Anime Mondays #54

The winter 2014 anime season has officially come to an end, as the Crunchyroll simulcast list on my Roku channel has dropped from 50 shows back down to 9.  It’s good to have some buffer time between seasons because now you can decide what new shows to watch (if any) and catch up on your backlog without feeling guilty (like me).  Plus, I crossed a bunch of shows off my currently watching list this week, so therefore I am awesome.  Who’s ready for the last Pupa review ever???  It’s down there.  Start scrolling.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters – Episodes 74-81 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Cover

Wow, WordPress just decided to change how to scale images in posts, and now I can’t make everything smaller unless I do math.  Fuck you, wordpress, bring back my scale percentages.

Anyway, now this post is going to be filled with big pictures.  Gross.  This time, on Yu-Gi-Oh, we…get a recap episode!  Super.  I hate recap episodes.  After that, though, we see the re-appearance of DUKE DEVLIN!  Hell, yeah.  I love that stupid side character, and I don’t know why.  And Mai comes back!  So I’m reveling in supporting cast glory.  Before this happens, Yugi has to duel Joey because that dude took over his brain, and it’s like…intense.  I mean, really intense, even with the power-of-friendship ending that pretty much renders the duel pointless, but it was good.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  Oh, and Joey’s blind sister is no longer blind.  Pretty great stuff for a show based on a card game, at least in this arc.

Naruto – Episodes 88-89 Naruto cover

So, it turns out the bad ass healer girl that everyone is looking for is really bad ass.  She’s so awesome that Orochimaru (I’m not even bothering with the spelling of this) isn’t threatening to kill her if she doesn’t do what he wants; instead, he’s legitimately bargaining with her to trade her healing of his arms with his bringing back her boyfriend and her brother from the dead.  Medicine and necromancy…seems like a fair trade.  Meanwhile, Naruto is still playing with balloons.  Nobody cares.





Shakugan no Shana – Episode 6 Shakugan no Shana Cover

Yup…I still don’t like this show.  I’m really regretting blind buying the entire franchise right about now.  I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t get into it.  Maybe it’s the dub voices.  I’ll try the next episode subtitled.  Couldn’t tell you what episode 6 was about though, as I passed out through most of it.  Whoops.







Brothers Conflict – Episodes 1-12 (Completed!) Brothers Conflict cover

Please see review below.  Clearly, I liked this reverse harem so much that I marathoned the whole thing in about three days.  I ranked it 7/10 on MAL, though for two reasons: the ending and the annoying talking squirrel.  So, in my reverse harem master list, it means I liked UtaPri more, and I’m okay with this.  But I’m really feeling the void now…badly.  Anyone have a rec for a reverse harem series?  I’ve seen a good chunk of them, but I need another.  More, more, more, gotta catch ’em ALLLLL.





Pupa – Episode 12 (Completed!) Pupa Cover

How did I know that the last episode of Pupa was going to be a throwaway filler episode?  I could just tell that the anime tried to wrap itself up “nicely” (and nicely is in quotes because it didn’t wrap itself up at ALL) in episode 11, but I gave Pupa the benefit of the doubt.  This episode should have been the first one, not all the way at the end.  I hate, hate, HATE tacked on endings.  For those of you who didn’t watch it, and let’s be real, who did besides me and that one dude on youtube, the last episode was a flashback with chibi Yume and her brother about how they both got their hair clips.  No blood, or violence, or gore…just toddlers going shopping.  It went there.  I’m so disappointed in Pupa, you guys, honestly.  As the single show I watched weekly this season, I was anticipating good things.  And it just squashed all my hopes like a spider on the bottom of someone’s shoe.  All the censoring, the nonsensical plot, the fact that I had to read the manga to even understand what was going on, all the plot points that were never explained or wrapped up, the incest, the GROSS CANNIBALISM NOISES…yuck.  I understand what this anime was trying to accomplish, but it just didn’t do it.  I get the reasons for the happy music during the episode where all Yume does is chomp on her brother for four minutes, and all the butterfly imagery, and the repercussions of having abusive parents.  But, JFC, couldn’t it have been presented in a way that didn’t make me want to gouge my eyes out and rip out my brain from the stupidity of it all?  But maybe, that’s what the producers wanted.  I will never know.  I ranked this 4/10 on MAL, and that’s being generous.

Chibi Devi – Episodes 11-15 Chibi Devi cover

Now onto something completely different, Chibi Devi is a cute little show about two 14 year olds raising a demon baby.  No, seriously, completely different.  He’s not a scary demon baby, he just spits out fire once in awhile when he’s wearing a dinosaur costume.  I mean, look at the pink background in that photo, this is clearly a cute show.  It’s more about these kids acting as parents than it is about anything supernatural, and it’s all around adorable.  Plus, the episodes are only five minutes long.  SEE, THIS IS A TINY SHOW THAT IS DOING IT RIGHT.  Take note.





Brothers Conflict OVA – Episode 12.5 (Completed!) Brothers Conflict OVA cover

I watched a really horrible translation of this off youtube, but, honestly, I think if I watched it raw, I would have been okay.  This OVA is 14 minutes of fluff, where Ema finds a magic lamp, and a genie pops out, giving her and her brothers three wishes.  Now, of course, all the brothers wish to be with Ema, but we get to see little vignettes of their most wanted moments with her, and I completely fell hook, line and sinker for Yuusuke because of his fantasy sequence.  I mean, he doesn’t just want to make out with her, he wants to marry her.  I can’t even.  SO CUTE.  Also, Natsume’s was perfect, but if you read my review, you’d know I ship them, so there’s that.  Also…no actual wishes were granted.  And there’s a cameo of Juli as a human again.  Barf.  For that reason alone, I knocked a point off and rated this 6/10 on MAL.


Kuroko no Basket Season 2 – Episodes 24-25 (Completed!) Kuroko no Basket Season 2 Cover

Well, I’ve done it.  I finally cheered unashamedly for Seirin to win this match against Yosen.  Let it be known, that before, I really didn’t have too much of an attachment to the team as a whole, as there are characters I like on other teams much more than Kuroko and Nagami, and, was therefore, rooting for them.  Oh man.  No longer.  Once Kiyoshi stepped back onto the court for the final minute of the game, there was no question that Seirin had to win.  They just HAD to.  And the final play…I screamed, I cheered, I may have cried a little.  It was just perfect.  When is season 3?  How long will they make me wait??  Kise is coming, KISE IS COMING.  Lord.  I am a few episodes shy of turning into a fangirl for this franchise.  Help me.  I rated this 9/10 on MAL, which makes it better than the first season.


