  Gross.  I feel like I need a shower after I watch each episode of this show.  It’s not cute.

And that’s it.  Yeah, seriously.  I am currently watching 237 shows and have completed 9 this year.  I’d say I’d have a better selection next week, but, let’s be real, I’m more than likely just going to catch up on The Lying Game.  Thanks, Netflix.  If you had FMA Brotherhood dubbed, this wouldn’t be an issue.

Disney World Trip Report Day 2 Part 2 – Where Glitterbots Scares Little Children

Last I left you, Julie and I had just visited Gaston and I was choking down the disgusting-ness that is LeFou’s Brew whilst touring New Fantasyland.  That drink is terrible.  Seriously.  I’ve tasted straight liquor that was better than that.  This was the point in the day where we met about a million characters in quick succession because nobody had a line.  We started off with Ariel in her grotto, where I had to chug about a quarter of the brew once we got to go visit a mermaid.  Ariel was pretty fantastic, even though I don’t remember what we talked about, except she did record a video on my iphone for my niece’s second birthday because Ariel is her favorite.  God, it was cute.  Then we took a trip into Storybook Circus to go do the Daisy/Minnie and Donald/Goofy circuit.  Donald was not that great.  Goofy was the shit.  He was blowing up my fist bumps.  I took some extremely awkward photographs with the girls because I’m about a foot taller than them.  That, and I can’t pose girly to save my life.  Princess, yes.  Girly, no.  Yes, there is a difference.  We trekked through the gift shop (where Julie began her obsession with the blue slushies…I think.  Correct me if I’m wrong), and then it was about time to go to my Pirates League appointment.  Hey, it was a Halloween Party night.  I was dressing as a pirate.  Don’t judge me.  Of course, I checked in, picked my makeup, and then proceeded to trip the fuck over the little gate rope barricades, prompting some pirate snark I can’t really remember.  Arrg.

It was at this point I thought it would be the bright idea to change into my costume, so cue me trying to get out of my clothes and into a corset type pirate dress and thigh high boots in the Tortuga Tavern bathroom.  What a fucking mess.  I mean, I have concert changed at rest stops, but I think this was a whole new low.  Disney World really needs some dressing rooms for those of us who feel the need to costume change throughout the day.  Something with makeup counters and personal dressers who can zip up my goddamned boots.  Also, let me tell you, I wore some cropped leggings underneath my costume, and that was probably the best decision I have ever made, as my skirt proceeded to flip up the entire rest of the night.  And it was 1pm.  Anyway, so I went to do Pirates League.  I highly recommend this experience because it’s the only fun thing you can do as an adult that involves a costume.  I got my own pirate name, a treasure chest full of swag, AND A FUCKING SWORD.  I was gonna pack one, but I did not want funny looks from TSA agents, so I was really happy that I got a sword with my makeover.  Spoiler: no one else likes the sword.  I’ll elaborate later.  I chose the Halloween exclusive Zombie Pirate makeover, and the girl who did my makeup even let me customize it to my liking, which was really great.  I had the skeleton face with red lipstick, and it was pretty baller.  Here’s a picture of the ceiling:


After my makeup was finished, I got to take my own mini-photo shoot in this “secret” room, and ugh, it was great.  Pirate face-a-palooza.  Since I had Photopass +, I got print outs of my shots, and got all of them added to my card.  Seriously, if you can swing a Pirates League makeover, do it.  It was probably one of the most fun things that happened in Disney.

