Anime Mondays #36

I’m baaaaack!  My vacation was a success.  The Backstreet cruise was insane (though, not as insane as I was led to believe, but it still far exceeded my expectations), and Disney World was adorable and not at all crowded.  I tried to go all commando park touring and ended up sick (which I am still trying to get over), but we got a lot done and still managed to fit in some one of a kind experiences.  I can’t wait to take my baby niece there and watch her go crazy running around in a cute little dress.  Anyway, we have a lot to get through today, as I’m at least three weeks behind, so let’s party.  Also, MAL will only let me go back to last week so…let’s see if I can remember what I’ve watched in the past month.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

GetBackers – Episodes 46-49 (Completed!) GetBackers Cover

Well…I finished it.  I think I finished this right before I went on vacation, actually.  And, you know what?  I was totally underwhelmed.  The ending was pretty worthless, and the entire series as a whole was best in its throwaway comedy episodes.  If it hadn’t tried so hard to be serious (I know, a serious, long-running shonen?  Who would’ve thought?), it would have been a hell of a lot better.  Am I sad I wasted all this time watching it?  Kinda.  But, you know, give me a long series, and I feel compelled to tackle it.  I rated this 4/10 on MAL because I really didn’t enjoy it at all.  At least it didn’t have robots.

Diabolik Lovers – Episodes 4-7 + Recap Special Diabolik Lovers Cover

Yeah, shove it, I still like this show.  The female protagonist is still worthless, but the vampire characters make up for it.  Especially the one who calls her Bitch-chan.  Hey, he is just saying what everyone else is thinking, alright?  Kudos.  Unfortunately, the newest episode is mostly a flashback, which, like our main character, is worthless, as it only shows how all the vampires used to be completely different before their screwed up mothers fucked them up somehow.  It’s also pretty obvious that the girl is going to be somehow related to them, which makes their blood sucking tendencies pretty incestual.  Can this show get any more screwed up?  I’m betting on yes, which is why I’ll continue to watch it.

Naruto – Episodes 14-25 Naruto cover

I’ve officially had to buy another set of this show since I plowed through the first one.  Finally, this stupid arc about the guy building the bridge ended (and ended really sadly, btw, I wasn’t expecting someone to actually DIE), and we’re on to all the rookie ninjas taking a test to up their ninja level.  I’m much more interested in this show when Naruto and the gang have clear goals, rather than them just aimlessly training or wandering around the forest waiting for some enemies to attack.  Also…Sasuke.  He’s the shit.  Don’t judge me.  It’s mindless enough so that I can watch it while I’m sick and still know what’s going on, so bravo Naruto.  You’re keeping my interest while other shonen do not.

Golden Time – Episodes 2-6 Golden Time Cover

Despite the inclusion of an amnesia plot, this series is shaping up to be my favorite of the fall season.  It is spiraling towards a high school slice of life, just with the inclusion of a lot of drinking because it takes place in college, but it’s dramatic enough to keep me hooked, especially in the last episode.  Holy crap, main dude, you’re an asshole.  I mean, I know Koko is completely being a bitch, too, using her “friendship” to throw it in Mitsuo’s face just to prove she’s doing okay after he rejected her, but damn.  Tada just…made it all or nothing for her, didn’t he?  I think Koko really wants to be friends with him, but how is she supposed to return a love confession so quickly when she’s been in love with Mitsuo all her life?  Anyway…I dig this show.  Also, I hope Tada gets with Linda.  But I won’t hate him if he doesn’t.

Ace of the Diamond – Episodes 2-6 Ace of the Diamond Cover

Much like Tada Banri, Sawamura is a real asshole.  Unfortunately, his asshole character trait makes him a perfect “ace,” because in order to be an ace, you have to be a douchebag.  Okay…I guess I can buy it…sort of.  He’s not a complete tool, he just loves baseball so much that he doesn’t want anyone to get in his way or to support people if he’s not involved and playing.  But once he’s on the field…watch out.  He will get his team more fired up than anybody.  At points, I get this show confused with the other sports anime I am currently watching (hold on for that one), but then I remember that Diamond no Ace has more assholes than the other show, and I can figure it out.  Apparently I love sports anime, now.  Who knew?  Thanks, random baseball show.

Kuroko no Basket – Episodes 1-25 (Completed!) Kuroko no Basket Cover

Yes, I marathoned this entire series.  There’s no judging.  I ran out of Diamond no Ace episodes and wanted to watch another sports show, and this was the first one I thought of.  And I wasn’t disappointed.  Every character in this show has something that caught my eye.  Sure, there are assholes, but they aren’t complete assholes.  Kuroko, for having the show named after him, isn’t necessarily the main guy here; everyone on his team and off has something to contribute to the overall arc of the story.  I will say that the prelude got really annoying after about the fifth episode, and that the openings contain characters that aren’t even shown until the second season, so I was going all, “when is that purple haired guy going to show up and wreck shit??” and it didn’t happen.  Thankfully, season 2 of this anime is airing now because it ended on one of those GIVE ME MORE NOW NOW NOW notes, and you know how much I hate waiting for shit.  Speaking of shit, Kise is THE shit.  I hope he busts Aomine’s ass in season 2.  I ranked this 7/10 on MAL, and hope the second season is just as addictive, even if I have to wait for new episodes.

Kuroko no Basket Season 2 – Episodes 1-6 Kuroko no Basket Season 2 Cover

Okay, so not only did I watch the entire first season, but I am now completely caught up with the second.  TOO MANY NEW CHARACTERS.  Now, instead of just one Generation of Miracles, there’s a Generation of Miracles Lite?  How many people do I have to look for in the opening now?  Also, the plays are getting more into the fantastical realm of things with basketballs and people vanishing.  I mean, I guess they had to make Kuroko more of a bad ass, somehow.  I’m still digging it, but I know I won’t watch for a couple weeks just because I like to marathon shows that end on cliff hangers, and WHAT THE SHIT, THIS LAST EPISODE’S CLIFF HANGER.  I mean, you just couldn’t tell me who won that game, could you?  Bitches.

Good Luck Girl – Episode 1 Good Luck Girl Cover

Once again, Funimation trailers suck me into shows I wouldn’t normally watch.  This girl has absolutely everything, and because of her excess good luck, she needs to take some bad luck back so other people can be happy.  Um…okay.  This premise is basically there so lucky girl can fight with a demon and make a lot of boob jokes.  It’s funny, don’t get me wrong, and it’s not as stupidly fanserviced out like other shows I’ve seen lately, but, let’s be real, I’ve only seen one episode…I’m sure it could (and probably will) get a lot worse.  I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt, though; it will be the show I continue to watch when I’m sick of reading subtitles.