Bamboo Blade – Episode 8 Bamboo Blade Cover

Of course, after I finished off Kuroko, all I wanted to do was watch more sports anime, so I picked this up again…and remembered why I don’t like Bamboo Blade.  At all.  It’s a show about a kendo team, but it’s more slice of life than sports, as the episode I watched had absolutely nothing to do with kendo, and everything to do with one of the members getting a forbidden part time job.  Not feeling it.  Glad I only blind bought the SAVE version.





Hanasakeru Seishounen – Episodes 1-4 Hanasakeru Seishounen cover

In an effort to ease the void left in the wake of Brothers Conflict, I decided to pick up this reverse harem series again after I had seen the first episode years ago and quit on it.  It’s not a comedy.  It’s really heavy, actually.  And it’s not at all what I was looking for, but I’m going to stick with it for next week.  Hanasakeru is about a girl named Kajika who spent most of her childhood on an almost-deserted island because her father is rich and didn’t want her to get kidnapped.  I know.  Anyway, she moves back to America with him when she is 14, and he decides to play a game with her where he will arrange for three men to cross her path, and she must decide which one of them she will marry and make him fall for her, as well.  It’s…weird.  But, you know, rich people have tons of money to piss away and are all eccentric, so I’ll buy it…I guess.  Kajika believes the first guy to be a re-incarnation of her dead pet snow leopard she had on the island.  No…I am not kidding.  He’s a real dickbag who drives women to kill themselves, but she’s convinced he’s got this feline soul inside of him, so she tries to save him.  Plus, there is her “bodyguard” Lee-Leng who is not one of the chosen three (but I’m placing my bet now that she’ll end up with him) who is in love with her, one of Lee-Leng’s family’s business partners who wants to overthrow the company, and some mystery dude with a headband I haven’t met yet.  It’s more Glass Mask than reverse harem so far, and it’s long (you know how I like my series unnecessarily lengthy), so I am going to try to bust it out.  It’s interesting, it’s just not what I was looking for at the time.

My currently watching list is down to 233 anime with a total of 19 completed shows this year.  Jackpot!  Please hit me with any reverse harem recs you have, as I am now a girl on a mission to watch all of them I can find.  Oh, and for anyone who wondered what was in the Crunchyroll mystery backpack from Black Friday, it was a backpack, a baseball cap, a tshirt, and a notepad.  Not taking my money on that one again, CR.  But I did order another mystery anime box AND a manga box in an attempt to force me to read more manga than just Nana.  We’ll see how this goes.

Brothers Conflict (Or How Reverse Harems Are Melting My Brain)

PS – There are lots of spoilers below.  Watch the show first and then come back and read this.  Or, don’t and just refrain from yelling at me when I tell you the ending.

I don’t know why, but I love reverse harems.  The smart girl inside of me, you know, the one who likes to have intelligent conversations about religion and politics (aka, the two things you should probably NEVER have conversations about unless you enjoy fist fights), says I should hate reverse harems because they are shows with no plot, with a bunch of dudes throwing themselves at one girl.  But then, the regular girl inside of me says, “LOOK A BUNCH OF DUDES THROWING THEMSELVES AT ONE GIRL, I MUST WATCH THEM ALL!”  Rather than fight it, I just give in.  I have no shame.  I love reverse harems.

I mean, look at all the “regular” harem shows that have one guy surrounded by a bunch of women.  This genre is ridiculously popular.  Every guy seems to want to have a girlfriend or two.  Or ten.  And, recently, the female population has been flipping the tables.  Us girls want our harems, too.  Who wouldn’t want a bunch of men to fall madly in love with them for absolutely no reason?  Must be tough.  All these chocolate covered strawberries and flowers and kisses, what’s a girl to do?  Well, if you’re not submissive as all hell, you’d revel in it.  Unfortunately, most reverse harem girls can’t seem to process all the attention they receive in a positive way, and such is the case with the protagonist in Brothers Conflict.

This anime aired in 2013 with twelve episodes and an OVA based off of manga, light novels, video games…the franchise is extremely well-received…in Japan.  And it’s all based around a girl named Ema (whose name you never hear in the anime, in fact, I thought it was “Chii” until I read an episode description) whose dad remarries a woman who has 13 sons.  Yes.  Thirteen.  If you guessed that every single one of them falls in love with the main character, you would be right.  And, thus, ends the plot.  There are so many things that could have been explained: like how one woman could pop out twelve children (one is adopted) and then leave her husband to marry someone else.  WHO’S THE DADDY?  Is it one person, or several?  None of this is ever even mentioned, but it’s the first thing that came to mind.  How are the brothers getting all this money to live in a “condo” that has five levels and multiple balconies?  Why are most of them living together?  Sure, one is a doctor, one is a lawyer, one is a pop star…but why wouldn’t they just cut the other brothers off and live in nicer places by themselves?  And the single brother who did move out makes a bunch of money and lives in a tiny apartment.  I don’t get it.  Luckily, they all have cute character designs, including Ema, and everything is colorful, which makes Brothers Conflict a joy to watch.  And despite the lack of a plot, I really enjoyed this show.  And now you’re all judging.  Keep your pants on.

You have to move past the creepy, almost-incest factor.  You have to move past the plot holes and the unexplained issues, like why Ema’s pet squirrel can talk and only two people can understand him.  Actually…don’t, because Juli is the most annoying part of the series, and I continuously wanted someone, ANYONE, to smash him into a wall.  But if you take it as what it was clearly meant to be, a piece of reverse harem fluff, it’s decent.  I admit to sitting here trying to rationalize who would be the best match for the main character.  Because she has as much personality as a box of rocks, she’d need someone to take care of her, who wouldn’t push her around too much, and who would respect her space.  Which eliminates about half of the brothers right there, as a whole handful of them make out (or try to make out) with her throughout the series.  I mean, as much as my stomach dropped when Tsubaki (that’s the white haired twin out of a set of triplets who brushes his hair over one eye…, really, that’s how you have to categorize all these brothers…by hair color and style) decided to “claim” Ema, she’s too damned submissive for him.  Let’s be real, she lets him kiss her at least three times and doesn’t push him away or anything.  Throughout the latter half of the series, she claims she wants to be a real “family” with all her new brothers, and loves them…as brothers…but that doesn’t do anything for each guy who loves her “as a man.”  This quote is brought up multiple times.  And they all say they’ll wait until she realizes she wants to sleep with one or more of her stepbrothers.  IT’S SO CREEPY.  I BOUGHT RIGHT INTO IT.