So, now I’m walking around the park dressed up like a pirate with a skeleton face (oh, and with a feather with a skeleton HAND attached in my hair, I rule) owning the universe, and because it’s a little too early for the people in costume to be out, I’m getting a loooot of funny looks along with the compliments.  Whatever, clearly everyone is just jealous of my awesomeness, right?  Well, Julie had to change into her costume, too, so we headed back up to the front of the park to throw everything into our locker.  On our way, we’d passed by meeting Mickey Mouse about thirteen times (did I fail to mention that we’d been criss crossing throughout the day on the train to drop stuff off sporadically?  Whoops.), so we thought we’d go check him out.  Now, I heard Talking Mickey might be out for the party, but I really wasn’t expecting to find him before it.  Oh, no.  He was out.  I fucking hate puppets.  And things that talk that aren’t supposed to, like dolls, stuffed animals, MICKEY MOUSE.  And the family before us got Talking Mickey, and then they changed him out, so I was like, “YES, OUR MICKEY WILL BE MUTE.”  Oh, hell, no.  That bitch blinked and spoke and moved his mouth and the photopass photographer caught me jumping backwards from him and freaking the fuck out.  I am a grown ass woman, I should not be terrified of Talking Mickey, BUT I WAS.  It didn’t help that Talking Mickey seemed to know what I was wearing, had an entire conversation with us about pirates and then made us do our best “pirate pose.”  I wanted to die.

tripreport-018Fuck you, Talking Mickey, fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

As for the title of this post, karma came and bit me in the ass.  While we were in line for Talking Mickey, we were in front of this little girl who kept staring at me and cowering behind her mom.  Muahaha.  Scaring little children for the win.  Yeah…muahahaha alright, terrified because of a talking mouse for the LOSE.  This week’s lesson: karma is a bitch.

On that note, let’s pause, and next time we’ll get into the Halloween Party which involves standing in a line for two hours to meet the greatest character in all of Disney, tiny top hats, and a showdown with Tarzan.

Anime Mondays #49

You guys…I am broke.  Being broke sucks.  Like, I literally cannot spend any money until I get paid on Friday, and I have to pray that my pre/back orders I have from Right Stuf don’t come in until then.  This is what happens when you go to the casino and hope to win a lot of money…and then you don’t.  Ugh.  Never again.  I didn’t even get to watch a whole lot this week, but here’s your highlight reel.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Oreimo – Episodes 2-4 Oreimo Cover

I believe this show came up when I plugged my list into the random number generator again because I have no idea why I’d voluntarily choose to watch it.  And it’s not because I hate this show, it’s just because I remember watching the first episode and not knowing whether or not I liked it.  It’s the indifference factor.  Anyway, four episodes in, and I still can’t decide whether or not I like this show.  I mean, my favorite part of the episodes is seeing what color the main girl character paints her nails.  Is that petty, or is that just a tiny, lovable detail?  It’s not the otaku culture part of the show I can’t get behind, it’s just the whole premise.  I can’t tell if the main dude just likes his sister or if he likes his sister, and if it’s the latter, how did it get to that point?  Sure, he likes to save her from awkward situations, but shouldn’t that just be part of being a big brother?  Shit, sometimes my little brother has had to drive me home from the bar because I’ve been under the weather, and vice versa.  Looking out for each other is something siblings do.  But this guy is giving me the creeper vibe, and that’s something I definitely do NOT like.  Jury is still out on Oreimo.  We’ll see how this goes.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters – Episodes 51-64 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Cover

Yeahhhh this is where I spent the majority of my week.  Remember how I said last time that the game needed new rules and Yugi needed new cards?  Well, now the game has new rules AND Yugi has new cards and it’s a lot of hot mess.  Kaiba has started the Battle City Tournament, and there are double the life points from the last tournament, along with these all-powerful Egyptian cards, which are pretty much unstoppable.  So now, not only do we have this new bad guy called Marek going after Yugi for his Millennium Puzzle, but he is also going after Kaiba to steal his Egyptian card in his own goddamned tournament.  Ugh.  The new rules include things like having to sacrifice your own smaller monsters to call up a big one, or you can’t play the card, and that’s pretty much the most unfair rule ever.  If you draw the card, play the card.  Plus, Joey’s sister finally had her operation, and in this extremely odd side plot, Tristan has a giant crush on her and pretty much plays nursemaid while her own brother tries to win the tournament, as well.  Let’s be real, you know Yugi is going to win any battle he’s in, so Joey’s are the most fun because at least he has a chance of losing.  But the one with the creepy magician dude and the onslaught of Dark Magician cards…man, that was a good duel.  Yu-Gi-Oh is great to watch when you want to turn your brain off, and I took full advantage of that this week.

