Anime Mondays #70

Once again, I went over to youtube this week.  The crunchyroll guest pass is still active, so if you click in the description box on the actual youtube page for the video, it’s all yours.

Went to the Ren Faire this weekend, and (shocker) only bought a couple things!  But there were hot guys everywhere, so, really, that’s where the majority of my time went.  Next week, I am going out of town, so I will probably go back to the actual blog, but we’ll see if I have the time to film.

For those of you playing the home game, here is the anime I watched this week, if you don’t want to watch the video:

  • Hunter x Hunter – Episode 2
  • One Piece – Episodes 85-87
  • A-Channel – Episodes 3-6
  • Ao Haru Ride – Episode 5
  • Nana – Episodes 38-47 (Re-watch) (Completed!)
  • Nodame Cantabile – Episode 3
  • Hikaru no Go – Episodes 29-32

246 currently watching anime, 34 completed this year.


Anime Mondays #60

Damn, it has been one hell of a weekend.  A good one, but I am so ready for about six million naps.  May is always busy, and this year is no exception.  I feel like this would be a good point in time to let you guys know that Anime Mondays will be going on hiatus until June.  I’ll be out of town, out of the country, out of my mind, etc. for the next few weeks for a bunch of celebrations including my birthday. ( ~!!!)  Don’t worry, though, before I leave this time zone, I’ll leave you with a couple posts, along with another birthday giveaway like I had last year.  I’ll definitely be doing it differently, though, I just have to figure out how I want to go about it.  Speaking of a giveaway, this is a post with a surprise inside, so scroll down to get to the goodies.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Mahou no Star Magical Emi – Episode 1 Magical Emi Cover

Yeah, I know, what the hell am I doing watching another Studio Pierrot magical girl show when I just barely started Creamy Mami, and I’m not even sure that I like it?  Blame late night fansub random searching, okay.  When I checked my list to see what I had watched at the beginning of the week, I had forgotten entirely about this show, so take that for what you will.  Magical Emi is pretty much EXACTLY the same as Creamy Mami except for a few choice details, ie: the main character’s name, the type of magical friend animal she has, that her family is a group of magicians rather than owning a crepe truck…I seriously thought I was watching the same show at certain points in time.  Though, if I’m being honest, I’m more behind the concept of Magical Emi and liked it a little bit more than Creamy Mami just from what I’ve seen so far.  I’m more apt to believe that a girl from a family of magicians would be a magical girl than just some random literally picked off the street.  Now I just have to track down the rest of the episodes because I know where I was watching it only had up to episode 13…and it’s a long series.  Super.

Save Me! Lollipop – Episodes 11-13 (Completed!) Save Me Lollipop Cover

I told you I was going to knock out this show this week.  And for my efforts, I was treated to another “power of friendship” ending.  Super.  If you know anything at all in Anime Mondays history, you will know how much I loathe the power of friendship ending.  It’s one of the biggest cop outs of all time.  It’s just as bad as the “to be continued…” ending, which I also hate.  Anyway, despite the shit ending, Save Me! Lollipop wasn’t that bad of a shoujo anime.  I’m sure it was something Funimation had to take in a package deal because there’s no way anyone would voluntarily license this AND dub it, but I liked it.  The main characters were cute, the plot was pretty adorable, and Brittany Karbowski is always a welcome addition to any dub.  However, there were way too many side characters/villains to keep track of, and the plot completed got turned on its side in the last two episodes, bringing out this super evil thing that was never even mentioned up until then, which threw me for a loop. If you want to kill three hours watching a mindless show, you could do worse, but I won’t highly recommend it as something YOU MUST WATCH RIGHT NOW OH MY GOD.  I rated this 5/10 on MAL, if you’re jonesing for your animated candy fix.

Golden Time – Episodes 9-24 (Completed!) Golden Time Cover

So happy I finally finished Golden Time, not because I wanted to mark it off, but because I unashamedly enjoyed it.  Once I started watching it, it was pretty much the only thing I watched all week.  When I started this as it was airing, I said it would probably be one of my favorite shows of the season, and I stand by that statement.  Golden Time is something special, not because of the “supernatural” plot elements (because, really, I could have done without them), but because of the relationships portrayed.  Once Banri’s amnesia started to hit full force, the show almost went downhill for me, but I love Koko, so I carried on.  I’m one of those people who will do anything in her power to make people happy, so when I saw her faking her way through dinner and wearing a cute apron just to get a smile of approval from Banri, all whilst thinking that her relationship could dissolve at any moment, I was like…yup.  Been there.  It’s hard to be secure in something that could change just because of someone else’s whim, where you really can’t control it.  I wanted them to succeed as a couple so badly, and their relationship did not disappoint.  The side characters, the amnesia, whatever other plot points happened didn’t leave me with much of an impact, so meh on that.  Guys, but let’s talk about those openings and endings.  That second opening…that song haunted me ALL WEEK.  It’s so weird because the first time I heard it, I was like, what the fuck is this, how could you replace the perfectly girly first opening with this cacophony of a song, but once I realized, hey, it goes with the plot…it was perfect.  Also, Koko running up the stairs with the stars falling was one of the greatest images ever, so someone must gif that immediately.  I looked through as far as I could go with the Golden Time tag on tumblr and came up with nothing.  Also, Nana.  NANA.  So blatant an homage.  It made me very happy.  I’ve really been into these shoujo drama/romances lately, hence, I really liked Golden Time.  I rated it 8/10 on MAL, and while it’s no Lovely Complex, if you like the genre, I’d definitely check it out.