This isn’t some Pupa-style shit going on, it’s more along the lines of Marmalade Boy, except they wouldn’t have to hide anything from their parents because the parents don’t even live with them.  There are so many different personality types for the brothers that you can’t help going, “I’d totally date him.  Or this one.  But not him, he’s too boring.  This dude is a giant creeper, pass.  Oh, but even though he’s a creeper, but he just wants to be loved…”  Great for a video game.  Bad for my psyche.  In reality, there aren’t a bunch of random guys that one girl would live with so she could have her pick of the litter.  A giant box of boys isn’t going to be dropped on my doorstep where I could coo over each one, keep the ones I want, and then drop the rest off at the Humane Society.  But this is just what Ema gets, and, in true reverse harem fashion, she decides to send them all back at the end.  She doesn’t want anything to do with any of them in a romantic way.  Which A: is a total fucking cop out, and B: sets up a second season nicely because all the brothers don’t even care and are still going to go after her like she didn’t just say, “STEP OFF!”  I suppose I have to give her a few points for effort for at least telling the guys that she didn’t want to date them, whereas in other reverse harems, the girl says NOTHING, and every one just goes about their stalker business, but, come on.  Nobody?  She could have tag teamed those twins, and I’m almost positive they would have been okay with it.

Despite all of its shortcomings, I enjoyed the ride I went on while watching Brothers Conflict.  Get your goddamned minds out of the gutter.  I liked being able to weed through so many boys and pick out the ones I liked best, the ones Ema should like best, the ones that needed more screen time…and I liked that the show didn’t push one coupling over the other.  It’s a good show to watch when you need to turn your brain off.  Hey, some people watch Gurren Lagann for that.  I watch Brothers Conflict.  I didn’t want to punch Ema in the face as much as I wanted to for the girls from Uta Pri or Amnesia, so that was a giant plus.  And the boys actually had balls and made moves, unlike other reverse harems.  It wasn’t anything ground breaking, but I liked it.  It’s for the girls (and boys) who want the box of orphan kittens left on their doorstep.  My doorbell is broken, though, so please knock.

And for those who are wondering, I think Ema should date Natsume.  Yeah, I went there.  But my favorites were Tsubaki and Futo.  I guess that says more about my psyche than the fact that I like mind-numbing reverse harem anime, huh?

Anime Mondays #53

You guys…I just found out my mall has an anime store.  Now, being as I used to work in a mall, I make it a point to never enter one unless forced, so when I had to go today, I was very taken aback by this giant Luna pillow staring me in the face.  I thought it was all Hello Kitty stuff, but NO.  LEGIT JAPANESE PRODUCTS INSIDE.  Needless to say, I spent a bunch of money I shouldn’t have on a Sailor Moon purse, and a notebook, and a lanyard, and a wall scroll…which I can’t even hang up until I move.  BUT ANIME STUFF.  I was so happy.  Plus the girl working there knew all about Sailor Moon Crystal, and I wanted to hug her.  Speaking of…I do not like the concept art.  Hopefully it’s for the poster only.  Anyway, double post!  Get strapped in, this is gonna be a long one.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Naruto – Episodes 85-87 Naruto cover

So I got past the part where Sasuke was fighting his brother, where nobody won and then he got hurt a lot.  Then, Naruto’s “Pervy Sage” decided he’d teach him how to focus his chakra by having him burst water balloons…for three episodes.  These training things are killing me.  Is this what filler is?  Is this why lots of people hate this show so much?  I get it.  I get it now.  Oh man…do I get it.  The new female character everyone is looking for seems really interesting, but if we’re stuck with 80% of the episodes being about water balloons, are we ever going to see her fleshed out?  Nuts.

Magical Angel Creamy Mami – Episode 7 Creamy Mami Cover

Yay, Anime Sols sent my replacement disc!  I only got through one episode on it, though, about Mami having to go to the hospital to visit some sick kid, who really isn’t sick, but it turns out that his mafia Grandpa is.  Pretty dumb episode, but I am used to magical girl shows and know that a good 50% of each series will be just a bunch of stupid stuff that happens.  Still pledged for all four sets, though.  Mami party once I get the full series, anyone?


Persona 4: The Animation – Episodes 4-7 Persona 4 Cover

I think this anime wins the award for “Show That’s Based on a Video Game That Reminds Me the Most of an Actual Video Game.”  Seriously.  You’d think I was watching bad cut scenes from a game instead of an anime, but, nope…anime.  The scenes that have nothing to do with personas are fine, those are just random, high school tropes, but the ones that actually have the kids fighting monsters?  Stupid.  I am trying really hard to like this anime, but I’m just not.  It took me almost a week to watch one disc of this.  And I can’t find Part 2 on any rental service, so now I don’t know if I’ll even get to finish this without resorting to the subtitled version.  Maybe I’ll try it.  The dub is pretty atrocious.

Pupa – Episodes 10-11 Pupa Cover

Oh, thank god, there is only one more episode to go.  Episode 11 was just…incest city.  I mean, I read a lot of VC Andrews, but this is worse than all her books combined.  The saddest thing is that Pupa really could have been great.  The manga is solid, even without reading it, it had a good premise from the start, and it had all that hype surrounding it from being pushed back so much that it could air without censors.  But then, it was censored to shit, chopped up into little tiny pieces that make no sense unless you read the source material beforehand, and was “animated” to be the worst kind of torture, sick and twisted “fanservice” imaginable.  I put animated in quotes because, well, more often than not, an episode is mostly still frames with some narration over it.  One more episode and I can give a final rant.  Win.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters – Episodes 66-73 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Cover

So the last time I watched this I wasn’t really paying attention….yeah, apparently, I re-watched two episodes I had already seen without knowing it, but I had absolutely no idea what was going on.  Whoops.  Anyway, shit’s getting good now.  Joey has enough locator cards to get him into the Battle City finals after a re-match with the water specialist, and then he gets kidnapped by some of Marek’s goons, along with Tea and Kaiba’s little brother.  Meanwhile, Bad Ass Yugi (I mean, Yami, whatever) is running around with Kaiba, whining about how he has to save his friends before he will let Kaiba duel with him, and seriously…this big manly guy is legit WHINING.  Man up, dude.  I know Kaiba is being a little bitch too because he wants to take Yugi’s Egyptian God card, but seriously.  Stupid.  Then there’s a FOUR EPISODE duel where Kaiba and Yugi have to work together to beat some of Marek’s rare card dealers, and….oh my god.  Four episodes.  Really?  They could have done it in two.  Meanwhile, Tristan is trying to get in Joey’s sister’s pants, and every time they cut away to a hospital scene, it’s really awkward.  Still enjoying this show, though.  Not gonna lie.

