Anime Mondays #54

The winter 2014 anime season has officially come to an end, as the Crunchyroll simulcast list on my Roku channel has dropped from 50 shows back down to 9.  It’s good to have some buffer time between seasons because now you can decide what new shows to watch (if any) and catch up on your backlog without feeling guilty (like me).  Plus, I crossed a bunch of shows off my currently watching list this week, so therefore I am awesome.  Who’s ready for the last Pupa review ever???  It’s down there.  Start scrolling.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters – Episodes 74-81 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Cover

Wow, WordPress just decided to change how to scale images in posts, and now I can’t make everything smaller unless I do math.  Fuck you, wordpress, bring back my scale percentages.

Anyway, now this post is going to be filled with big pictures.  Gross.  This time, on Yu-Gi-Oh, we…get a recap episode!  Super.  I hate recap episodes.  After that, though, we see the re-appearance of DUKE DEVLIN!  Hell, yeah.  I love that stupid side character, and I don’t know why.  And Mai comes back!  So I’m reveling in supporting cast glory.  Before this happens, Yugi has to duel Joey because that dude took over his brain, and it’s like…intense.  I mean, really intense, even with the power-of-friendship ending that pretty much renders the duel pointless, but it was good.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  Oh, and Joey’s blind sister is no longer blind.  Pretty great stuff for a show based on a card game, at least in this arc.

Naruto – Episodes 88-89 Naruto cover

So, it turns out the bad ass healer girl that everyone is looking for is really bad ass.  She’s so awesome that Orochimaru (I’m not even bothering with the spelling of this) isn’t threatening to kill her if she doesn’t do what he wants; instead, he’s legitimately bargaining with her to trade her healing of his arms with his bringing back her boyfriend and her brother from the dead.  Medicine and necromancy…seems like a fair trade.  Meanwhile, Naruto is still playing with balloons.  Nobody cares.





Shakugan no Shana – Episode 6 Shakugan no Shana Cover

Yup…I still don’t like this show.  I’m really regretting blind buying the entire franchise right about now.  I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t get into it.  Maybe it’s the dub voices.  I’ll try the next episode subtitled.  Couldn’t tell you what episode 6 was about though, as I passed out through most of it.  Whoops.







Brothers Conflict – Episodes 1-12 (Completed!) Brothers Conflict cover

Please see review below.  Clearly, I liked this reverse harem so much that I marathoned the whole thing in about three days.  I ranked it 7/10 on MAL, though for two reasons: the ending and the annoying talking squirrel.  So, in my reverse harem master list, it means I liked UtaPri more, and I’m okay with this.  But I’m really feeling the void now…badly.  Anyone have a rec for a reverse harem series?  I’ve seen a good chunk of them, but I need another.  More, more, more, gotta catch ’em ALLLLL.





Pupa – Episode 12 (Completed!) Pupa Cover

How did I know that the last episode of Pupa was going to be a throwaway filler episode?  I could just tell that the anime tried to wrap itself up “nicely” (and nicely is in quotes because it didn’t wrap itself up at ALL) in episode 11, but I gave Pupa the benefit of the doubt.  This episode should have been the first one, not all the way at the end.  I hate, hate, HATE tacked on endings.  For those of you who didn’t watch it, and let’s be real, who did besides me and that one dude on youtube, the last episode was a flashback with chibi Yume and her brother about how they both got their hair clips.  No blood, or violence, or gore…just toddlers going shopping.  It went there.  I’m so disappointed in Pupa, you guys, honestly.  As the single show I watched weekly this season, I was anticipating good things.  And it just squashed all my hopes like a spider on the bottom of someone’s shoe.  All the censoring, the nonsensical plot, the fact that I had to read the manga to even understand what was going on, all the plot points that were never explained or wrapped up, the incest, the GROSS CANNIBALISM NOISES…yuck.  I understand what this anime was trying to accomplish, but it just didn’t do it.  I get the reasons for the happy music during the episode where all Yume does is chomp on her brother for four minutes, and all the butterfly imagery, and the repercussions of having abusive parents.  But, JFC, couldn’t it have been presented in a way that didn’t make me want to gouge my eyes out and rip out my brain from the stupidity of it all?  But maybe, that’s what the producers wanted.  I will never know.  I ranked this 4/10 on MAL, and that’s being generous.

Chibi Devi – Episodes 11-15 Chibi Devi cover

Now onto something completely different, Chibi Devi is a cute little show about two 14 year olds raising a demon baby.  No, seriously, completely different.  He’s not a scary demon baby, he just spits out fire once in awhile when he’s wearing a dinosaur costume.  I mean, look at the pink background in that photo, this is clearly a cute show.  It’s more about these kids acting as parents than it is about anything supernatural, and it’s all around adorable.  Plus, the episodes are only five minutes long.  SEE, THIS IS A TINY SHOW THAT IS DOING IT RIGHT.  Take note.