Naruto – Episodes 83-84 Naruto cover

I am not enjoying this new arc at all.  Yes, the Sasuke back story is great, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a goal, other than to watch Naruto run away from the bad guys.  I miss the Chunin exams.  I miss the tournament fighter aspect the show had.  Now it’s just…boring.  I’ve been purposely watching something else during the time I usually watch Naruto.  Maybe I just need a break.



Pupa – Episode 6 Pupa Cover

Okay, perverts, this episode is for you.  If you’ve been waiting for the gross/incesty part of Pupa to start, look no further because here it is, in all its four minute glory.  As soon as the theme song was over, I knew, I just knew I would be subjected to an entire episode full of cannibalism.  My worst fears were completely realized.  Have I said before that I have to fast forward through parts of zombie movies because I can’t take the eating noises?  Well…I do.  Now take that for four whole minutes.  I pretty much wanted to die.  Ew.  EW.  I’d say you need to see this episode to believe it, but you don’t.  Just take my word for it.  It’s disgusting.  They did some interesting things with the music, but that’s the only worthwhile discussion point for this episode.  And I watched the censored version.  Ew.

And that’s it.  Stats are the same from last week: currently watching 236 shows and have completed 9 this year.  I mean, I did watch some old school Sailor Moon while I was on the treadmill, and that was really the highlight of my anime viewing this week.  Taking it to the streets with the Doom Tree Arc box set I bought on VHS.  I remember that thing being $50 and thinking it was sooooo expensive.  God, if I could only see into the future and look at my collection now…

See you next week, kids.  Sorry this one was Anime Mondays Abridged.

Anime Mondays #48

Guys, I’m tired.  I really need a vacation.  In fact, I looked into booking a quickie, cheap cruise on Carnival (yuck) just to get out of town for a few days.  Fortunately, I came to my senses soon after and took a nap instead.  Not the same, but it quelled the desire to go back on the dungeon boat.  PS – there’s a surprise inside this post.  You know the drill.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Nana – Episodes 35-37 NANA Cover

I spent a lot of time this week with the random number generator, using it to pick shows off my list to watch.  Clearly, my random number generator knows my favorite anime of all time and decided I should get on my way to finishing it for a third viewing.  I can’t tell you how much I love Nana.  I mean, honestly, my love for this show knows no bounds.  I’ve said this on numerous occasions.  However, the last arc of the show depresses me to no end.  Firstly, Hachi + Nobu forever, okay.  This Takumi crap is out of bad fanfiction.  Plus, he’s a complete dick.  I will never buy them together.  (Yes, I am reading the manga now, so don’t tell me what happens.)  And Rockstar Nana just starts this huge downward spiral because she thinks she’s holding on too tightly to Ren and needs to be completely independent.  She’s been independent while she’s been with Ren this entire time.  Come on, Nana.  You know better than that.  These episodes lead up to the conclusion of the anime series, and I just…ugh.  I know the end is coming and I want more already.  I also want to hear “Winter Sleep,” which is one of the greatest ending songs of all time, and I know it’s coming…I just don’t know when.  I had to stop watching because the show was utterly depressing me, but that’s not a bad thing…I just needed a break.