Ranma 1/2 Re-watch – Episode 1 Ranma Cover

I know, I know, in my year of the backlog challenge, why the hell did I decide to start re-watching a 150+ episode series?  Well, it came out on Blu-ray.  And the transfer is fantastic.  I have a couple of issues with the set as a whole, mainly that the subtitles are unreadable in parts because of the white text, and that the opening song isn’t subtitled like the old version was with the rhyming lyrics, but other than that, this is the best Ranma has looked.  Though, I do swear they had episode previews, but this set does not contain them.  Can anyone confirm or deny this?  I watched this whole series (including movies and OVAs) within a little over a year, and I thought that was a huge accomplishment.  For those of you who don’t do retro, Ranma 1/2 is about a boy and his father who come to Japan because Ranma is going to have an arranged marriage with one of three daughters of his father’s friend…but when Ranma or his dad get hit with water, they turn into a girl and a panda, respectively.  This series is pure, comedy gold and I absolutely adore it.  The English dub is shit, so only watch it subtitled, but if you’re looking for some classic anime, I’d give this a shot.  And, if you don’t want to watch the whole thing, don’t worry — you won’t miss anything by not getting all the way to the end.

InuYasha – Episodes 16-21 InuYasha Cover

After my Ranma test episode, I decided to move on to things I hadn’t seen before, and turned on this beauty.  I actually PAID ATTENTION, TOO.  I know, normally I just turn on some shounen while I do 84 other things, but I watched this time.  Finally, there was a little hint of romance between Kagome and Inuyasha, but because he’s a stupid boy, he has to ruin it.  There’s also this new character who has a giant hole in his hand, who I’m kinda digging.  They’re off trying to fight this demon now, but everything seems to be because of this dead girl who Inuyasha loved a long time ago, and I just feel so bad for Kagome.  Hopefully, he’ll get his head out of his ass soon.

PES: Peace Eco Smile – Episodes 3-7 (Completed!) PES Cover

Let’s be real, I only suffered through this so I could mark it off my list.  Terrible anime.  Pretty interesting car commercial?  Yeah, this thing was created only to sell Toyotas.  Good thing it’s only about five minutes per episode.  There was absolutely nothing good about it, other than a couple background songs.  And the episodes that should have had the longer running time got three minutes.  Like, episode 4, which teaches people that if you want to be a giant dickbag, you have to have the fastest, most dickbag-esque Toyota.  Best episode.  Three minutes.  Don’t torture yourself with this unless you really like cars.  Even then, just don’t.  Redline it’s not.  I rated this 2/10 on MAL.

Uta no Prince Sama Season 2 – Episodes 6-13 (Completed!) Uta No Prince Sama Season 2 Cover

Another one bites the dust!  I’ve been thinking about doing a reverse harem series on here lately, because, let’s be real, if a show is classified as reverse harem, I will watch it.  Anything.  I liked Uta Pri Season 2 as much as I liked season 1, which is quite a lot.  The only thing I didn’t like was that I wanted the side characters to get more development, or maybe even their own episodes…I’m hoping this will happen in season 3.  I could get behind the backstory of Heavens and the seniors who mentored Starish.  I could also get behind less Cecil.  Ugh, I loathe this character.  HE IS A CAT.  PEOPLE, HE IS A CAT WHO TURNED INTO A BOY AND LOVES HARUKA.  I hate him.  Also, the music compared to season 1 was really subpar.  And don’t get me started about the Natsuki/Satsuki episode.  Way to ruin my precious Satsuki, never to be seen again.  RIP. 😦  Spoilers, okay?  Spoilers.  The ending was cute, if not predictable, but I could get behind it.  Maybe it’s because I got behind the *NSYNC vs BSB thing.  I mean, come on, it’s a reverse harem about boybands.  It would have to be an absolute disgrace for me to not like this.  I rated UtaPri Season 2 8/10 on MAL, and I can’t wait for season 3.  Now, Sentai just has to dub this and I’d totally buy it.  I’m waiting on that re-release, guys.

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt – Episodes 6-7 Panty and Stocking Cover

I apparently have a really pedestrian sense of humor because I think this show is hysterical, and I am okay with admitting this to the world.  I mean, my favorite movie of all time is Billy Madison, what do you expect?  This anime is not for everyone.  The art style is very Powerpuff Girls (aka: Americanized and NOT GOOD), and there is more cursing than a Tarantino film.  But it’s just. So. Funny.  Jamie Marchi at her best, people!  These episodes were based around two devils who try to take over the school (good) and a Transformers parody (not so good), and I laughed out loud.  Multiple times.  If you’re not into South Park-esque humor, you will not like this show, but I am, so I’m all about it.  This should be one of the next I finish.

Kuroko no Basket Season 2 – Episode 23 Kuroko no Basket Season 2 Cover

I had every intention of watching more than one episode of this, but I guess I got my simulcast times wrong because I couldn’t get episode 24 to come up all Saturday.  Now I’ll just wait until next weekend and finish off the season because this Yosen game is killing me.  Literally.  Like, I get heart attacks from yelling at the tv so much.  I freaking love sports anime, which is weird, because I freaking hate all real sports.  But fake sports?  I’m down.  I don’t know if Seiren is going to win or lose this game, but I just hope there’s a season 3 and more Kise.  Somehow.  Any way they can.  Just throw him in there.