Code Geass – Episode 2 Code Geass Cover

I have a lot of rental discs that need to go back because I’ve kept them for months…and unfortunately, I have no desire to watch any of them.  I thought I’d like this show, even though it had robots, but the second episode was pretty much ALL robots, and I spent my time editing pictures in photoshop instead of actually paying attention.  Whoops.  I have 8 more episodes of this to get through so I can return these DVDs, and I don’t send back anime without watching it.  Someone help me.  Too many robots.


Dragon Ball – Episodes 49-50 Dragon Ball Cover

Now that I ran out of Naruto episodes for the time being, this is what I’ve turned to to watch before I go to bed.  Sadly, Dragon Ball is only good when there’s some tournament fighting going on.  Right now, I’m in the middle of some kind of Red Ribbon Army chasing everyone while they go through an abandoned pirate ship, and it’s just boring.  Even with a robot skull, it’s boring, and I love skulls.  One Piece next?  It’s looking very plausible.


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Now it’s back to photoshop so I can get all my Disney pictures ready for the internet.  Could there be a trip report in the near future?  Magic 8 Ball says…

Anime Mondays #33

I feel like another addition to my “Dumb Things Boys Do at the Bar” series should be forthcoming, kids, as I went to the bar this weekend, and wow, they did a plethora of dumb things.  On the same token, so did some of the girls.  But that is for another time and place.  This place is about anime.  Are you ready?  Here we go.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed below!

Blood Lad – Episode 2 Blood Lad Cover

After giving this show a rest for a little while, I decided to give it another shot, just to see if I could at least stay awake through the second episode.  It took a couple months, but I finally plowed through it and was immediately disappointed.  What I thought could have been an entertaining vampire comedy turned into something that was not at all like my precious Soul Eater, and more just like a bunch of nothing.  So the vampire takes the human girl turned ghost back to the human world to see if he can fix her and then just ends up being a vampire tourist, geeking out over trains and manga.  Seriously?  I started it, so OCD insists I finish Blood Lad, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to like it or complete it anytime soon.  It’s sad when I just don’t care anymore.

Interstella 555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem (Completed!) Interstella 5555 Cover

I am a HUGE Daft Punk fan and I didn’t even know this existed until I saw a Glass Reflection review of it.  I knew that the video for “One More Time” was anime and was completely enamored by it the first time I saw it, but I just had no clue they turned the entire album into a movie.  Discovery was the first album I purchased just by hearing it being played in a store.  I remember being in Virgin Megastore (RIP) in Chicago, hearing “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,” and immediately asking the first employee I could find what this was and purchasing the CD.  It’s one of those albums where absolutely every song is amazing, and I played the hell out of it even though none of my friends were interested at all.  The movie has no dialogue and is completely scored by the album and a few sound effects.  I know.  It’s got this Fantasia-esque concept, but in a long form, and it feels like the best music video ever made.  Take that, Michael Jackson.  Basically, this band from another planet gets kidnapped by this dude from earth, gets brainwashed, and gets forced to become a band from Earth.  Meanwhile, an alien dude who is in love with the girl in the band tries to save them…it’s really good.  My enjoyment of this movie is kind of biased, seeing as I love Daft Punk and wanted to work in music videos for the longest time until they became less about the art form and more about how many girls in bikinis they could show spraying champagne on some rapper, but I digress.  It’s not going to be everyone’s thing, just like a lot of people really don’t like Daft Punk, but I loved it.  I actually rated this 10/10 on MAL because it’s the only thing I’ve ever seen of its kind, and I had fun with every second of it.  It’s on DVD, but rumors have it going out of print soon, so if you can pick it up, I’d do it.  I got my copy for under $15 on amazon.

Dangan Ronpa: The Animation – Episode 12 Danganronpa Cover

OH MY GOD THIS EPISODE.  Like…I’m so happy my theory was proven wrong.  So, so happy.  Well…I guess there is a slight chance it could be right, but just the fact at who the “mastermind” really is…SO EXCITED.  I mean, come on, we’re in the spoiler zone, right?  My cosplay of choice :).  There is only one left, and I’ll be sad to see this end.  Does the game have a sequel?  I don’t know how it could, but if it does, I hope this gets another season.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this show, and it has succeeded in keeping me on my toes, which I can’t say about a lot of anime.  Wins all around.


Watamote – Episode 11 Watamote Cover

Can I just tell you that after all the crap I gave this show when I marathoned what I had left to watch…and then this episode came…it made me want to take back some of the crap I gave the series.  See, Tomoko can act like a normal person when she has a friend.  Even though sometimes she gets a little crush on her friend Yuu, she can act like a human being when they’re out together.  And then with the Culture Festival Chair dressing up like a bear and giving her a balloon and a hug…I almost lost it.  Seriously.  I was legitly trying not to cry.  I want Tomoko to have a school friend so badly, and if she doesn’t fuck this up, she just might have one.  Please let the final episodes of this series not turn her into a monster again where I’m cringing through every episode.  It’s amazing what friends can do for a person, and the change in Tomoko is just astounding.

Day Break Illusion – Episodes 1-9 Day Break Illusion Cover

I’m so late to this summer season party where I’m starting all these shows in September, but this one just might be worth it.  I watched a review of the first episode that said this was supposed to be like the red-headed stepchild of Madoka Magica, and you guys know how much I love my Madoka, so I had to watch it.  Needless to say, I’ll probably finish the rest of it that’s out before the day is up.  And while this anime does have some parallels to Madoka, it is by no means up to the caliber of that show.  Day Break Illusion is about a girl named Akari who inherited fortune telling abilities from her dead mother, along with, apparently, the ability to turn into a tarot card-based magical girl who fights tarot card-based magical demons.  Her card is the sun card, which means she can make plants grow.  Anyway, the Madoka comparisons begin because unlike children’s magical girl shows, this one has people dying right off the bat.  It has the magical girls doing the killing.  Plus, they don’t skimp on the blood here.  When shit happens, there’s red splatters all over the place.  The animation quality for this show is pretty sub-par, as most of the characters look like “more anime” style versions of characters from Panty and Stocking, and the writing…well, it’s not that great.  I mean, the girl who has the moon card’s name is Luna and her sister’s name is Serena.  Come on, now.  The characters, so far, have gotten very little time to establish detailed backstories, other than one girl’s mother died, one used to be poor, one lost her best friend to one of the demons they’re fighting, and one has a twin sister.  Something that I found quite engaging about this series, though, is that the girls’ parents and family members actually know they are magical girls.  They don’t have to hide it from anyone, and it’s refreshing to see them discussing the trials and tribulations of their duties with their elders, who have gone through it or know someone who has, as their abilities are hereditary.  In fact, one of my favorite scenes was when the one girl’s father came to visit his daughter at her “magical girl school,” and they could sit and talk about how she was making all this money from her battles that could help out the family.  Day Break Illusion definitely has peaked my interest, but if you’re looking for a quality show, this is not it.  It’s like when Shadowstar Narutaru came with all those weirdo plot twists, but had the shittiest animation known to man.  Okay…it’s not THAT bad, but that’s the best comparison I can make right now.  It’s no Madoka Magica or Lyrical Nanoha (another show I really enjoyed), but it’s good for what it is, and I can’t wait to see how they are going to wrap everything up, especially after episodes 8-9 when shit literally hits the fan.

