Month: June 2014

Anime Mondays #64

I’m so excited for the four day weekend I have coming up, I can’t even tell you.  I still don’t even know what’s going on, but I hope to have enough time to do some filming…foreshadowing?  Oh, yes.  Also, congratulations again to Mike who won my birthday giveaway!  He has some free Crunchyroll coming his way.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Dear Brother… (Onii-sama E…) – Episodes 1-4 (Re-watch) Dear Brother cover

The first set from the Anime Sols pledge drive FINALLY came in the mail.  It came without fanfare, unexpectedly, too, because I never even received a tracking email.  But it came!!!  And so I started watching it again because the plot is so complicated that if I tried to pick it up where I left off (which I couldn’t even do because I’m technically on episode 22, and this set only contains the first 13 episodes), I would have just been completely lost.  Dear Brother is one of those retro soap opera shows.  The drama!  The angst!  The art style goes the way of Rose of Versailles, so if that turns you off, you probably shouldn’t watch this because it’s quite prevalent.  As for the basic premise, this middle class girl starts at an all female high school and writes letters to her “brother” (in quotes because he’s not really her brother) about all the shit that goes down.  And boy, does the shit go down.  In the first four episodes, people get slapped, someone gets stalked, there are shady dealings going around…it’s fantastic.  It’s a supremely fucked up show, and I highly recommend it.  You guys know how I like my anime: fucked up.

Say, “I Love You” – Episodes 1-7 (Re-watch) Say 'I love you' Cover

Guess what?  Right Stuf is having a Sentai/Section 23 sale!  Guess what else??  I found this blu-ray set cheaper on amazon!  So I bought it.  And while my Right Stuf order hasn’t even processed yet because I put a pre-order in that doesn’t come out until October, this arrived at my doorstep and I proceeded to watch half of it.  This was in my top shows I watched in 2013, and on second viewing, I think I’m still standing by that.  I’m watching it dubbed in English this time, though, and it’s hit or miss.  Caitlynn French is FANTASTIC as Mei.  Seriously, she has the tiny voice down pat, without it sounding stupid.  Greg Ayres is cast in his staple role as a witty sidekick, which is his best typecast.  As for everyone else…well, Monica Rial is in it, which means I plug my ears for the screeching every time her character is on screen.  Seriously, what happened to her?  She was GOOD in Princess Nine.  Once she discovered this high-pitched mess of a voice, shit has gone downhill.  And Yamato…well…he’s played by some guy I’ve never heard of, and while he does a decent job, the stomach drop scenes in episodes one and two aren’t nearly as stomach dropping.  If you’re a girl, you know the ones.  Where the butterflies just come out through your throat because of things that fly out of Yamato’s mouth?  Yup.  Not as powerful.  After the first half of the series, I do believe that it spirals into oblivion, but it’s definitely still got re-watch potential…if for nothing else to see what a stalker Yamato is at the beginning.  Yikes.

The Devil is a Part-Timer – Episode 2 The Devil is a Part Timer Cover

Dub was up on Funimation, so I checked it out because I didn’t want to change the DVD in my player and I didn’t want to read subtitles.  Also, everyone says this show is amazing, and, while, yes, it is pretty funny, it’s not the best show I’ve ever seen, and the dub preview didn’t convince me to buy it like it has for other shows.  In this episode, the red-haired girl, who is the hero in the alternate universe, just basically stalks the demon guy and tells him what a loser he is for working at a fast food place with no aspirations to take over the world other than to get promoted there.  I’ll watch the rest of the series when it gets loaded onto the subscription service, but for the time being, I stand by my decision to put it on pause when I watched the first episode those many, many months ago.


Kamigami no Asobi – Episodes 5-12 (Completed!) Kamigami no Asobi Cover

Apparently, it was reverse harem time in my universe this week, so I finished off Kamigami no Asobi to check it off my list.  As a reverse harem, this show sucks.  At the beginning of my mini-marathon, I had to ask myself where the romance was because no one seemed to be interested in dating the main girl, just being friends with her, until the episode where Loki gives her and the Japanese moon god those magnetic rings that force them together.  And then Baldr gets all stalkery.  And Apollo…well, he’s just weird despite him being my favorite character.  Once I realized that this show was taking a different path and trying to have a plot rather than being a true reverse harem, I got more into it.  And, honestly, the Loki/Baldr plot was pretty good.  I mean, it shouldn’t have taken up like five episodes, but I wanted to watch more when I knew that a Loki episode was coming up next.  Plus, we got to see more God-like magical girl transformations, and A+++++ for that!  The ending seemed very rushed, though, and, yeah, I cried.  I’m such a girl.  If it didn’t have that coda tacked on after the credits, I would have been extremely disappointed.  I rated this show 6/10 on MAL, but if you’re looking for a true reverse harem, you won’t find it here.