Naruto – Episodes 130-135 Naruto cover

Well, Naruto and Sasuke had their death match, and you know who won?  NOBODY.  What a fucking waste of time.  Sasuke had to kill Naruto because he’s his “best friend” and he won’t get this advanced sharingan power unless he commits murder, so that was his motivation.  Apparently, that’s been his motivation the entire time.  What an asshole.  I’m officially off Team Sasuke now.  At least with Gaara, you knew he was a villain right off, but this feels so forced to me.  Naruto gets the shit kicked out of him but doesn’t die (can he EVER die?  It seems like he gets revived more than a video game character), so I guess technically he loses to Sasuke…but still.  At least all the other little ninja are alive.  CHOJI <3.  There was my little fangirl moment.  I don’t know…I’m pissed off.  The main goal was to get Sasuke back, and it really doesn’t seem like he should be back if he’s just a little asshole.  Give him his three years to destroy the world/be destroyed.  I’m over it.

And that’s the end.  For your efforts in wading through my love of all things Kaga Koko, here’s a free crunchyroll guest pass:


For those of you playing the home game, I am currently watching 238 anime and have completed 26 shows this year.  Knocked one off the list, YES.  I don’t know what kind of time I’ll have to watch a lot of things for the rest of the month, but taking a quick look at the list…maybe it’s time I finish Nodame Cantabile…I would start Toradora, but I’m waiting for the dub set to come out.  Hello, pre-order.  Also, if anyone has any suggestions as to what to put in this year’s giveaway, please let me know via comments, email, twitter, etc.  I want to do more than just some paid Crunchyroll time.  I’ll be baaaack.  Don’t miss me too much.

Anime Mondays #58

I’m doing my recap a little earlier than usual this week as Sunday officially starts “wedding season,” and it’s bridal showers, bachelorette/bachelor parties and days where people proclaim their love through the end of July.  I’ve never purchased so much Tupperware in my life.  Anyway, along with the shows this week, I watched this Japanese movie called Last Quarter, which is a manga adaptation from my beloved Ai Yazawa that never was translated into English.  I don’t watch a lot of live action Japanese movies (unless they are based off an anime I like, hi, I watched BOTH Nana movies), but this one was really good.  It was shot beautifully.  The lighting, the costumes and the sets just blew me away.  The acting was pretty sub-par, but I wasn’t expecting any Oscar-caliber performances, but it was just so pretty.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Monster Rancher – Episodes 1-2 Monster Rancher Cover

So…Right Stuf was having a Discotek sale, and for some reason, I felt compelled to start collecting this series.  Yes, another Pokemon rip-off.  No, it’s not very good.  I never watched this when it was on tv (I am guessing it was, since it’s long and has an English dub…), and I have no emotional, nostalgic attachments to it, so I’ll just tell it like it is: this show is straight up bad and boring.  Some kid gets sucked into a video game.  He’s trying to fight some bad guy.  That’s about all I got out of it.  I’ll be honest, I put this in the player when I wanted to take a nap, and it did not disappoint, as I only stayed conscious for two episodes.  This is going to go immediately to the back burner.



Naruto – Episodes 107-114 Naruto cover

Shit. Just. Fucking. Got. Real.  This is not the first time I’ll say that this week (spoiler~).  Something happened in this group of episodes, where the characters all seem to have magically aged.  I don’t know how much time is supposed to have passed between the start of the series and the halfway point, but all of the ninja kids seem to be more mature now.  First of all, Sasuke has officially peaced out and left the Leaf Village.  He’s a dumbass for trying to get revenge rather than stay with his ninja group, but this aside, I have a rather shocking confession to make.  Are you ready?  I didn’t believe this happened myself.  I actually, straight up cried during an episode and felt empathy towards Sakura.  Yeah, you heard me.  Worthless Sakura.  If you’ve seen the show, I’m sure you know the episode.  If you haven’t, then, well…spoilers.  Sakura is bawling and confessing her love to Sasuke, begging him to stay with her or let her come with him.  My heart broke (this is also not the first time this happened this week).  I must be having some major girl moments or something because I felt her compassion so hard.  Dear God, I cried during a Naruto episode, what is wrong with me??  I guess I could finally relate to something in this series.  Especially since Sasuke pretty much blows her off.  AND THEN KNOCKS HER OUT.  Asshole.  In other news, Shikimaru is a BAMF and the Choji episodes…I can’t.  I am really hoping that those endings were not cut and dry.  God, please.  I’ll start bawling again.

Paradise Kiss – Episodes 5-12 (Completed!) Paradise Kiss cover

Speaking of bawling…Christ.  I sobbed at the end of every single episode of this series.  I think this is a new record for me.  And I loved (almost) every second.  However, let me tell you, that ending…I think I stared at the DVD menu for a good five minutes after it was over just thinking about how broken my heart was.  I want more of this.  😦  I know, there is no more, and the story really ended in a complete way, but, damn.  It’s not like Nana, where when the anime ends, I can just go read the manga (I haven’t yet, don’t tell me what happens), I’m pretty sure this is it.  And it was SO GOOD.  I haven’t felt this invested in a group of characters in a long, long time.  I liked every single one.  And Caroline and George…ugh.  My stomach dropped so many times for them.  If you are a fool for shoujo romance anime like I am, stop everything you are doing and track down Paradise Kiss.  I do not regret a single cent of the $72 I spent purchasing this.  Even if the dub sucked and I watched the whole thing subtitled.  I think this just made my top ten anime of all time list.  Why is Ai Yazawa so perfect?  I rated this 9/10 on MAL, the point taken off for the bits of ‘comedic’ styling and my broken heart.