AND THAT’S IT.  I am currently watching 235 shows, and have completed 15 so far this year.  Yay for checking some off my list!  And now that winter season ends next week, I should have two more down.  I’m so hoping to get to 230 by the end of April.  Also, that Dragon Box I bought last week?  Not a real Dragon Box.  I returned that shit so fast.  I did find a cheap copy of #3, though, so I snatched that up.  For those of you playing the home game, I now have 1, 3 and 5.  And instead of buying 6 like I was going to, I bought a Sailor Moon purse.  I have no regrets.

Anime Mondays #52

Well, I watched a total of 3 whole shows this week.  Did I finish any?  Nope.  In my defense, two are ongoing, so I couldn’t, and the other is really long, so I was lucky I watched this whole chunk before I got bored.  This being the case, yes, this is a post with a prize inside (just scroll down, like normal), and here are some thoughts on the upcoming Spring 2014 season.  Are you ready?  Are you waiting with bated breath??

I probably won’t be watching anything.

Just kidding, Soul Eater Next will be on, and despite the fact that this show looks like a hot mess, I loved Soul Eater, so if I can cross another show off my currently watching list, this might be the one I’ll watch on a weekly basis.  Also, there’s another season of La Corda D’oro.  Be still my reverse harem loving heart.  Yeah, that one’s probably going to happen, as well.  I hope the main girl picks somebody at the end.  God, please.  Anybody.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Marmalade Boy – Episodes 32-39 Marmalade Boy Cover

This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that I like Marmalade Boy due to my love of all things retro, shoujo and drama.  I mean, I thought Dear Brother was a soap opera mess (sidenote: set 3 is up for pledging on Anime Sols, what are you waiting for?), but this is just…soap without the opera.  Let me explain.  This anime is about a girl named Miki, whose parents are divorcing and remarrying the parents of a boy named Yuu.  To make things more confusing, they all decide to stay friends, and the four parents and the two step-siblings are all living together in the same house.  But, oops, Yuu and Miki like each other, and are trying to start this budding relationship, but have to hide it from their parents because yeah…incest is best!  Actually, they’re not really related, so does that even count?  I digress.  There are also a bunch of side characters that show up, and all the girls are in love with Yuu while the boys are in love with Miki.  Then the shit hits the fan as they break up, get back together, more people fall in love with them, decide they only love each other, have some ridiculous misunderstanding because they don’t like to communicate, break up, etc.  Honestly, if you watch this show in big chunks, it’s mentally exhausting because the same crap happens over and over again with new characters that magically appear to cause drama.  Sadly, it’s extremely addicting, and I don’t even like Miki and Yuu together.  Right now, I’m shipping Miki and her ice cream store co-worker, but since she’s literally pushed him down to the ground at least twice now, that’s probably not going to happen.  I know.  I’m going to stop trying to make fetch happen.  Ugh.  I jumped back into this after one year + of not watching it, and let me tell you, it took about four episodes to figure out who liked who, and who dated who, and who hates who so I could get back into it, and that’s just sad.  There are SO MANY CHARACTERS, and the story lines don’t go away, like the side characters never disappear, they just hook up with other people, and it’s hard to keep everything straight.  It’s also a 70+ episode series, and yes, I did purchase all of it and am on Collection 3 out of 4, but man, is it hard to get through.  Tokyopop dubbed it, but it’s atrocious, so I’m stuck with the subtitles, and for a long running show, it doesn’t move fast.  But, if you like your drama with a side of high school whining, this show is for you.  So, yes…I like it.  Don’t judge me.

Pupa – Episode 9 Pupa Cover

If this show weren’t four minutes long, I would have thrown in the towel on watching it weekly because it’s just so…ugh.  UGH.  I can’t think of a better word, I just have to sigh dramatically and throw my Roku remote in the air in disgust each time the ending theme plays.  This week, we get a bunch of censored dissection scenes of our favorite big brother while the sister sits in a chair blindfolded.  Yup.  That’s it.  I mean, at the end, she breaks her chains and goes all Incredible Hulk on everybody, but they don’t show it, so it’s pointless.  They just animate her creepy, glowing bug eyes and make some kind of insect noises.  Gee, if I wanted my manga with sound, I could have turned on Animal Planet in the background while I read it.  There are three more episodes left, and this story, or the lack thereof, will not have a sound conclusion.  What about the monster baby?  What about the parents?  Is there a cure?  None of these will get answered.  I don’t know why I bother caring about this anime, because the animators sure don’t.

Kuroko no Basket Season 2 – Episodes 8-22 Kuroko no Basket Season 2 Cover

Marathon time!  I just cannot watch sports anime while it’s ongoing.  I just can’t.  The episodes are paced so slowly that if one episode is half a quarter of a basketball game, and it takes two months in real time for the game to be finished…no.  I need that instant gratification, which is why I decided to catch up on this all in one week.  Go me.  I’m not a huge fangirl over Kuroko no Basket like a ton of people, but I do enjoy the show.  I will cop to the fact that in the Kagami vs Aomine showdown, I was screaming at my television, but that’s beside the point.  It took forever to get through that game.  I know it was a huge deal and all because it was a Seiren vs a Generation of Miracles game, but, damn.  The game for this last arc is either going to be crammed into too few episodes because the season is ending in four weeks, or we’ll be left with one hell of a cliff-hanger which is completely unacceptable.  Is this going to get a third season?  I have no idea, but it needs one because…Kise.  WHERE IS KISE?  Stop just showing him watching other people play basketball and show him playing basketball!  If you’re looking for something realistic, this anime is not your thing, but if you just want to yell at the tv for awhile, then go for it.  I mean, Kuroko can shoot now…let’s just keep giving him all these abilities so he will surpass even Kagami.  Dumb.  But good show.

And that’s the end!  For your trouble, here’s a free Crunchyroll guest pass:


Stats are the same as last week with 236 currently watched shows, and 13 completed this year.  No post next week as I’m going out of town, so in two there will be a double, but I’ll try to get something queued in the meantime.  Also, I bought my third Dragon Box.  Only one more cheap(ish) one left, and then I’m going into the hundred dollar + territory.  Anyone want to sell me Box 2?  Anyone?  Bueller??

