Anime Mondays #47

Hey, Polar Vortex, can you please go back to wherever you came from?  I love living where I do because I get seasons, but this is ridiculous.  I’m about ready to pack it in and move to the Bahamas, and I hate sun (and the Bahamas).  Here’s what happened this week when I had to stay indoors.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Princess Princess – Episodes 5-12 (Completed!) Princess Princess Cover

It’s been a rough week with more family emergencies than you can shake a stick at, so I really needed to watch something where I could turn off my brain.  Fortunately, Princess Princess fit that bill perfectly, even if there is no dub.  What I thought was going to turn into a throwaway show was actually something charming, even with the strange overall plot points towards the end.  If you’re looking for boys making out with each other, you’re looking in the wrong place, though.  Well…for the most part.  My favorite episode had to be the one with the school festival, where the red-haired guy brought his girlfriend…man, it was cute.  These boys (mostly) love what they do, even if dressing in drag to cater to a throng of straight males is completely unbelievable.  If you want to be entertained and can get past the premise, I recommend checking out this show.  Besides, you can buy it for, like, $8.  I ranked Princess Princess 7/10 on MAL.

Code Geass – Episodes 10-13 Code Geass Cover

I am renting this disc by disc, and I will admit, I’m multitasking while watching, just so I can plow through it.  I should probably quit, as I’m not getting anything at all out of this show, but it’s been recommended so highly that (OCD aside) I have to finish it.  Apparently it gets better towards the end?  But right now, it’s just a bunch of mech battles I’m not interested in at all.  However, I will give it to Lelouch’s character design; he is one pretty boy.


Naruto – Episodes 71-77 Naruto cover

Okay, these Gaara flashback episodes are killing me.  Like, legit crying over this, even though it’s Naruto, and lacks any emotion whatsoever.  If you’ve been reading these columns for awhile, you know my love for Gaara, but the fact that his own mother didn’t love him, that his uncle, the one person in the world who he thought had his back, tried to kill him, oh my god.  I can’t.  I love him.  But now, Naruto is probably going to use his red chakra and kill him, and I will just…ugh.  I’m honestly, honestly surprised that one of the villains I like the most in anime is from a shounen series, though I am reluctant to call Gaara a villain.  HE IS JUST MISUNDERSTOOD.  NOBODY LOVES HIM.  SOMEONE GIVE HIM A HUG, OKAY?  On another note, this Hokagi fight with the snake dude has had them in the exact same position for about four episodes…can somebody die already?  The suspense is not killing me, it’s just annoying.

Lunar Legend Tsukihime – Episodes 5-6 Lunar Legend Tsukihime Cover

I bought this in the Right Stuf Christmas sale because Netflix was missing a disc, and it was cheap, so I thought, “why not?”  Then I needed something to watch with a dub while I did my nails, and I remembered why not.  I know I started to watch this because supposedly it had something to do with The Garden of Sinners, but as I have now hit the show’s halfway point, I have yet to discover what that is, exactly.  The dub is pretty bad, the music is nothing to write home about, and the plot is not going anywhere.  At this point, I’m just hoping I get the connection by the time I finish this series, whenever that will be.

Pupa – Episode 4 Pupa Cover

This was, by far, the worst episode of Pupa yet.  Firstly, they should have switched the order of episodes 3 and 4 because everything would have made much more sense, and I definitely wouldn’t have turned to the manga to spoil myself because I was so confused as to what was going on.  Secondly, the first minute or so is all re-used footage, so instead of three minutes of new animation, we only get about two this episode.  How freaking lazy can you be?  And, lastly, it was all exposition, which could have been helpful, oh, maybe episode 1.  If I’m only getting this horror anime in tiny chunks, they need to provide at least one gory thing or mindfuck per episode, and this had nada, absolutely nothing.  If this wasn’t three minutes long, Pupa would definitely be on my backlog to marathon once it’s over, but because I can take 180 seconds out of my life to watch it weekly (and then get pissed off about it), I will.