Code Geass – Episodes 18-25 (Completed!) Code Geass Cover

Shit. Just. Fucking. Got. Real. Part 2.  Unfortunately, it took 21 episodes for shit to get real in Code Geass, and then it just hit the fucking fan.  Episode 22.  Oh my goodness.  I can’t even.  Like, the whole series just got thrown on its head in that one episode, and for the rest of it, I was HOOKED.  Like, I was watching it just to kill time while I was painting my nails after work, and then all of a sudden, I was foregoing sleep to watch it, IT WAS THAT GOOD.  But the cliffhanger ending…fuck you, anime, fuck you.  I did not want to watch season 2 of this.  In fact, until episode 22, I was just going to finish this first season and then let it go, never to have a Geass cross my anime list again.  But no.  Now I have to find out what happens.  This is worse than the goddamned Attack on Titan cliffhangers.  Jesus.  I rated this 5/10 on MAL because even if it got really great, I had to suffer through 21 episodes of crap to get there and that shit is unacceptable.

Little Busters – Episodes 1-2 Little Busters Cover

I honestly thought I had started watching this anime when I purchased it (the only reason I did was because I got it SUPER cheap for a Sentai blu-ray), but, as it turns out, I had tried, but had fallen asleep through the first episode.  Yeah…clearly, I only got through two of them.  I can’t tell you what, if anything, this show is about, other than it’s based on a Key visual novel, which I did not know.  But as soon as I started to get bored, I realized, it’s by the same people who made Clannad, and then it all made sense.  PS: if you don’t follow my post tags, ‘I hate Clannad‘ is one that’s used often.  The dub is atrocious.  Even my precious Brittany Karbowski can’t save this crap, and Greg Ayres is hideously miscast.  I fell asleep through the sub, so there’s that.  No, I don’t have narcolepsy like the main character does, but I guess that’s the selling point of this series, that some dude has narcolepsy and nobody liked him except this group of childhood friends.  Now they’re older and are going to be split up soon, hence a push to “make the most of their youth,” whatever that means.  Apparently, it’s something about baseball.  But this is not a sports anime.  Off to the pile of no return you go, Little Busters.  I’ll see you again when I am really, really bored.

Soul Eater Not! – Episode 3 Soul Eater Not Cover

I hate to admit that this show is starting to grow on me.  I actually really enjoyed this episode, and it didn’t have any cameos at all.  Maybe it was because it focused on one of the side characters and not the main ones, but it was cute.  Anya is starting to become likable.  I think I’m losing my marbles.  But the “witch” of the girls’ dorm is such a great character.  I hope they flesh her out even more.





Akuma no Riddle – Episode 4 Akuma no Riddle Cover

Yup, I still love this show.  For a yuri show, it’s not very yuri-focused, and I can dig that.  There’s no weirdo Strawberry Panic bathtub scenes…yet, anyway.  This episode focuses on the smart girl, who can draw diagrams and make bombs as well as fuck ups.  She doesn’t even want to be an assassin, but she doesn’t want to fail at it, either.  Shit, maybe she should have just gone into the armed forces or something and made weapons.  She could have avoided all of this mess.  Probably my least favorite episode so far, but it was by no means a bad one.  I can’t wait until the girl with the short red hair gets featured.  She had a little cameo in this episode, but I want to know the story.  Hurry up, Akuma no Riddle.  This is by far my favorite show of the season.



Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow (Completed!) Naruto Movie 1 Cover

The best part about this movie was that I didn’t have to purchase it, and I could watch it dubbed for free on Amazon Prime.  Seriously…the best part.  If I would have spent money on this, I would have been sad.  Even my OCD completest nature is not going to force me into buying this piece of crap.  It’s a filler movie, another stupid ninja mission, but the animation looks a lot nicer.  However, once again, I’m forced to ask myself what the hell time period this anime is supposed to take place in because he’s a ninja but Naruto is going to the movies…I don’t get it.   I thought ninjas were ancient warriors.  Anyway, the plot is dumb, the main heroine is a complete bitch, and I was just glad when it was over.  Don’t waste your time on this unless your OCD is bugging you like mine was.  You must watch this after episode 101 of the anime, though, just throwing that out there, as I had to google when to watch the movies about five times because I kept forgetting.  I rated this 5/10 on MAL, and that’s being generous.

Here’s the count: currently watching 239 shows (sad that I picked up two crappy ones) and have completed 23 shows this year!  Nothing in my backlog is really jumping out at me to watch right now to tease you for next week.  All my anime rental dvds have been returned (sidenote: why is it taking so long to have them marked as received? :/ and no, this is not Netflix, but I’m used to a one week turnaround time, and this has been almost three for one of my discs…), I don’t feel like starting anything new…I did get Hellsing recommended to me to finish, and I’m almost halfway through it, so maybe I’ll knock it out.  Is this a burn out?  Is this “the void” left by Paradise Kiss???  My heart…it still breaks.

