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Anime Mondays #70

Once again, I went over to youtube this week.  The crunchyroll guest pass is still active, so if you click in the description box on the actual youtube page for the video, it’s all yours.

Went to the Ren Faire this weekend, and (shocker) only bought a couple things!  But there were hot guys everywhere, so, really, that’s where the majority of my time went.  Next week, I am going out of town, so I will probably go back to the actual blog, but we’ll see if I have the time to film.

For those of you playing the home game, here is the anime I watched this week, if you don’t want to watch the video:

  • Hunter x Hunter – Episode 2
  • One Piece – Episodes 85-87
  • A-Channel – Episodes 3-6
  • Ao Haru Ride – Episode 5
  • Nana – Episodes 38-47 (Re-watch) (Completed!)
  • Nodame Cantabile – Episode 3
  • Hikaru no Go – Episodes 29-32

246 currently watching anime, 34 completed this year.

Anime Mondays #69

Well…I finally did it.  I got off my butt and did my first youtube Anime Mondays.  We’ll see how this translates to a visual medium.  Yeah, writing is visual, but you get the drift.  Anyway, here it is!  Vlog or blog?   You be the judge.  That sounds like a really horrible reality show.

Clearly my purple hair is fading to some reddish color.  Don’t worry, it’ll get fixed in 12 days.

PS – The prize inside this post is in the video description box on youtube.

Here is a list of the anime I watched this week in case youtube isn’t your thing:

  • Btooom! – Episode 2
  • Naruto – Episodes 154-163
  • Hikaru no Go – Episodes 25-28
  • Ao Haru Ride – Episode 4
  • Madoka Magica – The Beginnings (Movie) (Completed!)
  • One Piece – Episodes 81-84
  • Yu Gi Oh! Duel Monsters – Episodes 129-137
  • Love Stage – Episode 4
  • Zankyou no Terror – Episode 4
  • Sailor Moon Crystal – Episode 3
  • Walkure Romanze – Episode 1

Currently watching 247 anime, completed 34 this year.  Let me tell you, blogging is much faster to do than vlogging.  I think I spent over 6 hours editing the two videos I put up, and I HATE editing.  It’s why I quit film school, friends.  Luckily, most of that 6 hours was spent learning how exactly to use iMovie (after figuring out that I couldn’t even begin to touch Final Cut Pro), and by the second video, I felt like a pro.  I’ve got a different camera to use for next week so this will be in higher quality, and, hopefully, the lighting won’t suck as much, but that depends on if my setup comes or not.  Youtubing is rough.  Major props from me to everyone who makes any type of video on there.  Seriously.


Anime Mondays #68

What’s been happening this week, you guys?  I had to shell out a shit ton of money to fix my car.  My poor baby.  The air conditioning was broken, so I took it in, and the technician discovered ten other things wrong with it.  It’s just an adorable PT Cruiser, how could things have gone so awry??  It’s putting a cramp in my style, that’s for sure.  I have some Right Stuf orders I need to make (big ones), and that’s not going to happen anytime in my near future.  Gee, guess I’ll be forced to watch my backlog.  Or, you know, Crunchyroll.  Probably Crunchyroll.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Yu Gi Oh Duel Monsters – Episodes 108-128 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Cover

I have no shame.  I watched the entire “Noah” arc of this series.  All of it.  Pretty much in a day.  And I am stupidly confused by it…not by any of the plot/character elements, but by the fact that I was sure Noah was Kaiba’s brother and that his step-dad was pulling the strings the whole time the first time he came on screen.  And this was supposed to be a big reveal??  The bigger reveal would have been to tell us what kind of accident he had to pretty much kill himself.  And how the step-dad’s disappearance factored into all of this.  Did he injure his own son and then feel guilt about it so many years later and want to injure himself?  Goddamned censoring.  So that happened.  And in the last episode of this arc, Kaiba said what I had been feeling the whole time.  I’m paraphrasing, but it goes a little something like this: that was a completely pointless diversion from the main path, NOW LET’S GET BACK TO THE BATTLE CITY FINALS.  A fucking men.  The coolest part of this is the four way duel that goes down to see who will battle against each other because all the strategies make zero sense, but everyone thinks they are the smartest in the world for spewing some words out of their mouths.  There cannot be a strategy in a four way duel because everyone is going to fuck up your strategy.  Although, Joey does grow some balls and tells Yugi to stop helping him…but then the idiot decides to battle Marek.  Stupid.  He loses, but has another one of those technicality TKO’s where he doesn’t lose by points but because he can’t get up off the ground.  And that’s where I stopped because I couldn’t take anymore of the made-up rules.  Is this less confusing in Japanese?  Can I even track down some fansubs?

A-Channel – Episode 2 A-Channel Cover

Yeah, the second episode wasn’t any better than the first.  Everyone gets caught in a rainstorm and then they all get in the bath.  I’ll never understand why Japanese people all like to jump in the tub together.  When I’m in the bath/shower, it’s the most peaceful time of my day since I don’t have to deal with anyone and can have some me time.  I do not like this show.  I will struggle to finish it because it’s a rental.






Ao Haru Ride – Episode 3 Ao Haru Ride cover

My Crunchyroll Roku channel would not play this episode, so I was forced to watch it on my laptop.  Actually, my Crunchyroll Roku channel has not been playing a lot of shit lately.  What is up with that?  I pay for this.  And I know I have to watch it in shit quality because it doesn’t support 1080p for some unknown reason, but goddamn, when I want to watch my shoujo romances, they had better work, or I am going to shounen-ly punch somebody in the face.  Hear that, Crunchyroll??  Anyway, this episode was cute.  I almost, ALMOST thought they were going to kiss, but then they didn’t and I’m okay with that.  And now, we are going to get a plot with other people, since they all joined the student council together.  I guess that’s fine.  I’m glad the main girl will make some real friends.  I’d rather this just be a romance, though.