GetBackers – Episodes 41-45 GetBackers Cover

You guys, I AM ALMOST DONE WITH THIS SERIES!  In fact, I have the final disc in my possession, but no telling how long it will actually take me to watch it…because the last arc is another Makubex arc.  WHY, GETBACKERS, WHY???  The first one went on for so long, and the series is going to end on one.  I guess I’m ready for it to be over now, though.  An almost 50 episode series, and the best episodes were the standalone comedic ones.  So sad.



Naruto – Episode 4 Naruto cover

Slowly making my way through this series…I watch this before I go to bed, and it literally took me until late Saturday night to make it through just this one episode because I kept falling asleep through it.  So Naruto and his new gang have to grab a bell from their teacher or they don’t get to eat lunch.  Somehow, I think there are more prevalent problems in their world or some better training they could receive, but episode 5 promises to explain why this is so important….too bad I keep falling asleep through that one, too.



Best of the Week: Interstella 5555, Dangan Ronpa, Day Break Illusion, Watamote

Love it or Leave it: Blood Lad

Hope it Gets Better: GetBackers, Naruto

Just a heads up now; October is going to be an extremely busy month for me, so I may or may not get Anime Mondays posts out.  I’ll be sure to put up my guest passes, though, and there will be different, non-anime content as I get ready to go out on my Disney vacation.  Please feel free to keep up with me on MAL (dangeresque), Hummingbird and Crunchyroll (magica), and Twitter (glitterbotstoo) for the latest ramblings.  See you next week!

Anime Mondays #29

Let’s not talk about the time we didn’t have, let’s just talk about the time we have, shall we?  Life has been pretty crazy.  Two weeks ago, I was having one of the greatest concert experiences I have ever had, and last weekend I was at Comicon where I discovered the joys of wearing a Pikachu costume.  Lots of Ash, even a Team Rocket, but Pokemon?  There weren’t a whole lot, if any.  It was stupid fun, but I only went for Saturday and Sunday, and I feel like I could have used the other two days to get the full experience.  Anyway, we’re here to talk about anime, and it’s not a lot, but I tried.  Also, this post has a surprise inside, so you know what to do!

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers listed up to the episodes below!

Hellsing Ultimate – Episode 1 Hellsing Ultimate Cover

I really wanted to watch all of the original Hellsing before I watched the OVAs, but I got this on a really great deal from amazon and got the urge to crack it open a couple of weeks ago.  (Now, however, I have lost my Blu-ray remote and can’t watch jack shit, but I digress…)  Luckily, the first episode of the OVA covered exactly what I had watched in the original series!  Baller.  The animation quality in this far surpasses the tv series, but the plot moves so quickly, it’s like at warp speed.  I thought the original Hellsing series was pretty confusing, but I’m not even trying to make sense out of Hellsing Ultimate.  It clips along at a ridiculous pace, and while it’s great to have a better quality anime, I just wish the plot wouldn’t have suffered.  Also, the annoying dub voices are back (minus Alucard, whoever plays him is just awesome), and I pretty much want to punch every character in the face.  Hopefully, this gets better as the episodes go on.

K-On!! – Episodes 5-7 K-on!! Cover

This show is not getting any better.  I can tell you that episode 7 was at least a bright spot, though.  I thought it was going to be a recap episode because the whole thing was about the Mio fanclub, but it turned out to be a pretty cute 22 minutes, where the band threw a tea party for the Mio fanclub, and the poor girl just didn’t know how to react to all these people stalking her.  I get the Moe/adorable quotient of the show now, but I still wish they played more music.  A girl can dream…



Danganronpa: The Animation – Episodes 5-7 Danganronpa Cover

Well, absolutely ALL my favorite characters are dead now, but this show is still fantastic, even if I guessed the murderer right away in the third arc.  This show is really clipping along at a frantic pace, and I wish it went for 24 episodes rather than the 13 it’s getting, because I feel it could completely be fleshed out into more.  I don’t really care who lives and who dies from now on (although it’s painfully obvious the main, normal dude is going to win), but I’d like to know the motivations behind the school, Monokuma and the mole who was revealed in episode 7.  Ugh, what a great episode.  I swear, every week, I make time for this and sit and yell at my television.  Fun for everyone involved, even the people in my house who aren’t watching.

GetBackers – Episodes 36-40 GetBackers Cover

This anime has felt like the neverending journey, and, truth be told, I can’t decide if I’ve liked it or not.  There are so many sub-characters and back stories that have been delved into, but there are just as many that haven’t, in favor of stupid fighting and/or filler episodes, but here’s the kicker: the comedic filler episodes have been the best ones.  There was one where Ginji was in the hospital that’s been the funniest and best episode of the whole series for me, and then they jumped to a Shido back story, which, while it should have been riveting, just wasn’t.  I believe episode 40 was a really great episode, too, though for the life of me, I can’t remember why, I just recall that I really wanted the next disc to come soon because I wanted to see what happened.  Let me Wiki it, hold on.  OH.  It was about a monkey.  So, see, it was stupid, but the stupid ones are saving this series.  It’s not like I’m dreading it so much that I am praying for it to be over, but I really want to see if it was worth all the time I’ve invested in it so far.

Haganai – Episodes 1-5 Haganai Cover

Alright, I know I’ve watched 1-4 of this show already, but the Funimation Channel put the dub up early, so I re-watched the first four, plus a new one.  I don’t want to get too far into this, though, because I bought the DVDs, and as soon as my The Future Diary pre-order comes in, it will be in my hot little hands.  Guys, the dub isn’t as bad as everyone says it is.  Yeah, I didn’t get the voice for the dark-haired girl for the first episode, but she gets a lot better.  The blonde girl is fantastic.  And the dude….well it’s Jerry Jewell, so it’s completely deadpan.  I still like this show, despite the fanservice.  It’s not on the level of High School DxD (yet), and it’s a really sweet show about a group of people trying to make friends…though I could have done without the robot porn.  I just want my boxset to come.  Usually Right Stuf is so good about splitting up orders, come on now.

The Future Diary – Episode 1 Future Diary Cover

Because I love series like The Hunger Games, I feel like The Future Diary has been recommended to me more times than I could count.  I was between buying this or Guilty Crown, and even though the latter seems to be an Utena ripoff, I chose to go with the death game anime.  I cheated and watched this episode with the dub early instead of waiting for my set, and from what I can gather so far, a small group of people have diaries on their cell phones that can tell the future, but they’re all after one another and only one can survive.  I’m sure this will get more convoluted as the show goes on, but for a first episode, it really caught my attention.  Like I said previously, I don’t want to watch a whole lot more until my set comes in (although, with the damned DVD remote missing, I’m fighting a losing battle here), but as soon as it does, I’ll be marathoning that shit.  Count on it.

