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Anime Mondays #63

Yeah, it’s Tuesday.  I was in a different time zone all weekend.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about some anime, shall we?  And don’t forget to enter my birthday giveaway!  It’s only open until Friday night!  You can win two free months of Crunchyroll from me, and who doesn’t want that?

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Pokemon – Episodes 19-26 Pokemon Cover

I’ll admit to popping in this DVD just because I saw some youtube videos talking about people’s favorite Pokemon.  And there are like…over 700 of them now.  I seriously only know of the first 150 so I was completely lost.  I need to catch up ASAP.  So, first season of Pokemon it is.  Now, I’m already one episode off because one of them was pretty much banned in the US and was only aired once because James from Team Rocket had fake boobs, so I’ll watch it on youtube to keep my episode count accurate.  I’m guessing that the MAL list is for the Japanese version and not the English one, so I’ll have to correct that…but I did watch eight episodes of this.  That happened.  And I can’t tell you anything specific that went down, other than the introduction of the psychic and ghost Pokemon.  Ash battles some gym leaders!  Ash gets some badges!  Brock acts like a creeper!  Misty hates boys!  The ghost episodes were funny, though.  That Haunter…what a little shit.  OH WAIT.  The episode where Ash lets his Butterfree go is in this group, too.  When I saw this on tv when I was a kid, I BAWLED.  This time, not so much.  Goodbye, Butterfree.  We hardly knew you.

Doujin Work – Episodes 11-12 Doujin Work Cover(Completed!)

Told you I would finish this anime.  Honestly, it wasn’t anything to write home about.  If I hadn’t paid a whopping $5 for this whole series, I probably never would have watched it.  Thanks, Crunchyroll mystery boxes!  Of course, you only gave me two out of three, so I had to get the other volume off amazon.  Bitches.  If you want to know the outcome of the live action series without actually watching it, the voice actresses finish their doujinshi and sell it to some creepy fan boys.  They get the tv and the PS3.  You’re welcome.  The live action segments are TERRIBLE.  The anime was cute, though, despite the power of friendship ending.  At least the heroine didn’t have any magical powers.  She still ended up not being able to draw.  I rated this 6/10 on MAL.


Ristorante Paradiso – Episodes 1-4 Ristorante Paradiso Cover

I watched one episode of this anime years ago, declared it boring, and decided that I didn’t have to watch any other episodes.  Then I got onto this reverse harem kick.  And while, technically, this anime is not a reverse harem at all, I bought it anyway when Right Stuf had their Nozomi sale.  Hey, I can’t turn down a gift with purchase, no matter how hideous the art style is.  Speaking of, the female characters are just ugly.  There is no saving them.  The male ones…well…they’re old.  “Distinguished.”  Gentlemen.  They look nicer.  The main premise is that this college girl goes to Italy to look for her mother and call her out for marrying a man who is not her father, and oops, he doesn’t know she even has a daughter.  He owns this restaurant where the entire staff is made up of gentlemen who wear glasses, and while she almost outs her mom straight off, she stays silent for awhile because of how charming the waiters are at this restaurant.  Seriously.  The college girl even ends up falling for one of them, who is as old as her real dad.  Yikes.  It’s a slice of life anime that is very calming, but not calming in the shitty way like Aria the Natural (yep, still hate it).  I’m interested to see whether or not she will ever call out her mom in front of her step-dad or if she’ll ever make Claudio fall in love with her.  Slice of life with a plot?  Who would have thought??  It’s just hard to watch more than a couple episodes in one sitting since it will put you to sleep.

Rose of Versailles – Episode 23 Rose of Versailles Cover

In an attempt to show my mother what I spend a ton of money on, I tried making her watch an episode of Rose of Versailles.  She’s a French teacher.  She’s all about Marie Antoinette.  Unfortunately, it was met with eye rolls from her before she fell right asleep, so see if I do anything nice for her ever again.  It wasn’t a boring episode, though.  That one evil chick finally got what was coming to her and got branded.  BITCH WENT DOWN.  But everyone still hates Marie because they’re jealous, obviously.  Not everyone can be as awesome as her.  They also brand her and Oscar as lesbians.  This can’t be good.  I swear, if they lynch Oscar, too, I’m going to be pissed with this whole show.