Nerima Daikon Brothers – Episodes 9-12 (Completed!) Nerima Daikon Brothers Cover

I have had this show forever.  Seriously, forever.  I remember seeing a preview for it on one of the very first shows I purchased when I started collecting and knew I had to own it, despite the fact that it was ridiculously expensive.  And then I watched two thirds of it…and it took me years to watch the last four episodes.  I mean, when I started my MAL profile, I ranked things before I had finished them, and I rated Nerima Daikon Brothers as a 10.  I have since rectified this rating, but I digress.  If you have neither seen nor heard of this anime, it’s by the creator of Excel Saga if that tells you anything.  (It didn’t for myself, as I had never seen Excel Saga, and as of the date of this post, I still haven’t.)  It’s about these three friends who dream of being rockstars, and want to build a dome for them to have concerts in the middle of their daikon field.  Basically, the whole show is one big musical parody.  And the English dub is AWESOME.  Luci Christian is sufficiently campy as Mako, and you won’t even recognize Greg Ayres.  Seriously.  When I checked the cast list, I thought it was a typo.  But he’s GOOD, so don’t worry.  A lot of the jokes, however, get lost in translation.  Thank goodness for AD-Vid Notes that popped up on the screen to explain crap to me because I’d never understand it.  But guys…in the last batch of episodes, there is a Michael Jackson parody that made me laugh so hard I choked…on multiple occasions.  The ending was pretty much crap, but the show is charming.  You just have to be able to understand what’s happening.  I changed my rating to 7/10 on MAL.

Boku no Imouto wa Osaka Okan – Episodes 6-12 (Completed!) My Sister Is an Osaka Mama Cover gave me this one to watch, and as the episodes are only three minutes long, I took the opportunity to cross it off my list.  Yay!  Unfortunately, that was the selling point to completing this anime, since it wasn’t very funny.  I mean, it had a few laughs, but there’s absolutely no character development, and it looks like it was made in Flash.  The animation is just atrocious.  It had some funny gags, but I really don’t think I’m one for these gag anime.  Plus, all the humor is about the differences between Japanese people who live in Tokyo and ones who live in Osaka, and I just don’t get it.  I rated this 5/10 on MAL.

Wedding Peach – Episode 14 Wedding Peach

This was my last random pick for the post, and I can’t even tell you what happened in this episode, as I was watching it at the same time I was sort of watching the Superbowl, and losing horribly at Superbowl Squares.  I purchased Wedding Peach because it was supposed to be like Sailor Moon, and other than the obvious genre similarities…it’s nothing like Sailor Moon.  It’s rough to be compared to a classic, yo.


Naruto – Episodes 78-82 Naruto cover

Well, the Chunin Exam arc is now officially over…and, as expected, nobody passed the damned exam.  All those episodes for nothing.  Well, I shouldn’t say that, as Gaara entered my life, and he is still one of the best villains ever…except for the part where he pussied out at the end.  At least Naruto didn’t kill him, but for him to just cave and say, “it’s over?!”  Come the fuck on.  Maybe he’ll come back.  I sincerely hope so.  Oh, and that fight with the Third Hokagi that never ended?  It finally did.  And not in a good way.  The new arc looks…well, I don’t even know.  It looks like a bunch of people are out to track down and steal Naruto’s power (side note: has anyone made a Naruto/”What Does the Fox Say?” parody yet?  because it’s begging to happen), and….meh.  Bring back Gaara.

One Piece – Episodes 75-78 One Piece Cover

WE ARE FINALLY OUT OF GIANT LAND.  HOORAY.  No, seriously, this arc was just stupid, and I am so glad it’s over.  Now, we’re back on the boat and Nami is sick, so they are going to have to go off course to get her medicine.  Poor Nami.  At least she has a girlfriend now on board to commiserate with her.  They just keep picking up stragglers, don’t they?  Also, I finally have finished Collection 3, which I just could not get through.  Only five more to go before the new one gets released in April (FINALLY!).  Thank god I don’t have to buy those ugly Voyage sets.  You rule, Funimation.

