My Daily Beauty Must Haves

Everybody has their own daily beauty routine, I know.  Some swear by certain products while others go in a completely different direction.  Today, I’m going to share with you what works for me in the hopes that it can work for you!

Facial Cleansers and Makeup Primers

  • Lush Fresh Farmacy Cleanser – The first time I went to a Lush store was last November, and the moment I stepped foot in there, I was hooked.  The salesgirls went above and beyond in their helpfulness, and I guess I’m one of those suckers because I walked out of there with $200 worth of products.  I was skeptical about getting a new face soap because the only thing that seemed to work with my complexion was using this Johnson and Johnson baby soap that they don’t even make anymore.  However, the Fresh Farmacy bar is a complete lifesaver.  It doesn’t make me break out, it makes my skin feel clean, and after I use it, I just feel, well…fresh.  If you go to the store, they will cut you off a piece the size you want, as well, so you never feel like you have a bar you can’t hold in your hand.
  • Lush Tea Tree Water – I spray this on right when I get out of the shower on my face and use it as like an astringent.  It helps reduce redness, which is fantastic because my skin is either completely pale or completely red, there is no in between.  It’s not harsh and doesn’t smell too awful, either.
  • Lush Enzymion – I got sticker shock when I looked at the price of this makeup primer; one little tub was $40!  I was debating on whether or not I should return it because I had never used makeup primer, but, let me tell you…it’s well worth the price.  I only use a tiny bit each day, and I won’t be surprised if I don’t use the whole thing before it expires in October.  It really helps keep my makeup on through my 10 hour work day.
  • MAC Bare Study Paint Pot – I have a hell of a time keeping my eye makeup on, and I love to wear it, so this is a constant problem.  One of my eyes tears constantly, no matter what I do, so sometimes I end up with one really great looking eye and one that looks like I am wearing no makeup at all.  However, once my eyeshadow primer got discontinued from Sephora, I started using Bare Study, and I am never going back.  Every time I go to MAC, the girls there try and sell me on some other Paint Pot or eyeshadow primer, but this is the only one that works for me.  When I put my eyeshadow on over this, it makes the colors pop and it STAYS ON MY EYELIDS.  Clearly, the most important thing ever.

Work Appropriate Makeup

  • MAC Studio Fix Foundation – The trick to this foundation is to not use a whole ton of it.  Before, I was caking it on, trying to blend out any imperfections, and it kept coming off, no matter how much powder I put on afterwards.  But once I learned to just use a little bit, the application process went a little better.  It’s not my favorite thing in the world, but it’s the best one I have tried so far, so I’ll continue to use it.
  • MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer – I just recently switched to this from another MAC concealer because the coverage is FANTASTIC.  You may have to do a little contouring because this stuff goes on thick, but it’s worth it.  All the red is GONE.  I love you, Pro Long Wear.  Never leave me.
  • MAC Pressed Blot Powder – This does the job, but I haven’t had time to try out new formulas.  I mean, it’s okay to take down shine, but I do reapply a lot.  Anyone have any suggestions for a powder that has a longer wear time?
  • Kat Von D Eyeshadow Ludwig Palette – I have a TON of different eyeshadows, but none of them stay on quite like the Kat Von D shadows.  For work, I use the three browns on the right side of this palette in the picture, but I have a larger set that has four sets of three complimentary colors that Sephora doesn’t have anymore.  My favorite Kat Von D palette is the Metal Symphony one, but I wouldn’t wear any of those to work (since they are evening blacks and blues) and it was a limited edition and is now discontinued.  Every product in her line I’ve tried has had a ridiculously long wear time, doesn’t break out your skin, or cause allergic reactions.  It’s perfection in a brand, for sure.
  • MAC Zoom Waterfast Lash Mascara – I’ve tried about six million different mascaras, but MAC mascaras are the only ones that don’t irritate my sensitive eyes.  Plus, this one is waterproof, so it withstands my constant tearing.  God bless you, MAC.   I don’t know what I would do without you.

That’s pretty much what I wear to work on a daily basis, including whatever lip gloss/Chapstick I can find (and sometimes MAC lipstick in Faux), but on the weekends, it’s an entirely different story…and that’s for an entirely different post.  What’s your must have beauty product?  Let me know in the comments below if there’s something I should be using!