One Piece – Episodes 79-80 One Piece Cover

I have put Naruto on an indefinite hiatus to try and tackle some of another long-running shounen that I feel I’ll never catch up on: enter One Piece.  I have the re-released collections from Funimation, and I’m up to 9 with 10 on pre-order, but I’m watching Collection 4.  Yeah.  Trying hard to catch up.  It doesn’t help that I’ve tried to watch episode 81 at least four times, and I’ve fallen asleep every time.  Ugh.  Anyway, so when we last left off, Nami was sick, and the guys were trying to sail somewhere to find her a doctor.  Well, they come upon this winter island, where they almost get shot before they get off the boat.  Luckily, there’s a good Samaritan in his winter coat, and he takes the gang onto the island to try and help Nami.  However, the only doctor is really a witch, and Luffy and Sanji have to carry the sick girl up a giant mountain to get to her.  Yeah, that’s happening.  There are giant killer rabbits, though, so life is good.  The giant duck is the best part of this series.  I’ll be sad if he ever leaves.

Ranma 1/2 – Episodes 2-3 Ranma Cover(Re-watch)

I was watching something…and got the urge to pop in Ranma for a couple of episodes.  Clearly, it wasn’t any actual anime episodes, probably something on youtube.  I’m going through the new Blu-ray release for these.  Remember last time when I swore there were episode previews and I couldn’t find them?  Yeah, you can’t chapter skip past the ending theme.  They are there.  I’m a moron.  Akane takes Ranma to school, and he is shocked to find out she has to knock down a gauntlet of guys who want to fight her to be able to date her every morning.  What??  Yeah, that is thanks to her senpai (whose name is escaping me but he calls himself Blue Thunder) who is also in love with her and doesn’t want anyone to touch her, so he issued that challenge.  Asshole.  He fights Ranma, but they fall in the pool, and now he’s in love with Girl Type Ranma.  Suck on that, Akane.  Say what you want, but I really like this show.  It’s definitely a classic, and I think everyone should check out at least a few episodes.  Just…not in English.

Love Stage – Episode 3 Love Stage cover

OH MY GOD.  There is a scene in this episode where I about lost my shit.  It’s pretty tastefully done, all outlines and glitter everywhere, but holy crap.  Never before have I seen something in an anime on Crunchyroll.  To recap, last week I wondered how the two dudes were going to fall in love with each other since neither one appears to be gay.  Apparently, it’s just immediate, animal attraction.  I’ll buy it.  You know why?  Because both of them are traumatized after they kiss again, and neither one knows what to do with himself.  Those poor dudes.  They are just so clueless.  I really hope in the next episode they both attempt to come to terms with their sexualities (or at least the fact that they are attracted to each other, gender be damned).  A lot of people wrote this series off because the character designs aren’t the norm, or because it’s yaoi, but Love Stage is really solid so far.  It’s my second favorite show of the season.  You go boys, with your bad selves.

Phi-Brain Season 2: Episodes 13-15 Phi Brain Season 2 Cover

I would have watched more of this, but, you know, Crunchyroll on Roku doesn’t want to play this, either.  I even succumbed to watching an episode on Hulu.  WITH COMMERCIALS.  The student council president fights Kaito with the fake ring and loses…and then he disappears.  Great.  Now I will be missing his stupid apple juice jokes for the rest of the season.  And then the Orpheus Order gets a new leader who is a real dickbag, and just starts trying to kill Kaito again.  I’d rather have Freecell, who just wants to play with him.  And then…and then…there’s an episode where they give a dog a replica ring.  Let me repeat.  THEY GIVE A DOG A REPLICA RING.  This show is fucking camp.  I can’t take it seriously.  I love it.



Bakamatsu Rock – Episode 4 Bakamatsu Rock cover

Speaking of camp, this entire episode takes place in a bath house.  Elephant noises abound!!  Oh god, I can’t take it.  You know how the stupid bath house/spa episodes always show girls running around naked?  Well, now it’s boys running around naked.  And the female anime watchers rejoice.  It’s hysterical, though, like, the guys hold a concert in an all-male bath house, and they are halfway into their first song when hundreds of dudes whip off their towels and start swinging them over their heads.  So they are legit about to start a naked mosh pit.  The fucking best ever.




Terror in Resonance – Episode 3 Terror in Resonance cover

I am starting to lose faith in this show.  There is some big plot element that’s going to be revealed, and it’s going to be something completely stupid.  I can feel it.  Also, it’s turning into a police drama, and that shit is boring.  But, it looks like 9 and 12 were in an orphanage?  Or possibly a little kid asylum?  There was some kind of bomb scare years and years ago, and while they were trying to get out, a lot of kids died.  Like, they couldn’t save them all.  So that looks like it’s going to be the reason why they are bombing seemingly random places that have to do with police and/or government.  Oh, and Lisa runs away from her crazy mom.  I really hope I’m wrong about this show, that the characters’ motivations will be something that’s relevant, but…eh.  I mean, I watch Phi-Brain.