Red Data Girl – Episode 3 Red Data Girl Cover

I tried to watch more than one episode of this after my pre-order came in, but I kept falling asleep.  Yeah, I know.  This is exactly what happened the last time.  It’s not to say that this show was bad…it’s just slow.  And has calming music.  In episode 3, it turns out the dude the main girl was crushing on is actually a spirit she wished for, and she has to pretty much kill him by doing some dance in a kimono.  Lame.  I don’t know where this show is going, but, I mean…eh.  I can’t think of anything else to describe it, just, eh.  I’ll probably watch more once I’m done with Say, “I Love You”.  We’ll see.




I am currently watching 241 anime and have completed 30 shows this year.  MY WATCHED LIST IS NOT GOING DOWN.  I know this means I need to stop picking up stuff, but…summer season.  There are so many things I want to jump into.  Someone hold my hand and make me watch more of the shows I already started…please?

Birthday Giveaway 2014 Winner!

Just a quick post before I work on a new Anime Mondays; it’s time to announce the winner of my latest giveaway!



Awesome!  Mike, please check your email for the two one month Crunchyroll anime subscriptions I sent you.  Thank you to everyone who entered, and it won’t be another year until I do another giveaway, I promise.  And to everyone who left a rec, you are amazing, and I will be going through them in the coming weeks.  Love you guys, you are all the best 🙂

Anime Mondays #63

Yeah, it’s Tuesday.  I was in a different time zone all weekend.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about some anime, shall we?  And don’t forget to enter my birthday giveaway!  It’s only open until Friday night!  You can win two free months of Crunchyroll from me, and who doesn’t want that?

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Pokemon – Episodes 19-26 Pokemon Cover

I’ll admit to popping in this DVD just because I saw some youtube videos talking about people’s favorite Pokemon.  And there are like…over 700 of them now.  I seriously only know of the first 150 so I was completely lost.  I need to catch up ASAP.  So, first season of Pokemon it is.  Now, I’m already one episode off because one of them was pretty much banned in the US and was only aired once because James from Team Rocket had fake boobs, so I’ll watch it on youtube to keep my episode count accurate.  I’m guessing that the MAL list is for the Japanese version and not the English one, so I’ll have to correct that…but I did watch eight episodes of this.  That happened.  And I can’t tell you anything specific that went down, other than the introduction of the psychic and ghost Pokemon.  Ash battles some gym leaders!  Ash gets some badges!  Brock acts like a creeper!  Misty hates boys!  The ghost episodes were funny, though.  That Haunter…what a little shit.  OH WAIT.  The episode where Ash lets his Butterfree go is in this group, too.  When I saw this on tv when I was a kid, I BAWLED.  This time, not so much.  Goodbye, Butterfree.  We hardly knew you.

Doujin Work – Episodes 11-12 Doujin Work Cover(Completed!)

Told you I would finish this anime.  Honestly, it wasn’t anything to write home about.  If I hadn’t paid a whopping $5 for this whole series, I probably never would have watched it.  Thanks, Crunchyroll mystery boxes!  Of course, you only gave me two out of three, so I had to get the other volume off amazon.  Bitches.  If you want to know the outcome of the live action series without actually watching it, the voice actresses finish their doujinshi and sell it to some creepy fan boys.  They get the tv and the PS3.  You’re welcome.  The live action segments are TERRIBLE.  The anime was cute, though, despite the power of friendship ending.  At least the heroine didn’t have any magical powers.  She still ended up not being able to draw.  I rated this 6/10 on MAL.