Awesome/Not So Much #3

It’s that time of the week again, kids.  I can’t decide what day to put this on.  Just let it be known that it won’t be posted on Mondays because that’s taken up with my giant post of anime goodness.  Speaking of which, that Crunchyroll guest pass is still available, so scroll down and take it!  ETA: it’s gone now.  It pays to be fast!

Five Awesome Things for the Week of March 20, 2013!

1.  The “Veronica Mars” movie is a go!

Have you heard about this?  Marshmallows, rejoice!  The “Veronica Mars” movie is happening because it was funded via kickstarter.  I can’t wait until I get paid so I can give them my money.  I’ve been a donor for one kickstarter project in the past, and it’s a lot of fun.  Basically, any donation you make will be used to fund a specific project.  And, honestly, I’ve been waiting for some kind of “Veronica Mars” continuation since the end of the third and last season (and not that horrible FBI school rumored fourth season, yuck).  VERONICA AND LOGAN FOREVER….even though I love Piz.  Don’t judge me.  Go give them your money.

2.  Justin Timberlake’s song “Mirrors”

So “Suit and Tie” was not my jam.  I’m not down with this whole throwback album Timberlake’s got going on this time around.  But “Mirrors?”  Holy hell, it’s a good song, even if it is incredibly long.  Go listen to it on Spotify.  Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

3.  Penguindrum

I will wait to talk about this in detail so just watch at least the first four episodes and then wait for Monday.  It’s coming.

4.  New spring products over at Fortune Cookie Soap

I can’t wait for my giant box of body butter and bath bombs to arrive at my house.  I actually liked a good number of the spring scents (I’m definitely a spring/summer person more than fall, ugh, everything in the fall smells like food), and their whipped cream body butter is to die for.  Seriously.  The scent lasts ALL DAY.  My favorite scents out of the new bunch are Honeydew Me (watermelon/honeydew), Down to Earth (it says it smells like lavender and basil, but I don’t get either of those…it just smells FANTASTIC) and The Birds and the Bees (Carried Away from Bath and Body Works).  Go try a whipped cream sampler if you haven’t before to see what you like.  The sample tubs are big; I got about a week and a half out of my last one and I used it everyday.  If you have a $75+ purchase, you get free shipping, and normal shipping is $9+ so keep that in mind.

5.  The SeeYaReelSoon youtube channel

I love this channel.  No, really.  I found it searching for Disney World tips, and while Ashley and Joe do share awesome trip planning ideas, the best videos are their “Family Vacation” series, where they actually tape their days at the Disney parks.  Oh my god, when Ashley started crying on the carousel because they were leaving, I cried, too.  The two of them are just so cute, and their love for Disney World is so genuine, it’s refreshing to see.  Also, their videos are shot in great quality, the editing is awesome and the theme music is catchy as hell.  Yes, these things make a difference to me.  Deal with it.  And then go watch everything they have ever put out.

Five Not So Awesome Things for the Week of March 20, 2013 …:(

1. This season of “Celebrity Apprentice”

I don’t want to spoil you, but either the celebrities this season are making the STUPIDEST decisions ever or Donald Trump is being a real dick in who he fires.  My favorites are all gone already.  I miss Meat Loaf and Clay Aiken 😦

2.  McDonald’s

I don’t know what it is, but every time I’ve eaten there in the past month, I’ve gotten ridiculously ill.  It’s so easy to go there.  It’s right across the street from me.  But it’s also now proven deadly.  Stop being so shitty, McDonald’s.  Make me a salad or something that’s not disgusting.

3.  Degrassi two-part episodes

Why is it that part one is almost always incredibly good, and then part two sucks something terrible?  I’m looking at you, every single episode that’s aired thus far in 12C.  The Eli-centric ones have been the best of the season by far, but even the second part of that was kind of a let down.  Except the very end.  You know.  That was boss.

4.  The fact that nail polish racks cost $60+

Okay, I really need a new one.  Actually, I need about four of them.  They’re too fucking expensive.  It’s just plastic.  It’s not like I want a designer rack, I just want one that spins and holds a lot of polish.  BE CHEAPER.

5.  Katy Perry is still on the radio.

Can someone shut her up already?  Now she’s on it even more because she broke up with John Mayer.  NO ONE CARES.

