Anime Mondays #58

I’m doing my recap a little earlier than usual this week as Sunday officially starts “wedding season,” and it’s bridal showers, bachelorette/bachelor parties and days where people proclaim their love through the end of July.  I’ve never purchased so much Tupperware in my life.  Anyway, along with the shows this week, I watched this Japanese movie called Last Quarter, which is a manga adaptation from my beloved Ai Yazawa that never was translated into English.  I don’t watch a lot of live action Japanese movies (unless they are based off an anime I like, hi, I watched BOTH Nana movies), but this one was really good.  It was shot beautifully.  The lighting, the costumes and the sets just blew me away.  The acting was pretty sub-par, but I wasn’t expecting any Oscar-caliber performances, but it was just so pretty.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Monster Rancher – Episodes 1-2 Monster Rancher Cover

So…Right Stuf was having a Discotek sale, and for some reason, I felt compelled to start collecting this series.  Yes, another Pokemon rip-off.  No, it’s not very good.  I never watched this when it was on tv (I am guessing it was, since it’s long and has an English dub…), and I have no emotional, nostalgic attachments to it, so I’ll just tell it like it is: this show is straight up bad and boring.  Some kid gets sucked into a video game.  He’s trying to fight some bad guy.  That’s about all I got out of it.  I’ll be honest, I put this in the player when I wanted to take a nap, and it did not disappoint, as I only stayed conscious for two episodes.  This is going to go immediately to the back burner.



Naruto – Episodes 107-114 Naruto cover

Shit. Just. Fucking. Got. Real.  This is not the first time I’ll say that this week (spoiler~).  Something happened in this group of episodes, where the characters all seem to have magically aged.  I don’t know how much time is supposed to have passed between the start of the series and the halfway point, but all of the ninja kids seem to be more mature now.  First of all, Sasuke has officially peaced out and left the Leaf Village.  He’s a dumbass for trying to get revenge rather than stay with his ninja group, but this aside, I have a rather shocking confession to make.  Are you ready?  I didn’t believe this happened myself.  I actually, straight up cried during an episode and felt empathy towards Sakura.  Yeah, you heard me.  Worthless Sakura.  If you’ve seen the show, I’m sure you know the episode.  If you haven’t, then, well…spoilers.  Sakura is bawling and confessing her love to Sasuke, begging him to stay with her or let her come with him.  My heart broke (this is also not the first time this happened this week).  I must be having some major girl moments or something because I felt her compassion so hard.  Dear God, I cried during a Naruto episode, what is wrong with me??  I guess I could finally relate to something in this series.  Especially since Sasuke pretty much blows her off.  AND THEN KNOCKS HER OUT.  Asshole.  In other news, Shikimaru is a BAMF and the Choji episodes…I can’t.  I am really hoping that those endings were not cut and dry.  God, please.  I’ll start bawling again.

Paradise Kiss – Episodes 5-12 (Completed!) Paradise Kiss cover

Speaking of bawling…Christ.  I sobbed at the end of every single episode of this series.  I think this is a new record for me.  And I loved (almost) every second.  However, let me tell you, that ending…I think I stared at the DVD menu for a good five minutes after it was over just thinking about how broken my heart was.  I want more of this.  😦  I know, there is no more, and the story really ended in a complete way, but, damn.  It’s not like Nana, where when the anime ends, I can just go read the manga (I haven’t yet, don’t tell me what happens), I’m pretty sure this is it.  And it was SO GOOD.  I haven’t felt this invested in a group of characters in a long, long time.  I liked every single one.  And Caroline and George…ugh.  My stomach dropped so many times for them.  If you are a fool for shoujo romance anime like I am, stop everything you are doing and track down Paradise Kiss.  I do not regret a single cent of the $72 I spent purchasing this.  Even if the dub sucked and I watched the whole thing subtitled.  I think this just made my top ten anime of all time list.  Why is Ai Yazawa so perfect?  I rated this 9/10 on MAL, the point taken off for the bits of ‘comedic’ styling and my broken heart.

