No, I didn’t die, I promise.

Hi, friends.

It’s been awhile.

So, I took a little blogging break because I’ve been working really hard on my anime-related youtube channel, which has been quite the project.  It’s a lot of work.  It’s one thing to spend 90 minutes writing up a blog post every week talking about the anime I’ve watched, but it’s quite another to get camera ready, set up my little home studio, shoot a video, optimize the footage, edit the shit out of it, render it out, upload it to youtube, and then do final quality checks before I post it.  To the people who have youtube as their full-time jobs, I salute you.  And not only for the work you put in, but for the criticism you take.  It’s so easy for people to just troll all over something you’ve spent tons of time on over there, like it’s nothing.  It’s not cute.

I’m up to Anime Mondays #78, and it’s surreal to think that I’ll have done 100 soon.  This week I will put up a post with backlog, just to make sure it’s cataloged in print.  This was always something that I did to record my thoughts, and hopefully, some other people would get something out of it.  I’m actually going to take a little youtube break in three weeks for vacation (more Disney time, yay!), and while I’m there I’m definitely going to do some hardcore thinking about it.  I like making videos.  And the good feedback, as well as the recs I’ve received, are awesome.  It’s like a whole different universe.   I’m gonna leave it at that.

How is fall anime season treating you?  I’m underwhelmed, but have picked up five shows anyway.  Like I needed to pick up any new shows at all, right?  I do love Akatsuki no Yona, though.  I hope it stays on my good side.

So, yes, I’m not dead.  Very much alive, and blonde again!  I forgot to post for National Mean Girls Day, too.  Got it on facebook, though.  I’m still trying to make “fetch” happen.

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