Anime Mondays #55

I was about to start this huge rant about not being able to find the new season of La Corda D’oro online anywhere (because I thought I had been keeping up with the simulcast announcements), and it turns out that I haven’t at all because Crunchyroll has it.  Whoops.  Jumping the gun: one of my strong points.  In actuality, I had to go on the Crunchyroll site for a different reason, though…which you can find at the bottom of this post.  You know the drill.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Hanasakero Seishounen – Episodes 5-19 Hanasakeru Seishounen cover

Last week, I told you how this anime wasn’t what I was looking to watch, but I started it up anyway.  Then I watched 15 episodes, so clearly it was doing something right.  This is a reverse harem, but it’s not.  It’s like…a reverse harem with a plot.  In fact, it’s plot-driven.  I know, sacrilege.  The more I watched of the show, the more I forgot about the romance aspect of it, and, while that’s neither good nor bad, Hanasakero is solid.  Every episode gets more and more fucked up (not Penguindrum fucked up, but still, in a good way), and it’s like I’m watching some kind of prime time soap opera instead of an anime.  First off, guy with the headband is actually a prince of this made up country, and he’s pretty much the most important character, as almost everything in this block of episodes has revolved around a political plot involving said made up country.  It’s really complicated and would take way too long to explain (along with ruining some of the best spoilers in the show), but just be warned that Brothers Conflict this is not.  I’m a big fan of the fact that the main girl actually acts her age (15) sometimes, especially during the romance parts where she admits to not knowing what love is, and keeps her head, even though boys are throwing themselves at her.  It’s completely refreshing that she’s not a submissive protagonist, to say the least.  And all of the guys have distinct personalities that aren’t just outlined by the fact that they are each falling for this girl in their own ways.  I’m not even going to classify this as a reverse harem anymore, I’m just going to enjoy the plot twists to the fullest.  And I still think she’s going to pick Lee-Leng.  We’ll see.

Princess Nine – Episodes 1-4 Princess Nine cover

Do not judge me for starting a new show.  Right Stuf shipped my set early, so I had to.  Princess Nine is not only a sports anime, but it’s old, so it would have to screw up really badly for me not to like it.  Let me tell you, so far, it does not disappoint.  It does show its age animation-wise, but I won’t fault it too much because Right Stuf did a great job on this release.  There are only four episodes on each disc, and the first one had a handful of extras.  The transfer is about as good as it’s going to get, and the (old) English dub didn’t immediately force me to turn on the subtitles, so +++ all around.  Princess Nine is about a girl named Ryo who likes to play baseball.  Her dad (unbeknownst to her) was apparently a high school baseball champion, but when he died, he left her and her mom to run this restaurant, and Ryo is such a good daughter that once she graduates junior high, she’s not even going to go to high school, but help her mom out with the restaurant instead.  Luckily, her mom tells her about her dad and encourages Ryo to follow her dreams when she gets a chance to be interviewed for a full scholarship to attend one of the most prestigious high schools — as long as she plays on the baseball team — and bam, Princess Nine is born.  Actually, there’s a lot more going on here, as this is an all girls high school, and the headmistress wants to make the one and only all girls baseball team in Japan.  Hell, her main goal is to see Ryo play in the Japanese high school baseball finals just like her dad.  But, she gets no backing from the school board, can’t find nine players to start the team…it’s just a mess.  However, it’s also a really great piece on gender roles.  It’s an intelligent sports anime.  I know.  Impossible.  They haven’t made the full team yet, but I think my favorite girl is Seira…this should come as no surprise.  I can’t wait to watch more.  In fact, I think I will as soon as I complete this post.

Naruto – Episodes 90-93 Naruto cover

So, it turns out Tsunare isn’t a traitor, after all!  Hooray!  Just as I started to lose all hope in the Naruto characters, I re-gained a little.  The Pervy Sage actually told her that she had been chosen to be the fifth Hokage (which she turned down), and then this all out battle between her, Orochimaru (spelled correctly this week!) and that kid with the glasses from the Sound Village (who really cares what his name is) begins.  That Sound Village kid is a real dick.  I don’t know what his motivations are, but I want to punch him in the face, anyway.  I purchased the next set of this, so I think I only have one or two left to go.  Almost halfway done.  And then Shippuden.  I hope I can make it.



And that’s it.  I am currently watching 234 anime (I added one), with 19 completed shows this year.  There wasn’t a whole lot happening this week, but I did get sucked into the defunct CW show Cult that got added to Netflix.  Yeah…didn’t know it was prematurely cancelled.  Therefore, the ending…UGH.  Can’t I get a creator interview to wrap some shit up?  Please?  Please???  Anyway, here’s a free Crunchyroll guest pass:


I plan to start on the spring season next week with the two (possibly three) shows I’ll be watching, but hopefully I can clear a couple off my backlog before that happens.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day, friends.

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