Code Geass – Episodes 18-25 (Completed!) Code Geass Cover

Shit. Just. Fucking. Got. Real. Part 2.  Unfortunately, it took 21 episodes for shit to get real in Code Geass, and then it just hit the fucking fan.  Episode 22.  Oh my goodness.  I can’t even.  Like, the whole series just got thrown on its head in that one episode, and for the rest of it, I was HOOKED.  Like, I was watching it just to kill time while I was painting my nails after work, and then all of a sudden, I was foregoing sleep to watch it, IT WAS THAT GOOD.  But the cliffhanger ending…fuck you, anime, fuck you.  I did not want to watch season 2 of this.  In fact, until episode 22, I was just going to finish this first season and then let it go, never to have a Geass cross my anime list again.  But no.  Now I have to find out what happens.  This is worse than the goddamned Attack on Titan cliffhangers.  Jesus.  I rated this 5/10 on MAL because even if it got really great, I had to suffer through 21 episodes of crap to get there and that shit is unacceptable.

Little Busters – Episodes 1-2 Little Busters Cover

I honestly thought I had started watching this anime when I purchased it (the only reason I did was because I got it SUPER cheap for a Sentai blu-ray), but, as it turns out, I had tried, but had fallen asleep through the first episode.  Yeah…clearly, I only got through two of them.  I can’t tell you what, if anything, this show is about, other than it’s based on a Key visual novel, which I did not know.  But as soon as I started to get bored, I realized, it’s by the same people who made Clannad, and then it all made sense.  PS: if you don’t follow my post tags, ‘I hate Clannad‘ is one that’s used often.  The dub is atrocious.  Even my precious Brittany Karbowski can’t save this crap, and Greg Ayres is hideously miscast.  I fell asleep through the sub, so there’s that.  No, I don’t have narcolepsy like the main character does, but I guess that’s the selling point of this series, that some dude has narcolepsy and nobody liked him except this group of childhood friends.  Now they’re older and are going to be split up soon, hence a push to “make the most of their youth,” whatever that means.  Apparently, it’s something about baseball.  But this is not a sports anime.  Off to the pile of no return you go, Little Busters.  I’ll see you again when I am really, really bored.

Soul Eater Not! – Episode 3 Soul Eater Not Cover

I hate to admit that this show is starting to grow on me.  I actually really enjoyed this episode, and it didn’t have any cameos at all.  Maybe it was because it focused on one of the side characters and not the main ones, but it was cute.  Anya is starting to become likable.  I think I’m losing my marbles.  But the “witch” of the girls’ dorm is such a great character.  I hope they flesh her out even more.





Akuma no Riddle – Episode 4 Akuma no Riddle Cover

Yup, I still love this show.  For a yuri show, it’s not very yuri-focused, and I can dig that.  There’s no weirdo Strawberry Panic bathtub scenes…yet, anyway.  This episode focuses on the smart girl, who can draw diagrams and make bombs as well as fuck ups.  She doesn’t even want to be an assassin, but she doesn’t want to fail at it, either.  Shit, maybe she should have just gone into the armed forces or something and made weapons.  She could have avoided all of this mess.  Probably my least favorite episode so far, but it was by no means a bad one.  I can’t wait until the girl with the short red hair gets featured.  She had a little cameo in this episode, but I want to know the story.  Hurry up, Akuma no Riddle.  This is by far my favorite show of the season.



Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow (Completed!) Naruto Movie 1 Cover

The best part about this movie was that I didn’t have to purchase it, and I could watch it dubbed for free on Amazon Prime.  Seriously…the best part.  If I would have spent money on this, I would have been sad.  Even my OCD completest nature is not going to force me into buying this piece of crap.  It’s a filler movie, another stupid ninja mission, but the animation looks a lot nicer.  However, once again, I’m forced to ask myself what the hell time period this anime is supposed to take place in because he’s a ninja but Naruto is going to the movies…I don’t get it.   I thought ninjas were ancient warriors.  Anyway, the plot is dumb, the main heroine is a complete bitch, and I was just glad when it was over.  Don’t waste your time on this unless your OCD is bugging you like mine was.  You must watch this after episode 101 of the anime, though, just throwing that out there, as I had to google when to watch the movies about five times because I kept forgetting.  I rated this 5/10 on MAL, and that’s being generous.

Here’s the count: currently watching 239 shows (sad that I picked up two crappy ones) and have completed 23 shows this year!  Nothing in my backlog is really jumping out at me to watch right now to tease you for next week.  All my anime rental dvds have been returned (sidenote: why is it taking so long to have them marked as received? :/ and no, this is not Netflix, but I’m used to a one week turnaround time, and this has been almost three for one of my discs…), I don’t feel like starting anything new…I did get Hellsing recommended to me to finish, and I’m almost halfway through it, so maybe I’ll knock it out.  Is this a burn out?  Is this “the void” left by Paradise Kiss???  My heart…it still breaks.


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