Ristorante Paradiso – Episodes 1-4 Ristorante Paradiso Cover

I watched one episode of this anime years ago, declared it boring, and decided that I didn’t have to watch any other episodes.  Then I got onto this reverse harem kick.  And while, technically, this anime is not a reverse harem at all, I bought it anyway when Right Stuf had their Nozomi sale.  Hey, I can’t turn down a gift with purchase, no matter how hideous the art style is.  Speaking of, the female characters are just ugly.  There is no saving them.  The male ones…well…they’re old.  “Distinguished.”  Gentlemen.  They look nicer.  The main premise is that this college girl goes to Italy to look for her mother and call her out for marrying a man who is not her father, and oops, he doesn’t know she even has a daughter.  He owns this restaurant where the entire staff is made up of gentlemen who wear glasses, and while she almost outs her mom straight off, she stays silent for awhile because of how charming the waiters are at this restaurant.  Seriously.  The college girl even ends up falling for one of them, who is as old as her real dad.  Yikes.  It’s a slice of life anime that is very calming, but not calming in the shitty way like Aria the Natural (yep, still hate it).  I’m interested to see whether or not she will ever call out her mom in front of her step-dad or if she’ll ever make Claudio fall in love with her.  Slice of life with a plot?  Who would have thought??  It’s just hard to watch more than a couple episodes in one sitting since it will put you to sleep.

Rose of Versailles – Episode 23 Rose of Versailles Cover

In an attempt to show my mother what I spend a ton of money on, I tried making her watch an episode of Rose of Versailles.  She’s a French teacher.  She’s all about Marie Antoinette.  Unfortunately, it was met with eye rolls from her before she fell right asleep, so see if I do anything nice for her ever again.  It wasn’t a boring episode, though.  That one evil chick finally got what was coming to her and got branded.  BITCH WENT DOWN.  But everyone still hates Marie because they’re jealous, obviously.  Not everyone can be as awesome as her.  They also brand her and Oscar as lesbians.  This can’t be good.  I swear, if they lynch Oscar, too, I’m going to be pissed with this whole show.



Akuma no Riddle – Episode 12 (Completed!) Akuma no Riddle Cover

God.  This ending.  THIS ENDING.  I can’t decide if I am mad at it or not.  Let’s be real, I love happy endings.  I love where all the characters get resolved and you see what happened to each of them in the future.  I just don’t know how this one would be even possible.  Last week, we found out Haru had this thing called a Primer power where she could make people do whatever she wanted.  Okay.  So, then Tokaku was supposedly about to stab her.  Turns out that wasn’t really Tokaku, but Nio disguised as her.  Tokaku is still in Camp Haru, no worries.  So Tokaku kills Nio.  And then Haru RUNS AT TOKAKU WITH A KNIFE.  WHAT???  Why???  This is the part I don’t understand.  Why would she try and kill someone who has protected her this whole time?  And then, (and here comes the worst part) TOKAKU STABS HARU.  SHE STABS THAT BITCH IN THE HEART.  WHY?  There is no reason for this.  They try to explain it with some bullshit, but honestly, I don’t understand the reasoning.  Can someone please tell me why Tokaku would kill Haru?  And then she immediately regrets it because when she was asked what her wish was, she said no one could grant it.  Commercial break.  Haru is alive.  Alive.  Bitch had titanium ribs (what?!) and survived getting stabbed so she graduates from Class Black.  They flash through all the assassins who are also still alive (how???) and end with Tokaku picking her up from graduation and they walk off together.  The end.  I can come up with two semi-plausible explanations for the ending: #1 – Tokaku’s wish was that Haru would graduate from Class Black, basically pulling a Madoka Magica where nobody dies and shit goes back to normal… or #2 – Haru used her Primer power to force herself to live, and then used it on everyone else to make sure they were all alive, as well.  Either way, the ending was a cop out.  I just want to know why Tokaku would stab Haru in the first place.  Still my favorite show of the season, I rated this 7/10 on MAL.  Yes, a point got taken off for the ending.  Duh.

Naruto – Episodes 149-151 Naruto cover

STUPID BUG ARC.  More Byakugans than I could shake a stick at.  Completely glad it’s over.








I am currently watching 241 anime and have completed 29 shows this year.  Making an effort people, making an effort.  I guess I’ll take this time to tell you I’ll be covering each episode of Sailor Moon Crystal from the summer season.  I haven’t had a chance to look at the chart, so I’ll leave that for next week, but from the videos I’ve seen, there are a good handful of shows I’d like to check out.  I can’t believe how quickly this season has gone.  Insanity.