What’s something awesome that happened to you this week?  Do you want to punch Donald Trump in the face, too?  Let me know in the comments, and we’ll chat!

Sally Beauty February Mini Haul (Sale!)

Everyone run, run, run to Sally Beauty right now (especially if you’re a Beauty Club member) and take advantage of these fabulous nail polish deals before they expire.  I believe these sales are only available through tomorrow, so what are you waiting for?

If you’re a Beauty Club member, you should have received an email coupon for $1.50 off China Glaze polishes.  There is a two polish limit, and you’ll pay just a little more than if you purchased them through an online distributor, but if you like to look at polish in person before you buy it, then it’s still a pretty good deal.  I picked up these two beauties:

China Glaze Mosaic Madness and Grafitti Glitter

From the new(ish) Glitz ‘N Pieces collection (Bits & Pieces?  I don’t know, everywhere it’s listed differenty), Mosaic Madness (blue) and Graffiti Glitter (green).  Sidebar: graffiti is spelled incorrectly on the polish bottle.  I was going to snatch up the silver one, but then I realized I have at least three polishes that look exactly like it, so I passed on it…for now.

Next up was the Orly 2 for $11 sale — which is still sort of high, but whatever, I wanted to get my coupon for next month — so I put these two on the counter:

Orly Hot Shot and Gilded Coral

Say hello to Orly Hot Shot (super neon red) and Gilded Coral (the very work appropriate pink).  What do you think of the new bottles?  Personally, I’m not a fan.  I could always tell my Orlys by the purple cap but now…eh.

I was immediately drawn to the new Finger Paints collection, so I had to pick up this shade:

Finger Paints Fishin' for Fun

Finger Paints Fishin’ for Fun.  Love the glitter, hate the name.  Then I brought it up to the register and surprise!  Free coupon bonus!


Any Finger Paints purchase came with a free bottle of Finger Paints top coat!  I am never one to turn down something for free okay.

And finally, my bottle(s) of Seche were at that horrible point in their lifespans where they have about 1/4 of the bottle left but they just turn into disgusting, thick mush.  I have no idea why this happens.  I’ve added thinner and you just can’t salvage it.  So, I had to get a new top coat and it came with another coupon surprise…

Seche Vite top coat and base coat

A free Seche Vite base coat!  I’ve never used their base coat, but I needed a new one anyway since my bottle of Orly Top 2 Bottom was biting the dust, so I’ll see how it works out.

For all of these treasures, I only paid $30.96 before tax, including my Beauty Club savings.  Plus, I got a 15% off coupon to use between now and March 10 on my receipt.  Annnnd I spent enough to earn my 15% off reward for next month.  I approve, Sally Beauty, I approve.  Hope you can catch these sales before they’re gone!

Bits and Pieces (AKA I used the word “try” in this post about six million times)

So much for that “more blogging” thing, huh?  Luckily, I’ve been doing better with other aspects of my life, including finding the old wordpress dashboard page (ugh the new one — especially the post page — is fucking terrible) and planning out my year.  Normally I’m not one to schedule stuff that happens so far in advance unless there’s a concert, but I have so many things to look forward to over the course of the next 11 months, it’s insane.  I’ll get to that in a minute, but I’ve also switched jobs for awhile (RETAIL ONLY ONCE A WEEK!) to work a “grown-up” job temporarily and I’m on a never-ending diet.  I want to look super cute by the end of October because…


Now, this is exciting for many reasons.  Even though I’ve spent the last several years traveling around the country, mostly, it’s been for concerts.  My friends and I didn’t stick around to look at where exactly we were, we’d just hop in the car once a show was over and drive to another show.  Well, it’s time to begin (stop singing Imagine Dragons in your heads, now) to take some time to stop, smell the roses, and not be rushing everywhere all the time.  So instead of taking 40 road trips this year, I’m taking one real vacation.  It’s long, too, I’ll be gone for over a week, and I’m actually going out of the country.  Sort of.  I’ve got a cabin booked on the Backstreet cruise to the Bahamas (I guess there is one concert involved, so sue me) and as soon as the boat docks, my friend and I are going to DISNEY WORLD.  I know.  I KNOW.  I haven’t been since I was six years old, and needless to say, it was time to go again.  I just wanted to go for a day to preview it for when I take my niece in a few years when she’s old enough to remember some of it, and my friend was like, “Oh, no, you can’t just go for one day!”  So, we’re making a full out vacation of it.  Disney on a budget.  It’s not gonna stop me from getting a pirate makeover or having dinner at the dinosaur restaurant, but she priced out something that’s actually affordable, especially since you can pay in installments.  Did you know that?  If you book through Disney you can.  Lord knows, I’ll never have $700 at one time, but now that I can pay over months, that shit is so getting booked.  Plus, we’ll be there through Halloween, which means I am going to get some magic back into my favorite holiday.  Needless to say, many future posts will be about planning this trip to end all trips.  I’ll put it in the subject, so that if it’s not your schtick, you can skip them.