Brothers Conflict OVA – Episode 12.5 (Completed!) Brothers Conflict OVA cover

I watched a really horrible translation of this off youtube, but, honestly, I think if I watched it raw, I would have been okay.  This OVA is 14 minutes of fluff, where Ema finds a magic lamp, and a genie pops out, giving her and her brothers three wishes.  Now, of course, all the brothers wish to be with Ema, but we get to see little vignettes of their most wanted moments with her, and I completely fell hook, line and sinker for Yuusuke because of his fantasy sequence.  I mean, he doesn’t just want to make out with her, he wants to marry her.  I can’t even.  SO CUTE.  Also, Natsume’s was perfect, but if you read my review, you’d know I ship them, so there’s that.  Also…no actual wishes were granted.  And there’s a cameo of Juli as a human again.  Barf.  For that reason alone, I knocked a point off and rated this 6/10 on MAL.


Kuroko no Basket Season 2 – Episodes 24-25 (Completed!) Kuroko no Basket Season 2 Cover

Well, I’ve done it.  I finally cheered unashamedly for Seirin to win this match against Yosen.  Let it be known, that before, I really didn’t have too much of an attachment to the team as a whole, as there are characters I like on other teams much more than Kuroko and Nagami, and, was therefore, rooting for them.  Oh man.  No longer.  Once Kiyoshi stepped back onto the court for the final minute of the game, there was no question that Seirin had to win.  They just HAD to.  And the final play…I screamed, I cheered, I may have cried a little.  It was just perfect.  When is season 3?  How long will they make me wait??  Kise is coming, KISE IS COMING.  Lord.  I am a few episodes shy of turning into a fangirl for this franchise.  Help me.  I rated this 9/10 on MAL, which makes it better than the first season.


Bamboo Blade – Episode 8 Bamboo Blade Cover

Of course, after I finished off Kuroko, all I wanted to do was watch more sports anime, so I picked this up again…and remembered why I don’t like Bamboo Blade.  At all.  It’s a show about a kendo team, but it’s more slice of life than sports, as the episode I watched had absolutely nothing to do with kendo, and everything to do with one of the members getting a forbidden part time job.  Not feeling it.  Glad I only blind bought the SAVE version.





Hanasakeru Seishounen – Episodes 1-4 Hanasakeru Seishounen cover

In an effort to ease the void left in the wake of Brothers Conflict, I decided to pick up this reverse harem series again after I had seen the first episode years ago and quit on it.  It’s not a comedy.  It’s really heavy, actually.  And it’s not at all what I was looking for, but I’m going to stick with it for next week.  Hanasakeru is about a girl named Kajika who spent most of her childhood on an almost-deserted island because her father is rich and didn’t want her to get kidnapped.  I know.  Anyway, she moves back to America with him when she is 14, and he decides to play a game with her where he will arrange for three men to cross her path, and she must decide which one of them she will marry and make him fall for her, as well.  It’s…weird.  But, you know, rich people have tons of money to piss away and are all eccentric, so I’ll buy it…I guess.  Kajika believes the first guy to be a re-incarnation of her dead pet snow leopard she had on the island.  No…I am not kidding.  He’s a real dickbag who drives women to kill themselves, but she’s convinced he’s got this feline soul inside of him, so she tries to save him.  Plus, there is her “bodyguard” Lee-Leng who is not one of the chosen three (but I’m placing my bet now that she’ll end up with him) who is in love with her, one of Lee-Leng’s family’s business partners who wants to overthrow the company, and some mystery dude with a headband I haven’t met yet.  It’s more Glass Mask than reverse harem so far, and it’s long (you know how I like my series unnecessarily lengthy), so I am going to try to bust it out.  It’s interesting, it’s just not what I was looking for at the time.

My currently watching list is down to 233 anime with a total of 19 completed shows this year.  Jackpot!  Please hit me with any reverse harem recs you have, as I am now a girl on a mission to watch all of them I can find.  Oh, and for anyone who wondered what was in the Crunchyroll mystery backpack from Black Friday, it was a backpack, a baseball cap, a tshirt, and a notepad.  Not taking my money on that one again, CR.  But I did order another mystery anime box AND a manga box in an attempt to force me to read more manga than just Nana.  We’ll see how this goes.



  1. Yeah, I don’t like the whole WordPress change either with respects to the images. Just makes spend extra time on posting, especially since I have almost zero know-how when it comes to photoshop 😛

    Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters: Ever excellent show and would actually watch it again, if I had the time.

    Shakugan no Shana: Actually one of my favorite anime series, yet will admit it is very hard to get into. If your not so keen on wanting to finish it, you most definitely don’t want to touch the others…it doesn’t get any better.

    Bamboo Blade I also started watching it for the sports theme (had an interest in kendo at the time), but do believe I like the slice-of-life moments. It might be because I like the genre, so really didn’t see an issue with that aspect of it.

  2. I never actually watched Yu-Gi-Oh on tv, so this is the first exposure for it that I’ve gotten. I have a thing where I like to challenge myself to watch the longest shows possible, and this is actually a good one, so I’m glad. I wish I could get into Shana. I’m trying. I think if I watch it subtitled I’ll like it more. I’ll finish it, though, at least the first season. I’m hoping Bamboo Blade gets better, but maybe this is a thing where I need to watch it subtitled, as well, because the main girl’s voice just grates on me.

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