Anime Mondays #57

I just got back from a weekend out of town where I went to a legitimate bingo casino to play, and the lady I was playing with won $3000.  No joke.  3k.  That’s so much money.  I get excited when I win $20 at the casino, but three thousand dollars?  That’s insanity.  In other news, I have a new favorite place.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Naruto – Episodes 100-106 Naruto cover

Another box set of Naruto has been completed.  I have the rest of the series coming from amazon this week so I won’t have to buy any more, but then…then it’s time to work on Shippuden.  I’m kind of dreading it, not gonna lie.  I might have to take a really, really long break.  In this little block of episodes, we get some stupid ninja mission where the gang has to play bodyguards to some dude running a race, who I swear is voiced by the same actor as one of the original ninja turtles.  It was pretty worthless.  However, we get one little throwaway comedic episode where Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura spend the entire time trying to get Kekashi to take his mask off.  More of these, please!  Oh man, even though it was cheesy and played out as hell, I still enjoyed it…except for the ending.  I won’t ruin it entirely, but it’s safe to say no one will be pleased.

Paradise Kiss – Episodes 1-4 Paradise Kiss cover

I honestly could not tell you what took me so long to start Paradise Kiss, other than the fact that I couldn’t find it anywhere.  It’s by the creator of Nana, so, in theory, it should have been top priority for me, but I have never gotten around to watching it.  Well, it came in from my rental service, and when I had this major bout of insomnia, I watched the entire disc at 4am before I had to get up to get ready for work.  Oh. My. God.  I am obsessed.  It’s completely out of print, but I didn’t give a shit, as soon as I had put the thing back into its red envelope, I had to get on amazon and ebay and price check until I could buy the whole series.  It’s different from Nana, but it has a lot of similar themes.  It also is a spin off for a series I started a long time ago called Gokinjo Monogatari (Neighborhood Story) which I liked but had a hard time tracking down, as well.  As for ParaKiss, this girl is walking down the street when a dude with a lot of facial piercings literally stops her and makes her turn around.  When he sees her face, he tells her she needs to be a model for his clothes, and though, at first she isn’t having any of it, slowly her mood changes, and she becomes obsessed with the world of these fashion school kids behind a hot pink door.  I will say this about the series; the pacing is horrific.  It just moves so quickly, it doesn’t give you enough time to really enjoy anything.  I guess that’s the downfall of having a 12 episode series, as opposed to all the creator’s similar work which is 40+ episodes.  Also, the stupid “comedic animation” style is really distracting, along with just being terrible.  Nana had a bunch of it, and I could write it off because it was mostly Hachi barking, but this stuff just takes you out of the moment.  But Yukari and George…man.  They make my stomach drop.  Obviously, this is more romance than anything else, and it’s just fantastic.  I can’t wait for my dvds to come so I can marathon the shit out of this as soon as I can open the mailer.  Also, the ending theme is “Do You Want To” by Franz Ferdinand, and that makes me happier than almost any ending theme ever.  All Ai Yazawa anime adaptations have fantastic ending themes.  Love, love, love.

Akuma no Riddle – Episodes 1-3 Akuma no Riddle Cover

And here is another anime I have become completely obsessed with.  The stupid English title aside, Akuma no Riddle is so amazing, I just can’t even deal.  Once again, I picked this up on Hulu when an insomnia fit hit (stress: it’s really bad for you unless it forces you to stay awake and watch awesome anime), and stayed awake until I had devoured every single episode that has aired already.  Yes, it’s another survival game anime, but this time, it’s a bunch of girls who are all focused on assassinating one girl…well, at least until Tokaku jumps in and changes the game, aiming to protect this girl instead of kill her.  All the characters are a little tropey, yes, but they’re also all certifiably insane, so it makes them loads more interesting.  I can’t wait to delve into all the character backstories and get to learn what they want their prizes to be if they can chop the target girl, Haru, into pieces.  Tokaku is great.  She’s not sure why she’s drawn to Haru, and that confusion makes her human instead of just a killing machine.  I love this for so many reasons, but here are two random ones that really stick out.  #1: there is a different ending theme every episode, and y’all know how much I love my ending themes.  #2: the characters spend a whole three minutes talking about nail polish in an episode.  Oh yes.  This show is going to be great.

Soul Eater Not! – Episode 2 Soul Eater Not Cover

This show is really dumb, but I am going to keep watching it in hopes of another Death the Kid cameo.  No joke.  It’s extremely trope-y, there’s not much to it, and the setting is the best part of the anime.  Meh.  In this episode, we learn a little more about Anya who sells her family crest to buy a giant Tanuki statue and then all the girls get part time jobs.  …stupid.  I hope this gets better.  Apparently, there’s something special about all of them because they are being guarded by a couple of guys, but we know nothing yet.




Baby Steps – Episode 2 Baby Steps Cover

I’m really upset that I don’t like this anime.  Our main dude has realized he can take cell phone pictures and video to track his tennis form, so now he’s going to be obsessed with perfecting it because hitting the ball in perfect form was like some religious experience for him.  I just don’t give a shit about any of the characters, still.  I don’t care if they win or lose or if they ever hit the ball perfectly.  I’m over it.  I’ll finish it…but I’m over it.  This may be one of the sports shows that I have to marathon to enjoy, but we’ll see.




And that’s the end.  My backlog challenge has really taken a hit lately.  I’m currently watching 239 shows and I have completed 20 anime so far this year.  I’m all about taking a nap right now, though, instead of catching up on the stuff I missed over the weekend.  Sleep is trumping reverse harems.  I never thought I’d see the day.