Best of the Week: Danganronpa, The Future Diary, Haganai

Love it or Leave it: GetBackers, Hellsing Ultimate

Hope it Gets Better: K-On!!

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There wasn’t a lot, but I did manage to watch some quality shit.  THANK GOD.  See you next time!

Anime Mondays #28

You guys.  In two weeks, it’s Comicon.  I am stupid excited.  No, it’s not the good San Diego one, but a ton of great guests will be there and I’ll get to go fandom shopping, which is clearly the main reason I go.  If I can’t get some new Sailor Moon accessories, then the weekend might be a failure.  But, I know I’ll come home with some junk.  That’s just how I roll.  Anyway, I watched some quality stuff over the past two weeks.  Let’s get on it.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers below up to the episodes listed!

Attack on Titan – Episodes 14-16 Attack on Titan Cover

I have to get this out of the way first: the new opening is terrible.  The visuals are very striking, but the song sucks.  I love, love, loved the first Attack on Titan opening because the song was freaking perfect.  It matched the animation and it got me pumped up to watch the brand new episodes.  This new one…not so much.  In fact, not at ALL.  If it wasn’t a pain in the ass to fast forward on Crunchyroll, I’d skip it every time.  The new ending has a better song, but it’s nothing compared to the first one.  Downgrade.  The second arc of this show appears to be a downgrade, as well.  I skipped the recap episode because they drive me insane, but these first few of the new arc…filler.  It’s just exposition and back story, and the main point of the entire thing was to show which characters were going into the Survey Corps and which weren’t…and really, that could have been glossed over in two minutes to get to some action.  Or plot.  Or character development.  Or anything at all besides what we got.  Personally, I don’t like the senior Survey Corps members at all.  I wasn’t even interested in episode 15, but, thankfully, Armin et. all come back in episode 16.  I don’t know how they’re going to have a cohesive ending with nine episodes to go.  I’m getting ready to be disappointed.

GetBackers – Episodes 34-35 GetBackers Cover

Honestly…it’s been so long since I watched these that I don’t remember anything about the episodes in question.  I know I watched them…I just don’t know what happened, and I haven’t gotten a new disc from my rental service yet, so I can’t recap myself.  I’m stupid lame, I know.





K-On!! – Episodes 1-4 K-on!! Cover

Ah, yes, I have started the second season of K-On!.  My expectations were pretty high going into this.  After all, it had such a huge debut in Japan, so I was really hoping that a band anime would actually focus more on the band in its second season…….yeah…no.  I’m four episodes in, and it’s actually LESS about the music and the band than the first season, which I didn’t think was possible.  They spent an entire episode failing to find new members for their club and buying a turtle.  Then, there are two about a class trip.  A class trip.  Who cares??  I want them to play music, get better, debut, do something…but it’s just more slice of life bullshit.  I’m about to get into Aria the Natural-style hatred here.  Something needs to happen.  Anything.  God.  Some semblance of a plot.  Please.  Please, please, please.  Or at least they need to have some good insert songs.  The opening is annoying, and the ending is passable but it’s crap compared to the first ending, which was brilliant.  Once again, disappointed.

Watamote – Episodes 2-3 Watamote Cover

I don’t know how I feel about this show.  At first I thought it was awkwardly funny, like in a bus crash sort of way.  Now that I’ve seen a few more episodes, Tomoko is kind of a bitch.  Maybe the reason she’s not popular isn’t because she has some kind of irrational fear of interacting with people, but that she doesn’t take and appreciate the chances she gets.  I know I’m waxing way philosophical on a comedy anime, but I need to know a motivation for why characters act the way they do, or at least why they don’t feel a need to change their situation, but staying home and faking sick just so she won’t have to play basketball really isn’t helping her social status any.  I mean, all she had to do was ask to join the foursome’s team.  And in episode 2, she was such a bitch at the end to her only friend because Tomoko found out the other girl had a boyfriend.  I call bullshit.

Sunday Without God – Episode 2 Sunday Without God Cover

After watching the second episode of this show, I wasn’t any more impressed than I was with the first.  The ongoing story is just a bunch of incoherent mush, and I can’t, for the life of me, understand the character motivations/interactions.  Can someone help me?  I know a LOT of people are praising this show to the heavens, but I just don’t get it.  The characters aren’t compelling at all, the plot is inconsistent, and there is too much exposition that goes nowhere.  This is definitely getting put on pause for the rest of the season.



Princess Knight – Episode 1 Princess Knight Cover

My copy of this set shipped ridiculously early from Right Stuf, and you know when I talked about how I wasn’t really into Kimba the White Lion, and I was afraid that this would be the same way?  My thoughts are pretty accurate.  While I love that Nozomi is licensing all this stuff in a gender-bender genre, the old art style is killing me here.  Also, the quality of the episodes is extremely inconsistent, and the editing is atrocious.  We are even warned at the beginning of the first disc that Nozomi did absolutely everything they could to preserve the source material, and I have no doubt they tried their hardest.  It’s just…it’s really bad.  The release is good, the show is just awful.  It’s sad that there isn’t enough of the original material to release it in its Japanese form, but if it’s gone, it’s gone, and I’m glad that there’s anything at all to release.  It’s just not my cup of tea.  I’ll finish it and buy the next set because I’m a completist, but it’s going to take a lot for me to enjoy watching it.

Danganronpa – Episodes 2-4 Danganronpa Cover

Finally, something great.  This is definitely my show of the season.  Apparently people who have played the video game are really disappointed with this adaptation…but I haven’t so I love it.  And I’m about to get into spoiler central, so if you haven’t seen up to episode 4 and haven’t played the game, stop reading now.


WHY DID THEY KILL OFF ALL MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS IN THE FIRST THREE EPISODES???  It’s not fair.  Goddamn it.  It’s just not fair.  I had no idea that my best girl and guy were going to go in one swoop.  I don’t even care who lives and dies anymore, but maybe it was all a hoax and they might reappear in the end…god, I hope so.  Can I also just say that the ending is perfection?  It’s just this slow zoom out with a fantastic song, but I am in love.  Best show of the season, hands down, I’m calling it now.

Okay, so maybe I didn’t watch stuff that was all that great.

Best of the Week: Danganronpa

Love it or Leave it: Attack on Titan, GetBackers, Watamote

Hope it Gets Better: K-On!!, Princess Knight, Sunday Without God

I’ll be back next week if I watch something.  I’ve seriously got to finish Smallville before the Comicon reunion, and I’m only on season 3.  This feels like an unattainable goal right now.  Sigh.

Anime Mondays #26

It’s been a pretty quiet month concerning anime.  I just haven’t had a whole lot of time at all to plow through anything.  And if I don’t have at least three shows to talk about, I’ll hold it over for a week.  This weekend, I went to visit some of my buddies up in Detroit (a good four hours away) and it was like being on another planet.  Or, at least in South Jersey.  Michigan lefts?  Oh, no, those are Jersey U-turns.  But driving woes aside, it was an awesome time.  Plus, we went to the cupcake store.  I pretty much want to live there.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers listed up to the episodes below!

