Disney World Trip Report Day 3 Part 1 – Where Nobody Told Me This Was a Water Ride

The water rides…they are an ongoing theme.  I hate water rides.

Last I left you, we had just done one marathon of a day over at Magic Kingdom, and on our second full day in the parks, we were off to MGM…I mean, Hollywood Studios.  This would be an entirely new experience for me, and (spoiler) it quickly became my favorite park.  I had only two goals in mind: riding Toy Story Mania as many times as possible and meeting Wreck-It Ralph.  I figure if I had a Mr. Glitterbots, he would be exactly like a gigantic video game villain, so there you go.

We were up early enough to just miss rope drop, but that was okay because as soon as we went through the elusive bag check, we hopped in standby for Toy Story, and this was the longest wait we’d have all day.  However, I’d never been in the building before, and the queue line was AWESOME.  So I took a zillion pics of it.


I cropped myself out of this picture of a dinosaur.  Yes, that’s a dinosaur.


I took like 30 photos in here.  No joke.


That’s the ceiling.  THE CEILING.


I used to have one of these when I was a kid.  The talking one.  Baller status.


One of the best games ever.  And NO PEOPLE.

tripreport-040There are some people.  But look at that.  Seriously.  Best line ever.  It sure kept me entertained.

Would I skip a fastpass just to walk the line again?  Hell no.  But there was lots to look at.  There was even a talking/singing Mr. Potato Head.  And the ride itself?  THE BEST.  I love video games, and it did take a little while to get used to the controls and the Tilt-a-Whirl-esque movement of the car, but it was fun.  I lost, but we had a fastpass plus to cash in later, so it was all good.  We would get round two.

We didn’t really have a plan, so we strolled over to do the Pirates of the Caribbean show, where I got to pull out my bad ass pirate joke that I stole from David Cook again.  And this time, people actually laughed!  That thing is so bad, I have no idea why, but I’m all about beating a dead horse.  I can’t remember if I put this in the last installment, so here you go: have you heard about that new pirate movie?  It’s rated ARRRRRRRRRR!  Yeah.  I’m awesome.

This was not the boat ride from the kingdom, but, rather, a projection show in a really awesome room that had a pirate ship and SKULLS EVERYWHERE.  I was pretty much home, even though I have never seen any of the movies.  A lot of good my Disney movie marathon did, huh?  It’s not something I’d wait in a long line for, but…skulls.  One even TALKED.


Meh…not the greatest photo, but that is a projection, not a person.  Even Jack Sparrow agrees.


My new digs.

My new husband.  I call him Bony.

Next, we took a voyage under the sea and watched The Little Mermaid play.  I liked what there was of it…it was just way too short and cut out the entire middle of the movie, much like the ride.  AND IT RAINED.  This marks one of the many times I looked over at my friend and stage whispered, “You didn’t tell me this was a water ride!”  I hate getting wet and I hate it even more when my camera gets wet.  Also, Gaston and Prince Eric were BFFs.  I was so amused.


This is the WORST picture, but go back to my older reports and compare and contrast…


And check out that fake kiss!  My heart, it hurts.


Ursula was a puppet.  I was not impressed.


At least Ariel was stunning.

tripreport-049And this is the room you wait in before you get in the theater.  Yes, I realize my pictures are backwards.  Oh well.

After that unexpected water ride, we decided it was time to head over to the Animation Pavilion to meet my future husband, Mr. Ralph.  The line looked messy by the time we got there, but the CM assured it was only 20 minutes, so we hopped in it.  Gotta tell you, I was way too amused by all the little subway scrolling messages that had little classic video game inside jokes.  I wanted to look around at all the parents with small children and be like, “LOOK IT’S THE KONAMI CODE!” but that would have been weird, so I just took a lot of pictures.


There, now I got them in the right order, I just had to go through Picasa backwards.



tripreport-054Our arcade console was sick 😦

When we got to the front of the line, I pretty much gave the character handlers my Photopass, regular camera and iphone and told them to go to town.  I have never been so excited to meet some dude in a suit before.  But Ralph is BIG.  I was wearing my Fix-it Felix bow that day (thanks, Magical Ribbons) and Vanellope freaked out over it.  I look like a total moron in all my photos, but the five year old in me just came out.  It was the best.  Best, best, best.

At this point, we had some time to kill, but not too much time, before our lunch reservation at Mama Melrose.  Fantasmic dinner package all the way.  So, we meandered over to the general area, immediately got lost, and had to turn around and find it again.  We may or may not have gone on Star Tours…we went on it eventually, but I can’t remember if it was before or after lunch.  Anyway, I LOVED that ride, and I have never seen any Star Wars movie.  It just felt very immersive to me.  Mama Melrose was pretty good, especially because it was free, free, free!  It was pretty much like an Olive Garden with better theming, and with the Fantasmic package here, you get an appetizer.  I was all about my tomatoes with mozzarella and balsamic vinegar.  I’m pretty sure I ate that more times than I could count on this vacation.  Be warned, the desserts sucked.  Thankfully, I had steak, so I wasn’t very hungry for them once they came…I even tried panna cotta, and I do not put anything with that weird jello texture in my mouth.  Disgusting.

Once we were done with lunch, it was time to work off some of those calories, so we…went in an air-conditioned theater and watched Muppet Vision, HA.  I loved it.  I won’t lie, I dig the muppets.  But the best part was that my favorite muppet of all time was prominently featured: Bean Bunny!  If you have never seen Jim Henson’s Tale of the Bunny Picnic, do yourself a favor and youtube that shit right now because it was my favorite thing of all time growing up.  I wore out a VHS tape, that’s how much I loved it.  After our trip through the gift shop, it was time to go back and hit up our Toy Story fast passes (where I lost AGAIN), and then we met up with one of my other friends who just happened to be in Disney at the same time.  Reunion!

I will leave you there for now, but I’m really trying to finish this before I leave for my next trip in 19 days.  Yes, 19 days. I’m going to try out a vlog this time, even though I hate editing with a passion, so we’ll see how this goes.

More Hollywood Studios fun to come!


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