Anime Mondays #62

Well guys, I am sick.  Sick, sick, sick.  And not in the head, I mean physically.  Unfortunately, it’s not like, sick where I can lie around and watch a bunch of shows because I can’t do anything else, it’s like, goddamn, I’m dizzy and want to be unconscious as much as possible sick.  Gross.  This post should be interesting.  While I still have my wits about me, don’t forget to enter my giveaway to win a free two month Crunchyroll Anime membership.  Just in case you were wondering, I am not sponsored by them in any way, I’m paying for this myself like a boss.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Attack on Titan – Episodes 6-9 (Re-watch) Attack on Titan Cover

I finished off one blu-ray to check for scratches!  Win!  There weren’t any.  So now I feel kind of cheated that I forced myself to plow through this so quickly when I didn’t have to.  The dub is still okay.  Armin is fantastic.  Not a fan of Mikasa.  Still on the fence about Eren.  Everyone else is everyone else.  Watching this for a second time and knowing what happens does take some of the awesome factor away, though.  I mean, when Eren popped out of that titan, the first time I was like HOLY SHIT, NO WAY WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!!  And this time, I was just like, “oh yeah, there goes Eren popping out of  a titan.”  On the second watch, it does, however, make more sense.  Like, the flashbacks with the basement key and everything…and then leading up to the (stupid) ending of the series, if you think about key events that happened in these very first episodes, then that last three seconds feels more validated.  Still not that happy I paid $30 extra just to get a couple necklaces, though.  And I want an art box.  I know better for next time.

Soul Eater Not! – Episodes 6-7 Soul Eater Not Cover

I had every intention of catching up with this series this week and then life got in the way.  However, DEATH THE KID CAMEO!  Finally.  I only waited half the season for this.  And let me tell you, it is the best ten seconds of the entire series, even if he is jacked up in this hideous animation style.  Actually, Patty and Liz (Death the Kid’s weapons) surprisingly are featured cast members in these two episodes, and we get to learn a lot more of their back story.  Not that I’m particularly interested, but anything that gets me more of my anime boyfriend on screen, I’ll take.  Also, the main villain of this series finally shows herself and starts causing a whole ton of crazy shit.  Finally, things are getting good.  It only took HALF THE SERIES.  I’d really like to catch up and finish before I leave on vacation next weekend…but don’t hold your breath.


Bleach – Episodes 30-31 Bleach Title

Look, I told you I would watch more Bleach!  Thanks, illness insomnia for making this happen.  Ichigo unleashed some ridiculous power and kicked some major ass on this bad guy.  That was about it.  God, the pacing.  Help me.







Hikaru no Go – Episodes 13-16 Hikaru no Go Cover

Another disc down, another four episodes closer to finishing.  So Hikaru competes in his first Go tournament with Akira, and although he agrees that Sai should play him, because all Akira wants in the world is to take down Sai, Hikaru decides that he wants to see how much better he’s gotten by himself and plays Akira without Sai’s help.  Dumbass.  Of course, he loses, and Akira gets all pissed off at him because he underestimated his abilities and has wasted all this time in a middle school Go club when he could have been getting ready to go pro.  Okay then.  What a little bitch.  He won.  Quit crying about it.  After that, Hikaru decides to start playing Go online on a super old iMac, and lets Sai play all the people he wants.  Dangerous when it leads up to an in-person tournament.  THE DANGERS OF THE INTERNET PEOPLE.  Stalkers abound.  Can’t wait to see what happens when Hikaru gets found out.


Naruto – Episodes 142-148 Naruto cover

Well, I couldn’t remember what episode number I finished on and had to go look it up on Wikipedia, where I saw that THE ENTIRE REST OF THE SERIES IS FILLER.  I mean, I kind of knew it when they started bringing back old characters from episode 1 that I couldn’t remember to save the life of me, but oh my god.  That’s like…80+ episodes of filler.  I will not get to see if Sasuke comes back until I move on to the next series.  Fuck my life.  At least Ino’s back.  I love her.  This newest mission is about some bugs.  I don’t love that.  But…ugh…filler.  Is it even worth it to finish out the series?  Normally I don’t drop anything ever, but 80+ episodes of nothing happening might just kill me.