Full Metal Panic! – Episode 2 Full Metal Panic Cover

I’m still rightfully enjoying this series, even though it’s a mech show.  And we all know how much I loooove mech shows.  Insert your shifty eyes here.  Fortunately, this episode had very little to do with giant robots and more to do with the relationship forming between our two main characters.  This show is funny.  It’s not in your face comedy like School Rumble or Lucky Star or anything, but it’s just the right amount of laughs to make it work.  And I was right, Monica Rial is the blue-haired girl’s best friend and her voice is not annoying!  It’s a small miracle.  Luci Christian is also pulling out a top notch performance as said blue-haired girl.  Why can’t we get English dubs like this anymore?  Why does everything have to be a screechy mess?  Anyway, when the Funimation Roku Channel works (which is becoming spotty again, ugh), this is what I turn on.

Yu Yu Hakusho – Episodes 43-50 Yu Yu Hakusho Title

So we’re still in this tournament.  And I guess now I’ve hit the wall with it because I can’t remember much about this string of episodes except they won.  Yusuke did this intense training thing while everyone else is literally taking one for the team, and I really hope that they get to fight the main asshole guy who made them do this tournament in the first place soon because I’m about ready to turn in my Hakusho card for a Dragon Ball one or something.  I guess there really is a thing as too much tournament fighting.



Rozen Maiden – Episodes 1-2 Rozen Maiden Cover

I started a re-watch of this series because the new one is airing soon (did it already start?), and as my OCD dictates, I must watch everything in order.  I bought the Sentai Complete Collection of this, even though I watched it the first time on the Geneon singles.  Yes, I am kicking myself for not buying that velvet-covered art box, thanks for asking.  This show goes dives into the world of creepy looking dolls that come to life to play this thing called The Alice Game, where the goal is to pretty much kill one another.  They have to have a human to give them energy, and our main doll in charge picks one who completely hates life and spends all his time buying crap from the internet.  The concept starts out amazingly, but as with 80% of anime, it goes downhill after a little while.  However, the first two episodes set the show up nicely and add some unexpected comedic bits, like when Shinku says she’ll take her tea in the bathroom.  The main problem I have with this show is the audio, though.  The English dub is pretty atrocious, and most of the Japanese voices are completely annoying.  Desu, anyone?  I’m going to attempt to rush through this quickly so I can pick up the third season before too many episodes have come out.

Rose of Versailles – Episodes 16-20 Rose of Versailles Cover

I’m now officially halfway through this series, and it’s still nothing short of amazing.  A huge reveal happened in these episodes, as it turns out the streetrat whom Oscar has befriended because Madame Polignac killed her mother by running her over with her carriage is actually a noble…and her real mother is the same woman who killed her adopted mother!  THE DRAMA.  Then, Madame Polignac’s other daughter commits suicide because her mom wants to marry her off to this giant creeper.  And, AND!  OSCAR HAS FEELINGS FOR THE DUDE WHO IS IN LOVE WITH MARIE ANTOINETTE.  And Fersen and Marie finally sleep together!  I can’t.  I can’t.  This show is so great and so filled with Degrassi-esque drama and characters I love and characters I hate and love triangles and squares and I just want to marry it.  Now, now, now.

Chihayafuru 2 – Episodes 16-25 (Completed!) Chihayafuru 2 Cover

With the final episode aired, I took the opportunity to marathon the shit out of my beloved Chihayafuru 2 and finish it…and boy am I glad I did.  I was honestly getting burnt out watching it weekly because I felt like it wasn’t moving fast enough, but when I breezed through the last ten episodes in one day, I remembered why I love this show.  Okay…technically, it was nine episodes; I skipped 16 because it was a recap episode that was totally unnecessary.  But here’s the cliff notes version.  CHIHAYA’S TEAM WON THE KARUTA TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!!!  Her biggest dream came true.  She sobbed.  I sobbed.  We all sobbed.  But then, she gets injured.  And while she does compete in the individual tournament, she loses her third match to the Queen herself.  All she wanted to do was play Arata, and that dream was shattered.  So, I cried again.  But Taichi…Taichi WINS.  HE WINS AND MOVES UP TO CLASS A.  And instead of letting his win sink in for awhile, he immediately wants Chihaya to go watch the championship match for Class A, which is Arata vs. the Queen.  He loves her so much.  Arata wins, and it turns out that every class winner was someone who Chihaya cares deeply for.  However, the show doesn’t end there, oh no.  Turns out Chihaya needs surgery on her finger, and while she is in the hospital, she has this epiphany where…(here we go.  I’m taking a deep breath now.  This is so hard for me to say.)  she realizes she loves Arata.  Arata.  Not Taichi.  Um.  AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.  Really?  Really???  I can’t have this in my life.  Everyone but Chihaya knows that Taichi is butt crazy in love with her, and they tell him to man the fuck up because she’s not going to be oblivious to boys for much longer, and he agrees and goes with her to karuta training camp once her finger heals…and that’s where the series ends.  UGH.  There is an OVA confirmed, but I NEED ANOTHER SEASON.  It did not end nicely like the first one did, and I am so unfulfilled, and WHAT IS THIS CHIHAYA/ARATA BULLSHIT?  The manga needs to catch up, though.  If we do get anything else, we’ll be waiting awhile for it.  But man.  MAN.  I love this show.  Even when I hate it, I love it.  I rated it 9/10 on MAL because of the pacing problems.  Marathon this, don’t watch it an episode at a time, but I highly recommend you watch both seasons.  I will miss you, my beloved Chihaya.

Attack on Titan – Episodes 11-13 Attack on Titan Cover

Much as the previous anime, Attack on Titan is best seen in marathoned form.  Maybe that’s just how a ton of shows are for me, but I can’t stand the long gaps between episodes.  I know what happens.  I yell at the tv.  And then I have to wait a week to yell some more and get even more frustrated.  So Eren is a titan.  And he can control his actions, but he can’t.  He saved everybody, but Armin had to literally stab the shit out of him to get him to remember who he was while he was in titan form.  And now, he’s going to join the Survey Corps to go back to his basement to get the key to the titans.  Of course, this week is a recap episode, so that shit will be skipped since there’s a giant bunch of recap in like…every episode.  The animation quality of this show as a whole sucks now.  I know they’re running out of money and time, but come on.  Just because you make some nice titan battles does not mean you can recycle animation or use a bunch of panned still frames.  Show’s still good, though, definitely the only thing I kept up with in the spring 2013 anime season.