Akuma no Riddle – Episode 12 (Completed!) Akuma no Riddle Cover

God.  This ending.  THIS ENDING.  I can’t decide if I am mad at it or not.  Let’s be real, I love happy endings.  I love where all the characters get resolved and you see what happened to each of them in the future.  I just don’t know how this one would be even possible.  Last week, we found out Haru had this thing called a Primer power where she could make people do whatever she wanted.  Okay.  So, then Tokaku was supposedly about to stab her.  Turns out that wasn’t really Tokaku, but Nio disguised as her.  Tokaku is still in Camp Haru, no worries.  So Tokaku kills Nio.  And then Haru RUNS AT TOKAKU WITH A KNIFE.  WHAT???  Why???  This is the part I don’t understand.  Why would she try and kill someone who has protected her this whole time?  And then, (and here comes the worst part) TOKAKU STABS HARU.  SHE STABS THAT BITCH IN THE HEART.  WHY?  There is no reason for this.  They try to explain it with some bullshit, but honestly, I don’t understand the reasoning.  Can someone please tell me why Tokaku would kill Haru?  And then she immediately regrets it because when she was asked what her wish was, she said no one could grant it.  Commercial break.  Haru is alive.  Alive.  Bitch had titanium ribs (what?!) and survived getting stabbed so she graduates from Class Black.  They flash through all the assassins who are also still alive (how???) and end with Tokaku picking her up from graduation and they walk off together.  The end.  I can come up with two semi-plausible explanations for the ending: #1 – Tokaku’s wish was that Haru would graduate from Class Black, basically pulling a Madoka Magica where nobody dies and shit goes back to normal… or #2 – Haru used her Primer power to force herself to live, and then used it on everyone else to make sure they were all alive, as well.  Either way, the ending was a cop out.  I just want to know why Tokaku would stab Haru in the first place.  Still my favorite show of the season, I rated this 7/10 on MAL.  Yes, a point got taken off for the ending.  Duh.

Naruto – Episodes 149-151 Naruto cover

STUPID BUG ARC.  More Byakugans than I could shake a stick at.  Completely glad it’s over.








I am currently watching 241 anime and have completed 29 shows this year.  Making an effort people, making an effort.  I guess I’ll take this time to tell you I’ll be covering each episode of Sailor Moon Crystal from the summer season.  I haven’t had a chance to look at the chart, so I’ll leave that for next week, but from the videos I’ve seen, there are a good handful of shows I’d like to check out.  I can’t believe how quickly this season has gone.  Insanity.

2014 Birthday Giveaway!! (AKA My 100th Post)

Wow, it’s been awhile, huh?  I thought I would have time to get a few posts up during my hiatus, but it turned out to not be the case.  I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the past three weeks, and it doesn’t look like June is going to grant me a respite either, but any weekend I’m home and not running off to the opposite side of the country, I will get my posts up.  Posts!  Posts everywhere!!!  Or at least on Mondays.

Anyway, my birthday was last week, and you know what that means…giveaway time!  Like last year, I will be giving away a two month subscription to Crunchyroll Premium (this is for the anime membership, not the one with all the manga and K-Dramas).  Unlike last year, I’m using rafflecopter to make this work instead of blog comments.  In theory, this should be really easy.  All you have to do is leave me your Crunchyroll username in the little widget off to the side, and you are entered!  Just look to the right and click on the link below the Birthday Giveaway! sidebar that says “a Rafflecopter giveaway.”  If you’d like to get some bonus entries, you can recommend me your favorite anime to watch or leave a comment to this blog post.  You can enter through midnight EST on 6/29/14 (pretty much because that’s the next weekend I know I have free so I can get you your prize right away).

My Disney cruise/vacation was awesome, in case you’re playing the home game, and Wednesday starts summer concert season, so the majority of my time/money is going to see as many bands as possible.  Never fear, your Anime Mondays post will be up on Monday.  It’s gonna be a long one.  And yes, it comes with a prize inside.

On a side note, this is my 100th blog post.  Thanks to my subscribers for sticking through all my ramblings.  Or, if you just found this blog through a google search about Mandy Moore’s haircut and the movie Tangled (which is how I get the majority of my hits, oddly), thanks for stopping by.  You’re all beautiful.  And now…the contest.

Since WordPress won’t allow me to post the widget in this post, just look right.  And possibly up.  Then click the link.  You can do it!!

Anime Mondays #23

Okay…so I almost had a post everyday of the week last week.  I pre-wrote all of them ahead of time except for Saturday thinking that I’d have plenty of time to do it and tons to talk about….yeah, that didn’t happen.  Instead, I was nursing an awesome birthday hangover courtesy of going to Medieval Times the night before, which everyone should attend.  I highly recommend it.  If you are in the Chicago area, I also recommend trying to sit in the green section because he is by far the hottest knight and looks like Adam Levine with long hair.  Needless to say, he gave me a flower, I swooned, accepted his proposal, and we are getting married to unite some kingdoms.  I wish.  No, but seriously, he’s the hottest one and I did get that flower.  Just be prepared to drop a lot of cash on souvenirs you don’t really need like awesome crowns and mini kitana swords.  I don’t know how those fit in, but I wanted one SO BADLY.  Anyway, if you made it through that hot mess of a paragraph, why don’t you enter my giveaway?  It’s free, easy, and only one person has entered so far, meaning there’s a 100% chance of you winning a prize if nobody else posts a comment.  Awesome, right?