Anime Mondays #48

Guys, I’m tired.  I really need a vacation.  In fact, I looked into booking a quickie, cheap cruise on Carnival (yuck) just to get out of town for a few days.  Fortunately, I came to my senses soon after and took a nap instead.  Not the same, but it quelled the desire to go back on the dungeon boat.  PS – there’s a surprise inside this post.  You know the drill.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Nana – Episodes 35-37 NANA Cover

I spent a lot of time this week with the random number generator, using it to pick shows off my list to watch.  Clearly, my random number generator knows my favorite anime of all time and decided I should get on my way to finishing it for a third viewing.  I can’t tell you how much I love Nana.  I mean, honestly, my love for this show knows no bounds.  I’ve said this on numerous occasions.  However, the last arc of the show depresses me to no end.  Firstly, Hachi + Nobu forever, okay.  This Takumi crap is out of bad fanfiction.  Plus, he’s a complete dick.  I will never buy them together.  (Yes, I am reading the manga now, so don’t tell me what happens.)  And Rockstar Nana just starts this huge downward spiral because she thinks she’s holding on too tightly to Ren and needs to be completely independent.  She’s been independent while she’s been with Ren this entire time.  Come on, Nana.  You know better than that.  These episodes lead up to the conclusion of the anime series, and I just…ugh.  I know the end is coming and I want more already.  I also want to hear “Winter Sleep,” which is one of the greatest ending songs of all time, and I know it’s coming…I just don’t know when.  I had to stop watching because the show was utterly depressing me, but that’s not a bad thing…I just needed a break.

Nerima Daikon Brothers – Episodes 9-12 (Completed!) Nerima Daikon Brothers Cover

I have had this show forever.  Seriously, forever.  I remember seeing a preview for it on one of the very first shows I purchased when I started collecting and knew I had to own it, despite the fact that it was ridiculously expensive.  And then I watched two thirds of it…and it took me years to watch the last four episodes.  I mean, when I started my MAL profile, I ranked things before I had finished them, and I rated Nerima Daikon Brothers as a 10.  I have since rectified this rating, but I digress.  If you have neither seen nor heard of this anime, it’s by the creator of Excel Saga if that tells you anything.  (It didn’t for myself, as I had never seen Excel Saga, and as of the date of this post, I still haven’t.)  It’s about these three friends who dream of being rockstars, and want to build a dome for them to have concerts in the middle of their daikon field.  Basically, the whole show is one big musical parody.  And the English dub is AWESOME.  Luci Christian is sufficiently campy as Mako, and you won’t even recognize Greg Ayres.  Seriously.  When I checked the cast list, I thought it was a typo.  But he’s GOOD, so don’t worry.  A lot of the jokes, however, get lost in translation.  Thank goodness for AD-Vid Notes that popped up on the screen to explain crap to me because I’d never understand it.  But guys…in the last batch of episodes, there is a Michael Jackson parody that made me laugh so hard I choked…on multiple occasions.  The ending was pretty much crap, but the show is charming.  You just have to be able to understand what’s happening.  I changed my rating to 7/10 on MAL.

Boku no Imouto wa Osaka Okan – Episodes 6-12 (Completed!) My Sister Is an Osaka Mama Cover gave me this one to watch, and as the episodes are only three minutes long, I took the opportunity to cross it off my list.  Yay!  Unfortunately, that was the selling point to completing this anime, since it wasn’t very funny.  I mean, it had a few laughs, but there’s absolutely no character development, and it looks like it was made in Flash.  The animation is just atrocious.  It had some funny gags, but I really don’t think I’m one for these gag anime.  Plus, all the humor is about the differences between Japanese people who live in Tokyo and ones who live in Osaka, and I just don’t get it.  I rated this 5/10 on MAL.

Wedding Peach – Episode 14 Wedding Peach

This was my last random pick for the post, and I can’t even tell you what happened in this episode, as I was watching it at the same time I was sort of watching the Superbowl, and losing horribly at Superbowl Squares.  I purchased Wedding Peach because it was supposed to be like Sailor Moon, and other than the obvious genre similarities…it’s nothing like Sailor Moon.  It’s rough to be compared to a classic, yo.


Naruto – Episodes 78-82 Naruto cover

Well, the Chunin Exam arc is now officially over…and, as expected, nobody passed the damned exam.  All those episodes for nothing.  Well, I shouldn’t say that, as Gaara entered my life, and he is still one of the best villains ever…except for the part where he pussied out at the end.  At least Naruto didn’t kill him, but for him to just cave and say, “it’s over?!”  Come the fuck on.  Maybe he’ll come back.  I sincerely hope so.  Oh, and that fight with the Third Hokagi that never ended?  It finally did.  And not in a good way.  The new arc looks…well, I don’t even know.  It looks like a bunch of people are out to track down and steal Naruto’s power (side note: has anyone made a Naruto/”What Does the Fox Say?” parody yet?  because it’s begging to happen), and….meh.  Bring back Gaara.

One Piece – Episodes 75-78 One Piece Cover

WE ARE FINALLY OUT OF GIANT LAND.  HOORAY.  No, seriously, this arc was just stupid, and I am so glad it’s over.  Now, we’re back on the boat and Nami is sick, so they are going to have to go off course to get her medicine.  Poor Nami.  At least she has a girlfriend now on board to commiserate with her.  They just keep picking up stragglers, don’t they?  Also, I finally have finished Collection 3, which I just could not get through.  Only five more to go before the new one gets released in April (FINALLY!).  Thank god I don’t have to buy those ugly Voyage sets.  You rule, Funimation.

