Anime Mondays #49

You guys…I am broke.  Being broke sucks.  Like, I literally cannot spend any money until I get paid on Friday, and I have to pray that my pre/back orders I have from Right Stuf don’t come in until then.  This is what happens when you go to the casino and hope to win a lot of money…and then you don’t.  Ugh.  Never again.  I didn’t even get to watch a whole lot this week, but here’s your highlight reel.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Oreimo – Episodes 2-4 Oreimo Cover

I believe this show came up when I plugged my list into the random number generator again because I have no idea why I’d voluntarily choose to watch it.  And it’s not because I hate this show, it’s just because I remember watching the first episode and not knowing whether or not I liked it.  It’s the indifference factor.  Anyway, four episodes in, and I still can’t decide whether or not I like this show.  I mean, my favorite part of the episodes is seeing what color the main girl character paints her nails.  Is that petty, or is that just a tiny, lovable detail?  It’s not the otaku culture part of the show I can’t get behind, it’s just the whole premise.  I can’t tell if the main dude just likes his sister or if he likes his sister, and if it’s the latter, how did it get to that point?  Sure, he likes to save her from awkward situations, but shouldn’t that just be part of being a big brother?  Shit, sometimes my little brother has had to drive me home from the bar because I’ve been under the weather, and vice versa.  Looking out for each other is something siblings do.  But this guy is giving me the creeper vibe, and that’s something I definitely do NOT like.  Jury is still out on Oreimo.  We’ll see how this goes.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters – Episodes 51-64 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Cover

Yeahhhh this is where I spent the majority of my week.  Remember how I said last time that the game needed new rules and Yugi needed new cards?  Well, now the game has new rules AND Yugi has new cards and it’s a lot of hot mess.  Kaiba has started the Battle City Tournament, and there are double the life points from the last tournament, along with these all-powerful Egyptian cards, which are pretty much unstoppable.  So now, not only do we have this new bad guy called Marek going after Yugi for his Millennium Puzzle, but he is also going after Kaiba to steal his Egyptian card in his own goddamned tournament.  Ugh.  The new rules include things like having to sacrifice your own smaller monsters to call up a big one, or you can’t play the card, and that’s pretty much the most unfair rule ever.  If you draw the card, play the card.  Plus, Joey’s sister finally had her operation, and in this extremely odd side plot, Tristan has a giant crush on her and pretty much plays nursemaid while her own brother tries to win the tournament, as well.  Let’s be real, you know Yugi is going to win any battle he’s in, so Joey’s are the most fun because at least he has a chance of losing.  But the one with the creepy magician dude and the onslaught of Dark Magician cards…man, that was a good duel.  Yu-Gi-Oh is great to watch when you want to turn your brain off, and I took full advantage of that this week.

Naruto – Episodes 83-84 Naruto cover

I am not enjoying this new arc at all.  Yes, the Sasuke back story is great, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a goal, other than to watch Naruto run away from the bad guys.  I miss the Chunin exams.  I miss the tournament fighter aspect the show had.  Now it’s just…boring.  I’ve been purposely watching something else during the time I usually watch Naruto.  Maybe I just need a break.



Pupa – Episode 6 Pupa Cover

Okay, perverts, this episode is for you.  If you’ve been waiting for the gross/incesty part of Pupa to start, look no further because here it is, in all its four minute glory.  As soon as the theme song was over, I knew, I just knew I would be subjected to an entire episode full of cannibalism.  My worst fears were completely realized.  Have I said before that I have to fast forward through parts of zombie movies because I can’t take the eating noises?  Well…I do.  Now take that for four whole minutes.  I pretty much wanted to die.  Ew.  EW.  I’d say you need to see this episode to believe it, but you don’t.  Just take my word for it.  It’s disgusting.  They did some interesting things with the music, but that’s the only worthwhile discussion point for this episode.  And I watched the censored version.  Ew.

And that’s it.  Stats are the same from last week: currently watching 236 shows and have completed 9 this year.  I mean, I did watch some old school Sailor Moon while I was on the treadmill, and that was really the highlight of my anime viewing this week.  Taking it to the streets with the Doom Tree Arc box set I bought on VHS.  I remember that thing being $50 and thinking it was sooooo expensive.  God, if I could only see into the future and look at my collection now…

See you next week, kids.  Sorry this one was Anime Mondays Abridged.


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