Anime Mondays #57

I just got back from a weekend out of town where I went to a legitimate bingo casino to play, and the lady I was playing with won $3000.  No joke.  3k.  That’s so much money.  I get excited when I win $20 at the casino, but three thousand dollars?  That’s insanity.  In other news, I have a new favorite place.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Naruto – Episodes 100-106 Naruto cover

Another box set of Naruto has been completed.  I have the rest of the series coming from amazon this week so I won’t have to buy any more, but then…then it’s time to work on Shippuden.  I’m kind of dreading it, not gonna lie.  I might have to take a really, really long break.  In this little block of episodes, we get some stupid ninja mission where the gang has to play bodyguards to some dude running a race, who I swear is voiced by the same actor as one of the original ninja turtles.  It was pretty worthless.  However, we get one little throwaway comedic episode where Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura spend the entire time trying to get Kekashi to take his mask off.  More of these, please!  Oh man, even though it was cheesy and played out as hell, I still enjoyed it…except for the ending.  I won’t ruin it entirely, but it’s safe to say no one will be pleased.

Paradise Kiss – Episodes 1-4 Paradise Kiss cover

I honestly could not tell you what took me so long to start Paradise Kiss, other than the fact that I couldn’t find it anywhere.  It’s by the creator of Nana, so, in theory, it should have been top priority for me, but I have never gotten around to watching it.  Well, it came in from my rental service, and when I had this major bout of insomnia, I watched the entire disc at 4am before I had to get up to get ready for work.  Oh. My. God.  I am obsessed.  It’s completely out of print, but I didn’t give a shit, as soon as I had put the thing back into its red envelope, I had to get on amazon and ebay and price check until I could buy the whole series.  It’s different from Nana, but it has a lot of similar themes.  It also is a spin off for a series I started a long time ago called Gokinjo Monogatari (Neighborhood Story) which I liked but had a hard time tracking down, as well.  As for ParaKiss, this girl is walking down the street when a dude with a lot of facial piercings literally stops her and makes her turn around.  When he sees her face, he tells her she needs to be a model for his clothes, and though, at first she isn’t having any of it, slowly her mood changes, and she becomes obsessed with the world of these fashion school kids behind a hot pink door.  I will say this about the series; the pacing is horrific.  It just moves so quickly, it doesn’t give you enough time to really enjoy anything.  I guess that’s the downfall of having a 12 episode series, as opposed to all the creator’s similar work which is 40+ episodes.  Also, the stupid “comedic animation” style is really distracting, along with just being terrible.  Nana had a bunch of it, and I could write it off because it was mostly Hachi barking, but this stuff just takes you out of the moment.  But Yukari and George…man.  They make my stomach drop.  Obviously, this is more romance than anything else, and it’s just fantastic.  I can’t wait for my dvds to come so I can marathon the shit out of this as soon as I can open the mailer.  Also, the ending theme is “Do You Want To” by Franz Ferdinand, and that makes me happier than almost any ending theme ever.  All Ai Yazawa anime adaptations have fantastic ending themes.  Love, love, love.

Akuma no Riddle – Episodes 1-3 Akuma no Riddle Cover

And here is another anime I have become completely obsessed with.  The stupid English title aside, Akuma no Riddle is so amazing, I just can’t even deal.  Once again, I picked this up on Hulu when an insomnia fit hit (stress: it’s really bad for you unless it forces you to stay awake and watch awesome anime), and stayed awake until I had devoured every single episode that has aired already.  Yes, it’s another survival game anime, but this time, it’s a bunch of girls who are all focused on assassinating one girl…well, at least until Tokaku jumps in and changes the game, aiming to protect this girl instead of kill her.  All the characters are a little tropey, yes, but they’re also all certifiably insane, so it makes them loads more interesting.  I can’t wait to delve into all the character backstories and get to learn what they want their prizes to be if they can chop the target girl, Haru, into pieces.  Tokaku is great.  She’s not sure why she’s drawn to Haru, and that confusion makes her human instead of just a killing machine.  I love this for so many reasons, but here are two random ones that really stick out.  #1: there is a different ending theme every episode, and y’all know how much I love my ending themes.  #2: the characters spend a whole three minutes talking about nail polish in an episode.  Oh yes.  This show is going to be great.

Soul Eater Not! – Episode 2 Soul Eater Not Cover

This show is really dumb, but I am going to keep watching it in hopes of another Death the Kid cameo.  No joke.  It’s extremely trope-y, there’s not much to it, and the setting is the best part of the anime.  Meh.  In this episode, we learn a little more about Anya who sells her family crest to buy a giant Tanuki statue and then all the girls get part time jobs.  …stupid.  I hope this gets better.  Apparently, there’s something special about all of them because they are being guarded by a couple of guys, but we know nothing yet.




Baby Steps – Episode 2 Baby Steps Cover

I’m really upset that I don’t like this anime.  Our main dude has realized he can take cell phone pictures and video to track his tennis form, so now he’s going to be obsessed with perfecting it because hitting the ball in perfect form was like some religious experience for him.  I just don’t give a shit about any of the characters, still.  I don’t care if they win or lose or if they ever hit the ball perfectly.  I’m over it.  I’ll finish it…but I’m over it.  This may be one of the sports shows that I have to marathon to enjoy, but we’ll see.




And that’s the end.  My backlog challenge has really taken a hit lately.  I’m currently watching 239 shows and I have completed 20 anime so far this year.  I’m all about taking a nap right now, though, instead of catching up on the stuff I missed over the weekend.  Sleep is trumping reverse harems.  I never thought I’d see the day.


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