Sailor Moon S – Episodes 32-38 (Completed!) (Re-watch) Sailor Moon S Cover

Watching the last six episodes of this series reminded me how much I love the Sailor Moon franchise as a whole, and why S will forever be the best series.  First of all, you have villains that do actual damage.  Mistress 9 and Pharaoh 90 actually BLEW UP A SCHOOL.  There’s wreckage and everything.  Secondly, they destroyed the Holy Grail and fucked up Sailor Moon to the fact that she had to force her heart crystal to pop out of her body in order to defeat them.  And Sailor Saturn had to kill herself just to fight off the evil.  Yeah, she gets re-incarnated, but still.  There are also more witches who get killed off in one episode apiece.  What??  I mean, shit is getting real.  And at the very end, Uranus and Neptune call out Sailor Moon on how unworthy she is to be the Messiah because she tried to save Hotaru instead of the world.  Ugh.  It’s SO GOOD.  I cried.  A lot.  Unfortunately, this marks a turning point for Uranus and Neptune who peace out of town after getting bitch slapped by Sailor Moon’s heart crystal power and don’t appear for the entirety of the next series.  Hence, I will be re-watching Sailor Moon Super S for continuity’s sake only.  This is just the best the Sailor Moon franchise has to offer because Sailor Moon is best when it’s serious.  I rated this 10/10 on MAL, and while I’m not positive it deserves it for all the filler, this is a show I will watch again and again.  I can’t wait until it comes out on Blu-ray.  And god, I hope they don’t fuck up the dub voices for Uranus and Neptune.  I don’t know who could do them justice.

Sailor Moon S Movie – (Completed!) (Re-watch) Sailor Moon S Movie Cover

I think I’ve seen this movie at least 50 times.  This might be showing my age a bit, but when I was a kid, I begged my parents to let me go to the post office to get a money order so I could order some VKLL fansubs.  Remember those?  Oh man.  This was the first glimpse I ever received of the Outer Senshi that wasn’t on a tiny .avi file on my computer.  And I loved them.  I haven’t seen this movie in years, though, since I got back into anime, and the whole Kaguya Hime thing?  It makes SO much more sense, now that I get the context.  I bought this Pioneer dvd off amazon or ebay or something, and it’s…interesting.  The transfer is terrible.  It looks just like my VHS tape did.  But the bonus features…man.  Shit is spelled incorrectly, but you can watch all the transformations and attacks just by pushing a button, and if I would have had this back in the day, maybe I wouldn’t have worn out my tape.  It also lets you jump to the infamous “Tuxedo Mask transformation,” and I did laugh out loud because I had forgotten about it.  Also, it recognizes — in print — that Haruka and Michiru are in love with each other.  No more cousins!  Take that, English dub!  The movie is cute.  It’s nothing special plot wise.  But this meant the world to me when I was a kid, and it will always be one of my favorites.  (In case you were wondering, the Sailor Moon movies do go down in quality the later they get.  Like, R is my favorite, then S, then Super S).  I rated this 8/10 on MAL, and I’ll stick by it.

Btooom! – Episode 1 (Re-watch) Btooom! Cover

I purchased this at the beginning of the month, and I have been holding off re-watching it for the sole fact that I didn’t want to add anything new to my list.  But yesterday, I said fuck it, and popped that sucker in.  The dub.  Oh man, the dub.  This new-ish guy who does the main dude…he is AWESOME.  Give him more work!  And then, my precious Brittney Karbowski is the main girl in the episode preview…so I’m sold.  I’m really glad I bought this.  Let’s be real, though, I really wanted to start it again just so I could watch the opening.  It does not disappoint.  And now it’s translated!  And I’ve been singing it wrong the entire time.  I won’t go much more into this since I did a whole review on this series (and that barely ever happens anymore), but it’s just as good the second time around.


Stats are the same as last week: currently watching 246 anime with 33 completed this year (re-watches don’t count).  My Sailor Moon Crystal episode review is coming, I didn’t forget about it.  As for next week…any suggestions?  My list is linked at the top of every Anime Mondays post so you can see what I’m in the middle of.  I’m kind of feeling the void since I finished off Sailor Moon S.  Help.

Anime Mondays #48

Guys, I’m tired.  I really need a vacation.  In fact, I looked into booking a quickie, cheap cruise on Carnival (yuck) just to get out of town for a few days.  Fortunately, I came to my senses soon after and took a nap instead.  Not the same, but it quelled the desire to go back on the dungeon boat.  PS – there’s a surprise inside this post.  You know the drill.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Nana – Episodes 35-37 NANA Cover

I spent a lot of time this week with the random number generator, using it to pick shows off my list to watch.  Clearly, my random number generator knows my favorite anime of all time and decided I should get on my way to finishing it for a third viewing.  I can’t tell you how much I love Nana.  I mean, honestly, my love for this show knows no bounds.  I’ve said this on numerous occasions.  However, the last arc of the show depresses me to no end.  Firstly, Hachi + Nobu forever, okay.  This Takumi crap is out of bad fanfiction.  Plus, he’s a complete dick.  I will never buy them together.  (Yes, I am reading the manga now, so don’t tell me what happens.)  And Rockstar Nana just starts this huge downward spiral because she thinks she’s holding on too tightly to Ren and needs to be completely independent.  She’s been independent while she’s been with Ren this entire time.  Come on, Nana.  You know better than that.  These episodes lead up to the conclusion of the anime series, and I just…ugh.  I know the end is coming and I want more already.  I also want to hear “Winter Sleep,” which is one of the greatest ending songs of all time, and I know it’s coming…I just don’t know when.  I had to stop watching because the show was utterly depressing me, but that’s not a bad thing…I just needed a break.

Nerima Daikon Brothers – Episodes 9-12 (Completed!) Nerima Daikon Brothers Cover

I have had this show forever.  Seriously, forever.  I remember seeing a preview for it on one of the very first shows I purchased when I started collecting and knew I had to own it, despite the fact that it was ridiculously expensive.  And then I watched two thirds of it…and it took me years to watch the last four episodes.  I mean, when I started my MAL profile, I ranked things before I had finished them, and I rated Nerima Daikon Brothers as a 10.  I have since rectified this rating, but I digress.  If you have neither seen nor heard of this anime, it’s by the creator of Excel Saga if that tells you anything.  (It didn’t for myself, as I had never seen Excel Saga, and as of the date of this post, I still haven’t.)  It’s about these three friends who dream of being rockstars, and want to build a dome for them to have concerts in the middle of their daikon field.  Basically, the whole show is one big musical parody.  And the English dub is AWESOME.  Luci Christian is sufficiently campy as Mako, and you won’t even recognize Greg Ayres.  Seriously.  When I checked the cast list, I thought it was a typo.  But he’s GOOD, so don’t worry.  A lot of the jokes, however, get lost in translation.  Thank goodness for AD-Vid Notes that popped up on the screen to explain crap to me because I’d never understand it.  But guys…in the last batch of episodes, there is a Michael Jackson parody that made me laugh so hard I choked…on multiple occasions.  The ending was pretty much crap, but the show is charming.  You just have to be able to understand what’s happening.  I changed my rating to 7/10 on MAL.