Doujin Work – Episodes 5-10 Doujin Work Cover

I will say with confidence that I will finish this series next week.  This group of episodes has turned pretty much into our main girl “fighting” her rival to see who can sell more doujinshi copies.  But the rival girl is drawing guy on guy action now, and, honestly, that’s where most of the jokes are coming from.  And they are hysterical.  Everyone else can take a backseat, rival girl is where it’s at.





Hunter x Hunter (2011) – Episode 1 Hunter x Hunter 2011 cover

I did not intend to start this series.  I have fallen asleep watching the first episode of this about 20 times, and that was what I was banking on when I turned it on again: nap time.  And, then, of course, I stayed awake for the whole thing.  Honestly, it’s not terrible.  And you know how I feel about my long-running shounen series.  It was just a matter of time before I picked this up, and now it’s all I want to watch.  Hunter x Hunter (the x is silent) is about this kid named Gon who wants to take the hunter exam so he can see why his father abandoned him to go do it.  Now, I don’t know if hunters hunt monsters, people, etc., but it sounds a lot like One Piece without the pirates.  Since pirates are the only reason I watch One Piece, I’m on the fence.  But the characters aren’t annoying me so far, and the premise is good, so…here we go.  I just wish I could track down the first volume of the original series because my OCD is hating me right now.

Akuma no Riddle – Episode 11 Akuma no Riddle Cover

God, I almost forgot to put this on here because I accidentally left it off my MAL.  Lame.  And not because it was a forgettable episode, just because I’m an idiot.  Let’s blame the cold medicine.  Well…we now know it all.  Haru has some sort of compulsion power where she can make people do whatever she wants, including not killing her and making Tokaku turn into her protector instead of her enemy…at least that’s what the lady in charge wants us to think.  I don’t know.  Does Haru really have this power?  Is it just her personality?  I guess what matters most is that now Tokaku feels really betrayed and has decided to slice Haru into pieces.  And I say, good on ya.  This series was supposed to be yuri, but I haven’t gotten a single hint of it, other than in the last few minutes of this episode, and that’s only if Tokaku feels so put out because she trusted Haru enough to fall in love with her…but I’m not even quite sure that happened.  I think it’s just a friendship.  I’m totally fine with either way, but there’s still a lot of elements in this anime that have been left unresolved, and that’s one of them.  Let’s see how next week ends up.  I’ll tell you now that this remains my favorite show of the season, though, and even if the ending is shit, that’s not going to change.

That’s it for this week.  Here’s the counts for those of you playing the home game.  I am currently watching 243 shows and have completed 27 anime this year.  God.  I need to get a handle on this backlog challenge ASAP.  Post will be late next week as I’ll be out of town, so it may have to be Anime Tuesdays, but I’ll get it up.  Time to see if I can knock anything out before my cough medicine knocks ME out.  Sounds good.

Anime Mondays #61

I have no idea where the spring season went.  Seriously.  No idea.  All of a sudden, it’s new chart time and in less than a month I’ll finally have my new Sailor Moon, and I AM NOT READY.  I saw the trailer.  I don’t know how I feel about it.  It looks so digitized and fake…but it’s Sailor Moon.  I hope it’s good.  It’s going to take a year for them to even air the series, but I just…I want it to be good.  I’m terrified.  Lots to talk about this week since I’m doing a three week backlog.  It’s time.  You will be rewarded at the end.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Red Data Girl – Episodes 1-2 Red Data Girl Cover

Wow, I just realized I’ve been away for so long that I couldn’t go into my MAL history because it doesn’t go back in time that far.  Instead, I had to go into my RSS feed…which I didn’t even know I had.  Creepy.  People can stalk me by anime episode.  Anyway, put up the dub preview of Red Data Girl, so I had to watch it.  I actually pre-ordered this, but who knows when it will come.  I still haven’t gotten my gift set of Attack on Titan from Right Stuf yet because I ordered it with something that doesn’t come out until July.  Lame.  Well…it’s good in this case because I am utterly broke right now, but I digress.  Once I realized that Red Data Girl would probably turn into a reverse harem, of course I had to pick it back up immediately.  But it’s…weird.  It’s like this ghost of a princess from another world is going to take over this girl’s body, and all these dudes have to protect her because she’s the vessel…I don’t know how I feel about it.  But the dub is solid.  I had to re-watch the first episode because I didn’t remember what happened, and after watching it a second time, I still don’t really remember what happened.  So maybe it’s a forgettable reverse harem.  I’ll finish it when it comes in the mail.