Anime Mondays #51

So, you know how last week I said I was a little burnt out and probably not going to watch a lot of anime?  Yeah…I watched a ton of anime.  I don’t really know what got into me, but I just had this urge to keep on chugging, so this post is pretty super-sized.  Anime binge watching: sometimes, it just happens.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Dragon Ball – Episodes 52-61 Dragon Ball Cover

I mentioned this on twitter this week, but I am trying to collect the Dragon Boxes (you know, the epitome of Dragon Ball Z collector’s editions with the only un-cropped print of the series) without going broke.  So far, I’m 2/7, but I’m realizing that if I want these without paying absolutely insane prices, I’m going to have to buy them used.  Which means, when I acquire each one, I’m going to have to actually play the discs in a prompt fashion so if there’s anything wrong with them, I can send them back. Which means my OCD requires me to watch the original Dragon Ball before I even consider putting a Dragon Box disc in my player.  Ugh.  I finally finished off the season 2 box set, though, and just when I thought we were done with the Red Ribbon Army…they come back with a new villain to annoy me.  The pirate arc is done, but now Goku is climbing this Korin Tower trying to get a mysterious power that will help him to get all the dragon balls back again to bring some little kid’s father back to life.  What?  What?!?!?!  Yeah, this is actually happening.  I miss the dude who was scared of Bulma.  I hope he comes back soon.

Fushigi Yuugi – Episodes 1-2 (Re-watch) Fushigi Yuugi Cover

Yup…I went there.  After last week’s ‘should I or shouldn’t I’ debacle, I just broke down and popped the first volume in.  Man, I love this show.  I collected this on subtitled VHS back in the day, and I think I’ve seen the first four episodes at least 30 times, but it doesn’t get old.  It’s one of those fantasy world, modern-girl-gets-sucked-into-a-book shows, but it’s also one of the greatest reverse harems (with an actual partner choice) of all time.  I love, love, love Fushigi Yuugi.  But the dub sucks.  I mean…badly.  The Japanese version has the voice of Chibi-usa from Sailor Moon playing Miaka, and that equates to awesomeness.  Also, that I recognized a Japanese voice actress without looking at the credits makes me feel like a proud, proud anime fan.  I really need to get the re-mastered first set of this, but for the time being, I’m making due with my $1 a disc copies I purchased from a library.  No shame here.

Redline (Completed!) Redline Cover

I blind bought this movie with no expectations whatsoever other than I wanted to see what everyone was talking about and why people thought this was the greatest anime movie to come out of Japan in a long, long while.  Let me tell you…the hype is totally justified.  It took about two minutes to get used to the slightly out-of-place art style, but once I did, Redline sucked me right in.  I never wanted it to end.  This movie is visually stunning.  STUNNING.  I do not lie.  And there’s none of that CGI crap in there that I hate.  The soundtrack is to die for, and when it was over, I immediately wanted about thirteen sequels.  I do not joke.  But that’s the hype.  If you’re looking for what the movie is actually about, well, it’s pretty much like Mario Kart on speed and steroids put together thrown into space.  I know that sounds really ridiculous, and it is, but it’s awesome.  It’s also got this underlying love story, which, although forced in parts, I completely got into.  There are some side characters that really deserved their own spin-offs, and…man.  Redline is an hour and a half you will not regret.  I ranked this 9/10 on MAL, and highly recommend it.  It’s cheap, even on blu-ray.  You can afford it.

Digimon Adventure – Episodes 3-4 Digimon Cover

I’m beginning to think I’m not a huge fan of Digimon.  I remember watching a couple episodes back in the day when I couldn’t watch Pokemon, and I thought it was okay…but now, trying to purposely watch it…meh.  Nothing really exciting is happening.  It’s like one digimon evolving after another.  And the girl with the pink cowboy hat is really annoying.  Time to set this one to the side for awhile.



Kamisama Kiss – Episodes 3-13 (Completed!) Kamisama Kiss Cover

Guess whose Goddess Edition finally came in?  Oh, yeah.  As soon as I got that box open, it was on to complete this series as quickly as possible.  I stopped myself from watching this streaming just so I could wait for my pre-order to come in, and I’m glad I did.  Am I happy I paid $78 for a cheap tote bag and a hair stick that weighs about a pound?  Not really.  But the box is gorgeous, so I’m good with that.  This dub is so completely fantastic.  Remember how I said Tia Ballard was the poor man’s Laura Bailey?  She gets better.  I mean, I watched the video commentary, and she has as much personality as a box of rocks, but she does a good job in this anime.  Tatum is great.  MICAH SOLUSOD LET’S TALK ABOUT IT.  And I’m pretty much in love with Sean O’Connor, and it has nothing to do with that fact that he voiced my favorite character in this show.  Kurama forever.  No shame.  Thankfully, although the same people were involved, this anime is NOT like Fruits Basket.  I say this with love because, well, I didn’t like Fruits Basket.  Everything in that anime felt forced, but here, it really didn’t.  When Nanami falls in love, you feel her fall in love.  When Tomoe is a jerk, you want to punch him in his fox face.  I was getting some Lovely Complex emotions over here, I won’t deny it.  The episodic nature of the show bugged me somewhat, but the conclusion made up for it, by far.  If you want to get your romance on with a twinge of reverse harem, this is the show for you.  Also…Kurama.  KURAMA.  I rated this 9/10 on MAL.

Hikaru no Go – Episode 2 Hikaru no Go Cover

Since I put Naruto on hiatus, this is what I’ve been watching before I fall asleep at night, and, let me tell you, it gets the job done.  Not that it’s boring, there’s just a lot of talking and not a whole lot of action yet.  I mean, it’s an anime about playing Othello.  Yes, I just said Othello.  But, hi, Chihayafuru is one of my favorite shows, and that’s about playing karuta, so clearly I love these niche “sports” anime titles.  I just wish the dub were on Hulu.  I’d probably be awake for more of it, but eh.  Serves its purpose.


High School DxD – Episodes 5-12 (Completed!) High School DxD Cover

Yup, sure did finish this hot fanservice mess off.  And the final verdict is…it was worth it.  God, the fanservice was distracting to no end, but I was actually able to look past it because it wasn’t disturbing (just a lot of unnecessary nudity) and the dirty dub jokes were actually funny.  I watch a lot of South Park, okay, I can take jokes about giant douches.  The plot actually was good (up until the last few episodes with the stupid rating game), and I didn’t hate the ending.  The biggest flaw, though, was that the first half of the series plays up this big connection between Asia and the main dude, and then towards the second half, she becomes this clingy, stereotypical harem girl and the connection gets lost in the shuffle while the “romance” plot takes a 180 and goes in a completely different direction.  I know there’s a second season of this, but I have no desire to watch it unless it gets dubbed, so if the plot turns AGAIN, I will never know.  And, honestly, I don’t even know which direction I would like to see it go in, I just thought the juxtaposition between the two very different sides of the coin came out of nowhere.  But, fuck, this is a fanservice show, and I just used the word “juxtaposition,” so it’s pretty clear I’m thinking too much.  I ranked this 6/10 on MAL.