Boku no Imouto wa Osaka Okan – Episodes 6-12 (Completed!) My Sister Is an Osaka Mama Cover gave me this one to watch, and as the episodes are only three minutes long, I took the opportunity to cross it off my list.  Yay!  Unfortunately, that was the selling point to completing this anime, since it wasn’t very funny.  I mean, it had a few laughs, but there’s absolutely no character development, and it looks like it was made in Flash.  The animation is just atrocious.  It had some funny gags, but I really don’t think I’m one for these gag anime.  Plus, all the humor is about the differences between Japanese people who live in Tokyo and ones who live in Osaka, and I just don’t get it.  I rated this 5/10 on MAL.

Wedding Peach – Episode 14 Wedding Peach

This was my last random pick for the post, and I can’t even tell you what happened in this episode, as I was watching it at the same time I was sort of watching the Superbowl, and losing horribly at Superbowl Squares.  I purchased Wedding Peach because it was supposed to be like Sailor Moon, and other than the obvious genre similarities…it’s nothing like Sailor Moon.  It’s rough to be compared to a classic, yo.


Naruto – Episodes 78-82 Naruto cover

Well, the Chunin Exam arc is now officially over…and, as expected, nobody passed the damned exam.  All those episodes for nothing.  Well, I shouldn’t say that, as Gaara entered my life, and he is still one of the best villains ever…except for the part where he pussied out at the end.  At least Naruto didn’t kill him, but for him to just cave and say, “it’s over?!”  Come the fuck on.  Maybe he’ll come back.  I sincerely hope so.  Oh, and that fight with the Third Hokagi that never ended?  It finally did.  And not in a good way.  The new arc looks…well, I don’t even know.  It looks like a bunch of people are out to track down and steal Naruto’s power (side note: has anyone made a Naruto/”What Does the Fox Say?” parody yet?  because it’s begging to happen), and….meh.  Bring back Gaara.

One Piece – Episodes 75-78 One Piece Cover

WE ARE FINALLY OUT OF GIANT LAND.  HOORAY.  No, seriously, this arc was just stupid, and I am so glad it’s over.  Now, we’re back on the boat and Nami is sick, so they are going to have to go off course to get her medicine.  Poor Nami.  At least she has a girlfriend now on board to commiserate with her.  They just keep picking up stragglers, don’t they?  Also, I finally have finished Collection 3, which I just could not get through.  Only five more to go before the new one gets released in April (FINALLY!).  Thank god I don’t have to buy those ugly Voyage sets.  You rule, Funimation.

Hellsing – Episodes 4-5 Hellsing Cover

I can’t remember why I decided to turn this on, but it was deliberate.  I think maybe because I was watching a bunch of youtubers gush over Crispin Freeman and it made me want to hear his voice?  I’m not quite sure.  But, let me tell you, his voice is the ONLY saving grace of this English dub.  The rest of the cast just does horrific accents and they are not cute.  This show isn’t really doing anything for me, even though I love horror anime and vampires.  I hope it gets better?  Cause it really needs to.


Magical Angel Creamy Mami – Episodes 1-6 Creamy Mami Cover

No, your eyes are not deceiving you.  That is an episode 1 you see up there.  Yes, I started another series.  Don’t murder me.  But I just had to.  You see, I pledged for the Anime Sols release of this set, and it FINALLY arrived this week.  And my name is in the DVD credits.  I know.  Be jealous.  The DVD quality is quite good for a kickstarter release (although, I guess there is a subtitle issue on disc 2, but I haven’t gotten that far — we are getting shipped replacement discs), but there are a couple things that bug me.  For example, the word “disc” is spelled incorrectly multiple places.  The cover art has cut off corners.  And if you don’t fast forward through the ending theme, it starts you back at the menu.  Also, for $7 shipping, you’d think it could come in some nicer packaging than a bubble envelope where the DVDs were rattling around in the case before I even opened it, but, whatever.  I blind pledged for this show, and I love it.  You know how I love my magical girls.  Parts of it, though…man, it’s like the writers were on acid or something.  For those of you who know nothing about Creamy Mami, here’s the gist; a girl named Yuu sees a spaceship out her window and follows it to this open space, where she is brought on board and into a giant, alien, fantastical world, where they bestow upon her magical powers for one year, a compact and a wand.  She also gets two talking cats who try to help her, but don’t really do much other than act annoyingly.  The power of transformation is her first magic spell, and by busting out a lot of ‘p’ words, she can transform into an older, prettier version of herself.  And what’s the first thing she does?  Tries to make a boy like her and becomes an idol.  Let’s be real…I’d do the same thing.  This show is very vintage, so if that’s not your thing, you won’t like this at all.  But I love it.  I can’t wait for her to get in more trouble with her Kanon stick.