Kaitou Saint Tail – Episode 6 Saint Tail Cover

A few weeks ago, I really wanted to knock a huge chunk of this show out…and then I watched one episode.  I don’t know if I got distracted or what, but this is the episode where the little cop dude gets a rival…and boy, is she annoying.  My quest to watch all the magical girl shows is really taking a beating right now.  Shit, I pretty much ruined my backlog challenge.  I mean, you’ll see from the stats at the end of the post, but I will need to finish a lot of my seasonal stuff in the next few weeks just to get back down to the count I started with.  I need to kick my ass back into gear.




Akuma no Riddle – Episodes 6-10 Akuma no Riddle Cover

This show got harder and harder for me to watch each episode because you know the assassins are going to “die,” and I love me some villains.  It’s like my favorite characters are getting knocked off one after the other, never to be seen again…or are they?  I know a lot of people didn’t like the Romeo and Juliet episode, but I loved it.  Yeah, the writing was sloppy and the end felt like a cop-out because Chitaru was my very favorite and she pretty much went and killed herself, but UGH.  I bought into it.  The pool episode was okay but rushed.  The ones with the gel nails girl were probably the best, if only because it took two episodes to finish her arc and I want more time with these characters.  And then the last girl…holy crap.  Haru completely did a 180, but I knew something was wrong with her, and she wasn’t this perfect little victim like everyone made her out to be.  We’re in the home stretch here, and while I know there probably won’t be a second season, I just hope we get to see some of the assassins again…and not in puppet form.

Soul Eater Not – Episode 5 Soul Eater Not Cover

I’m going to be completely honest here and tell you that I don’t remember anything about this episode at all, other than apparently I watched it.  Not a goddamned thing.  I’m going to finish this just to knock it out, but Soul Eater Not has NOT left a great impression on me.  Bad puns aside 😉







Doujin Work – Episodes 1-4Doujin Work Cover

This was one of the titles I received in my latest Crunchyroll mystery box, so I decided to go ahead and start it.  Doujin Work is a comedy about a girl who decides to begin drawing her own doujinshi for…some reason I can’t remember.  Not because she’s into it.  I think she needs money or something.  Anyway, she has no idea what she’s doing, but she has a bunch of friends who do and encourage her, and it’s pretty hysterical to watch this girl first freak out and then completely accept drawing questionable comics to cater to fanboys.  This show kind of reminds me of Hayate no Gotoku, but it’s easier to digest because the episodes are only 12 minutes long.  Unfortunately, they’re packaged with these live action segments that drag on and on while two of the voice actors from the show try to draw their own doujinshi so they can get themselves a big tv, a PS3, and pay for an after party for the anime’s staff.  I think I’ll skip the real people from now on and just stick to the anime — at least that is intentionally funny.

Kamigami no Asobi – Episodes 3-4 Kamigami no Asobi Cover

Back into reverse harem territory we go.  Are you ready for adventures with some hot guys?  Well…I guess I wouldn’t call them adventures, even if a lot of clothes do come off in these episodes.  Don’t get excited.  It’s a beach episode.  Basically, the main girl decides to teach all the gods about summer school and clubs, and she takes them to the beach and tries to help Hades with his astronomy club.  While Hades gets a little crack in his I HATE EVERYONE exterior, no one is really impressed by summer school, other than that the blond guy with short hair gets elected class president or something.  God, they’re all meshing together for me now and I’m referring to characters by hair color.  Thankfully, this is anime, and I can do that because having blue hair doesn’t mean you’re strange like it does in real life.


Naruto – Episodes 136-141 Naruto cover

One arc ends, and another begins.  Sakura proves (and to herself this time!) how fucking useless she is and decides she needs to make a change…right after someone is talking to the new Hokage about how each ninja squad should have a medical ninja.  Then, oh so conveniently, Sakura asks her if she can be her apprentice.  Did I mention new Hokage is the best medical ninja ever?  Yeah.  So now she can put her useless-ness to some kind of work, since she can’t fight to save her — or anyone else’s — life.  Also, we find out that Orochimaru has Sasuke and we probably won’t see him again for three years.  Seriously?  Does that mean he’s out until Shippuden??  I don’t know if I can take 80 episodes with no Sasuke.  That’s like blasphemy.