Kaitou Saint Tail – Episodes 4-5 Saint Tail Cover

Found my external hard drive that I can plug into my Roku, so, hey, it’s time to clear some old school random shows off of it.  Saint Tail is a magical girl show, but not.  It reminds me of Marmalade Boy in a strange way that I can’t quite put my finger on.  Meimi has a magician for a father and uses his bag of tricks, along with a little magic of her own, to become a master thief.  But, not the mean, scary, greedy kind, more like the Robin Hood kind.  And this show is really cute.  I love Meimi’s character design, especially those eye catches when she sits in the top hat.  Then again…I love top hats.  It’s kind of like Lupin Light, and it’s just adorable.  Plus, it’s long, so you know how I love that stuff.  I know it got dubbed, and I wish I had a copy of that, but sadly, it’s subtitles all the way.  This might take awhile.

Nanatsuiro Drops – Episodes 1-4 Nanatsuiro Drops Cover

I had to re-watch the first two episodes of this show because I could not remember at all what it was about except that I got it confused with Magical Canan (which is a fanservice mess and is absolutely nothing like this anime).  Nanatsuiro Drops is a magical girl show about a competition to collect these things called star drops which this boy needs because it will allow him to stop changing into a stuffed goat every night to be this whiny girl’s familiar.  …yup.  Thank god it’s a short one.  It wouldn’t be so bad except the plot points are really hard to follow because they introduce all these new terms and this magical language, and once you’ve heard more than one nonsensical transformation catchphrase, they start to confuse you after awhile.  I’ll give it this, though, when the girls transform, some of them look nothing like they do in real life, disguising them completely.  I was actually surprised when I found out the secret identity of one of them.  Good on ya.

Save Me Lollipop! – Episodes 7-8 Save Me Lollipop Cover

Can you tell I’m trying really hard to complete random magical girl shows?  If not, well, that was my plan.  Unfortunately, I can only stomach a couple episodes at a time.  It’s not that this show is ridiculously bad, it’s just ridiculously…meh.  I do love the dub, though.  It’s the only thing that’s making this a little more tolerable.  So, our main girl now has a massive crush on one of her two protectors and she wants to confess to him at a “courage test.”  Which one will it be??  Who will gain her love?  Plus, more enemies!  Too many characters, guys.  Let’s make a rule to have four max per show, okay?

Pupa – Episode 8 Pupa Cover

TOO MUCH CENSORING.  This guy pretty much sums up my exact feelings about this episode here.  How can you censor a knife but not someone gouging someone’s eyes out??  Japan makes no sense.




Dragon Ball Movie 1 – Curse of the Blood Rubies (Completed!) Dragon Ball Curse of the Blood Rubies Cover

I actually had forgotten I bought the box set of the Dragon Ball movies…and it probably should have stayed that way.  The first movie was basically a re-telling of the part of Dragon Ball before the stupid Red Ribbon Army comes in with different villains and character introductions, etc.  It was okay.  But the dub was AWFUL.  Oh my god, Monica Rial as Bulma?  WHO DOES THAT??  It was just bad.  And having the voice of Luffy be the voice of Goku…no.  I’m going to have to watch more of the original series just to get the whines out of my head.  It was nice to see my BFF Yamcha, though.  Once again…needs to come back to the anime ASAP.  I ranked this 4/10 on MAL.

I am back down to currently watching 236 anime, and have completed 13 titles this year.  Welcome to the double digits, me!  Now, if I can only cut my list down to 230 by the end of the month…let’s work towards it.  Together. 😉


Anime Mondays #50

I can’t believe this will be the 50th post I’ve written where I basically laundry list out all the anime I’ve consumed during a week.  I know this blog has been around longer than a year, but, in case you can’t tell by my series that I have abandoned or put off for lack of time, I’m not really good at continuing things until they’re finished.  But 50 posts.  My OCD likes that number.  Sadly, I don’t have any awesome milestones to speak of here.  Instead of watching anime, I checked out Star Crossed because I read on twitter that Brina Palencia was in it, and I wanted to see if she’s a better real actress or voice actress.  Jury’s still out on that one, but all the high schoolers in the show look about as old as the parents.  Also Aimee Teegarden is unrecognizable.  What happened to the adorable girl from Friday Night Lights?  Anyway, this isn’t what you came here for.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

The Twelve Kingdoms – Episodes 1-2 (re-watch) The Twelve Kingdoms Cover

I purchased this show because it was on sale from the Right Stuf Christmas sale, but the only thing I could remember about it was that I fell asleep through it the first time I watched the disc I rented off Netflix.  Sadly, this continued to be the case, as I could not get through episode 3, and off to Dreamland I went.  I’m sure it’s not THAT boring of a show…I mean, it’s long, so it had to be popular.  Maybe I was just tired?  I’ll try again.  Anyway, The Twelve Kingdoms is one of those fantasy anime where a modern girl gets transported to this magical world.  I think I really just wanted to re-watch Fushigi Yuugi, but since I’m doing that backlog challenge, I felt like I shouldn’t start anything new.  This show is pretty violent, even though our main girl is a pacifist.  She’s transported to this fantasyland with a girl and a boy, who I think are dating, and then they basically get captured right away.  And the dude that brings them there is actually a unicorn.  Yeah.  It’s pretty fucked up.  I should have just popped in what I wanted to watch to hear Miaka scream, “TAMAHOMEEEEEE!” over and over again.

Code Geass – Episodes 14-17 Code Geass Cover

I actually paid attention to these episodes!  I know, the world must be ending.  But when I realized what was going on, it was just the main characters figuring out what the viewer had known in the first episode: Lelouch now knows that he is fighting against his BFF Suzaku.  I am happy that I have been continuing this show now because shit just got real.  Unfortunately, my rental service has decided it doesn’t want to send me discs anymore or something, since I put two in the mail at the end of January, and they still haven’t marked them as returned…that’s some bullshit.