Pupa – Episode 5 Pupa Cover

I officially no longer have any idea what is happening with this series, and I have read the manga.  Well, all of it that’s been translated, anyway.  Either, they are pulling out all new stuff, or they just skipped from chapter 3 past chapter 15, because the content in this episode is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.  It also doesn’t make a lick of sense.  Yume was supposed to have gotten the monster virus from the butterflies, but now, she was apparently born with it?  What the fuck?  Has it been dormant all this time?  Because her brother clearly had no knowledge of it, even though his sister was mutilated as a baby and still lived and ate the shit out of a bunch of birds.  Plot holes aside, this was, by far, the best episode of Pupa yet.  Even if it doesn’t make any sense in a timeline fashion, this was creepy as hell, and the mother is fucked up.  And you know how much I like those fucked up anime.  Finally, I’m looking forward to next Thursday.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters – Episode 50 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Cover

Yup, Amazon sure did put season 2 on sale, and I opened it yesterday to start a new arc.  Unfortunately, I did get sidetracked and only watched one episode, but you know I can marathon this show like no tomorrow.  I hope they start introducing new rules or Yugi gets some new cards or something, though, because I’m super bored with his Summon Skull and Polymerization cards.  There has got to be something new in his deck…right?


Man, this is a long post.  Sorry.  Here’s a free Crunchyroll guest pass:


I am currently watching 236 anime and have completed 9 shows this year.  See, it’s dwindling.  Slowly.

Anime Mondays #42

Dude…there are some weird things people search for that lead to my blog.  Seriously.  They’re not even on my page.  Please stop.  You know which search terms you are.  Anyway, I’ve been ridiculously sick all week, which leads to copious amounts of marathoning fueled by cold medicine.  You have been warned.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle – Episodes 1-16 Phi Brain Season 1 Cover

See, I told you.  I never sit down and watch this many episodes of a show in a row, but I’ve been consistently going back to Phi Brain all week when I haven’t been knocked unconscious by Nyquil.  This is not a show I would have normally picked up; all the characters are ugly, the art style is just atrocious…yet, here I sit watching episode after episode.  The story is based around this genius named Kaito who is crazy good at puzzles.  He solves this one that tries to kill him, and then gets this armband which stimulates his brain to make him crazier good at puzzles.  Then there’s this puzzle league where people create these death traps masquerading as puzzles that may or may not have prizes attached…but you can only get them if you don’t die.  I guess it’s almost survival game-ish?  Maybe that’s why I like it?  I have no idea, but I can’t stop watching it.  There are three seasons, so it’s going to take me awhile, but I’m ready for the ride.  Also, it has one of the greatest opening theme songs I’ve ever heard.  I’ve literally had two bars of it stuck in my head since I started watching at the beginning of the week.  The opening sucks, but the song is amazing.  I’m banking on finishing the first season this week, so we’ll see what happens after I plow through it.

One Piece – Episode 74 One Piece Cover

So there were some giants fighting and one giant killed the other, and then some enemies came all up in here and started trapping people by capturing them in wax, and all Zoro wanted to do was make an awesome pose…that’s about all I can remember.  I switched a disc?  So I’m on the last one of collection three.  Yippee?  Don’t worry, I have a bunch of Christmas presents to wrap, so I plan on moving to collection four before the holiday.  On a side note, I hope Funimation decides to release more One Piece collections; I don’t want to change box art to have to continue the series in the stupidly overpriced voyage format.  Yuck.

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters – Episodes 25-40 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Cover

This is what has replaced Naruto as the show I watch before I go to sleep until I get another set in, and since I’ve spent most of this week in various stages of sleep and insomnia, I watched a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh.  AND THE TOURNAMENT IS OVER.  And what a tournament it was.  Mai (who is the best character) copped out of her duel with Yugi, Joey beat that weirdo guy with the machine cards, and then it was Joey vs. Yugi in the Pokemon finals…wait.  Wrong show.  Anyway, since they got on the goddamned island, I was like, “Yugi doesn’t care about money.  Why doesn’t he just give Joey the money if he wins?”  I guess Joey would have been a shitty Duel Monsters player forever if that happened, and we wouldn’t have been treated to the most ridiculous montage ever before Joey and Yugi got it on, but what happens at the end?  Yugi gave Joey the money.  Called it.  Oh yeah, and then Yugi fights Pegasus, which dragged on for five episodes, I fell asleep a lot, the end.  If you didn’t know who was gonna win this battle then…I don’t know what to tell you.

Cardfight Vanguard – Episodes 1-2 Cardfight Vanguard Cover

Apparently this week was all about card game anime.  Unfortunately, this one sucks.  I only got through the first two episodes, but the game was so complicated that I really couldn’t follow along.  Also, it starts with bullying, and that’s never fun.  Cardfight Vanguard is less magical millennium puzzles and more stupid fight sequences, but it’s really boring.  And now that I’ve started it, I’m gonna have to finish it, and I’m dreading my life because the first season alone is 65 episodes.  It’d be so much easier if this had a dub…but I really hope it never gets one.  I mean, if this gets licensed before, oh, let’s say, the amazingness that is Chihayafuru, I will just hurt somebody.

Venus Vs. Virus – Episode 1 Venus Vs Virus Cover

Random surfing through the Funimation Roku Channel brought me to this, but, honestly, I’ve been trying to watch this for quite awhile, although I couldn’t tell you why.  And now that I’ve seen the first episode…I still can’t tell you why.  I can’t even give you a plot summary because all I remember is that it’s about these two girls who work together to shoot monsters…and then one of them turns into a monster.  I know, I’m not very helpful.  The dub was good?  Does that help?  If I randomly surf through there trying to find something else to watch, I’ll go check out another couple episodes and try to get a better read on this.

Shakugan no Shana – Episodes 1-3Shakugan no Shana Cover

Well, I did it.  I finally broke down and purchased the entire Shana series.  Amazon AND Right Stuf were having sales…so I had to take advantage of that.  I re-started season one and the only thing I can think of is that the male protagonist is voiced by the same guy who played the guy in Black Lagoon.  Seeing as I hated Black Lagoon, I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  But basically, he’s not a human, but he has treasure inside of him, so Shana, who’s not a human either, but is named after her sword that she flails around like a bad ass, follows him around, I am guessing, to grab his treasure once he fades away.  The story is kind of hard to follow, mainly because I have no idea what’s going on.  I mean, most of the people who are “torches” like the main dude fade out within a day and are pretty much zombies, but he’s very cognizant and knows what’s going on.  I don’t know.  The blu-ray of season 1 looks like crap, though.  The picture is not crisp, at all.  I mean, I know this anime is older, but damn.