Hellsing – Episodes 4-5 Hellsing Cover

I can’t remember why I decided to turn this on, but it was deliberate.  I think maybe because I was watching a bunch of youtubers gush over Crispin Freeman and it made me want to hear his voice?  I’m not quite sure.  But, let me tell you, his voice is the ONLY saving grace of this English dub.  The rest of the cast just does horrific accents and they are not cute.  This show isn’t really doing anything for me, even though I love horror anime and vampires.  I hope it gets better?  Cause it really needs to.


Magical Angel Creamy Mami – Episodes 1-6 Creamy Mami Cover

No, your eyes are not deceiving you.  That is an episode 1 you see up there.  Yes, I started another series.  Don’t murder me.  But I just had to.  You see, I pledged for the Anime Sols release of this set, and it FINALLY arrived this week.  And my name is in the DVD credits.  I know.  Be jealous.  The DVD quality is quite good for a kickstarter release (although, I guess there is a subtitle issue on disc 2, but I haven’t gotten that far — we are getting shipped replacement discs), but there are a couple things that bug me.  For example, the word “disc” is spelled incorrectly multiple places.  The cover art has cut off corners.  And if you don’t fast forward through the ending theme, it starts you back at the menu.  Also, for $7 shipping, you’d think it could come in some nicer packaging than a bubble envelope where the DVDs were rattling around in the case before I even opened it, but, whatever.  I blind pledged for this show, and I love it.  You know how I love my magical girls.  Parts of it, though…man, it’s like the writers were on acid or something.  For those of you who know nothing about Creamy Mami, here’s the gist; a girl named Yuu sees a spaceship out her window and follows it to this open space, where she is brought on board and into a giant, alien, fantastical world, where they bestow upon her magical powers for one year, a compact and a wand.  She also gets two talking cats who try to help her, but don’t really do much other than act annoyingly.  The power of transformation is her first magic spell, and by busting out a lot of ‘p’ words, she can transform into an older, prettier version of herself.  And what’s the first thing she does?  Tries to make a boy like her and becomes an idol.  Let’s be real…I’d do the same thing.  This show is very vintage, so if that’s not your thing, you won’t like this at all.  But I love it.  I can’t wait for her to get in more trouble with her Kanon stick.

Pupa – Episode 5 Pupa Cover

I officially no longer have any idea what is happening with this series, and I have read the manga.  Well, all of it that’s been translated, anyway.  Either, they are pulling out all new stuff, or they just skipped from chapter 3 past chapter 15, because the content in this episode is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.  It also doesn’t make a lick of sense.  Yume was supposed to have gotten the monster virus from the butterflies, but now, she was apparently born with it?  What the fuck?  Has it been dormant all this time?  Because her brother clearly had no knowledge of it, even though his sister was mutilated as a baby and still lived and ate the shit out of a bunch of birds.  Plot holes aside, this was, by far, the best episode of Pupa yet.  Even if it doesn’t make any sense in a timeline fashion, this was creepy as hell, and the mother is fucked up.  And you know how much I like those fucked up anime.  Finally, I’m looking forward to next Thursday.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters – Episode 50 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Cover

Yup, Amazon sure did put season 2 on sale, and I opened it yesterday to start a new arc.  Unfortunately, I did get sidetracked and only watched one episode, but you know I can marathon this show like no tomorrow.  I hope they start introducing new rules or Yugi gets some new cards or something, though, because I’m super bored with his Summon Skull and Polymerization cards.  There has got to be something new in his deck…right?


Man, this is a long post.  Sorry.  Here’s a free Crunchyroll guest pass:


I am currently watching 236 anime and have completed 9 shows this year.  See, it’s dwindling.  Slowly.