Yu Gi Oh Duel Monsters – Episode 65 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Cover

Yep, one, pathetic little episode of Yu Gi Oh! this week.  Couldn’t tell you what it was about, as I believe I was half paying attention to it while I was on lunch or something.  Clearly, it wasn’t anything to write home about.




Steins;Gate – Episode 1 Steins;Gate Cover

See, now I really should have watched Fushigi Yuugi, as I ended up starting a new show anyway.  Old habits.  They die hard.  But everyone and their dog has raved about what an amazing show Steins;Gate is, and how you’re stupid if you don’t watch it and blah blah blah….well…I turned on the first episode and was incredibly bored.  I didn’t really understand a lot of it; it all sounded like psycho babble to me.  I suppose the gist is that this one dude (who is voiced by J. Michael Tatum in the worst performance I have ever heard from him) can time travel, and he sees the murder of this girl, but then he doesn’t know if he really did because everyone tells him they saw him somewhere else, and…it’s complicated.  Maybe I need to watch it in Japanese, not because it would make more sense, but just because the almost-British accent the main dude has is completely off-putting.  Tatum was FANTASTIC in Black Butler, but this is just not working for me.  Does it get better past the first episode?

Pupa – Episode 7 Pupa Cover

I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again; I’m really glad I decided to read this manga, or I’d have no clue what the hell is happening in this show.  Maria (the freaky witch girl) has now decided it would be a great idea to impregnate herself with the incestual child of Yume and her brother.  That’s it.  That’s everything that happened in this episode.  Note to self: never let a doctor put you under anesthesia again because you never know if they will be secretly harvesting your eggs.  Gross.  I feel like I need a shower after I watch each episode of this show.  It’s not cute.

And that’s it.  Yeah, seriously.  I am currently watching 237 shows and have completed 9 this year.  I’d say I’d have a better selection next week, but, let’s be real, I’m more than likely just going to catch up on The Lying Game.  Thanks, Netflix.  If you had FMA Brotherhood dubbed, this wouldn’t be an issue.

Anime Mondays #49

You guys…I am broke.  Being broke sucks.  Like, I literally cannot spend any money until I get paid on Friday, and I have to pray that my pre/back orders I have from Right Stuf don’t come in until then.  This is what happens when you go to the casino and hope to win a lot of money…and then you don’t.  Ugh.  Never again.  I didn’t even get to watch a whole lot this week, but here’s your highlight reel.

All images are from MAL, and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!

Oreimo – Episodes 2-4 Oreimo Cover

I believe this show came up when I plugged my list into the random number generator again because I have no idea why I’d voluntarily choose to watch it.  And it’s not because I hate this show, it’s just because I remember watching the first episode and not knowing whether or not I liked it.  It’s the indifference factor.  Anyway, four episodes in, and I still can’t decide whether or not I like this show.  I mean, my favorite part of the episodes is seeing what color the main girl character paints her nails.  Is that petty, or is that just a tiny, lovable detail?  It’s not the otaku culture part of the show I can’t get behind, it’s just the whole premise.  I can’t tell if the main dude just likes his sister or if he likes his sister, and if it’s the latter, how did it get to that point?  Sure, he likes to save her from awkward situations, but shouldn’t that just be part of being a big brother?  Shit, sometimes my little brother has had to drive me home from the bar because I’ve been under the weather, and vice versa.  Looking out for each other is something siblings do.  But this guy is giving me the creeper vibe, and that’s something I definitely do NOT like.  Jury is still out on Oreimo.  We’ll see how this goes.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters – Episodes 51-64 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Cover

Yeahhhh this is where I spent the majority of my week.  Remember how I said last time that the game needed new rules and Yugi needed new cards?  Well, now the game has new rules AND Yugi has new cards and it’s a lot of hot mess.  Kaiba has started the Battle City Tournament, and there are double the life points from the last tournament, along with these all-powerful Egyptian cards, which are pretty much unstoppable.  So now, not only do we have this new bad guy called Marek going after Yugi for his Millennium Puzzle, but he is also going after Kaiba to steal his Egyptian card in his own goddamned tournament.  Ugh.  The new rules include things like having to sacrifice your own smaller monsters to call up a big one, or you can’t play the card, and that’s pretty much the most unfair rule ever.  If you draw the card, play the card.  Plus, Joey’s sister finally had her operation, and in this extremely odd side plot, Tristan has a giant crush on her and pretty much plays nursemaid while her own brother tries to win the tournament, as well.  Let’s be real, you know Yugi is going to win any battle he’s in, so Joey’s are the most fun because at least he has a chance of losing.  But the one with the creepy magician dude and the onslaught of Dark Magician cards…man, that was a good duel.  Yu-Gi-Oh is great to watch when you want to turn your brain off, and I took full advantage of that this week.

Naruto – Episodes 83-84 Naruto cover

I am not enjoying this new arc at all.  Yes, the Sasuke back story is great, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a goal, other than to watch Naruto run away from the bad guys.  I miss the Chunin exams.  I miss the tournament fighter aspect the show had.  Now it’s just…boring.  I’ve been purposely watching something else during the time I usually watch Naruto.  Maybe I just need a break.



Pupa – Episode 6 Pupa Cover

Okay, perverts, this episode is for you.  If you’ve been waiting for the gross/incesty part of Pupa to start, look no further because here it is, in all its four minute glory.  As soon as the theme song was over, I knew, I just knew I would be subjected to an entire episode full of cannibalism.  My worst fears were completely realized.  Have I said before that I have to fast forward through parts of zombie movies because I can’t take the eating noises?  Well…I do.  Now take that for four whole minutes.  I pretty much wanted to die.  Ew.  EW.  I’d say you need to see this episode to believe it, but you don’t.  Just take my word for it.  It’s disgusting.  They did some interesting things with the music, but that’s the only worthwhile discussion point for this episode.  And I watched the censored version.  Ew.

And that’s it.  Stats are the same from last week: currently watching 236 shows and have completed 9 this year.  I mean, I did watch some old school Sailor Moon while I was on the treadmill, and that was really the highlight of my anime viewing this week.  Taking it to the streets with the Doom Tree Arc box set I bought on VHS.  I remember that thing being $50 and thinking it was sooooo expensive.  God, if I could only see into the future and look at my collection now…

See you next week, kids.  Sorry this one was Anime Mondays Abridged.