Maria Holic – Episodes 8-12 (Completed!) Maria Holic  Cover

I started Maria Holic so long ago, that it was when my cable company actually carried The Anime Network and thought it was amusing, but I wasn’t really feeling it.  Fast forward years later to when I needed a laugh and was clearing out my Hulu queue, and this show is hysterical.  Oh man, I laughed so hard finishing this one off, and I really needed it, too.  There is no over-arcing plot, for the most part, so I’ll sum up in really terrible fashion.  This anime is about this lesbian who gets into an all girls high school (who is also terrified of boys) and her ridiculous reactions to things like girls in maid outfits and swimsuit season.  Oh, and her roommate is a dude who dresses in drag and does everything in his power to make her life miserable.  She literally spouts rivers of blood from her nose in pure pervert fashion.  I think because I hadn’t watched a lot of anime when I started this show, I didn’t get all the trope-y jokes…but now that I have, I can’t wait to see the second season.  I ranked this anime 7/10 on MAL, and recommend it if you can read subtitles at warp speed because every character talks really fast, and there are a lot of text jokes.

High School DxD – Episodes 3-4 High School DxD Cover

Man, don’t judge me for this, but I think I found a fanservice show I actually like.  Yes, I could do without the nudity, but so far, this show has the right amount of drama, fighting and comedy to keep me completely interested.  Also, the dub…the dub.  Holy crap.  I can’t tell if it’s hysterical because it’s intentionally bad or because whoever wrote it just tried to make every character talk like a stereotypical 14 year old girl who texts too much, but without it, I’m sure it wouldn’t be as funny.  I mean, one of the characters said “totes” out loud, and I about lost it.  The male characters have funnier dialogue (because I’m 12 apparently, and laugh every time someone says ‘douchebag’), but man…trainwreck.  Then again, Jamie Marchi plays the lead girl, and that always means Funimation is going into Panty and Stocking territory.  I digress.  This show is amusing.  Disgusting, but amusing.  And I love the chess board metaphors they’ve got happening now.  This is going to be my guilty pleasure of the year, I feel it already.

The Story of Saiunkoku – Episode 11 The Story of Saiunkoku Cover

I bought this anime a looooong time ago.  Like, paid full price for the Geneon “artbox” and everything.  (I put artbox in quotes because it was the most god awful thing I have ever seen, where you have to take the dvds out of the cases to use it and then have them protected only by paper fan-like sleeves….um….no.)  And I really, really liked it, despite it’s slooooow pacing.  It’s a reverse harem.  There are very few I don’t like.  But then, Geneon folded and I only had ten episodes, and there was nowhere I could find the rest of it (and I didn’t even know it was released, to be honest).  But, huzzah, I found the dub on youtube, so I can continue my love affair with Saiunkoku.  However, the fact that one of the main guys is voiced by the dude from Black Lagoon again….ugh.  Could Geneon not find any other voice actors?  Anyway, for those not in the know, this anime goes way way back in time to follow a girl who is trying to pass all these tests to have some really important role in a council or something, which was unheard of because, gasp!, she’s a girl.  Also, there’s like six different dudes who want to marry her, but she’s not paying attention to it.  I’ve got to be real here, it’s been so long since I saw the first episodes, I’ve forgotten most of the plot.  And the male characters all look and sound the same, so I forgot who was who, also.  I suck.  I thought I could jump right back in, but that was not the case.  I smell a re-watch in my future…if I can stay awake for it.  Forgot to mention that if you’re not fully immersed in this show, you will fall asleep because it’s so peaceful.  Hence why there is no episode 12 listed up in the counter.  Whoops.

I am currently watching 237 anime and have completed 7 shows this year.  YES!  Look, the number is going down!  I am trying extremely hard to not pick up anything new until my count goes down to 229 so I can have an even number…but man, there are a couple winter shows I want to see so badly.  Backlog challenge kicking my ass, once again.

Also, I am still waiting on my Right Stuf order.  Actually, I’m waiting on about five of them right now.  I know I put two April pre-orders in my sale stuff, but come on.  Partial ship that thing.  See you next week, kids, where I’m sure I’ll be crying over Gaara some more.  I swear, if Naruto kills him…death to Naruto.


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