Hello Kitty’s Fairy Tale Theater – Episode 1 Hello Kitty Cover 1

I picked this up when Right Stuf was having a bargain bin sale.  It’s no secret that I have loved Hello Kitty since I was a little kid.  Hell, Hello Kitty’s Furry Tale Theater was my absolute favorite Saturday morning cartoon.  And, honestly, I hoped that that was what this series was, even though I was pretty positive the show I watched so long ago wasn’t anime…it’s not.  Completely different show.  Completely different vibe.  Not as good.  It’s also a compilation of a bunch of OVAs, which makes tracking it next to impossible.  The first episode was split into two parts, one of them the Hello Kitty version of Snow White, and the other The Boy Who Cried Wolf.  The latter was pretty stupid, and the dub was TERRIBLE.  I thought my ears were going to bleed from Badtz-Maru.  Snow White was okay, but the animation was stilted, and it’s yet another character Monica Rial ruins.  I wish more of her voices were like the one she did in Princess Nine, but I digress.  It’s good to see Hello Kitty in her natural Japanese habitat, but I liked my English adaptation of this better.  I hope it’s still on Hulu, but I have a feeling it’s not, since I know for sure it got taken down from Netflix.

Hikaru no Go – Episodes 1-12 Hikaru no Go Cover

My rental service and I are back on good terms, so I powered through three whole DVDs of this show because it’s extremely easy to watch dubbed.  With subtitles, I fell asleep.  The dub voices are so annoying that I am forced to stay awake and listen to these kids go at it board game style.  I guess Go isn’t the same as Othello, though, it’s way more complicated, and the show makes that clear.  The basic premise now is that Hikaru wants to play Go as much as possible, and he joins a Go competition team at his middle school.  His rival, Akira, who is skilled enough to go pro, takes a giant step down and plays for his middle school team for the sole reason of wanting to play against Hikaru as much as humanly possible.  But everybody hates Akira.  In fact, these kids start doing some Boys Over Flowers-esque shit just because he beats them at a board game.  I don’t remember if I have talked about the saga it was for me to finish that anime, but for a girl who loves her some melodrama, even I couldn’t take some of the shit that went down there.  Anyway, with the dub, I can power through this show and have two more discs on the way.  I’m going to be a Go master once I’m finished.  …yeah right.  I still don’t even understand how to play, and they have tutorial live action sequences after each episode.

Dragon Half – Episodes 1-2 (Completed!) Dragon Half Cover

Guys, I have real life friends who watch anime now.  I know!  I’m as shocked as you are.  So, after my birthday dinner at Medieval Times (I know how jealous you are that my life is completely awesome), I went back to their house slightly tipsy, and they introduced me to the hot mess that is Dragon Half.  I had never heard of this show in my life.  But the ending song is about like…eggs.  It’s NUTS.  Apparently, it’s one of my friends’ favorite shows because of how ridiculous it is, and when you’ve been drinking vodka all night, it’s even funnier.  However, it was SO BAD that they only made two episodes.  Hysteria.  Dragon Half is about this girl who is — gasp! — half dragon.  And there’s a boyband idol, some dudes trying to kidnap her to get to her parents, a tournament fighter…it’s just nuts.  It makes absolutely no sense.  If you have an hour to kill, grab yourself a bottle of Pinnacle and have a good time.  I rated this 5/10 on MAL.

Ben-to – Episodes 1-2 Ben-to Cover

Once again, another dub preview comes up on funimation, and I feel compelled to watch it immediately.  I actually tried to pick up Ben-to while it was airing, but I fell asleep during the first episode.  This time, I fell asleep during the second episode, but I was really wrecked.  It’s basically a show about people who have a fight club revolving around half price boxed lunches.  These bitches beat the shit out of each other to net that $5 beef bowl.  It’s so ludicrous that it works, and I don’t hate the characters, so that’s a plus.  The dub is passable, nothing special.  I won’t be buying this one, but I’ll watch the rest of it on the funimation streaming service.  I pay for that shit, you better believe I use it.