Anime Mondays #47

Hey, Polar Vortex, can you please go back to wherever you came from?  I love living where I do because I get seasons, but this is ridiculous.  I’m about ready to pack it in and move to the Bahamas, and I hate sun (and the Bahamas).  Here’s what happened this week when I had to stay indoors.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Princess Princess – Episodes 5-12 (Completed!) Princess Princess Cover

It’s been a rough week with more family emergencies than you can shake a stick at, so I really needed to watch something where I could turn off my brain.  Fortunately, Princess Princess fit that bill perfectly, even if there is no dub.  What I thought was going to turn into a throwaway show was actually something charming, even with the strange overall plot points towards the end.  If you’re looking for boys making out with each other, you’re looking in the wrong place, though.  Well…for the most part.  My favorite episode had to be the one with the school festival, where the red-haired guy brought his girlfriend…man, it was cute.  These boys (mostly) love what they do, even if dressing in drag to cater to a throng of straight males is completely unbelievable.  If you want to be entertained and can get past the premise, I recommend checking out this show.  Besides, you can buy it for, like, $8.  I ranked Princess Princess 7/10 on MAL.

Code Geass – Episodes 10-13 Code Geass Cover

I am renting this disc by disc, and I will admit, I’m multitasking while watching, just so I can plow through it.  I should probably quit, as I’m not getting anything at all out of this show, but it’s been recommended so highly that (OCD aside) I have to finish it.  Apparently it gets better towards the end?  But right now, it’s just a bunch of mech battles I’m not interested in at all.  However, I will give it to Lelouch’s character design; he is one pretty boy.


Naruto – Episodes 71-77 Naruto cover

Okay, these Gaara flashback episodes are killing me.  Like, legit crying over this, even though it’s Naruto, and lacks any emotion whatsoever.  If you’ve been reading these columns for awhile, you know my love for Gaara, but the fact that his own mother didn’t love him, that his uncle, the one person in the world who he thought had his back, tried to kill him, oh my god.  I can’t.  I love him.  But now, Naruto is probably going to use his red chakra and kill him, and I will just…ugh.  I’m honestly, honestly surprised that one of the villains I like the most in anime is from a shounen series, though I am reluctant to call Gaara a villain.  HE IS JUST MISUNDERSTOOD.  NOBODY LOVES HIM.  SOMEONE GIVE HIM A HUG, OKAY?  On another note, this Hokagi fight with the snake dude has had them in the exact same position for about four episodes…can somebody die already?  The suspense is not killing me, it’s just annoying.

Lunar Legend Tsukihime – Episodes 5-6 Lunar Legend Tsukihime Cover

I bought this in the Right Stuf Christmas sale because Netflix was missing a disc, and it was cheap, so I thought, “why not?”  Then I needed something to watch with a dub while I did my nails, and I remembered why not.  I know I started to watch this because supposedly it had something to do with The Garden of Sinners, but as I have now hit the show’s halfway point, I have yet to discover what that is, exactly.  The dub is pretty bad, the music is nothing to write home about, and the plot is not going anywhere.  At this point, I’m just hoping I get the connection by the time I finish this series, whenever that will be.

Pupa – Episode 4 Pupa Cover

This was, by far, the worst episode of Pupa yet.  Firstly, they should have switched the order of episodes 3 and 4 because everything would have made much more sense, and I definitely wouldn’t have turned to the manga to spoil myself because I was so confused as to what was going on.  Secondly, the first minute or so is all re-used footage, so instead of three minutes of new animation, we only get about two this episode.  How freaking lazy can you be?  And, lastly, it was all exposition, which could have been helpful, oh, maybe episode 1.  If I’m only getting this horror anime in tiny chunks, they need to provide at least one gory thing or mindfuck per episode, and this had nada, absolutely nothing.  If this wasn’t three minutes long, Pupa would definitely be on my backlog to marathon once it’s over, but because I can take 180 seconds out of my life to watch it weekly (and then get pissed off about it), I will.

