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Anime Mondays #35 (Fall 2013 First Impressions!)

Man, I was so excited when I completed a bunch of shows last week.  I’m trying to get my list of currently watching anime under control since I’m in the middle of over 200 shows…don’t judge me.  So what did I do?  Picked up a bunch more.  Stupid fall season.  By the way, if you want to stalk my life, you can follow me not only on MAL, but on Hummingbird and Anilist, as well.  They all pretty much have the same features…except the awesome status update feeds on Hummingbird and Anilist.  That way I can talk about junk I’m watching while it’s happening instead of spoiling my twitter feed.  Shall we get started?

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers below up to the episodes listed!

Naruto – Episodes 9-13 Naruto cover

I viewed some of these episodes and actually watched them (as opposed to when I normally watch Naruto, which is when I am half-conscious and in my bed), and damn…the quality is terrible.  Like, I seriously had to check to make sure I was watching this show on DVD, as opposed to streaming it with a crap connection.  The animation is really poor, along with the quality of the transfer.  I was still entertained even though I was awake, however.  Ridiculous.  There’s this new ninja now who was disguised as some kind of super ninja tracker who goes and kills bad guys, but no one can tell if this ninja is a boy or a girl.  Seriously.  I mean, this character has said multiple times that he’s a boy, but I totally don’t buy it.  We’re still building this bridge, and the ninja that the tracker “killed” isn’t really dead, and we spent two episodes watching Naruto and Sasuke run up a tree to train their chakras or whatever….and I hate that it’s so mindless that I enjoy it.  I can have it on in the background while I’m doing other things, and I don’t have to worry about whether or not I’m going to miss something important.  Total plus for a girl like me who always likes noise.  I mean, I’m listening to My Chemical Romance as I write this.  The Black Parade, if you were wondering.  RIP, MCR, RIP.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion –  Episode 1 Code Geass Cover

Oh, the fond memory I have of turning on Cartoon Network in Nashville really late on some random Saturday night while my friend and I were throwing back Captain Morgan to finish off our giant bottle and finding anime on…and I think it was Code Geass; all I remember is watching some really well drawn guy pilot a giant robot.  Anyway, even if that wasn’t the same show, I’ll just pretend it was because I was really drunk and wearing a cowboy hat, and that’s how I’d like to keep my first memory of this show.  Fast forward years later, and even though I hate mech shows, I picked this up because I heard it was fucked up.  One episode in, and it has definitely met my fucked up standards.  I couldn’t even tell you what it’s about other than this weird girl gives Lelouch all these bad ass mind control powers, and he makes a shitload of soldiers kill themselves.  Just like that, I want to continue.  See how my twisted mind works?

Hayate the Combat Butler – Episode 8 Hayate the Combat Butler Cover

I really only watched this because I’ve had this disc from my rental service since the summer started, and I can’t bring myself to watch more than one episode at a time.  It’s not that this is a bad show, because it’s not, it’s really funny, it’s just that it’s extremely fast paced and only has subtitles so I have to pay attention to it when I watch it.  I know.  I say that like it’s such a horrific thing to have to pay close attention to the shows I watch, but when I watch tv, I’m usually doing six things at once.  Multitasking for the win.  This episode was cute, though.  Hayate and the maid went on a date while his creepy stalkers tried to take pictures of him.  I swear, if this was dubbed it probably would have sold better.  Doesn’t matter now because Bandai went under, but you know.

Strike the Blood – Episode 1 Strike the Blood Cover

Now…you guys know how I feel about vampire shows.  Despite my, ahem, distaste, for Blood Lad, I normally devour every one of them.  Did you like that?  My horrific puns?  Okay, I’m done.  Strike the Blood seems interesting enough.  This high school dude becomes an extremely prolific vampire, even though he had no desire to whatsoever, and still tries to act like a normal teenager in an area of the world where magic and monsters are allowed to exist as a sanctuary and for research purposes, as long as they don’t fuck things up too much.  This demon fighter girl gets assigned to trail the vampire dude, and because he ends up breaking up a fight she’s in and finding her wallet, she doesn’t kill him straight off.  There’s some ridiculous back story that’s only hinted at in flashbacks before the first episode ends, but it’s not as dumb as Blood Lad, so it won’t take me months before I watch the second episode.  Unfortunately, there’s a lot of pointless fanservice, which makes me cringe, but I’ll motor past it.

Beyond the Boundary – Episode 1 Beyond the Boundary Cover

This show is really beautiful.  It’s got the brilliant Kyoto Animation art style,  but that means it also comes with the KyoAni moe tropes.  Holy crap, the female protagonist is ANNOYING.  I mean, she’s supposed to be this bad ass demon fighter who can flip over a tall gate and stab some dude instantly with her blood sword (Deadman Wonderland, anyone?), but she constantly trips over shit and gets buckets on her head and thinks someone turned the lights out.  Seriously???  Seriously.  Luckily, the other characters are more interesting, including the fact that the aforementioned “some dude” is actually immortal.  Awesome.  I don’t know if I’ll be keeping up with this weekly, but it will definitely be a show I’ll finish by the time the season ends.  I was going to put a highly inappropriate question here, but just be thankful I deleted it.  You’re welcome.