I My Me! Strawberry Eggs – Episodes 5-7 Strawberry Eggs Cover

This random blast from the past came to me along with my Hikaru no Go discs from my rental service, so in order to send it back, I watched it.  This is actually a cute little show.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cute little stupid show, but it’s still cute.  This dude is really getting into being a cross-dressing teacher to help his students out.  In true trope fashion, these episodes contained a “health exam,” a camping trip and some kind of sports festival…I think.  I was multitasking while I watched this.  But I do remember it being funny.  The DVD menus are weird, though.  I can’t even explain them other than that they are ridiculously hard to navigate.




Attack on Titan – Episodes 1-5 (Re-watch) Attack on Titan Cover

While my gift copy of this show has not arrived at my house yet, the Collector’s Edition I bought from the Funimation store did come in.  Yes, I pretty much paid $30 extra for some necklaces and some pins.  They’re not even good quality and the chains are short as hell.  I would have been better off ordering from the etsy store where I got my first Attack on Titan necklace that gets compliments all the time.  Let me tell you, the packaging on this sucks.  It’s not in a box, the case doesn’t close, and you can’t take the book out of the package to look at it.  I heard reports that a lot of the discs were fucked up, so while I wasn’t planning on watching this now, I stuck the first Blu-ray in the player just to make sure it worked.  And while it works, the volume is so freaking low, I had to turn my tv all the way up just so I could hear the dialogue.  I normally watch it at like…11, and I had to turn this all the way up to 42.  NOT CUTE.  I’m not impressed with the release at all.  The picture looks amazing, but I thought they were going to re-animate some of the footage to not show still frames…yeah, still frames are still everywhere.  The dub commentary is a joke.  The director specifically pointed out that he spent a long time researching how to pronounce the German names of the characters so they wouldn’t be incorrect, and then NO ONE can say “Mikasa” correctly.  And while all the others characters are passable, Eren’s voice completely grates, even when he grows up.  Maybe it’ll get better in titan form.  One can only hope and dream.

Bleach – Episode 29 Bleach Title

Amazon Prime now has the dubbed version of this anime up to watch for free, I think up to season 5.  Now I have no reason not to knock some of this out…except that this episode was completely boring and it advanced the plot absolutely nowhere.  Come on, Bleach.  Get good already.






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I’ve completely screwed up my backlog challenge, but here are the counts.  I am currently watching 242 shows and have completed 27 shows this year.  Ugh.  I’ll try to knock one out for next week, but it’ll be a short one since I have concerts and a wedding to go to.  Life.  So, did you miss me?  Don’t forget to enter my birthday giveaway to win a free two month Crunchyroll anime membership!  Now you missed me because I’m giving you presents.  I see how this goes 😉

2014 Birthday Giveaway!! (AKA My 100th Post)

Wow, it’s been awhile, huh?  I thought I would have time to get a few posts up during my hiatus, but it turned out to not be the case.  I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the past three weeks, and it doesn’t look like June is going to grant me a respite either, but any weekend I’m home and not running off to the opposite side of the country, I will get my posts up.  Posts!  Posts everywhere!!!  Or at least on Mondays.

Anyway, my birthday was last week, and you know what that means…giveaway time!  Like last year, I will be giving away a two month subscription to Crunchyroll Premium (this is for the anime membership, not the one with all the manga and K-Dramas).  Unlike last year, I’m using rafflecopter to make this work instead of blog comments.  In theory, this should be really easy.  All you have to do is leave me your Crunchyroll username in the little widget off to the side, and you are entered!  Just look to the right and click on the link below the Birthday Giveaway! sidebar that says “a Rafflecopter giveaway.”  If you’d like to get some bonus entries, you can recommend me your favorite anime to watch or leave a comment to this blog post.  You can enter through midnight EST on 6/29/14 (pretty much because that’s the next weekend I know I have free so I can get you your prize right away).

My Disney cruise/vacation was awesome, in case you’re playing the home game, and Wednesday starts summer concert season, so the majority of my time/money is going to see as many bands as possible.  Never fear, your Anime Mondays post will be up on Monday.  It’s gonna be a long one.  And yes, it comes with a prize inside.

On a side note, this is my 100th blog post.  Thanks to my subscribers for sticking through all my ramblings.  Or, if you just found this blog through a google search about Mandy Moore’s haircut and the movie Tangled (which is how I get the majority of my hits, oddly), thanks for stopping by.  You’re all beautiful.  And now…the contest.

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