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers listed up to the episodes below!

GetBackers – Episodes 18-20 GetBackers Cover

Okay, so  even though this Makubex arc is STILL going on, at least we’re getting somewhere.  But, when I say somewhere, I mean like, three of the minions have been defeated, with no boss battle in sight.  But these guys aren’t killing anybody, oh no, they are bringing them back to get magically healed by some doctor because they all used to be friends.  Ugh.  The power of friendship wins again.  Lord, how I hope this arc ends in the next disc.  I feel like over half the series has been this stupid storyline.  Oh, and Makubex is building an atom bomb.  NO ONE CARES ANYMORE.


Attack on Titan – Episode 8 Attack on Titan Cover

Yeah…I’m breaking my own cardinal rule and watching this weekly…BUT I CAN’T HELP IT.  IT’S SO FREAKING GOOD.  AND HOLY CRAP THIS EPISODE.

Oh, snap, here come some spoilers.

EREN IS ALIVE.  ALIIIIIIIVE.  And in the most awesome way.  I think.  I’ve seen the episode after this one but I’m still not entirely sure on what’s going on but….man.  I love this show.



Uta No Prince Sama Season 2 – Episodes 1-5 Uta No Prince Sama Season 2 Cover

I guess I’ll just say this now: I’m not enjoying season 2 of this show nearly as much as season 1.  Maybe it’s because they’re not technically at music school anymore.  Maybe it’s because I know Haruka is not going to pick a boy.  Maybe it’s because THE STUPID CAT IS BACK AND HE’S A MAIN CHARACTER.  But it’s lost some of its charm.  My two favorites got their episodes in this first bunch I watched, though, and by the time I got to Ren’s episode, I had to take a break.  I guess there’s such a thing as too many hot anime characters.  The horror.



Sailor Moon S – Episode 15 Sailor Moon S Cover

I’ve been in this mood lately where I really, really want to watch Sailor Moon Sailor Stars.  And while, technically, I can since I have finished S and Super S already, I can’t because I’m in the middle of my re-watch of doom and feel compelled to finish S and Super S again before I can watch Stars.  And, holy crap, these Chibi-usa centric episodes are like torture.  I don’t know how I’m going to get through an entire season of them…AGAIN.  At least in S, I have Haruka and Michiru, but man…once Super S hits I’m gonna want to jump off a bridge.  The things I do for Sailor Moon…


Negima! – Episodes 1-6 Negima! cover

Yes, I am trying to collect the entire first crap season of Negima! the anime that tries way too hard to rip off Harry Potter, and is so far failing miserably.  Did I mention that Negi is 9 3/4???  After I heard that, I was pretty much done, but I’ll continue to watch this unless they pull a Girls Bravo and I start to have gross ecchi convulsions or something.  Once I watch disc 2, I’ll have more to say, but right now, I’m pretty much over it.




Cowboy Bebop – Episodes 3-5 Cowboy Bebop Cover

You know how I said last time I wasn’t digging this show too much?  I have two words for you: EPISODE FIVE.  If the rest of this show is anything like episode 5, I will understand why people call it the best anime ever because it was both compelling and beautiful and scary and full of action and oh my god.  Maybe I just should have started there.  It’s really that great.  Well…not Attack on Titan great, but I am enjoying it so much more than the first couple episodes.



Sorry this was kind of clipped.  I have 8 million things still to do tonight.  But you only have one: enter my giveaway!!!

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Crunchyroll Anime Membership Giveaway! (Now Closed)

Today is my birthday!  Sucks that it’s on a work day, but I’m ready and willing to party all weekend, and tonight I’m going out to dinner where some waiters will more than likely give me free cake, so that’s a bonus.  Also, wordpress informed me on Sunday that it’s my blogoversary!  I’ve had this account for one whole year.  I know for a fact I didn’t start posting a year ago, but at least the thought was there.  To celebrate, here is the giveaway I had promised.  I plan to do more in the future, though the ways to enter may change depending on how this one goes.  Want to know the prize?  I am giving away…


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This giveaway is now closed and the winner has been contacted!

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Just trying to spread some happiness, okay? It’s my birthday, I can do what I want. 🙂