GetBackers – Episodes 27-33 GetBackers Cover

I’m almost done with this series.  I AM ALMOST DONE WITH THIS SERIES.  I must admit, I got thrown off when my rental service sent me something that I had listed above this in my queue that was a long wait.  I actually went, “but…my next GetBackers disc…” and pouted.  The next case was an art heist about the Venus de Milo actually having arms and the art thief from one of the previous arcs hired them to make sure the arms didn’t end up on the statue.  But, surprise!  All the art stuff was a cover up for some drug smuggling.  Wasn’t expecting that, but it sure was a nice surprise.  See, I like it when the arcs are short.  That Makubex crap was just too much to handle.


Another – Episodes 1-8 Another Cover

I started Another when it was airing in Japan and on Crunchyroll, and I thought the show had promise.  However, when I found out it was licensed and getting a dub, I held off because the supernatural shows are a lot for me to handle while reading subtitles at the same time.  And boy, am I glad I did.  The first episode of this anime really isn’t too terrible, but as it’s going on, it’s heading into Higurashi territory, which is making me so, so happy.  This isn’t a Shiki-esque fake out, oh no, this is the real deal.  The dub is surprisingly great, too, with Greg Ayres (I love him) and Monica Rial in another performance that’s not at a pitch that only dogs can hear and JESSICA BOONE (what happened to her? I love her, too!).  It also came out almost a month early from Right Stuf, so I’ve been watching it since I got back from Michigan.  Can I just ask what the deal is, though, with putting nine episodes on one blu-ray disc and just four on another?  Like, I want quality when I’m buying a blu-ray and cramming a million episodes on one disc when they just as easily could have done half and half feels like they significantly compromised it.  Oh well.  I don’t want to ruin the surprise of this show until I finish it, which…will probably be as soon as I’m done with this post.  Whoops.

Best of the Week: Chihayfuru 2, Rose of Versailles, Another, Full Metal Panic

Love it or Leave It: GetBackers, Attack on Titan, Rozen Maiden

Hope it Gets Better: Yu Yu Hakusho

It was definitely a good couple weeks!  I’m glad I held off.  What are you most looking forward to in the summer season, and what should I check out?  Right now, I’m thinking about Blood Lad, Rozen Maiden 3, Free, and that show about Sundays…the title is escaping me.  Let me know in the comments if I’m missing anything worth not marathoning!


Anime Mondays #25

I guess it’s safe to say it’s officially summer when the temperature almost hits 90 degrees two days in a row, huh?  At least if you live where I do.  Thankfully, I’ve been abusing the air conditioning all week.  I’d like to kiss whoever invented central air, let me tell you.  Hey, Monday!

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers listed up to the episodes below!

Kodocha – Episode 52 Kodocha Cover

I pretty much devoured all of what Funimation dubbed of this show back when they started coming out with their SAVE editions.  I loved it.  Sure, it’s about some little kid who tries to be a normal school girl while being a big tv star, but it’s about so much more than that.  The characters are ridiculous and dramatic all rolled into one, and I don’t care about the flack other people give this release because I guess the original music wasn’t kept?  I think it’s amazing.  Unfortunately, this show never got a full English release, and about half of it was thrown to the wolves.  It’s definitely not so great in Japanese.  I was able to keep up with Laura Bailey’s manic Sana in English, but in another language, the dialogue and the singing just goes by so quickly that it’s hard to keep up.  It’s taken me years to even pick it back up once I finished the English dub, and I know it’ll take me just as long, if not longer, to finish the entire series.  The Funimation dub certainly had charm and it just doesn’t carry over to the original language track.

Yu Yu Hakusho – Episodes 40-42 Yu Yu Hakusho Title

Told you I was going to continue watching this this week.  The gang defeated another team in the tournament, which included that weird Scottish guy.  I still couldn’t understand anything he said.  Thankfully, in the next group of episodes, there will be an all new group to fight.  I’m still not burnt out on this.  Maybe if it drags out for the entire season, but I think it’s going to end before the box set is over…I hope.




Rose of Versailles – Episodes 11-15 Rose of Versailles Cover

This show keeps getting better and better.  It’s got the right amount of melodrama mixed with a plot that won’t quit.  You already know I know almost nothing about this historical period, but the narration intermixes the history with the fictional parts of this story perfectly…even if it is chock full of spoilers.  It makes you pay attention to certain characters and scenes that you wouldn’t otherwise.  Now that Marie is Queen of France, she’s just as frivolous as ever, especially when her secret boyfriend gets sent away because he’s distracting.  In this group of episodes, she feels pressure to have a baby.  Why you gotta go and make things so complicated?  Poor Marie.  Now she’s not only trapped in a loveless marriage with her husband, but she has to sleep with him, too.  And if she ever did sleep with her secret boyfriend, that would be cheating.  Ugh.  Oscar has a duel with an asshole Duke and shoots him in the hand because she can’t bear to actually kill someone and…man.  I just love these characters.  I love this show.  My volume two shipped insanely early, too, so I don’t have to hold back on watching this anymore.  July marathon?  I think so!

GetBackers – Episodes 22-26 GetBackers Cover

You guys.  YOU GUYS.  THE MAKUBEX ARC IS FINALLY OVER!!!  I’d like to tell you that it ended with a bang or a flash or a giant explosion where everybody died, but guess what?  It was another power of friendship ending.  Seriously?  Seriously???  I’m so disappointed.  This arc lasted more than half of the show’s first season, and other than proving that the bad guys weren’t all that bad, it was completely pointless.  Also, the first episode in the new season is a freaking hot springs episode.  No, I’m not kidding.  I don’t hate this show enough to drop it, but I just am so sad.  When it was finally coming to a close, it had so much potential…and then major cop out.  I wish so many arcs didn’t end in this same exact way, really, I do.

Deadman Wonderland – Episodes 5-12 Deadman Wonderland Cover(Completed!)

I had almost forgotten about this show.  I liked it when I first started it, but then I heard the ending was bad and pushed it to the side.  All it took was a Glass Reflection review to remind me that I had to finish it, so I took to the Funimation Roku channel soon after.  Sidenote: these reviews are outstanding.  They are among the best edited and written ones on youtube, and if you’ve got time to kill, you won’t regret going and watching them all.  I may or may not have done it for all the shows I’ve seen already.  Whoops.  Anyway, Deadman Wonderland is about this kid who is falsely accused of murdering his entire class who gets sent to this prison where all the prisoners  have to compete in these Hunger Games-esque activities for the amusement of the public.  Obviously, the plot appealed to me at first.  Hello, remember my jones for The Hunger Games?  Okay then.  However, it deviates from this when we learn our main guy, Ganta, can shoot his blood as a projectile weapon.  This puts him in a different section of the prison where people have to fight tournament style.  It’s a really fucked up show.  And, unfortunately, everyone is right about the ending: it sucks.  It ends, but almost nothing is resolved.  In fact, once Ganta gets into the other section of the prison, the entire show rushes through just about everything.  At one point he joins a group of vigilantes who plan to escape, and I literally thought I missed part of the episode because he went from joining the group to immediately going into this plan.  It just didn’t make sense.  In fact, I didn’t get the big twist at the end until I watched the video commentary by the English dub cast because they spoil it.  Now, knowing this, I want to go back and watch the whole thing over to try and make sense of the shit that went down, but I probably won’t.  It would have benefited greatly from another 12 episodes, but we’ll never get them, so I’m not even bothering to hope.  I ranked this show 7/10 on MAL.