Sailor Moon S – Episodes 16-25 Sailor Moon S Cover

Yes, I’m still doing it.  I’m attempting to finish the entire Sailor Moon series before the new one starts.  Supposedly, it’s going to happen next month, but since we’ve seen absolutely no promo for it except that it’s going to only air on the internet….come on.  Please happen.  Don’t disappoint me.  Anyway, this group of episodes contains my absolute favorite ones that I have seen so far, including Haruka’s back story and the episode where Uranus and Neptune “die” because they find out they have talismans inside of them.  Sorry, I’m not sorry, but Sailor Uranus is my favorite senshi.  And I love her and Neptune together.  God.  My heart.  The feels.  They are perfect.  Go and watch this whole block of episodes and tell me you don’t love them.  This also has the Crazy Minako episode where she gives all her blood away until Eugeal shoots her with her giant rifle, and the one where Usagi gets drunk and everyone tries to speak really poor English.  BEST EPISODES EVER.

And that’s it from me.  I hope you have a nice holiday if you celebrate it this week, and if not, I hope you get some time off work.  And don’t drink the egg nog.  That shit is just gross.

Anime Mondays #41

So, you know how I’ve been talking about making the transition to youtube?  I pretty much have the whole theming planned out, along with a filming location…I just need to learn how to use iMovie.  This is going to be interesting.  Look for a 2014 debut.  In other news, this “Timber” song by Ke$ha is really distracting and stupid.  Spotify, you are failing.

All images below are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Diabolik Lovers – Episodes 11-12 (Completed!) Diabolik Lovers Cover

And so it ends.  And it tries to have a plot.  I cry, the end.  Seriously…I know why boys watch all the fanservice shows I hate.  And when they try to have plots, they just fail even harder.  Such is the case with Diabolik Lovers, that ends on a low note that makes absolutely no sense.  I can’t even attempt to explain the ending, but this is what I got out of it:  Yui stabs herself because she’s a moron, the old lady vamp tries to awaken her anyway, the purple haired smart guy makes a potion to flush the old lady out of her, Ayato makes out with Yui’s almost corpse in order to give her the potion, she wakes up and she’s thirsty.  Thirsty for…what?  Blood?  Water?  Then the credits roll, I get confused and almost throw my Roku remote at the TV, and afterwards we are treated to a coda that is more than likely recycled game footage of all the vampires coming on to Yui.  Sadly, that was the best part of the episode.  It was cheesy as all hell, but I mean, I didn’t watch this show for its plot, I watched it to see what kind of ridiculous things would come out of the characters’ mouths.  I will still be the only person who liked this anime, like, ever, and my cosplay is being made right now by someone overseas.  You can go ahead and judge me, but who’ll be the one picked up a reverse harem at the con?  This girl.  I ranked Diabolik Lovers 7/10 on MAL, taking one point off for the shitty ending.  I don’t know why anyone expected this to be anything other than a show that panders to fangirls, which it did exceptionally well up until the end.  So trash it all you want, but it did its job.

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters – Episodes 17-24 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Cover

This block of episodes can be summed up in the following sentence: oh my god, Yugi loses a match.  I know.  I was shocked, too.  Seeing as this is the protagonist who can do no wrong, homeboy straight up loses his match to Kiba.  However, this doesn’t come without a twist.  Yugi could have smoked him, but in doing so, he may have pushed Kiba off a wall or something, so he refused to attack and let him win.  Seriously??  I mean, it’s a goddamned card game.  Even with holograms and stuff, if you’re taking this crap so seriously that you’re willing to commit suicide if you lose…Jesus Christ.  I know, I know, Kiba was trying to save his brother who Pegasus kidnapped, but come the fuck on.  I want Yugi or someone in his group to really lose, not just throw it away.  It’s not that I dislike the characters, it just gets so boring when you know the good guys will always win.

Naruto – Episodes 44-52 Naruto cover

Thank god, the Chunin exam preliminaries are over.  OVER.  I mean, the exam as a whole is still going on, but at least we’ll get to see them do something slightly different for awhile.  Predictably, Naruto won his match.  Rock Lee got slaughtered by the sand guy (though he put up enough of a fight to make his match last three episodes, fuck), and the quiet girl who has a crush on Naruto got a beat down from her cousin.  In the real exam, the sand guy is going to go up against Sasuke (who is still currently in a goddamned coma), and that is going to be the shit.  I think sand guy is my favorite character.  I mean, not favorite enough that I can remember his name, but, you know.  He just doesn’t give a fuck about anything but slaughtering people AND HE CAN’T BE TAMED.  Love it.  Of course, I ran out of episodes, so I had to buy another box set off Right Stuf, and it’s coming with my Christmas order where one thing is out of stock, so who knows when I’ll get it.  It’s an amazing thing that’s out of stock, though, so I’ll wait.  No worries.

Accel World – Episodes 1-6 (Re-watch) Accel World Cover

When I was lucky enough to score one of the best deals I have ever come across at Right Stuf (spoiler! I’ll talk about it in a minute), I had to pad out my cart, so I ordered the first volume of the Accel World blu-ray.  I love this show.  I watched it while it was airing on Hulu, and every  Saturday morning, I would get up and turn it on.  I would not miss it for the life of me.  It was a no brainer that I was going to buy it, but I was going to wait until a Viz sale…whatever, I picked it up and got the “art book,” which was not worth it because the quality is crap.  Sadly, the quality of this blu-ray is crap, as well.  The dub is terrible.  I don’t know what it is about Viz doing this horrific dubs, but, oh my god.  The Vampire Knight dub was an atrocity, and this dub…ugh.  I hate it so much.  It’s like the actors are just reading lines off a piece of paper.  Secondly, I think the video quality was better off the internet, and I was watching it on a big screen tv in HD, so that’s something.  The show is still awesome, though.  I liked it better than Sword Art Online, and I adore that show to pieces, so that’s telling you something.  It doesn’t get really good until the back half, though.  Another thing Viz sucks at?  Making people wait for the next installments.