Some other friends and I are also planning a trip to our local Comic-Con (where we’re dressing up and staying the whole time, whoop!) and in February I’m going to this The Walking Dead panel thingy…I bought VIP tickets because my friend wanted to go…but I had never seen the show.  Oops.  I’m currently in the middle of season two, and it’s pissing me off hardcore so I had to stop.  Without spoilers, let’s just say, I have never hated characters on television like I hate some of these.  I’m just praying for the fucking zombies to eat them.  Seriously.  Anyway, apparently these tickets were extremely hard to get, especially the VIP ones, so I’d better hurry up and catch up in between everything else that’s going on right now.

I’m trying to be more active on my twitter account (you can find links to it just about everywhere on this page) where I’m archiving my nail polish.  I’m attempting to try all of the ones I have in a year, which means every time I change my polish, I have to use multiple colors.  I’m cataloging them all right now, and I’m currently at 23 pages in this Word document…and I haven’t even started on my salon polish.  No more nail polish for me this year.  I need cash to buy a ton of Disney cupcakes.  Priorities, people.  So you can find that over there.  I’d post pictures but by the time my self-manicures look halfway decent cuticle wise, I have chips and stuff.  When I get more time to make my nails picture ready, I’ll have that stuff over there.  I’m also really into tweeting/live tweeting whatever tv show I’m watching at the moment (most recently it was The Lying Game) and I’ll be writing about those more on the blog.

I know I’ve been slacking on my Anime Mondays posts, but the next one will be up sometime on Monday (I know because I’m writing it right after this post, haha) and will have a crunchyroll guest pass up for grabs.  This new season is amazing already, especially since my beloved Chihayafuru is back.  I’ve already checked out a couple other new shows, as well, and it’s not going to be crap like seasons past.  I haven’t forgotten about my best of 2012 posts, either, and I want to talk more about music when I get a chance.  My new work schedule is completely different from what I’m used to, so I’m still getting adjusted to it, aka: my spare time is spent sleeping or doing something work-related.  It’s getting there, though!

So that’s what’s been happening in my 2013 so far.  What have you guys been up to?  Comment and let me know!  I’ve rambled enough, so now it’s time to put some posts in the queue so I don’t look like such a slacker.  I mean, I’ll always be a slacker, but it’s nice to at least try 😉

Color Club finds at TJ Maxx

I wanted to get this out to you before all the stock is depleted, so look what I found at TJ Maxx a couple weeks ago!  Click on the pictures to make them bigger!


Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe Collection

Color Club Winter Affair Two Pack

The best find of the day was last year’s Color Club Holiday collection, the Beyond the Mistletoe 7 Pack.  It includes full size bottles of Beyond the Mistletoe, Holiday Splendor, Sugarplum Fairy, Gingerbread, Candy Cane, Jingle Jangle, and a bottle of Club Clear Topcoat.  Guess how much it was.  No, seriously.  Guess.  Transdesign has it for $22.75 which is pretty low.  But I paid less.  Guess!  Okay, I know this is not “Let’s Make a Deal!” so I’ll tell you.  I paid $9.99 for the whole set.  Amazing right??  This was by the line to check out, so it wasn’t by the normal beauty products or anything.  I’ll have an in depth look at all the polishes soon, and I can’t wait to try them out!

The other steal of the day was a two pack from this year’s Color Club Holiday collection, Winter Affair.  It came with full size bottles of Winter Affair and Snow-Flakes.  TJ Maxx had this priced at $3.99.  I am in love.  They’re going at beauty supply sites right now for $3.25 apiece so this is a steal.  These were the only packs I saw, but the stock at TJ Maxx changes all the time, so get them while you can.  Happy shopping!

