Anime Mondays #64

I’m so excited for the four day weekend I have coming up, I can’t even tell you.  I still don’t even know what’s going on, but I hope to have enough time to do some filming…foreshadowing?  Oh, yes.  Also, congratulations again to Mike who won my birthday giveaway!  He has some free Crunchyroll coming his way.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Dear Brother… (Onii-sama E…) – Episodes 1-4 (Re-watch) Dear Brother cover

The first set from the Anime Sols pledge drive FINALLY came in the mail.  It came without fanfare, unexpectedly, too, because I never even received a tracking email.  But it came!!!  And so I started watching it again because the plot is so complicated that if I tried to pick it up where I left off (which I couldn’t even do because I’m technically on episode 22, and this set only contains the first 13 episodes), I would have just been completely lost.  Dear Brother is one of those retro soap opera shows.  The drama!  The angst!  The art style goes the way of Rose of Versailles, so if that turns you off, you probably shouldn’t watch this because it’s quite prevalent.  As for the basic premise, this middle class girl starts at an all female high school and writes letters to her “brother” (in quotes because he’s not really her brother) about all the shit that goes down.  And boy, does the shit go down.  In the first four episodes, people get slapped, someone gets stalked, there are shady dealings going around…it’s fantastic.  It’s a supremely fucked up show, and I highly recommend it.  You guys know how I like my anime: fucked up.

Say, “I Love You” – Episodes 1-7 (Re-watch) Say 'I love you' Cover

Guess what?  Right Stuf is having a Sentai/Section 23 sale!  Guess what else??  I found this blu-ray set cheaper on amazon!  So I bought it.  And while my Right Stuf order hasn’t even processed yet because I put a pre-order in that doesn’t come out until October, this arrived at my doorstep and I proceeded to watch half of it.  This was in my top shows I watched in 2013, and on second viewing, I think I’m still standing by that.  I’m watching it dubbed in English this time, though, and it’s hit or miss.  Caitlynn French is FANTASTIC as Mei.  Seriously, she has the tiny voice down pat, without it sounding stupid.  Greg Ayres is cast in his staple role as a witty sidekick, which is his best typecast.  As for everyone else…well, Monica Rial is in it, which means I plug my ears for the screeching every time her character is on screen.  Seriously, what happened to her?  She was GOOD in Princess Nine.  Once she discovered this high-pitched mess of a voice, shit has gone downhill.  And Yamato…well…he’s played by some guy I’ve never heard of, and while he does a decent job, the stomach drop scenes in episodes one and two aren’t nearly as stomach dropping.  If you’re a girl, you know the ones.  Where the butterflies just come out through your throat because of things that fly out of Yamato’s mouth?  Yup.  Not as powerful.  After the first half of the series, I do believe that it spirals into oblivion, but it’s definitely still got re-watch potential…if for nothing else to see what a stalker Yamato is at the beginning.  Yikes.

The Devil is a Part-Timer – Episode 2 The Devil is a Part Timer Cover

Dub was up on Funimation, so I checked it out because I didn’t want to change the DVD in my player and I didn’t want to read subtitles.  Also, everyone says this show is amazing, and, while, yes, it is pretty funny, it’s not the best show I’ve ever seen, and the dub preview didn’t convince me to buy it like it has for other shows.  In this episode, the red-haired girl, who is the hero in the alternate universe, just basically stalks the demon guy and tells him what a loser he is for working at a fast food place with no aspirations to take over the world other than to get promoted there.  I’ll watch the rest of the series when it gets loaded onto the subscription service, but for the time being, I stand by my decision to put it on pause when I watched the first episode those many, many months ago.


Kamigami no Asobi – Episodes 5-12 (Completed!) Kamigami no Asobi Cover

Apparently, it was reverse harem time in my universe this week, so I finished off Kamigami no Asobi to check it off my list.  As a reverse harem, this show sucks.  At the beginning of my mini-marathon, I had to ask myself where the romance was because no one seemed to be interested in dating the main girl, just being friends with her, until the episode where Loki gives her and the Japanese moon god those magnetic rings that force them together.  And then Baldr gets all stalkery.  And Apollo…well, he’s just weird despite him being my favorite character.  Once I realized that this show was taking a different path and trying to have a plot rather than being a true reverse harem, I got more into it.  And, honestly, the Loki/Baldr plot was pretty good.  I mean, it shouldn’t have taken up like five episodes, but I wanted to watch more when I knew that a Loki episode was coming up next.  Plus, we got to see more God-like magical girl transformations, and A+++++ for that!  The ending seemed very rushed, though, and, yeah, I cried.  I’m such a girl.  If it didn’t have that coda tacked on after the credits, I would have been extremely disappointed.  I rated this show 6/10 on MAL, but if you’re looking for a true reverse harem, you won’t find it here.

Red Data Girl – Episode 3 Red Data Girl Cover

I tried to watch more than one episode of this after my pre-order came in, but I kept falling asleep.  Yeah, I know.  This is exactly what happened the last time.  It’s not to say that this show was bad…it’s just slow.  And has calming music.  In episode 3, it turns out the dude the main girl was crushing on is actually a spirit she wished for, and she has to pretty much kill him by doing some dance in a kimono.  Lame.  I don’t know where this show is going, but, I mean…eh.  I can’t think of anything else to describe it, just, eh.  I’ll probably watch more once I’m done with Say, “I Love You”.  We’ll see.




I am currently watching 241 anime and have completed 30 shows this year.  MY WATCHED LIST IS NOT GOING DOWN.  I know this means I need to stop picking up stuff, but…summer season.  There are so many things I want to jump into.  Someone hold my hand and make me watch more of the shows I already started…please?

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