Hellsing – Episodes 4-5 Hellsing Cover

I can’t remember why I decided to turn this on, but it was deliberate.  I think maybe because I was watching a bunch of youtubers gush over Crispin Freeman and it made me want to hear his voice?  I’m not quite sure.  But, let me tell you, his voice is the ONLY saving grace of this English dub.  The rest of the cast just does horrific accents and they are not cute.  This show isn’t really doing anything for me, even though I love horror anime and vampires.  I hope it gets better?  Cause it really needs to.


Magical Angel Creamy Mami – Episodes 1-6 Creamy Mami Cover

No, your eyes are not deceiving you.  That is an episode 1 you see up there.  Yes, I started another series.  Don’t murder me.  But I just had to.  You see, I pledged for the Anime Sols release of this set, and it FINALLY arrived this week.  And my name is in the DVD credits.  I know.  Be jealous.  The DVD quality is quite good for a kickstarter release (although, I guess there is a subtitle issue on disc 2, but I haven’t gotten that far — we are getting shipped replacement discs), but there are a couple things that bug me.  For example, the word “disc” is spelled incorrectly multiple places.  The cover art has cut off corners.  And if you don’t fast forward through the ending theme, it starts you back at the menu.  Also, for $7 shipping, you’d think it could come in some nicer packaging than a bubble envelope where the DVDs were rattling around in the case before I even opened it, but, whatever.  I blind pledged for this show, and I love it.  You know how I love my magical girls.  Parts of it, though…man, it’s like the writers were on acid or something.  For those of you who know nothing about Creamy Mami, here’s the gist; a girl named Yuu sees a spaceship out her window and follows it to this open space, where she is brought on board and into a giant, alien, fantastical world, where they bestow upon her magical powers for one year, a compact and a wand.  She also gets two talking cats who try to help her, but don’t really do much other than act annoyingly.  The power of transformation is her first magic spell, and by busting out a lot of ‘p’ words, she can transform into an older, prettier version of herself.  And what’s the first thing she does?  Tries to make a boy like her and becomes an idol.  Let’s be real…I’d do the same thing.  This show is very vintage, so if that’s not your thing, you won’t like this at all.  But I love it.  I can’t wait for her to get in more trouble with her Kanon stick.

Pupa – Episode 5 Pupa Cover

I officially no longer have any idea what is happening with this series, and I have read the manga.  Well, all of it that’s been translated, anyway.  Either, they are pulling out all new stuff, or they just skipped from chapter 3 past chapter 15, because the content in this episode is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.  It also doesn’t make a lick of sense.  Yume was supposed to have gotten the monster virus from the butterflies, but now, she was apparently born with it?  What the fuck?  Has it been dormant all this time?  Because her brother clearly had no knowledge of it, even though his sister was mutilated as a baby and still lived and ate the shit out of a bunch of birds.  Plot holes aside, this was, by far, the best episode of Pupa yet.  Even if it doesn’t make any sense in a timeline fashion, this was creepy as hell, and the mother is fucked up.  And you know how much I like those fucked up anime.  Finally, I’m looking forward to next Thursday.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters – Episode 50 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Cover

Yup, Amazon sure did put season 2 on sale, and I opened it yesterday to start a new arc.  Unfortunately, I did get sidetracked and only watched one episode, but you know I can marathon this show like no tomorrow.  I hope they start introducing new rules or Yugi gets some new cards or something, though, because I’m super bored with his Summon Skull and Polymerization cards.  There has got to be something new in his deck…right?


Man, this is a long post.  Sorry.  Here’s a free Crunchyroll guest pass:


I am currently watching 236 anime and have completed 9 shows this year.  See, it’s dwindling.  Slowly.

2013 Anime Wrap Up and 2014 Backlog Goal

Happy new year!  What are you looking forward to in 2014?  Personally, I’ve got another Disney vacation in the planning stages and a move.  Ooh, scary.  Also, I want to spend as much time with my baby nieces as possible…unfortunately, they live in a different time zone, but I’ll figure something out.  I’ve got my anime backlog project to keep me busy, and here is the starting number:

animelistThat’s right.  240 anime currently being watched.  (It would have been 241, but I finished something this morning.  Whoops.)  I will not go over this number.  I’d like to cut it down to 200 by the end of the year, but I have no idea if that’s even possible.

As for 2013, I finished more than I thought.  After a few calculations (aka: I scrolled through all my Anime Mondays post and counted off all the shows I marked as completed), I figured out my magic number of shows I finished: 32.  Of course, that includes 7 short OVA series and movies, but that’s still pretty good.  As you can see, I never finish anything.  I have to beat last year by 8 titles to hit my goal, and I’m pretty sure I only have a couple OVA series in my list, which means I have to watch entire series.  The countdown is on.

Speaking of countdowns, here is a list of my favorite anime of 2013.  Please keep in mind that these may not have been made in 2013, but they are ones I finished.  Feat in itself.  How about…seven of them.  Does that sound good?  Anything to put in a Nana reference.

7.  Btooom! Btooom! Cover

I almost put Diabolik Lovers here, but I cared about this show so much that I made an actual review on it, so Btooom! wins.  My love for the survival game premise knows no bounds, and even with an unfinished ending, this deserved a place on my top list.  Sure, it was OVER said top on multiple occasions, but where else can you watch a bunch of people chuck bombs at each other and get a love story out of it?  …Don’t say Future Diary.  That got left off the list for its shitty ending.  I guess unfinished trumps shitty.