Ookami-San and her Seven Companions – Episodes 7-8 Ookami-San Cover

I purchased this show because I thought it was going to be about re-done fairy tales, which I am completely obsessed with.  And it is…but it isn’t.  It’s more a school show with little fairy tale twists thrown in there for the hell of it.  And I’m saddened to say that it’s just not interesting at all.  In a show like this, the characters need to be familiar and likable and I just don’t care about any of them at all.  It’s becoming a chore to get through, and honestly, I haven’t picked it back up in over a year.  I’m trying to watch the stuff I actually own so I know whether or not I need to bring it with me when I move or put it away, so I want to finish this…but it wasn’t meant to happen this week.  Maybe when inspiration strikes, I’ll pick it back up.  Maybe.

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne Rin Cover– Episode 1

Yeah, I started watching this because of another Glass Reflection review.  I’m a glutton for punishment.  I had to see what all the fuss was about.  And honestly…I thought it would be a lot worse.  Granted, I only watched the first episode, and the violence was pretty high, but at least it wasn’t like Elfen Lied quality, which I absolutely loathed.  The plot hasn’t exactly come into play that much yet, and I don’t know if I’m going to watch any more of this show right away, but it wasn’t…terrible.  I didn’t like the art style, but I’ve seen movies way worse than this.  Yes, I sat through Hostel 2.  I’m not proud of this fact.


Magic User’s Club TV – Episodes 1-4 Magic User's Club TV Cover

In previous Anime Mondays, I talked about how much I liked the Magic User’s Club OVA.  It was a power of friendship story, sure, but I actually believed it for once.  That shit made me cry, okay.  The tv series….eh.  I tried watching the first episode before and I couldn’t really get into it.  Now that I’ve seen the first four, I still…can’t really get into it.  It’s like it took all the great, serious plot-driven moments out of of the OVA and squashed them into this mindless mush of a television series.  I’m going to hope it gets better, but right now it’s just a school slice of life with a little magic thrown in.  What a disappointment.


Best of the Week: Rose of Versailles, Yu Yu Hakusho, Deadman Wonderland

Love it or Leave it: Kodocha, Magic User’s Club TV, Rin

Hope it Gets Better: GetBackers, Ookami-San and Her Seven Companions

Alright, now I’m going back to watching this recorded version of The Phantom of the Opera.  No judging.  I love musicals.  Don’t be a hater.

Anime Mondays #24

I know, I know, there was no post last week.  In my defense, I didn’t really watch enough to write about and I was busy as all hell.  I did pick the winner for my birthday giveaway, however, so…

Congratulations to priaft!!!

I know I said I was going to give away two memberships but that was the only entry that counted.  Lesson learned.  Next time I’ll use rafflecopter.  But for now, let’s talk shit about some anime!  Cool?  Cool.

All images below are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Attack on Titan – Episodes 9-10 Attack on Titan Cover

So Attack on Titan continues to be the only anime I’ll watch weekly this season, but, truth be told, I’m almost ready to take a four week break and then start marathoning episodes.  I mean, I got to that point with Chihayafuru 2 because I just didn’t want to burn out on the hype.  Plus, I hate waiting.  I am a super fan of instant gratification.  These two episodes seemed like a whole lot of talking and not a lot of action.  I don’t necessarily need to see giant titan fights every episode, but I would like something plot wise to move along.  Instead, we watched as Eren turned cannibal on himself to turn into a titan (the type of which apparently depends on his intentions), realized that he gets uber-amnesia afterwards, but then figures out that in order to know exactly what’s going on with his new power, he has to go home and creep into his daddy’s locked basement.  And where is his good old father, anyway?  We know his mom died, but daddy dearest is totally MIA.  Oh, and Armin yells a lot.  That’s pretty much the gist of these 45 minutes.  In other words, they took two episodes to over-explain to us things we could figure out already.  Well…at least the opening and ending are still bad ass.

Shiki – Episodes 2-3 Shiki Cover

Truth be told, I have no idea why I randomly picked this up again on the Funimation Channel.  I think I wanted to watch Higurashi again, realized that it’s no longer being streamed by Funimation (which is how I watched it the first time), and tried to use this as a replacement.  It’s not.  I fell asleep during episode 4.  I want something to happen, and it’s not as inherently creepy as my beloved Higurashi, and it’s probably going to be about vampires, so….eh.  Honestly, I can’t even remember what happened during these episodes, so I’m just going to move on.

Soul Eater – Episodes 30-51 (Completed!) Soul Eater Title

Soul Eater was a show that I did not want to end, yet I couldn’t stop watching.  Yes, the second half of the series was not as great as the first, but it finally got into a rhythm that made it interesting.  I pretty much marathoned the entire second half once I remembered how great the damned thing was.  I still have a completely inappropriate anime crush on Death the Kid, and I have no shame in admitting that.  I’m not one of those people who wants to punch Black Star in the face, and I’m happy to say that other than Excalibur (fucking worthless filler, say what?!), I loved every single character in this show.  Even the villains.  Except for the Keysian in the very last episode.  But that doesn’t count.  Sidenote: how in the world do you spell “Keysian?”  Another reason I didn’t want it to end was because I heard the ending was fucking terrible.  Now, y’all know how I feel about endings: if it sucks, it pretty much ruins most of the show for me.  However, this ending was not worth the hype it received.  Yes, it came out of left field and pretty much didn’t make sense with the build-up of the entire show, but…it was a solid ending.  It didn’t have any of that ‘to be continued, but we’re actually out of money and not going to finish this’ bullshit that so many shows have that I absolutely loathe.  It was sort of a cop out?  But I can understand how it would make sense within the context of the story.  Let’s just say that if this were a game, I’d feel like I’d have to replay the entire thing after this ending to get the “good end.”  Soul Eater was 51 episodes that didn’t feel like 51 episodes, and I loved almost every minute of it, except the boring few in the middle and all the stupid Excalibur episodes.  I ranked this 9/10 on MAL, and you should all take a couple days out of your lives to watch it, if you haven’t already.