Gun x Sword – Episodes 1-4 Gun x Sword Cover

Ah, yes, another title I got out of a Crunchyroll mystery box that I have every disc from…except volume 2.  Will I ever finish this?  Probably not until a blind box buy throws the next volume in my direction.  That aside, this is not a very good show, and not at all up my alley.  You’d think, guns and swords, so it should be okay, right?  Wrong.  Turns out, the main dude with an American name fights with “armor…” which is code for “inside a giant robot.”  I fucking hate robots.  After I figured that out, it lost all its appeal for me.  On a side note, I have so many doubles of a few volumes of this.  Does anybody want them?  Please take them off my hands, otherwise, I have about 40 dvds I need to sell back to Amazon for a quarter apiece.

Stellvia – Episodes 1-4 Stellvia Cover

Another blind box pick, but one where I only have this volume.  I’m slightly saddened by that, because even though this show takes place in space (the only thing I hate more than anime about robots is anime about space), it’s pretty good.  I guess it’s more a school show than a space show, at least so far, as the main girl goes off to space boarding school, and is learning to become a pilot, or an engineer, or something.  Really, this was on in the background while I re-did my anime shelves, so I wasn’t paying close attention.  But I did put my entire Tenchi Muyo! collection in one spot!  And I’m only missing the space spin-offs which I refuse to buy.  Maybe I’ll check out the rest of Stellvia, though.  Netflix has got to have it collecting dust somewhere.

Code Geass – Episodes 3-5 Code Geass Cover

I probably should have paid more attention to this, but I got to the point where I just wanted to send the disc back, so I put it on while I was cleaning.  Consequently, I have no idea what’s happening now except Lelouch saw some girl in the shower and one came to visit him who’s a princess…I don’t know.  All the robots turned me off.  I have disc 2 that I need to send back, as well, so I’ll try to pay more attention to that one.  You know, I’m attempting to watch anime series that people think are “classic,” age not defining, but most of them are robot shows.  Doesn’t anyone have a classic shoujo or a classic romance or even a classic horror?  Man, I hate robots.

Tenchi Muyo OVA – Episode 8 Tenchi Muyo! Cover

I love the theme song to the second half of the OVA series.  Man, I had completely forgotten about it, but as soon as I popped my blu-ray in, the pioneer song just attacked my ears, and I remembered how I spent days trying to memorize it.  Ugh, I love it.  Anyway, other than the theme song, I was not a huge fan of the back half of this series.  My VHS collection attests that I purchased them, but I didn’t watch them nearly as much as I watched 1-6.  Wanna know why?  Filler-palooza, even when I didn’t know what filler was.  Case in point: this episode is all about Tenchi and his harem taking care of a baby.  Yes, a whole episode dedicated to infant care.  And while it’s cute, it’s nothing to write home about.  I can’t remember if any of the episodes after it have plot or not, but I’ll find out.  I’m making my way through the whole collection, including the Pretty Sammy spin-off which I forgot that I had.

Cowboy Bebop – Episodes 6-10 Cowboy Bebop Cover

I have been looking and looking to try to buy this series for a price that’s not hundreds of dollars, when lo and behold, someone tweeted that Right Stuf had a bunch of Bandai titles back in stock…and this was one of them.  So I picked up all of the Remix edition for $5 apiece.  MY LIFE, IT JUST GOT GREAT.  Well, except for volume 2.  But, wouldn’t you know it, I had volume 2 just sitting at my house from Netflix, and I can buy it on Amazon, so merry Christmas to me.  Unfortunately, these episodes were not as good as 3-5.  I was waiting for the epic to kick in, and it just didn’t.  I won’t give up, though.  Something awesome has got to happen before the series ends.  I have faith.  And now I own it, so I can watch it whenever I want to instead of forcing myself to watch this DVD I’ve had from Netflix since June just so I can get a new one…in case you were wondering, it’s the third live action Death Note movie, and it’s full of subtitles and I can’t make it past the first five minutes without forcing myself…but I will.

One Piece – Episodes 71-73 One Piece Cover

It’s Christmastime, so instead of watching Frosty the Snowman specials, I watch a lot of One Piece.  I know.  I’m weird.  But I have 8 collections of it to get through, and I am only on #3…which I think I was on LAST Christmas.  Oy.  These episodes have dinosaurs in them (spoiler, I love dinosaurs), which makes them semi-interesting, but they also have strange giant fights, which cancels the interesting out.  Also, they say Baroque Works a lot, which is an awesome name.  Other than that, not much is happening.  People getting kidnapped.  Vivi is still there.  The giant duck got beat up.  That giant duck is like the best character ever.  I want one.

And we’re done.  What do you think of the holiday layout?  I can’t see the post tags, but it’ll get changed in 2014.  I still can’t find a WordPress layout I’m in love with, but at least they’re better than blogger.  See you next week!