Golden Time – Episode 1 Golden Time Cover

FINALLY AN ANIME THAT DOESN’T TAKE PLACE IN HIGH SCHOOL.  It takes place in college, but at least it’s a step up.  I love this.  It reminds me so much of when I was in college, even though I didn’t go to law school.  From the first day jitters, and wondering how you’re going to fit in, to meeting a group of diverse people who you’ll end up spending the next four years with…I love it.  Finally, a slice of life I can get behind.  Plus, the main girl is certifiably insane, but adorable, and I love, LOVE the lead guy.  When he saw that festival chair with the lipstick for the first time and fell instantly in love with her, I fell instantly in love with him.  He’s not a doofus guy like most of the ones that are main characters in anime, he actually gets ideas of his own and runs with them.  I really hope I continue to love this show.  It might be my new Chihayafuru.

I Can’t Be a Hero, So Instead I’ll Get a Job – Episode 1 Hero Cover

I don’t even know what the real title for this is, in English or Japanese, so let’s just pretend it’s that.  I cannot get behind this show at all.  It’s like an unfunny version of the show from a couple seasons ago about the demon that worked at McDonald’s.  Except that was funny.  This just has a bunch of really unnecessary and badly drawn fanservice and an incredibly lame plot.  I’d almost rather watch this sped up and backwards like it does in the end credits, but even that is 90 seconds too much.  I hate that I started it because now I’ll be compelled to finish it, but just…ew.  It won’t be any time soon, I can tell you that much.

Ace of the Diamond – Episode 1 Ace of the Diamond Cover

Come close, I want to tell you a secret.  I really, really like sports movies.  I don’t like sports, but I like the movies.  Like The Mighty DucksRookie of the Year?  I’m all over that shit.  I’ll take my sports scripted over live any day.  Now, here’s another secret: other than Japanese games, I’ve never seen a sports anime all the way through.  I might have to make an exception for Ace of the Diamond.  So far, it’s a pretty charming tale about a pitcher who prides teamwork above all else, even if his team sucks, transitioning from junior high baseball to high school baseball.  A baseball school is scouting him, but he doesn’t want to leave his old team behind.  The protagonist is kind of a goof, but I like where this is going.  Plus, the fact that I think this show is only going to be 12 episodes or something means it won’t drag out like tournament fighters.  A+++.

Diabolik Lovers – Episode 3 Diabolik Lovers Cover

Screw the haters, I still like this show.  It’s not for a valid reason, like it has great animation or a complicated plot or anything like that.  But it has vampires, a reverse harem, AND is completely fucked up.  So take that.  Vamp of the week is the one with the headphones, and he pulls the lead girl into the bathtub with him (fully clothed, but how are they both not electrocuted??) and bites her after the red haired vamp gave her hickeys on her chest and had her for a snack.  I know.  I know.  I like…can’t even.  But I must.  This lead girl makes me want to punch her, or at least hope that one of the vamps sucks her dry, much like the lead of UtaPri, but I can’t stop watching this.  I’ll be the only person who buys the DVDs because Sentai actually licensed this.  I KNOW.  I never claimed to be a rational person when it comes to reverse harems, guys.  Leave me alone.

Kill La Kill – Episode 1 Kill La Kill Cover

I went back and forth over whether or not I wanted to watch this because of all the hype.  I’ve heard this was supposed to be THE show to watch of the season, and I avoided Attack on Titan for the same reason, but then I really enjoyed it for the most part, so…ugh.  Anyway, I bit the bullet and watched Kill La Kill.  And subsequently HATED it.  Apparently, this is supposed to be one of those shows where you have to “turn your brain off” to watch it, but I can’t even see myself enjoying it like I watch my damned shonen.  The art style is atrocious.  Everything is ugly,  And it’s set in this world where school uniforms give you magical powers, and the one that comes alive attaches itself to our main girl (via some fucked up shit where the UNIFORM literally rips the girl’s clothes off) and says “FEED ME BLOOD!” like it’s freaking Audrey II.  The plot is ridiculous, and it’s not the kind of fucked up that’s psychological, it’s just the kind of fucked up that’s stupid.  I’m not going to feel bad if I drop this show entirely, which is something I never do, but on the same token, it’s made by the same people who did Evangelion, which is the only show I have dropped.  I just can’t get behind this.  I know I’ll be the only one, but I don’t care.  Let’s kill Kill La Kill, y’all.  For real.

Best of the Week: Golden Time, Diabolik Lovers, Ace of the Diamond, Strike the Blood, Code Geass

Love it or Leave it: Beyond the Boundary, Naruto, Hayate the Combat Butler

Hope it Gets Better: I Can’t Be a Hero, So Instead I’ll Get a Job, Kill La Kill

I know I have a Crunchyroll Guest Pass coming up, so I’ll put that in a new post once it comes, along with a few more first impressions because there won’t be another Anime Mondays post until November.  I’ll miss you, Anime Mondays!  But you will rise from the dead like zombies and everything will be right again once Halloween is over. ❤