Kiki’s Delivery Service (Completed!) Kiki's Delivery Service Cover

I really want to start getting into more of the Studio Ghibli films, as Nausicaa Valley of the Wind was one of the very first anime I ever watched as a kid (the other was Unico, so suck it, haters) that made me completely fall in love with the genre.  I had no idea what anime was at the time, but I practically wore out my VHS copy of the movie about the girl who flew around on her space segway chasing giant bugs.  Kiki’s Delivery Service seemed right up my alley as I shoved it to the top of my Netflix queue out of the movies I hadn’t seen yet, but I have to say, I was semi-disappointed.  Please keep in mind that I watched the Disney dub of this, and probably should have sucked it up and watched the subtitled version, but eh…when I eventually buy it, I’ll have to go there.  When a fledgling witch turns 13 (I think that’s the age), she has to leave home for a year and pretty much do an internship in a new city to figure out how to use her powers and adjust to society.  So, off our heroine Kiki goes to this city where she knows no one, and starts up her delivery service after doing a favor for a nice woman who owns a bakery.  She delivers packages, makes some friends, has a run in with a blimp…and then it turns into a power of friendship ending.  Guys.  I’m so sick of the power of friendship endings.  I know friends are important.  But goddamn, let someone do something for themselves for once.  The show is less about the magic a little witch can possess and more about the coming of age message.  It’s preachy.  I mean…I saw Ponyo.  I know how preachy Ghibli movies can get.  I just didn’t think that they’d start out that way in the 80s and continue down that path post 2010.  I want to give a special shout out to Matthew Lawrence who was in this dub and was also one of the first boys on my bedroom wall.  If you haven’t seen Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad you should probably just open a new Firefox tab and order the DVDs off amazon.  Like now.  You’re welcome.  Ahem.  Anyway, I ranked this 6/10 on MAL.  Next on my Ghibli list is probably watching Valley of the Wind again, which I own on DVD now…but I really wish it had the 80s dub track.  There was a ninja turtle voice on there, though now I can’t remember which one.  Childhood, people.  Nostalgia trip.

Rosario + Vampire Season 2 – Episode 1 Rosario + Vampire Season 2 Cover

Okay…so when I watched this, my Netflix Instant queue said I was still on the last episode of the first season, so I turned that on.  And I was like, wow, this looks kind of familiar, but I can’t remember ever watching it…yeah, turns out I had seen it already and was primed to move on to the second season.  Whoops.  I had the urge to continue for the sole reason that I watched some MP14Anime videos on youtube, and those guys just love this show.  Sidenote: if you like unboxing videos, check these out.  They’re honestly the only good ones I have ever seen that aren’t part of like…a giant collection where they import things from Japan.  Anyway, season 2 continues after a school break from the season 1 ending.  And really…nothing has changed, except they introduce a new character who wants to punch Moka in the face.  And it’s her younger sister.  Dun dun duuuuuun.  I have a feeling this will be the plot of the entire season, but when you want to watch something mindless that has monsters, you pretty much can’t beat this show.

Yu Yu Hakusho – Episodes 29-39 Yu Yu Hakusho Title

My love for tournament fighters knows no bounds.  I mean…if I didn’t love the genre, I surely would not be watching this show, as we’ve been inside a battle arena for the past ten episodes, and I don’t see that stopping for at least another five.  The gang is all up in this battle to fight against the giant monster dude they thought they killed in the last arc or he will destroy everyone they care about.  However, this is like…a super monster tournament, battle royale, fight to the death with such an amazing prize (I forget what it is, but it’s the thought that counts) that all these random monsters are willing to kill each other over it.  So far, only the demons have actually killed people, and the humans are just mortally injuring them but offering the chance for their opponents to walk away.  Guys…there are some of the WORST accents I have ever heard in this dub.  They’re so bad I feel like I need to have subtitles just to understand them…for the ENGLISH DUB.  I mean, one bad guy was Australian and the one I’m currently watching is Scottish or something and I can’t understand a bloody word he’s saying.  I actually caught myself looking at the lip flaps to try and figure it out…and then I realized this was made in JAPANESE so that wouldn’t matter anyway.  Fuck, talk about a blonde moment.  BUT THIS SHIT IS GREAT.  And as soon as I’m done with this post, I’m going to finish off the disc, so look forward to more of this next week.

One Piece – Episodes 67-70 One Piece Cover

Well, when I watch shonen, I fucking watch shonen, so when I got through with a disc, I switched to One Piece.  I think now they are taking that princess girl back to her island?  I think I was only halfway paying attention.  One Piece moves really slowly when there’s not a lot of fighting going on.  No wonder there are 400+ episodes of this.

Digimon Adventure (Season 1) – Episodes 1-2 Digimon Cover

I’d been debating back and forth over whether or not I wanted to start collecting the Digimon sets that have been coming out since there’s no sub and the episodes are probably edited all to hell…but Amazon was having a really great sale, so I ordered the first three seasons.  Now…I never really watched the show.  I was more into Pokemon.  I think I saw a couple of episodes but never really thought much of them.  But from the ones I watched to start out…Digimon is really the poor man’s Pokemon.  All the little digimon are ugly and there are too many characters introduced way too quickly, and when the digimon evolve, they look ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE THEY DID BEFORE.  It’s all really confusing.  I’m surprised so many kids could keep up with it.  The theme song, however….in my head.  It’s been in my head for the past five days.  There’s only like two lines of lyrics.  Dear lord, make it stop.

GetBackers – Episode 21 GetBackers Cover


Fuck, GetBackers, I wish I could quit you.

Kimba the White Lion – Episodes 6-10 Kimba the White Lion Cover

I have no excuses for this other than that this is what Netflix sent me.  Now, I love me some retro anime…but I don’t think I love going back this far into the past.  This is a shame because I pre-ordered Princess Knight thinking it was going to be something I would like, but the art style is such a turn-off.  And dude…Kimba not only has made all the animals in his jungle become friends and not eat each other but is turning them all vegetarian.  And they planted a garden.  And he is in love with this other little lion named Kiri but he won’t stay with her.  He talks about his “heart palpitations” and then just fucking leaves.  BE A MAN, KIMBA.  STAND BY YOUR WOMAN.  I think I’d rather watch The Lion King.

Full Metal Panic – Episode 1 Full Metal Panic Cover

I’m such a sucker for trailers.  I saw this preview before the last disc of Soul Eater, I think, and I was like, “whoa, this show actually looks interesting, I wonder what it is…” and it turned out to be Full Metal Panic.  Now…I think this is a mech show.  I fucking HATE mech shows.  But it didn’t look like too much of a mech show from the preview.  And after the first episode, the mechs took a backseat to the plot, and I am kinda digging it.  I know.  What is the world coming to?  Plus, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I have found the only role where Monica Rial’s voice does not grate on my goddamned nerves.  That is her as the blue haired girl’s best friend, right?  If not, please correct me, but I can’t remember her name and I couldn’t find it in my sixty second google search I just did.  I hope the mechs stay far far away so I can continue to enjoy this.

Best of the Week: Soul Eater, Yu Yu Hakusho, Full Metal Panic

Love it or Leave it: Attack on Titan, One Piece, Digimon Adventure, Kiki’s Delivery Service

Hope it Gets Better: Rosario + Vampire Season 2, GetBackers, Kimba the White Lion, Shiki

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