Glitterbots is not a Plastic, but does consider Regina George to be her idol.  She has just recently gone back to her roots (literally) and aspires to be the smartest blonde in the room.  However, she does continue to wear pink, and not only on Wednesdays.  She loves nail polish, makeup, tv shows she’s too old to be watching, and music she’s too young to be listening to.  She also loves typing in the third person, but only for biographical purposes.

Stalk me on twitter at @glitterbotstoo.

Stalk my photos on tumblr at dangeresque.tumblr.com.

Stalk my videos on youtube here.

Stalk me on MAL or crunchyroll for your anime fix.

Stalk me via email if you want to make friends at glitterbotstoo (at) gmail (dot) com.

If that doesn’t keep you busy, go to Netflix Instant and start watching “Extreme Couponing” or something because I can’t help you.  Oh, and don’t ask me how to spell “orange.”  No.  Seriously.

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