Maria Holic – Episodes 8-12 (Completed!) Maria Holic  Cover

I started Maria Holic so long ago, that it was when my cable company actually carried The Anime Network and thought it was amusing, but I wasn’t really feeling it.  Fast forward years later to when I needed a laugh and was clearing out my Hulu queue, and this show is hysterical.  Oh man, I laughed so hard finishing this one off, and I really needed it, too.  There is no over-arcing plot, for the most part, so I’ll sum up in really terrible fashion.  This anime is about this lesbian who gets into an all girls high school (who is also terrified of boys) and her ridiculous reactions to things like girls in maid outfits and swimsuit season.  Oh, and her roommate is a dude who dresses in drag and does everything in his power to make her life miserable.  She literally spouts rivers of blood from her nose in pure pervert fashion.  I think because I hadn’t watched a lot of anime when I started this show, I didn’t get all the trope-y jokes…but now that I have, I can’t wait to see the second season.  I ranked this anime 7/10 on MAL, and recommend it if you can read subtitles at warp speed because every character talks really fast, and there are a lot of text jokes.

High School DxD – Episodes 3-4 High School DxD Cover

Man, don’t judge me for this, but I think I found a fanservice show I actually like.  Yes, I could do without the nudity, but so far, this show has the right amount of drama, fighting and comedy to keep me completely interested.  Also, the dub…the dub.  Holy crap.  I can’t tell if it’s hysterical because it’s intentionally bad or because whoever wrote it just tried to make every character talk like a stereotypical 14 year old girl who texts too much, but without it, I’m sure it wouldn’t be as funny.  I mean, one of the characters said “totes” out loud, and I about lost it.  The male characters have funnier dialogue (because I’m 12 apparently, and laugh every time someone says ‘douchebag’), but man…trainwreck.  Then again, Jamie Marchi plays the lead girl, and that always means Funimation is going into Panty and Stocking territory.  I digress.  This show is amusing.  Disgusting, but amusing.  And I love the chess board metaphors they’ve got happening now.  This is going to be my guilty pleasure of the year, I feel it already.

The Story of Saiunkoku – Episode 11 The Story of Saiunkoku Cover

I bought this anime a looooong time ago.  Like, paid full price for the Geneon “artbox” and everything.  (I put artbox in quotes because it was the most god awful thing I have ever seen, where you have to take the dvds out of the cases to use it and then have them protected only by paper fan-like sleeves….um….no.)  And I really, really liked it, despite it’s slooooow pacing.  It’s a reverse harem.  There are very few I don’t like.  But then, Geneon folded and I only had ten episodes, and there was nowhere I could find the rest of it (and I didn’t even know it was released, to be honest).  But, huzzah, I found the dub on youtube, so I can continue my love affair with Saiunkoku.  However, the fact that one of the main guys is voiced by the dude from Black Lagoon again….ugh.  Could Geneon not find any other voice actors?  Anyway, for those not in the know, this anime goes way way back in time to follow a girl who is trying to pass all these tests to have some really important role in a council or something, which was unheard of because, gasp!, she’s a girl.  Also, there’s like six different dudes who want to marry her, but she’s not paying attention to it.  I’ve got to be real here, it’s been so long since I saw the first episodes, I’ve forgotten most of the plot.  And the male characters all look and sound the same, so I forgot who was who, also.  I suck.  I thought I could jump right back in, but that was not the case.  I smell a re-watch in my future…if I can stay awake for it.  Forgot to mention that if you’re not fully immersed in this show, you will fall asleep because it’s so peaceful.  Hence why there is no episode 12 listed up in the counter.  Whoops.

I am currently watching 237 anime and have completed 7 shows this year.  YES!  Look, the number is going down!  I am trying extremely hard to not pick up anything new until my count goes down to 229 so I can have an even number…but man, there are a couple winter shows I want to see so badly.  Backlog challenge kicking my ass, once again.

Also, I am still waiting on my Right Stuf order.  Actually, I’m waiting on about five of them right now.  I know I put two April pre-orders in my sale stuff, but come on.  Partial ship that thing.  See you next week, kids, where I’m sure I’ll be crying over Gaara some more.  I swear, if Naruto kills him…death to Naruto.