6.  Danganronpa: The Animation Danganronpa Cover

What did I tell you?  It’s like survival game-a-palooza up in here.  I watched this show weekly, and it was the only one of the season where I screamed at my tv wanting more immediately.  I really hope the game sequel gets an anime because I need more Junko in my life ASAP.  Also, this has one of the best ending sequences I’ve seen in a long time.  It was decidedly simple, but I loved that moment when the camera panned out and you got to see who had gotten killed and what they were like before the shit hit the fan.  And the song…THE SONG.  I loved it.


5.  Say ‘I Love You’ Say 'I love you' Cover

It was between this or My Little Monster to put in the #5 spot, and although they are both pretty similar, Say ‘I Love You’ made the cut.  I loved the premise of this show, and it reminded me of one of my favorites, Kimi ni Tokdoke, but with a less annoying female protagonist.  And I love Yamato.  I have no shame.  He has absolutely everything, but he loves Mei, and that’s all that matters.  It did start to fall apart some towards the end, but if you like the shoujo romance shows, you should not skip this one.


4.  Lovely Complex Lovely Complex Cover

Speaking of shoujo romances…ugh.  I LOVE Lovely Complex.  It’s right up there with Nana as one of my favorites of all time.  I’ve said it before, but Risa is pretty much me in anime form.  So if anyone wants a really tall girl who doesn’t give up, please, take my number.  I don’t have a thing for bunnies, though.  Anyway, this show made me cry more times than I am willing to admit, so you know it’s got to be a lot.  It also has one of the best anime kisses ever and it gives me the feels.  You know.  Lord.  All the underground hype for this show is completely worth it.


3.  Interstella 555 Interstella 5555 Cover

Yup, this is a movie, but what a fantastic movie.  Firstly, it’s entirely scored in Daft Punk music.  Secondly, it takes place mostly in space, and I DON’T HATE IT.  And, lastly, it’s about a band, which I always love.  If you watch one anime movie in the next few months, this should be it.  Find it while you can, because, sadly, it’s going out of print.  I could watch this every week and not get bored.  My love for Interstella knows no bounds.


2.  Soul Eater Soul Eater Title

This was the longest series I completed in 2013, and it only got finished because it was SO GOOD.  I could not stop watching this.  Death the Kid has one of my favorite character designs of any anime ever, and even if the ending is kind of bogus, I still loved this show.  And there is a spin-off coming!  Here’s to hoping it has a few cameos from the original cast.  And I think I’m the only person who didn’t think Black Star was annoying.  I should get a medal.


1.  Mawaru Penguindrum Penguindrum Cover

Best show of my 2013 hands down.  No contest.  Penguindrum had absolutely everything I could have ever asked for in an anime wrapped up into two awesome box sets.  It’s got the sense of fucked up that I like, has beautiful characters, a psychological storyline, and PENGUINS.  YEAH, PENGUINS.  Seriously, though, it won’t be for a lot of people, but it was my most favorite thing.  I encourage everyone to watch this, but only if you’re prepared to get your mind fucked for hours upon hours.  If that’s your cup of tea, you won’t be sorry.

And I have definitely posted way too often this week.  I’ll be back on Monday with my first completed show of the year.  Spoiler: it wasn’t a very good one.

Anime Mondays #39

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend if you’re in the US!  I didn’t do much, but I did go see Frozen, which was absolutely amazing.  I don’t have a sister, but it made me think of my two baby nieces and then the tears just started flowing.  I am a sap, guys.  This is gonna be a long post.  Settle in and turn on Spotify, that’s what I’m doing.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Diabolik Lovers – Episodes 9-10 Diabolik Lovers Cover

So…nine episodes in, this anime tries to have a plot.  Ugh.  I know, people with taste were just waiting for the plot to kick in, but not me.  Please, give me my  shameless weekly dose of “fanservice” so I can get on with my day.  I mean, there’s still some thrown in there, but it’s not as trashy, especially since some of it is still coming from the pink haired vampire, who always has to cross that creeper line and say something about his fangs.  Yui is going to “awaken,” (sexually? psychically? I don’t know) and turn into Cordelia, who was a mother to half these vampires.  Needless to say, they all tried to kill her.  But, they love the submissive Yui, so will they try to save her?  Or just kill her?  See, the plot sucks.  Over it.

Golden Time – Episode 8 Golden Time Cover

Banri + Linda forever, okay.  This week, Linda tells him that she would have turned him down on the bridge if she had made it on time, and he had, you know, not gotten critically injured and practically killed, but, of course, she’s lying.  You know it, I know it, and she employs the girl tactic of saving face, to let his current relationship with Koko play out.  I know she’s just trying to be the good cop here, and I’ve done it before, too, but man…I wonder how much confusion and heartbreak people would save if we’d just be honest with them instead of trying to do what’s supposedly in their best interests.  A lot?  I’m thinking a lot.  Other stuff happens here, but it’s wholly unimportant because it’s about that tiny girl who the other guy likes.  No one cares.  Make my love triangle happen.

Naruto – Episodes 34-37 Naruto cover

The three stooges get back from part two of their exam, scrolls in hand, and can move on to part three.  There’s all this ninja babble that’s probably supposed to be important, but I’m taking a card from the main character and forgetting the moral lesson while I go eat ramen instead.  Sasuke is cursed, and everybody knows it, but he wants to keep fighting anyway.  Dumbass.  Of course, he gets picked first for the “combat rounds,” which need to take place to weed out the weak people before round 3 can start, and predictably, he’s getting his ass kicked.  I’m sure he’ll win as soon as I put in the next DVD, but you know…tension.  This is really dragging out.  I hope I don’t have to sit through every goddamned battle.