Anime Mondays #40

Does anyone have any weird holiday anime traditions?  I know this is an odd question, but I’m curious.  I mean, you could drag out your dusty, bargain bin copy of My Santa.  I won’t judge you.  You know what I’ve been doing the past couple years?  Staying up until 3am on Christmas Eve wrapping presents and watching One Piece.  It has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, but that’s how I get shit done.  Pirates and bow tying.  Feel free to tell me how awesome I am.  I do accept comments, and unless they are spam, they won’t get deleted, I promise.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Naruto – Episodes 38-43 Naruto cover

Boy, you know what I really wanted after that giant chunk of episodes that proved Sakura’s uselessness?  MORE SAKURA EPISODES.  God, just shoot me in the eye.  These weed-out-the-crap Chunin exam episodes are still happening (and I when I googled how to spell Chunin, I just found out this arc goes into episode 60+!  oh, god, and this isn’t even filler…) and apparently, they are going to show us every single stupid battle.  The group of episodes I watched this week didn’t have anything terribly epic except for the great bitch battle of the century, Sakura vs Ino, where I hoped and prayed that Ino would win the entire time, but knew in my head that that probably wouldn’t be the case.  I mean, come on, Naruto’s team obviously has to win every match they have, right?  Right??  Fortunately, I was incorrect in my prediction.  Sakura doesn’t lose, but she doesn’t win, either.  I’ll take the tie.  Still proves Sakura does not belong in the ninja club.  Let’s kick her out of the tree house.

Lupin the 3rd: Part II – Episodes 1-5 Lupin the 3rd Part II Cover

In the last Crunchyroll Anime Mystery Box I received, I was lucky enough to grab the first three volumes of this show.  Now, you should know how my OCD works by now; I am very leery to start an anime sequel without watching the first series first.  Like…it gives me the shivers.  But, I really didn’t feel like dropping thirty bucks on the first show right now, and this was the highlight of my mystery box, so I popped that sucker in.  First, a word of warning: episode 3 is not on the first volume.  It’s about Nazis and stuff, so it got pushed back to a way later disc.  Luckily, this is on Hulu, so as soon as I was done with episode 2, I went over there to see the “banned” episode.  Lupin the 3rd (III?  Third? It’s different everywhere.) is about a group of thieves who go around making plans to steal stuff.  However, in the end, they pretty much get nothing.  It’s very Cowboy Bebop.  I actually dig this show a lot, but if you don’t like that “older” anime art style, you probably won’t.  I thought it would be more like a kid’s show than it actually is…yeah, no.  There are half-naked ladies and sex jokes everywhere, but instead of it being stupid fanservice, it’s funny.  Gasp.  What a concept!  I liked this so much that I immediately turned on…

Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine – Episodes 1-4 Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine Cover

Thank you, Funimation Channel for allowing me to watch this dub the moment I switched over to another series.  Also, thank you Funimation in general for casting Michelle Ruff as Fujiko Mine, the same voice actress who played her in the Part II dub.  While she doesn’t sound exactly the same as she did ten years ago, it was such a great performance that I wasn’t thrown too much out of the world.  Fujiko Mine is a prequel to the Lupin series (or at least Part II, as I haven’t seen the first one), but it’s so much darker than the old show.  I mean…seriously.  It’s no Higurashi or anything, but it’s not a giant, comedic romp that Lupin the 3rd: Part II is.  The opening is so not safe for work that it’s not even funny, and don’t despair, Fujiko gets naked in every episode so far.  But the art style is fantastic.  It’s a throwback, but it’s not.  It uses today’s technology to create something really beautiful.  Fujiko is introduced to her gang from the original show one episode at a time, and she just steals the anime.  Talk about a master thief.  Four episodes in, and it’s fantastic.  I just hope it doesn’t peter out soon.  And I would watch at least a couple episodes of a prior series before jumping into this, just so you get the bare bones of what’s happening.

InuYasha – Episodes 14-15 InuYasha Cover

Late night shounen time!  Yes, there is a ‘u’ in there, I checked.  My apologies.  However, I can’t apologize for the two episodes I watched which were basically like…Kagome gets kidnapped and possessed by the ghost of InuYasha’s old almost lover…yeah.  Kinda boring, kinda dumb, wasn’t really feeling it.  But at least I finished a disc!  In 2014, I am going to really try to finish a bunch of shows before I start new ones.  This will probably be easy during the winter season as nothing is catching my eye besides the Sailor Moon re-make (which is going to be an ONA?  What the fuck??  It doesn’t even get to go on television???  My heart hurts a lot.).  Anyway, InuYasha.  I’ll get through you.  Or at least through box set one.

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation – Episode 1 Devil Survivor 2 The Animation Cover

Ah, yes, it’s the end of 2013, which means it’s time for Top Video/Post-a-Palooza, where I sit on youtube for long periods of time and check out everyone’s recommendations from the previous year.  I believe I caught this in a couple best OP videos, so I decided to turn it on.  This anime looks to be part survival game/part apocalypse in the first episode.  There is a website where you can see people’s faces right before they die if you sign up for it, and, lo and behold, the protagonist catches himself on there right before a train hits him and crushes him to death.  Or does it…  He is given the choice to live or die via the website, and when he decides to not kick the bucket, it automatically downloads this app onto his phone, which is like a live action Pokemon for demons where they actually come out of the phone and beat up other “bad” demons.  His two friends get this app, as well, and it’s like a continuous loop of “I wanna be the very best like no one ever was.”  I don’t think there will be training or a gotta catch ’em all attitude, but our protagonist does, apparently, have the strongest demon ever.  It’s a tiger.  Rawr.  The first episode was nothing special, and if it says something, I nodded off during the second one (twice).  I’ll stay awake though and plow through some more.

For some reason, as I was checking out old posts, my best of the week recap things aren’t showing up…I don’t know what’s up with that.  I type them.  Maybe I need a new layout.  Just go watch Fujiko Mine.  You won’t be disappointed.  And since you made it all the way to the end, here’s a free Crunchyroll guest pass:


Next week marks the end of Diabolik Lovers, which I’m sure will make most of you weep with joy, while I weep for the end of my dirty little secret anime.  Everyone just hates it so much.  Now you know how I feel about Girls Bravo.  Suck it.