Coming soon…and a really horrible Anime Mondays #3

So here’s the deal: I was super busy this week, and the only episode (yes, singular) of anime I watched was episode 20 of Gintama.  Honestly, nothing to write home about…so I won’t.

However, I do have a lot of beauty posts coming up as soon as the sun comes out so I can take pictures.  I’ve got an Ulta haul, a Fortune Cookie Soap haul, a Sephora haul, some great polishes I found cheap as HELL from TJ Maxx…it’s all coming.  It’s my goddaughter’s birthday party this weekend as well, so I may break my one post a day rule just to get it all in before my family comes to town.  I’ve gotta get my annual ‘I Hate Black Friday’ rant in there.  You’ve been warned.  And I’ll be back.

November 2012 Ipsy (MyGlam) Bag

I love beauty products.  Okay, I’ll be real, I am a makeup junkie.  Although my normal drug of choice is MAC, I also love trying out new stuff…some of which exceeds even my beloved brand.  Each month I receive a Birchbox (for now, anyway, more on that later) and an Ipsy (formerly MyGlam) bag.  Most of the products that replace my MAC staples come from these Ipsy bags.  For $10 a month, you get an actual makeup bag or purse, 4/5 beauty products (some of them full sized!) and exclusive discounts for select makeup brands.  Last month, I discovered my new favorite eyeliner from Be a Bombshell and this month came with something just as awesome: a full size nail polish!  Oh yes.  What a win.  Let’s check out November’s Party Perfect! Ipsy bag.  Be sure to click on the pictures if you want to see them bigger!

You always know when your Ipsy bag shows up because it comes in this cute metallic pink mailer.  Love, love, love.

This is the bag that all your items arrive in.  It usually follows some sort of theme.  For November it was Party Perfect!  I don’t know what an ugly brown makeup pouch has to do with a party, but the items inside of it make up for the ugly purse.  Sometimes there are wristlets AKA a free purse that you can spill vodka on at the bar and not feel bad.  More wristlets, please, Ipsy!

You also always receive a card that lists the theme for the month and all the products that are in your bag.  On the back are the discount offers for the month.  There was a card for $20 off your first purchase at JustFab, as well.  I went to go check it out, and it seems to be mostly for shoes.  I wear a size 12, so this was pretty much worthless because no one makes cute shoes in a size 12.

Here are this month’s items, packaged and unpackaged: a full size nail polish from Nailtini in Millionaire, a full size brown eyeliner pencil from Starlet, a sample theBalm eyeshadow in Matt Batali (purple), a full size bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lip gloss in Daredevil, and a full size (I think) clear eyebrow gel from Chella.  WIN.

Here’s a close up of the Starlet eyeliner pencil.  I’m not a fan of eyeliners in pencil form, especially now that I’m spoiled with the Be a Bombshell marker, and I’ve never used a brown eyeliner in my life, but this might be fun to play around with when I have job interviews to give my normal black liner a rest.

Next up is the polish.  I love, love, love, love when I get nail polish in these bags.  Millionaire by Nailtini has a ton of bar glitter (not really my glitter of choice, but it’s my mom’s favorite…I know, I gave my mom cool nails.  I am awesome.) and has a pretty gold color.  Perfect for parties!

Here’s Matt Batali by theBalm.  It’s a matte purple eyeshadow.  This will be fun to play with because almost every eyeshadow I own has shimmer in it.  Even the black ones.  See, this is how I get obsessed with new shit, these bags.  Ugh.  Good ugh.

Next up is the bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lip gloss.  This is completely my color.  I can’t wait to put this sucker on my face.

Finally, we have the Chella brow gel.  It’s clear (thank god) and I’ve never really used one of these before, but I might as well give it a shot.  It’s certainly better than the ones with a tint (looking at you, Birchbox), and if I can’t run to go get my eyebrows threaded before I go out, this might help a little, right?

So that’s November’s Ipsy bag.  It’s definitely the best subscription sample service I use, and I highly recommend it.  Look at all those full sized products you get for ten bucks!  The nail polish alone is like…$13 by itself.  Ipsy wins at life.

(I pay for this with my own cash.  I’m not a paid sponsor for Ipsy or any of their product brands.  I just want to share the beauty product love, okay?)