Project A-Ko Movie (Completed!) Project A-Ko Cover

I bought this during the recent Discotek sale on Right Stuf, thinking that I had seen it once before when the Sci-fi Channel (spelled correctly) used to have anime week, but after watching it, I’m not sure if this was it.  All the weird mech shows from the 80s kind of blend together.  It was cute, sure, but I zoned out for a lot of it.  Basically, A-Ko and C-Ko are bffs for life, and they go to the same school together.  While there, B-Ko, an old childhood friend, remembers that her and A-Ko used to be bffs, but as soon as C-Ko came along, A-Ko dropped her.  So, B-Ko thinks the best course of revenge is to become “friends” (and I use that term very, very loosely) with C-Ko, and it will destroy A-Ko.  Meanwhile, she also tries to kick A-Ko’s ass, and would have been successful, except that A-Ko has some kind of freaky strength, which causes some space organization to become interested in her, and it all goes downhill from there.  Cause y’all know I am not a fan of space OR robots, and this has both.  I ranked this 6/10 on MAL, mostly for the parts that took place on the ground.  If you took out the robots, this would have promise, but, well…it was made in the 80s.  Always space.  Always robots.

Toriko – Episodes 4-13 Toriko cover

I picked this back up because I had the urge to watch Pokemon again, but then I really didn’t want to sit through it…this was the shounen (shonen? help me out here, spell check isn’t doing it) title that was closest to it.  The English dub for this show is phenomenal.  Ian Sinclair is a beast.  But the animation…this is one of the most poorly animated shows I have ever seen.  I mean, it’s almost as bad as Shadow Star Narutaru, which is just an abomination towards the end.  It’s like…really bad flash animation in some points, and in others, it’s like the character is attached to a popsicle stick and someone is just bouncing it along a background.  Seriously.  It’s really bad.  As for plot, it’s still Pokemon with food.  Nothing interesting really happens, except Toriko gets a dog.  This is definitely going back on hold for awhile.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters – Episodes 1-16 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Cover

Yeah…this happened.  I never watched the series on tv, but, hello, the long-running curse strikes again, and Amazon had this on sale, so I had myself a little mini-marathon.  And honestly, it’s not so bad, even if the dub is atrocious.  I mean, why does Joey sound like a Soprano?  Dub aside, this show is all tournament fighter, no filler.  I LOVE TOURNAMENT FIGHTERS.  I mean, it’s literally got hit points on there while guys play this card game.  It’s got logic and teaches kids how to play this game (merch tie in!) which doesn’t really bother me, but you know what does?  How Yugi doesn’t lose.  Ever.  At least so far.  Like…he keeps pulling just the right cards out of his deck, and I know, the power of heart, or whatever, is psychically making him pull the right cards, but come on.  No matter how much I love pikachu, I’m sure if I played Pokemon, I wouldn’t pull him every time.  This is a decent show, though, and I understand why so many people like it.

Haganai – Episodes 10-12 (Completed!) and OVA 13 Haganai Cover

I caved and plowed through this show just to finish it, and I’m so glad I’m done.  Please remind me this when Funimation comes out with the sequel so I do not buy it.  God, the last half of this series was all fanservice crap.  Like, embarrassing fanservice crap, where I wanted to watch this by myself and mute it just to make sure no one ever would catch me with it.  Most of it is Rika’s fault (and I can only remember her name because she refers to herself in third person).  Ugh, what a hot mess she is.  The gang goes to the beach, and then at some summer festival, the dark haired chick’s hair catches on fire and she has to cut it…and finally the dude realizes that she is his only childhood friend from years ago.  And that’s it.  No, seriously, that’s how it ends.  I thought there was one more episode because the conclusion was absolutely non-existent, but it turns out the last episode is a worthless OVA about them going into a video game or a “round-robin story” again.  If this hadn’t turned into a harem fanservice piece of crap, the show actually had promise, but that’s asking too much.  I still liked the dub, though, haters be damned.  I ranked both the series and the OVA 6/10 on MAL, but that’s being generous.  Really generous.

Yu Yu Hakusho – Episodes 51-56 Yu Yu Hakusho Title

Watching one tournament fighter made me want to pop in another, so Yu Yu Hakusho it is!  The gang is finally in the finals, but before they even started, the giant enemy asshole went and killed Genkai.  Really?  Really???  I know it was all a plot device for character motivation, but come the fuck on.  Why do you have to go and kill the grandma?  Then the red haired dude almost dies in battle, I cry, the end.  STOP TUGGING AT MY HEART, TOURNAMENT FIGHTER, THAT IS NOT WHAT I AM WATCHING YOU FOR.  I now only have two more box sets plus the OVAs to get through, so I am making a ton of progress, and am, therefore, awesome.

Lovely Complex – Episodes 1-24 (Completed!) Lovely Complex Cover

I think I’m going to do a full post on this show, so, for now, let me just tell you that I loved this so much I watched every single episode in a day, and I have now found a new anime that tells the complete story of my goddamned life (take a backseat, Nana), and I laughed, I cried (A LOT), I related.  Y’all know I love my shoujo, but this is like….one of the best.  I ranked LoveCom 9/10 on MAL, and everyone should check it out.  Seriously.


Best of the Week: Lovely Complex, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Yu Yu Hakusho

Love it or Leave it: Golden Time, Diabolik Lovers, Project A-Ko

Hope it Gets Better:

I need a new shoujo in my life, otherwise I’m just going to re-watch Kimi Ni Todoke and cry a lot.  Any suggestions?